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            CROWD CONTROL <YO>

Following is a highlight list of a few common items suitable for portable and/or mounted cueing , baracading, or entrance/exit control. Request information regarding restaurant/pub fixtures, turnstiles, waste collection and other crowd control and courtesy structures.


Post and rope systems are traditionally associated with theaters, hotels, and restaurants. Posts are available in numerous styles ranging from economical vinyl and light weight steel, through wood and heavier steel, to heavier base steel in many elegant custom finishes. Most styles may be permanently mounted, linked with wall mounts and/or portable units, accomodate various signholders and/or floor protectors or other features - request specifics. Similarly chain/rope quality ranges from vinyl to luxurious velvet. The following listings are common configurations, generally divided by price as ECONOMY, CLASSIC, and PREMIUM styles - many variations and other styles are available. Display catalogs and swatch sets are available - request layout assistance.
Small orders shipped UPS {packaging charge $5.00 per post}, larger orders freight.


Lw300 Lw303 Lw301   Lw315-27 & Lw315-39
    PLASTIC with hollow base, excellent for outdoor use with plastic chain.    45.00
                41" high, 15" diameter 2½# base (14# with sand or water), 2 chain hooks (black, white, request other colors)
Lw303    SAFETY durable powder coated, bi-colored plastic, ask about outdoor use.    95.00
                34" high, 13½" 25# base (ask about "no tip" 40# base), universal loop (suitable for all fasteners) (yellow and black)
Lw301    ECONOMY steel.    105.00
                34½" high, 13½" 25# base (40# base available), universal loop (select #1P polished chrome, #1S satin chrome)
Lw315    LIGHT DUTY steel, 27" or 39" heights.
                13½" 16# base, top ring for ¾" rope
                (32 powder coat finishes, see below)              -27  110.00,    -39  115.00
                (#1P polished chrome, #2P polished brass)    -27  125.00,    -39  130.00


Priced with standard recommended finishes are listed by reference number (see FINISHES below). Request information regarding other finishes.
Lw310 Lw312 Lw316   Lw314 Lw317
Lw310    STANDARD is the most popular contemporary style.        130.00 to 285.00 depending on finish
                    36½" high, 11½" 32# base, universal loop
Lw312    CLASSIC ball-topped variation of Lw310.    145.00 to 300.00 depending on finish
                38½" high, 11½" 32# base, universal loop
    MUSEUM shorter traditional ball-capped style.    140.00 to 205.00 depending on finish
                30" high, 11" 10# base, universal loop
Lw314    MODERN low silhouette cap and base.    110.00 to 265.00 depending on finish
                34½" high, 11½" 32# base, universal loop
Lw317    KEYHOLE or snap-slot "in post" fastening.    210.00 to 310.00 depending on finish
                35" high, 13½" 25# base, for use with snap hook or ball rope-ends


Uniquely styled for special settings. Ask about custom options.
Lw307   Lw309 Lw319
Lw307    HITCHING POST oak stained hardwood with wrought iron fittings; for country, Western, or equestrian motifs.    225.00
                41" high, 13½" 27# round base (not pictured), post loop
Lw309    ART DECO squared steel design.    310.00 to 440.00 depending on finish
                35" high, 10 " square 34# base, square universal loop
Lw319    ROYAL larger 2½" diameter ball-top post.    370.00 to 440.00 depending on finish
                39¾" high, 13½" 27# base, universal loop


A unique system of retractable, self-locking tapes in many configurations, post styles, and ribbon colors and combinations. Request information.


(horizontally from top-left) Universal, Traditional, Expressions Maple, Expressions Oak, Expressions Cherry, Expressions Satin Chrome, Expressions Stone, Sport, Basics, Surface Fixed (mounted), Standard Socket, Mini Socket
Most bases available for most post styles - request assistance. Also custom.    priced per post style
 FLOOR PROTECTORS Rubber base mats for portable posts, either attached or separate. Order by post style.     6.00 to 12.00
 POST SOCKETS (see BASES above) For permanent or removable posts. Available for most styles.    priced per post style
TWISTED (see graphic left) or REEDED (vertical fluting down post) options are available for most 2" diameter post styles.
            add $75.00
LwPR1    POST DOLLY For transporting posts with 11½" to 16" diameters    80.00
 STORAGE/TRANSPORT CARTS Two models with 12 post capacity. Request details.    1,150.00

Also smaller diameter posts, weatherproofing,  sign brackets, signs, divider panels, custom caps, many other options.


The following color refernces are intended only for general comparison and cannot accurately represent various metal and vinyl finishes. Telephone regarding availability of printed or actual materials swatches. Request other options available for vinyl and wood posts. Also, custom and most previously listed styles and finishes are available. The following format is: color number [price group]    color name. NOTE: lower number "price groups" are less expensive. Request location/durability suggestions.

            POWDER COATED

                    #33S [1]    satin black        #33G [1]    colorific black    #89 [1]    black wrinkle        #80 [1]    charcaol gray
                    #73 [1]    hammer gray        #86 [1]    silver gray       #87 [1]    metallic silver gray        #81 [1]    silver moon
                    #64 [1]    silver vein            #91 [1]    silver                    #92 [1]    dove gray                #93 [1]    off-white
                    #32 [1]    colorific white        #100 [1]    beige            #35 [1]    colorific yellow        #82 [1]    sun gold
                    #65 [1]    gold vein            #66 [1]    copper vein        #46 [1]    brown                #90 [1]    wine wrinkle
                    #40 [1]    burgandy            #20 [1]    metallic red        #21 [1]    colorific red            #95 [1]    lilac
                    #16 [1]    dark blue            #94 [1]    purple            #23 [1]    colorific mid-blue       #17 [1]    metallic blue
                    #69 [1]    turquoise            #18 [1]    light green         #28 [1]    colorific green        #19 [1]    metallic green


                Chromed Steel

                #1P [ 2]    polished chrome    #1S [2]    satin chrome    #3P [4]    polished stainless    #3S [3]    satin stainless


                 #2P [5]    polished brass   #2P-C [6] polished ulrtacoat  #2S [6]    satin ultracoat    #6 [6]    antique ultracoat

                Anodized Aluminum

                    Various finishes on naturally rustproof aluminum.
                    #4B [4]    satin bronze        #4G [4]    satin gold        #4A [4]    satin aluminum      #4M [4]    matt aluminum


                    A few of the special decorator and custom finishes.
                    #9 [6]    black chrome   #8 [6] statuary bronze ultracoat    #12 [6]   red chrome     #13 [6]    blue chrome
                #14 [6]  purple chrome  #11 [6] pewter nickle ultracoat  #10 [6] antique copper ultracoat  #15 [6]  brass effect

     CHAIN and ROPE 

(Top to bottom) 1½" velour with snap, 1½" Naugahyde with hook, 1½" tweed with snap, 1½" poly-hemp with snap, 1" poly-hemp with ball, ¾" braided nylon with hook.
Ropes are custom-made to specified length. Generally, the post base weight and rope weight per foot determines the maximum functional rope length - request assistance. Swatch cards or samples are available.


                Various diameters and finishes of vinyl and metal chain - request specifics. Light weight, inexpensive, simple barrier. The vinyl serves well outdoors.  Ask about fasteners and links.


                ¾" braided nylon (6 colors) and 1" or 1½" twisted poly-hemp (7 colors) - request specifics.

            COVERED ROPE

                1", 1½", or chain core 1½" diameters covered in (12 colors each) durable tweed fabric, leather-like Naugahyde, or luxurious velour. Request information regarding custom-covered rope using nearly any durable fabric.


                Order hook, snap, or ball fasteners (see graphic above) by rope diameter and weight.



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