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            FACILITY - GENERAL

Following is a brief introduction to categories of venue needs not yet presented in separate files. Request additional information.
Additional separate facility files include, SLIT-DRAPE, CROWD CONTROL, GARMENT & PROP RACKS.


A selection of indoor and outdoor, rigid and flexible, safety and decorative systems powered by 110 volts or long lamp life (10,000 to 60,000 hours) low voltage. Request specifications, graphics, and installation details based on your application.

        CURTAINS <YD>

For stage, studio, display, office. Request assistance and quotes for draperies, scrims, projection screens, etc. Many fabrics, styles, all sizes.
box pleats with grommets
A.    Proscenium valance
B.    Proscenium traveler
C.    Tormenters (legs)
D.    Valance (teaser)
E.    Traveler
F.    Projection screen
G.    Power distribution strip (and light batten)
H.    Rear traveler
I.    Back drape (or, if curved, cyclorama)

NOW IS THE TIME: When replacing stage drapes, this is the time to consider
    Draperies - do not allow backstage worklight bleed-through.
            should be a different fabric (IFR - inherently flame retardant) or style (flat, pleated, gathered, etc.).
            are sufficiently bottom weighted to remain stable during usual backstage activities.
            have moderate stage floor clearance.
            permit a brighter, vari-colored stage environment (light reflective gray, tan, or sky blue).
    Rigging - should not jam, bind, or be noisy. Check hangers, carriers, track mountings, and pulley attachments.
            can support an increased load if heavier drapes are desired.
            are straight and level (including with stage).
            are at the most desireable height(s) with valance lengths that conceal from the audience all rigging including lighting.
            should be relocated or rechanneled to expand useable stage width and/or depth or cross-stage access.
    Lighting - should be relocated or expanded to better illuminate performance area.
THEN, remeasure all drapery rigging widths, hanging lengths, and carrier quantities.
NEXT, consider
            the most common support is 12" centered grommets with rope ties for non-travelers or "S" or closed-snap ("elephant ear") hooks with traveler carriers.
            flat or pleated. The box pleat is most common.
            pleated fullness. 50% (6" gathered every 12") is suitable for shorter (under 20') drapes, but 75% or 100% adds depth to the closed drape.
Many other options are available. If in doubt, ask.

        RIGGING <YR>

Request help with new or replacement drapery tracks, parts, or portable rigging.


For rigging, maintenance, performance, display.


Club or auditorium. Request assistance.

        CASES and CABINETRY <YC>

For touring or storage.



A wide selection of vinyl and casein set paints. Request assistance.
Ft100\10    FIRE RETARDANTS  10 formulas for various materials/locations, from 50.00 per gallon
Other bases, and 5 gallon pricing available. Use lacquer only over light colors.


Fluorescent and phosphorescent paints, dyes, and inks. For sheetings and tapes, see below. For glazes and other finishes - request assistance.
Generally, 1 pint covers 18-25 sq. feet (white undercoat advised). Up to 13 invisible & 42 visible fluoro (UV) colors vary in intensity. Request assistance regarding use on fabrics. For an introduction to ultraviolet lighting effects, select GTSAIDS, UV Lighting.
Mc190    FLUORESCENT TEMPORA  inexpensive water based paint. (blue, green, orange, pink, red, yellow) 8 ounces    5.00
Wd5700    FLUORESCENT LATEX    18.00/6 oz.,    37.00/pt.,    60.00/qt.,    160.00 per gallon
Shn510    FLUORO ENAMEL  for greatest opacity.    55.00/pt.,    200.00/gal.
Shn520    FLUORO LACQUER    55.00/pt.,    200.00/gal.
Shn500    AEROSOL LAQUER    20.00/12 oz can
Mc184    PHOSPHORESCENT ACRYLIC  water based. (yellow-green)     6.50/½ ounce
Mc185    COLORED PHOS ACRYLIC  (blue, green, red yellow)    7.50/2 oz.
Wd5666    PHOSPHORESCENT  (yellow-green)    55.00/pt.,    100.00/gal.
Shn610    UV IDENTIFICATION INK    30.00/pt.,    190.00/gal.
XTUV    POCKET UV LAMP  for personal UV identification recognition. {requires 4: AA batteries}    25.00
Shipping weight surcharge: approximately $1/pt., $3/qt., $7/gal.
Also, other specialty paints & finishes, dyes, markers, construction materials, ‘window-pane’, and many other theatrical, promotional, costuming, and special effects items available.


A wide variety of effects films in many colors on adhesive & nonadhesive heavy paper. Standard 24" width may be cut to widths from 1". Ask about special widths, backings, and available colors. The following is a small sampling of the available selection priced per 25' roll with nonadhesive : adhesive backing (also other lengths) - request samples.
Cb7711    SMOOTH MIRROR  High reflectivity, moderately clear image.    110.00 : 115.00
Cb1004    LENS MIRROR  Depth effect high reflectivity, clear image.    125.00 : 135.00
Cb922    HOLOGRAPHIC MIRROR  High relectivity, no image.    155.00 : 165.00
Cb8115    GLITTER SHEETING  Non-shedding glitter - ask.    200.00
Cb4414    PHOSPHORESCENT  Black-out luminescence after light radiation or during ultraviolet radiation.    310.00 : 330.00
Note: Ask about “Knight of Mirrors” armor.

        TAPE <YT>

Following is brief sampling of available tapes. Request information regarding numerous other utility and decorative tapes, other widths and lengths, other colors and adhesions, and tape specifications and possible applications. Adhesion = required separation force per square inch
                                                                               {width x length}
AtpPGD6    PHOSPHORESCENT  15-30 minutes response, heavy vinyl.  {1" x 30'}    14.00
                    Ask about higher/longer response luminence and other widths.
AtpGT80/0    ½" GAFFER / SPIKE  35 ounce adhesion.    {½" x 60 yards}    4.75
AtpGT80/1    1" GAFFER / SPIKE  35 oz. adhesion.    {1" x 60 yards}    8.50
            AtpGT80 is low gloss, suitable for marking set locations, fly ropes, or equipment cues on lighter colors.
            (black, brown, burgundy, dark green, dark red, gray, olive,  red, royal, sky, white, yellow)
Ei200    ½" FLUORESCENT GAFFER / SPIKE  28 oz.    {½" x 45 yards}    7.00
AtpCT665    1" FLUORO GAFFER / SPIKE  28 oz.    {1" x 60 yards}    21.00
            Fluorescent tape colors: (green, orange, pink, chartreuse).
Ei015    LIGHT GAFFER  lower adhesion, suitable for temporary floorings and most general uses.    {2" x 55 yards}     21.00
            (black, gray, white stocked;  To Order: black, blue, brown, green, red, yellow)
Ei0016    HEAVY GAFFER  50 oz. adhesion for greater support.   {2" x 55 yards}(black, gray, white)    24.00
Ei202    2" FLUORESCENT GAFFER  {2" x 55 yards} (chartreuse, green, orange, pink)    25.50
Mh6801    HOLOGRAPHIC  4 patterns. (silver)    {1" x 25'}    6.00
Mh6803    HOLOGRAPHIC  4 patterns. (silver)    {3" x 25'}    16.50
Mh6812    HOLOGRAPHIC  4 patterns. (silver)    {12" x 10'}    30.00
Mh960    GLITTER  (13 colors, multi)    {1" x 25'}    6.00
Also, other widths, metallic, warnings, & other speialty tapes and other adhesive coverings for facility, display, sets, props, and costuming.


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