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FACILITY - Slit Drape <YDDy>

Whether stage, club, auditorium wall, school event, or window display; flame retardant vinyl slit drapes are among the least expensive, most versatile way to enliven an environment. Highly reflective (especially the metallics and holographics); when the strands are animated, provide continuous sparkle. Request information regarding "columns", spirals, "chandeliers", fringed hoops, and finger streamers.
Custom drapes may include any combination of:
    ---Finishes - combinations of 45 finishes, colors
    ---Layers - 1 to 8 ply; any combination of layered finishes
    ---Strand Width - 1/8" to 6" per strand (for wider, see panels)
                        {Custom pricing below includes strand widths evenly divisible into 6". Other widths additional.}
    ---Panels - any increment of 6" per finish in any ply
    ---Custom Headers Available
    ---Size - virtually any, but functionality should be considered and very heavy drapes may require custom headers (see FUNCTIONAL CONSIDERATIONS below)

FINISHES: Wetlook, Fluorescent (UV responsive), Metallic, Holographic, cracKed ice (textured), Iridescent
W   clear; translucent dark blue (royal), light blue (sky), light green (kelly), moss green, orange, orchid, pink, rafia (tan), red, white, yellow
F    transparent lemon, orange (best response), pink; translucent chartreuse, green, orange (strong response), hot pink (strong response)
M   translucent black (patina), bronze (brownish), burgundy, cerise, citron (yellow-gold), copper (dark orange), flag blue (royal), gold, green (kelly), ice blue, moss green, purple, red, silver, teal, turquoise
H    holographic "scattered chips" fuchsia, gold, silver
IK  transparent iridescent; K translucent metallic green (kelly), red, silver; nearly opaque black (patina), cerise,  gold, purple, royal
I     transparent iridescent, pearl (reversible iris/white)
NOTE: Transluscent sheeting is generally opaque if at least 2-ply or not back-lit.

HEADERS: The first is suitable for sleeving, stapling, or user insertion of grommets for batten ties.
1S - 1½" wide cotton sleeved
T - cotton with 12 " centered self-ties; add $2.50 per tie
SMU - Special Make-Up; from $4.00 per foot (request assistance)

PRICING is per piece for stock 3' wide by 8', 16', or 24' long 1 or 2 ply drapes with ¼" strands and 1S header.
Custom sizing is available in 6" increments (minimum 36" width; for narrower, cut wider piece), choice of header, with pricing per square yard, 1 or 2 ply. Request assistance and pricing for mixed-finishes, multi-color panels, more layers, or very large pieces. For pieces under 36" long, see FRINGE.
FINISH 3' wide x 8' long 3' x 16' long 3' x 24' long Custom per sq yd
1 ply 2 ply 1 ply 2 ply 1 ply 2 ply 1 ply 2 ply
M, W 12.75 16.50 47.00 54.50 66.75 77.50 9.25 10.75
F, I, IK, K 16.00 20.50 55.75 71.00 79.25 101.00 11.00 14.00
H 20.50 26.50 68.50 87.50 97.25 124.25 13.50 17.25
CUSTOM DRAPE DISCOUNTS: 9'-16' long (-)5%; 17'-30' (-)10%. Discounts have been calculated into above finished piece prices.

As always, to assure timely and accurate order handling, telephone. But, for those interested, the product identification code is
YDDyCustom widthxlength/plies/strand width(per 1/8")/header/front color/mid color/ back color
Features not identified, such as customized or additional plies, are not included. Panels are separately described.
YDDy3x8/2/2/1S/Mslv/Mgld is a 3' x 8' metallic silver over gold with ¼" strands and 1½" cotton sleeve header, above list priced 16.50.
YDDyC10x20/2/8/T/Hgold/Mgrn is a custom made 10' wide by 20' long gold holographic over metallic green with 1" wide strands and self-ties.

    * Multi-plys: Two or more layers provide improved upstage obscurity, more and/or multi-color strand action, and color reversibility.
    * Width: Generally, 10' pieces are easily handled and stored, over 30' is problematic. Several pieces may be hung adjacently to span a display width. For under 3' wide pieces, begin with wider, staple over header stitching on each side of cut, then cut to desired width.
    * Length: Pieces over 8' should be gathered and loosely bound every 4' to 6' for unitized handling and to avoid tangling. Loosely knotted remnant cloth strips work well. Generally, from storage: remove the drape from the top down as it is hung; to storage: gather and bind from the bottom upward. For coverage beyond a 30' drop, consider cascading - overlaying "long-hung" lower drape headers behind the bottoms of higher drapes.
    * Storage: Unlike fabric drapes, which sustain their shape when rolled and bagged, slit drapes are best bundled (above), then loosely accordion folded in boxes for transport and storage. Avoid tight packing or storing under weight.
    * Hanging: .The heavier the drape, the heavier the required header. Very large drapes require custom multi-layered or jute reinforced headers. All sleeve headers may be collapsed to hang flat (nailed, stapled, or taped depending upon weight and circumstances). The sleeves may be slipped over dowel, rod, narrow pipe, PVC, drapery rods, wire, monofilament, etc. For extended display, consider stapling or nailing between a header-hiding trim strip and support surface. The cotton T header can support only moderate weight. Virtually any shape or configuration is possible. If stumped, ask.
    * Outdoor Use: Ultraviolet light, wind, and precipitaion are problematic -- Telephone for advice.

GTSAID:     Using Slit Drape

Animation: Consider side(s) or overhead mounted low velocity fans, and/or crushing strands (like pom-pons) to create irregular strands with facets.
Transluscents & Transparencies: Panels are the low cost answer to colored scrims - ask about painting.
Doorways & Legs: Walk-through drapes block off-stage view.
Projections: While not an ideal "screen", drapes permit projection "animation" or performer "walk-out-of-the-picture" capability.

    * Grommeting: Grommet kits (available from hardware departments) allow preparation for easy stage hanging. Usually, ¼" hole grommets, about 12" spacing, and with overhand secured 18" "clothesline" rope ties assures reinforced quick batten tie up.
    * Doweling: To assure a straight edge hang, a dowel or hollow rod may be sleeved with grommets set below the dowel/rod.
    * Bottom Stabilizing: For projection or a step-through effects, nail or screw the bottom strand ends between two wood trim strips which can be positioned upstage of the drape. For roll-through, stabilize each side of the throughway then trim the through-way strands to floor length.
    * Banners: Vinyl letters and rolls of uncut slit drape sheeting are available for application of custom shapes to panels.
    * Varied and Scattered Light: Varying light colors reflecting from silver back drapes can radically change stage appearance. Backlit transparent panels make an excellent performer silhouette background. Off-stage lighting projected through moving slit drape yields interesting scattered illumination. Consider color wheels for these effects.
    * Living Sets: Panels, drapes, or chandeliers (especially with down-lighting) can provide gently or vigorously moving overhead or on-stage contours.
    * Ultra-violet: Think about the above applications using flourescent colors with UV lighting.

Also, consider costuming, hand prop, and set piece applications, including animations.

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