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 Following is a brief sampling of durable, professional quality steel rolling racks and carts suitable for costume and properties handling.


Space saving offset nestable 63" long x 23" wide baked enameled base (select black, orange, red, royal, silver, white, yellow), unfinished tubular uprights and rails, 4"-5" non-marking casters.
        Medium-duty racks have a 300 pound capacity, 14 guage steel base, 16 ga. 1¼" uprights and rails.
        Heavy-duty racks are rated at 500#, 14 ga. base, 15/16" 16 ga. posts and bars.
        Extra heavy-duty base welded anti-torque brace is available for added stability, useful for loaded touring and some custom applications.
Common options include height extensions, additional adjustable (clamp-on) hanging rails, top and/or bottom shelves, steering handles, bumpers.

Qf basic configuration codes: (not all apply to 6----- medium weight models)
    #-----  Model Type:  2 = standard Z-rack, 3 = custom Z-rack, 6 = medium weight Z-rack, 8 = H-rack.
    -##---  Base Width: 36 = 36", also 48, 60, 75, custom cut. (~ distance between uprights)
    ---##-  Upright Height:  60 = 60", also 72, 84, custom cut. (above base) Also, extensions are available.
    -----#  Rail Configuration: 1 = top rail, 2 = 2 parallel hanging rails, 7 = split rack (full drop next to 2 hanging rails).
Request other configurations and customizing assistance. {Smaller items shipped Fed Ex; most freight knocked down, easy to assemble.}
Qf260601 Qf260722 Qf360729 w/ cover Qf260569
Qf624601    SINGLE LEVEL MEDIUM  5' long, medium duty 67" high, 60" hang.    120.00
Qf260601    SINGLE LEVEL HEAVY  duty 67" high, 60" hang.    135.00
Qf260569    SINGLE LEVEL EXTRA HEAVY  torque braced base for heavy / large costume loads, 67" high, 60" hang.    185.00
Qf260722    DOUBLE LEVEL HEAVY  duty  75" high, 72" hang or two adjustable hang levels.    170.00
Qf360722    QUICK-ADJUST TWO LEVEL HEAVY  duty 79" high, adjust second rail to desired height    200.00
Qf360727    SPLIT-RACK  (see Qf960727 below) heavy duty 72" hang with adjustable/removeable ½ 2-rail system.    205.00
    MULTI-PURPOSE RACK  bottom and elevated top racks, adjustable handles (suitable for props/accessories hanging).    340.00
Qf296841    EXTENDED HEAVY-DUTY RACK  96" long base, 84" posts plus removeable 12" extensions, top rail.    270.00
Also, many other models, security (furs) racks, options, and custom Z-rack construction available.

                        Z-rack Additions

with bottom shelf with cover
Standard add-ons to supplement rack use. Priced for Z-racks, request H-rack and custom pricing.
Qf1001--    ADDITIONAL RAIL KIT  36" - 72" with mounting hardware.    30.00
Qf100380    BOTTOM SHELF  5', folding, steel wire.    95.00
Qf100391A    TOP SHELF  5', steel wire 2½" sides, clamps and hardware.    95.00
Qf100300-2    STEERING HANDLES  height adjustable, per pair.    50.00
Qf100612    12" UPRIGHTS  extension for heavy duty racks, per pair.    25.00
Qf1004--    RACK / GARMENT COVERS  various sizes, with zipper.    45.00 to 55.00
Other accessories available - ask.

                SPECIALTY and H-RACKS

Qf960727SPEC Qf666742 Qf360900 with cover
The H-rack design is more stable for side-by-side (double rail), collapsible, stacked support, and/or some other applications. Many custom configurations are available - ask.

Qf666742    COLLAPSIBLE DOUBLE RAIL  dismantles and folds for transport.    150.00
Qf360900    5-SHELF RACK  15½" deep x 56½" long adjustable shelves, 79" high.     420.00  (cover, add 53.00)
Available stock modifications and accessories include: dimensions, various shelves, steering handles, adjustable rails, removeable height extensions, casters, bumpers, and rack covers.


  Qf622524  Qf622632 

Qf622524G    SHELF CART  4 shelves, 22" wide x 52" long, 60" high. (green)    630.00
Qf622524    CAGED CART  ¾ enclosed custom version of Qf622524G.   from 900.00
Qf622632    COMBO CART  with top rail and expanded metal deck 60" long, 23" wide shelf, 64" or 72" uprights. (gray base)    400.00
Ask about other models or telephone to discuss your custom needs.


Unless otherwise requested, racks include a top shelf for hats, etc. and a numbered segmented hanger bar. Standard lengths are 3', 4', and 5' wall mounted with floor mounted and portable units 4" longer. Following is a brief introduction to planning cloakroom rack systems. Request additional information for powered rack systems.

Rx12-1-060/BP Rx122-2-10/DBP
Rx-12-1-060/BP    5'4" long, segmented single rail 60 coat capacity, with boot shelf and casters.
Rx122-2-10/DBP    5'4" long, unsegmented double rail 120 coat capacity, with boot shelf and casters.

First consider placement and mounting, rack length/capacity, 1 or 2 sides access, clear hanger bar or numbered positions, removeable or security hangers, and checktags. Then, supplementary shelves/racks (boot, umbrella, etc.), hanger style, tag style. Request planning assistance.

Support codes:
        Floor mounted = /F
        Wall mounted = /W
        Floor and wall mounted = /FW
        Portable (casters) = /P
        Boot shelf = /B
        Umbrella rack
        Round-neck removeable hangers
        Security (non-removeable) hangers
        Coat tags
        Hat tags
        Accessory (umbrellas, cases, packages, etc.) tags
            Permanent plastic
            Temporary paper (3-piece set)

Also, turnstiles, divider panels, display stands & booths, plants, planters, trash containers, lobby & bar fixtures, and many other facility fixtures.

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