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        EFFECTS  <X>

Most lighting effects are designed for use in closer settings, such as nightclubs, amidst limited ambient light. Darkness enhances most effects and stage suitability varies. When selecting an effect for large areas or distance viewing the following should be considered.
Partially lit stage: Most effective when effects are focussed to least lit areas. Consider darkened up-stage for background effects with limited down lighting to minimize up stage bleed.
Subdued light: Low general stage lighting, allowing full stage area effects.
Dark: Nearly to total general blackout; e.g., such as required for UV effects.
NOTE: Most effects are enhanced when displayed through fog. Some "ray" effects were specifically designed for fogged display. For greater intensity, ask about power lasers, high output still and animation projectors, etc.

Following is a partial sampling of units available to achieve a few of the more frequently requested effects. Telephone for detailed and additional information.



Compact, lightweight, inexpensive, 120 volt flexible 4-channel chasing effects are easily achieved using rope-lighting. Economy models are intended for indoor, shorter duration applications. Facility quality "semi-permanent" systems are much longer lived and include units suitable for outdoor use; however, not all systems chase. Lamps are not replaceable; when several lamps no longer illuminate, the entire string or custom segment must be replaced.
A convenient, low-cost 4 channel effect for club, display, stage - - animate your decor. Molex 6-pin rectangular connector.
OIy102    COMPACT CHASE CONTROLLER  250 watts capacity, variable rate, forward/reverse chase.    35.00
OIy404M    FOUR-MODE AUDIO-CHASER  300 watts, Light chase/Dark chase/Alternating chase/All-on modes, rate, internal piezoelectric 'microphone'.    75.00
MbtRLC16    ROPE-LIGHT STRING  transparent 16' x 5/8" diameter, 40 watt, 5000 hour life expectancy. (clear, blue, green, red, yellow, multicolor)    40.00
BIy408    ROPE-LIGHT EXTENSION CABLE  16' (no lamps), for non-illuminated rope-light strings/controller interconnection.    10.00
BIy409    Y-CONNECTOR CABLE  12" (no lamps), for branching rope-light attachment (2 Male to 1 Female).    9.00
Duralight is a 2-channel, per yard custom spliceable, ½" diameter by up to 150' long, 20,000 hour system suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Excellent for patterns and lettering, splice custom lengths of varied colors (clear, blue, green, red, yellow) with splice connectors. Use the included AC power cord for non-chase lighting or OTDCL03 for various animated effects.
TDL30 30' DURALIGHT with power cord 45.00
TDL150 150' DURALIGHT with power cord 180.00
6 pieces 15.00
volume detection sensitivity, rate, Forward chase/Reverse chase/Random chase/Flash/All-on modes 70.00

Non-chasing, UL listed, intended for extended use, 30,000 hour life expectancy continuous lighting up to 450' per run. Lamps are 1" spaced in durable (150 psi) 3/8" or 1/2" diameter tubing which interconnect, ending in a replaceable fuse 6' power cord suitable for outdoor use. Most configurations available (clear, blue, green, orange, red, yellow) in selected 3' to 150' lengths. Ask about various mounting options including reflector strip.
NgRLR----- FACILITY ROPE-LIGHT pre-packaged with mounting clips and extra fuse.
Some prices below (request other lengths pricing).
6' 19.00
12' 31.50
24' 57.00
30' 71.25
150' 309.00
Ask about vinyl mounting channel, decorative extrusion channel, and reflector channel for accurate linear and decorative mounting. Also, other Lexan, flex-acrylic, & durable architectural styles, 24v, & controllers., chase-stix, starbursts, décor-lights, & other chase-light systems - - request information.


Although not now being manufactured, for those with flex-chase units, various lamps are available, the most commonly used being
LLSat3830 10 WATT G12 Candelabra-base 1½" diameter globe lamp. 20.00/dozen
(coated white/frosted; transparent amber, blue, clear, green, pink, red)
P.S. - The previous manufacturer of flex-chase units is retiring and wishes to sell the fabrication equipment and design specifications. If interested in making flex-chase strings, contact GTS (712/255-0972) for reference information.



The excitement of easy-to-use, 4 channel, PBG (household) outlets allows use of nearly any AC light source for special effects lighting at moderate cost for fixed or portable applications - stage, club, combo, display, home. Following is a short sampling.
NOTE: Each year we sell fewer non-expandable controllers. Consider DMX expansion effects control systems below or contact GTS for planning assistance.
Iy106    AUDIO CHASER  400 watts per channel {1600 watts capacity} Rate, 6 program chase, audio level, rope-light outlet.    80.00


THE SKY'S THE LIMIT - - Whether independent (some programmable &/or audio activated) or manually controlled, for any but small fixed applications remote control systems are the smartest buy. When ready expand channels, zones, output power, add matrixing; flexible expansion reduces long term component cost, as well as, installation and retraining time. Request RC cable, planning, or larger system assistance. ForDMX expansion dimmers see CONSOLES & DIMMERS, SMALLER/STARTER COMPONENTS, DIMMER PACKS - - consider Mini-box or Scrimmer Stiks.

TDC8 4+4 AUDIO-CHASER 8 ch (two 4 ch sets) vari-speed chase, ch's& master dimming, 305.00
instant buttons, phone socket
TDC1224 EFFECTS/STAGE CONSOLE 24 ch, 48 (up to 4800 steps each) vari-speed memory chases, 380.00
mix & dark chase, 240 scene memory, 24 ch & master dimming, internal and line input audio, MIDI


Low power controlled narrow beams ideal for mirrored balls or dancing rainlights or fog beams when used with an effects controller. All GTS pinspot transformers rated below the included lamp voltage to assure longer lamp life. Generally equipped with 6.4 volt/30 watt or 12.8v/50w lamp, power-cord, yoke (except Vm7--'s), and 4 soft color media. Order mounting clamps if desired. For replacement lamps, [Lamp Table O] follows.


Iy802 Iy805
Medium duty units with yoke.
Iy802    30 WATT PAR36  with H4515. (black; aluminum +5.00)    30.00
Iy805    30 WATT PAR 46  with H4535 lamp. (black)    35.00
Iy819:818    ROUNDEL COLOR MEDIA  hard plastic "permanent" media. Specify size: PAR36 : PAR 46    2.50
(amber, blue, kelly, lime, peach, pink, purple, red, violet, yellow)

Base Mount

Self-standing or wall-mount (no yoke) professional quality units with 6' power cord.
Vm7145 30 WATT PAR36 with H4515 halogen lamp 60.00
Vm7190 50 WATT PAR36 with H7604 halogen lamp 70.00
Vm7120 50 WATT PAR46 with H7635 halogen lamp 80.00
Vm2001 soft MEDIA FRAME snaps onto Vm PAR 36 units 12.00


Pinspots with multi-color wheel for continuous smoothly changing colors.
Iy8027    ECONO PAR 36  external 4-color 6 rpm wheel, H4515. (black, aluminum +5.00)    55.00
Vm71906 BASEMOUNT Vm7190 with 6 color 12 rpm wheel 105.00

Alternative Rain-lights

Rain-lighting is not a lighting unit, but rather an effect, characterized by small splashes of colored light generated by switching on/off narrow beam sources, such as pinspots. The following units are multi-color, multi-mini-lens "porcupine" (many small lens cylinders) models with audio activated beams rotation. Attach to an effects controller to add flashing/splashing.
Iy280 RAY SCANNER 52 lenses, select rotate or static, two 35 watt JC12V lamps, 8 pounds. 80.00
For an all-directions rain-light effect, consider controlled mixed colors or roto-light units reflected off a mirrored ball (below). For an high intensity monochrome version, try lasers off a mirrored ball.
Li H4515 604 volts PAR36 Narrow Spot 30 w / 67,000 lm 100* 6.75
Li H4405 12.8 v PAR36 30 / 35,000 300* 9.00
H7604 12.8 v PAR36 50 / 100,000 100* 20.00
Li H4535 6.4 v PAR46 30 / 95,000 100* 10.00
H7635 12.8 v PAR46 50 / 160,000 100* 24.00
Uh EHM T2.5 bi-end quartz 300 / 5,900 2000 5.00
Prefix H items are halogen lamps (brighter "white" light source). *Note: With properly underrated (6 volt or 12v) fixture transformer, lamp life is much extended.


XT450 XT550  custom
Mirrored glass tiles covered spherical (other shapes available) shell with metal loop for hanging. Generally hung from ceiling rotors and illuminated by two or more lighting units, the effect provides a swirl of reflected dots of light. For small area, low ambient lighting see pinspots above; for high intensity stage applications, see STAGE LIGHTING INSTRUMENTS, zoom ellipsoidal. The recommended rotors have the minimum load capacity capable of supporting the associated ball size. For further rotor specifications, see Ceiling Rotors below. Request information regarding cubes, pyramids, and other shapes for hanging or rested display.
8" Iy208    16.00 Iy702    15.00 10# capacity, 5 rpm
12" Iy212    32.00 On12    110.00 Iy702    15.00 10# cap., 5 rpm
14" T350    40.00 Iy702    15.00 10# cap., 5 rpm
16" Iy216    68.00 On16    160.00 Vm105    70.00 15# cap., 3 rpm
18" T450    70.00 Vm110    80.00 40# cap., 2 rpm, slip-clutch
18" SEMI-SPHERE T550    105.00 Vm110    80.00 40# cap., 2 rpm, slip-clutch
20" Iy220    115.00 On20    280.00 Vm110    80.00 40# cap., 2 rpm, slip-clutch
24" Iy224    250.00 Vm110    80.00 40# cap., 2 rpm, slip-clutch
28" On28    600.00 Vm120    120.00 75# cap., 2 rpm, slip-clutch
36" On36    960.00 Vm125    180.00 150# cap., 2 rpm, slip-clutch
48" request pricing
A slip-clutch allows higher mass acceleration/deceleration without stripping rotor gears.
Also cylinders, cubes, stands, replacement tiles, and larger capacity and battery powered rotors.

Ceiling Rotors

Following are 110v AC powered (Except Iy701) rotors with power cord, intended to be overhead mounted or hung from batten. The vertical load capacity indicates the manufacturer recommended maximum support weight; rotations per minute (rpm) is the maximum speed; outlets, where indicated, can power attached lighted effects units; the slip clutch is a torque ratcheting system intended for use with large diameter and/or mass loads which allows gradual equalization of rotor and load rpm without stripping the rotor gears. For assistance with table rotor or any rigging/application questions, contact GTS.
Iy701    BATTERY POWERED  {1:D cell}   8.00
Iy702:703    5 rpm : 2 rpm, 10# vertical load.   15.00
Vm105    3rpm 15# vertical load.    70.00
Vm110 2rpm 40# capacity with slip-clutch 80.00
Vm120 2 rpm 75# capacity with slip-clutch 120.00
Vm125 2 rpm 150# capacity with slip-clutch 180.00
Vm105E 3rpm 20# capacity with 120 volt, 4 amp outlet & slip-clutch 115.00
Vm110E 2rpm 40# capacity with 120 volt, 4 amp outlet & slip-clutch 125.00
Also other ceiling rotors and various turntables.


Domed lighting units with power cord, providing one or more 360° rotation (lighthouse-like) light beams. Select dome color (blue, green, red, yellow). Replacement lamps: [TABLE O] above.
Iy822    SINGLE  70 watt lamp.    55.00
Iy824    DOUBLE  two 30w 4515 lamps. 120.00


Iy806 Iy806Q
Separate head units are self-standing or flush-mount with adjustable PAR 36 lamp rotation & focus. For color, add Iy819 PAR 36 roundels. Beamers produce audio activated panning using an internal reflector to project light through multicolored lenses and include a yoke for batten mounting (order clamp separately). Replacement PAR's: [TABLE O] above.
Iy806    ECONO 1-HEAD  30 watts 4515 lamp.    36.00
Vm2091 1 HEAD PAR 36 base mounted (no yoke) 4 rpm, 50 watt H7604 with media frame 112.00
Vm2071 1 HEAD PAR 46 base mounted (no yoke) 4 rpm, 50 watt H7635 with media frame 117.00
Iy806Q 4-HEAD with 30 watt 4515's and roundels 140.00
Iy310 Iy320
Iy310 BEAMER 16 lens beams, two 300w 64514 120.00
Iy320 MINI-BEAMER 32 smaller lens beams, two 64514 130.00
NOTE: 64514 lamps are 75 hour rated, keep spares in stock.


GTSAID: The glycol fogging units here listed fall into two primary categories: intermittent or continuous duty. Intermittent fogging models generally include a single thermostat control circuit which disconnects the fluid pump when the heating element needs to cool or reheat - no pump, no fog. Continuous duty units circuitry "pulse" the heaters to maintain high fogging temperature when not fogging and reduce the pump speed to allow continued output while the element reheats - the pump runs (even at lower output) and fogging continues.
All foggers require an initial preheat period when powered on. While continuous duty units are then always cueable, intermittent models should be emission triggered off stage 2 to 3 minutes before a required cue to ensure it will not be in a cooling cycle when needed. Similarly, pulse the triggering to extend the overall fogging period. With practice, a user soon learns the timing characteristics of any machine.
The three design characteristics which largely determine cost are element wattage, control circuit complexity, and method(s) of remote control. Generally, the larger the heating element, the greater the flow volume and the longer the flow duration at that volume. The simplest control circuit is intermittent output only when the trigger (usually a remote control button) is pressed. More complex circuits may include presets for automatic flow rate, flow duration, off-cycle duration, and clock timers (useful for displays). Remote control begins with analog (hands-on) direct cabled, may include DMX (or other digital) console control input, and series connection capability (several foggers controlled by one remote), and wireless RC. This is why several different units are listed below. All units are black. Consider your functional needs when reviewing model characteristics. For assistance with short or longer duration "haze", moderate, or high density fog; smoke, steam, non-rising (at any height), or colored effects, call GTS - 712/255-0972.

Intermittent Duty

Light-weight, compact, cabled remote controlled portables (easily carried or hidden), and yoke for hanging (order clamp separately). Shorter or longer life glycol fog may be pre-cooled for lower-level, lingering fog.
TFG200 TFG400 TMT3000
IyFG150    ECONO  700 watts, 3,000 cubic feet per minute (cfpm) fog output, remote with 10' cable, 12½" x 6" x 5½".    120.00
TFG200 MINI 700w, 3,500 cfpm, 30' RC cable, 13" long x 10" wide x 9" high, 13#. 165.00
Manual remote permits controlled intermittent output. "Continuous fogging" will periodically turn off pump during heating element reheating, preventing accurate cueing.
IyFG300    INTERMEDIATE  1,000w, 4,500 cfpm, timer remote with 25' cable, 17" x 9" x 12", 9#.    260.00
TFG400 SUPER 1,000w, 7,000 cfpm, RC duration and cycle timers with 30' cable, 14½" x 8" x 8¾", 16#. 285.00
Intermittent higher volume output may be preset for automatic fog cycle duration and separation (reheat) times, permitting cueability.

Continuous Duty

The following models include reliable instant cueing, continuous high to very high output. Request other features information.
IyFG600    MEDIUM  1,300w, 5,000 cfpm, timer RC with 25' cable, 22" x 10" x 16".    400.00
Lt4400 SHOW PRO w/23' cable & Deluxe Remote1 1,000 w 600.00
High volume output, excellent for most limited area applications. Includes replacement heat exchange tube. 22"x9½"x9½"
Lt3255 DELUXE R-C  Ready-Lt, Variflow, Frequency & Duration Timers.
Lt150 GENESIS II w/25' cable & Deluxe Remote1 1,250 w 875.00
Very high continuous output, 1 gal fluid bottle bay, 4" hose sleeve, DMX adaptable, excellent for many professional applications. 27"x12"x12"
Lt3220 DMX INTERFACE addressable throughput remote 235.00
Lt175 HAZER with 11' cable & Deluxe R-C 875.00
Use haze fluid for soft diffusion (not dense fog) subtle lighting and photography effects.
T83FJ    FOG FLUID  slow dissipation.    35.00 / 1.05 gal (4 liters)
Lt2501 FOG FLUID moderate dissipation 35.00/gal
Lt2805 HAZE FLUID rapid dissipation 45.00/gal
Lt1805 DRY ICE FOGGER variable output 22"x19"x20" 720.00
20# dry ice capacity for ~5 minutes of dense low-level ‘natural’ fog.

Also other foggers, fluids, hoses, fogging accessories and systems. 1 Optional remote controls available.
WARNING: Advise your audience of the use of a fogger, thus forewarning asthmatics or others with bronchial sensitivity.


   LIGHT WEIGHT  vinyl, compact, with yoke.    88.00
IySB4    HIGHER OUTPUT  with yoke.    160.00
TBUBBLETRON BUBBLETRON high output, variable rate, wireless remote control 16½" long x 7¾" wide x10¼" high 220.00
Sbk8751    BUBBLE FLUID  pre-diluted high output, ready to use.    25.00/gal
T83EVBUBFL    LOW RESIDUE BUBBLE FLUID  evaporates to a powder, allowing use near dancers, etc.    45.00/gal
T82UVSN    FLUORESCENT FLUID ADDITIVE  mix 4 oz. additive with above fluid for ultraviolet response.    100.00 / 3 bottles
Also higher output and battery powered units.


Let it Snow

GTSAID: (Request information about display snow.) Snowfall effects may be generally listed under three categories: dry, moist, or real. Because real snow is suitable for only outdoor applications, it will not be included in this introduction.
Dry snow includes various paper and poly products listed below. It is clean, chemically neutral, is available in a selection of colors/finishes, and permits a wide variety of effects; however, it is static electric (readily clings to costumes and drapes), must be cleared from the set, and some materials are flammable.
Moist snow is chemically generated and generally appears more realistic, including natural dissipation; however, some materials and surfaces may be effected by moderate to heavy concentrations and larger effects are more expensive. Chemical formulas vary and may produce different effects - ask.
Localized, medium, or larger area effects are possible using either category, but specific equipment may vary. Keep in mind that the higher the "fall" begins, the more naturally random the "fall-pattern". The following units have been selected for their operational flexibility and economy. If in doubt, telephone 712/255-0972.
                                            DRY EFFECTS
Dry "snow" may be deliverd by hand, fan, drop-trough, sifter-gutter, scatter machine, or blower. For an easy animated backgound outside a set window, use a ladder to shake snow from a can for a vertical drop or in front of a fan for a "blizzard". A pocket-trough or oscillating channel establishes a wall or scrim of snow but requires significant rigging space, equipment, and may be noisy. Scatter units are very adaptable (see UNIQUE & NEW, CONFETTI & SNOWFALL EFFECTS) permitting various effects. Blowers are excellent for larger areas, "over-blow", or storm effects but may over-disburse the snow, disrupt drapery, or be too noisy. Most equipment can deliver any of the listed "snows".
                Rotator scatters dry material up to about a 20' diameter, 18½" high x 11½" diameter.
                For detailed information, see UNIQUE & NEW, CONFETTI & & SNOWFALL EFFECTS).
Bs88403/8    BAGGED PAPER CONFETTI  8 ounce bags, for smaller effects. (white)    80.00 / box of 50 bags
Bs88403/45    BULK PAPER CONFETTI  45# carton (approximately 4¼ cubic feet), for machine disbursement. (white)    120.00  {~48# UPS)
Bs66206/16    BULK TISSUE CONFETTI  16# carton (~4 cubic ft), for slower fall.
                    (various colors and combinations To Order)    100.00  {~38# UPS shipping}
TGSDN    BULK POLY "GOOSEDOWN"  large poly flakes for easy viewing slow fall. (white)    To Order - priced on request
    BULK POLY FLAKES  a carton of more naturally sized flakes, for slow fall.
                    (30# white)    105.00;  (10# white iridescent)    80.00;  7 to 1 (10# white/white iris mix)    50.00
MbGTRF    BULK GLITTER FLAKES  10# ground glitter sheeting, for an iridescent flakes and powder effect. (opalina)    100.00
   BULK STYRENE "POWDER"  24# carton of crushed, for finer flakes. (white)    115.00
                                            MOIST EFFECTS
Generally used for medium and larger effects, the distribution area may be limited by using the lower fan setting.
T83CO    SNOW GENERATOR  output volume control, two fan speeds, remote control, 26" long x 10½" wide x 10¼" high.    385.00
T83SF    STANDARD SNOW FLUID  moderate dissipation, ready to use with T83CO.    30.00 / gallon
                Mix the 8 oz. bottle with 1 gallon preferably distilled water, approximately 1½ - 2 minutes evaporation..
T82UVSN    FLUORESCENT SNOW FLUID ADDITIVE  mix 4 oz. additive with above fluid for ultraviolet response.    100.00 / 3 bottles
Other brands and model types available.

Confetti Canons

TPORTAFETTI\2 HAND LAUNCHER /20" (25-40'):/32" (30-60') 125.00
8 or 16 gram CO2 cylinder powered, manually triggered, compact units. Uses Quickload confetti or streamers. For small, portable applications.
TQLFETTI QUICKLOAD CONFETTI 20" tube, many colors 9.00
TQLSTRMR QUICKLOAD STREAMER tube of 1/2"x30' streamers 9.00
Multi-position mounting cylinder with one 110v triggered solenoid and cannon and 2 additional valve mounts. Requires minimum 25 psi compressed air or CO2 per cannon firing.
TFETTICAN EXPANSION CANNON add-on solenoid/cannon 950.00
Also bulk confetti.
LIGHT MY FIRE [request lamp information]
Non-pyrotechnic (120 volt) simulated animated flame effects.
TTH:THLP swagged TORCH: standing TORCHLAMP 95.00:145.00
Lt5000 "Le Flame" scenic unit 225.00
Install in your set piece or request factory fixtures information.


GTSAID: The general term "stroboscopic" means to flash. Technically, performance strobes must yield extremely rapid bright/black-out contrast, requiring xenon lamps and firing circuitry providing extremely short bursts of relatively high voltage followed by instantaneous black-out. This is achieved using large "can" capacitors to accumulate electricity until the voltage is sufficient to override an electronic switch which "fires" a high power (wattage) current through the lamp - the higher the wattage, the brighter the flash. [request replacement lamp information]
Star & Egg strobes are generally used for random scattered undirected effects. Star types are equipped with power cord and Edison plug, while Egg styles have medium-screw bases which fit household lamp sockets. Boxed strobes include power cord, reflector, and yoke for hanging. Price range generally indicates output. If desired, order C-clamps separately.
Iy308 Iy302  Iy306
Output: [wattage, Coverage Area, Flashes/Second(s)]
Iy308    STAR  2' cord, frequently hung from overhead outlets. [low, little, 1/1-3s]    19.00
Iy301*    EGG  medium screw base for use in household light socket. [low, little, 1/2s]    19.00
The following units are flash rate adjustable as noted.
Iy302*    VARIABLE EGG  medium screw. [low, little, adjustable 1-4/1s]    20.00
Iy301D*    EGG CAPS  colored caps for egg strobes. (amber, clear, blue, green, red)    2.50
Iy304    MINI  with yoke. [20 watts, 10'x15', 1-4/1s]    24.00
Iy306    STAGE  serial output permits linking and synchronizing up to four Iy306. [85w, 30'x40',1-25/1s]    120.00
Iy306R    STAGE REMOTE  control for Iy306, 15' cable.    20.00
High output, professional strobes.
TFCN    STROBE SPOTS  with yoke, variable rate, synchronizeable, 8½" d x 10+" l. [75w, 30'x30', 1-20/1s]    62.00
Ask about Strobe Spot Colored Caps.
 with remote control and cable, 22" w x 9½" h x 5" deep. [750w, stage, 1-25/1]    140.00
Ask about higher capacity, outdoor, DMX, PAR strobes, and replacement lamps.

ULTRA-VIOLET (black-light)

All fixtures include lamp and, except for POCKET UV, are equipped with PBG (household) plug - request other plug options. Most fixtures are black. For an introduction to UV technology, applications, and serial fixtures construction, select GTSAIDS, UV LIGHTING.
Fluorescent UV fixtures.
T83UVLP2    POCKET UV  for club UV ID viewing. {requires 4:AA}    20.00
T83INK    UV INK  use with your stamp.    4: 4 oz. dispensers  95.00;    per gallon  190.00
T8324    24" FIXTURE  with line cord and 1 BLBlue lamp. (white)   30.00
Le8010    48" PROFESSIONAL FIXTURE  fully encased with 1 BLBlue lamp, pair of hanging trunnions    225.00
Encased lamp, end brackets & C-clamps, female socket for series connection.
Professional high intensity fixtures with yoke.
TBL400 UV FLOOD 18" diameter w/yoke & mercury lamp 400w 850.00
Le8020 BLACKWIDOW 150 watts metal halide lamp, UV "shatter shield" 1,085.00
Other "Glow-In-The-Dark": 8' fluorescent, high ouput UV projectors, UV filters, make-up, masks, sheeting, fabrics, dye, paint, and phosphorescent  products (may be used with or without UV) are available. Also chemo-luminescent, mock-neon, & laser-like blacked-out effects.
Uh F4T5BLB 6" BlackLight Blue 4.5 3,000 10.00
Uh F20T10BLB 24" BLB 19 4,000 23.00
In F40T12BL/R 48" BlackLight clear 40 20,000 15.00
In F40T12BLB/R 48" BLB 40 20,000 35.00
Blacklight clear lamps look similar to cool white lamps until lit, producing high UV output with a weak visible lavender light. Blacklight blue lamps are the same with a dark purple internal filter "blacklight" coating, elliminating nearly all visible light. For UV performances with youngsters, consider BL clear, allowing some blackout visibility.
F lamps are medium bi-pin fluorescent. /R are rapid start. 4' fluorescents shipped parcel post or double bulk pack. Ask about other color fluorescents, 8', and other style blacklights.


Following is a partial listing of various "designer" units of moderate complexity, size, and cost. The sub-headings generally indicate the units appearance or type of effect.


Rotating hemispheres. For replacement lamps, see [TABLE J].
Audio activated multi-colored clustered flat beams, 3: 300w EHM.


"All directions" animated multi-directional beams.
TASTEROID ASTEROID slow rotation 100w LL13089 125.00
TDUOASTEROID DUOASTEROID triple rotation 2: 150 w FCS 225.00
TCOLORSUN COLORSUN slow rotation 300 w LL7010 265.00


Music activated side-to-side panning.


Music activated rotating mirrored gobo reflections and colors.
TGAPS GOBO ATTACK+ 18 changing 250w ENH 225.00
TKEPTO KEPTO1 10 gobos scanner 250w ELC 225.00
TVENUESCAN VENUESCAN 4 gobos, 8 clrs, DMX 150w EFR 380.00

Medium Projections

Randomly shaped fluid multicolor projections.



Ask about helicopters and sun effects.


"Large" effects are herein classified for their complexity/interest value, not necessarily physical size or cost. Although most commonly ceiling mounted, many of the listed effects may be wall-mounted or inverted as portable floor units - ask. Request information regarding higher illumination effects.


Economical 5 milliwatt diode lasers.
TSUPERL SUPERLASER manual/auto modes, red 80.00
16 geometrics, 100 variations, AC/DC operation.
TALIEN ALIEN audio/auto/manual modes, green 635.00
16 patterns, 100 effects.


(TUNNELS) Rotating conical tunnels of beams, audio animated.
TDIAMANTE DIAMANTE multicolored 300 watt LL7010 135.00
Iy120 HYPERDANCER multicolor 250 watt EXY 240.00

Large Projections

Animated multi-colored patterns.
TPDLGOB PADDLEGOBO 360ºx 360º,multiclr 2:150w FCS 310.00
TGMASTERP GOBO MASTER audio an'd, 4 colors HMI 575w 1020.00


TANTAR ANTAR  rotating multicolored beams 300w LL7010 124.00
TMACH I:II MACH I:II 1:2 300w LL7010 285.00:300.00
Single:dual saucer, 360ºx 360º, multicolored wide beams.
Uh EHJ 24 volt mini-quartz 250 w / 8,000 lm 50 8.00
Uh ENH MR-16 quartz 250 /       175 20.00
Uh ELC 24v mini-quartz 250 /       50 15.00
Uh 64514 mini-quartz 300 /       75 12.00
Uh DRA mini-quartz 300 / 6,900 300 20.00
Uh EVD 36v mini-quartz 400 /         50 12.00
Uh FDF T3 bi-end quartz 500 / 13,250 400 22.25
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Hot vapor rises. Heat generated fog is no exception, reaching neutral buoyancy at room temperature and remaining visible until well dissipated. Dry ice (frozen CO2) fog is very cold and heavier than air, thus renaining low; however, CO2 repels oxygen (don't lay in it) and becomes air quickly disappearing at room temperature. For a few applications (e.g., ice shows) this is an advantage. Generally, heat vaporized fluid foggers permit far greater effects control and application flexibility. Consider:
    1. Dense Smoke or Fog: Pre-fog an area by slowly moving fogger horizontally while spraying low, allowing fog to rise and spread, filling the effects area while cooling to room temperature and locationally stabilizing. Vertically fog to desired height. From off-stage, reconstitute the effect as needed. A rolling wall of fog is best developed at floor level from upstage wings, under back drape, or sets (warmer stage air usually moves toward the audience). While propelling the on stage fog down-stage, the emanating spray tends to rise, then follow the floor level motion.
    2. Syncronized Fog: For large billowing effects use multiple DMX controlled foggers serial linked from a single remote control.
    3. Low Fog (swamp, dock, approaching fire): Direct fog through a "cooling hose" (vinyl covered 3" diameter x 6'-10' accordian wire clothes dryer exhaust hose permits large volume flow) allows time for vapor temperature to drop to room temperature, fog then moving with airflow not rising through it. For slow creeping low fog, use multiple small diameter upstage hoses.
    4. Directed Source (fire, broken steam line, steam locomotive): Direct the spray through a short, small diameter hose. Fog fluid vaporiztion pressure yields a significant "blast". Keep in mind that most foggers are remote controlled, permitting rigging in sets.
    5. Seeping Source (smoke under door, fire in oven): Use a "deflection box" (any smaller box with an outlet angled 90º from fog input) to slow flow while fog remains warm and will rise.
    6. Overhead or Layered: Ceiling mount fogger to fill top downward. Onstage layering requires using a hose to deliver cooled fog released at desired level(s).
    7. Poof (dustless chimney soot, explosion, structural collapse): To immediately broaden effect, channel and/or spray off deflection surface or fill garbage bag immediately prior to effect, then collapse (consider a suitably sized piece of  plywood for sound effect) on cue. For grime, add to bag suitably colored makeup powder ("Texas dirt").
    8. Puffs (intermittent): Put fogger in a "back flow collection box", and run a "squeeze-interruptible" hose to effect location.
    9. Improved Effects Lighting: Most effects light units are low wattage, requiring reduced general lighting. Greater beam clarity, especially 3-D, may be achieved through "haze" (see Reduce Density below).

    1. Noise: Whether pump motor or expellation "hiss", try placing fogger inside a box located inside a larger box. The gap between boxes serves as an acoustic buffer. For ventilation, the smaller box should significantly larger than the fogger and remove the backs (behind the fogger) of both boxes, then test for adequate cooling.
    2. Reduce Density: For glycol fluid, dillute with distilled water (also used for fogger cleaning before storage). Water molocules quickly dissipate while  the decreased volume of visible glycol molocules yield a "haze" effect - experiment with water/glycol proportions. For extended effects, invest in a hazer.
    3. Dry Ice Hazzards: A very cold, pressure frozen refrigerant, dry ice is inherently dangerous. Do not allow skin contact. Avoid "freeze burns" by using insulated gloves. Do not overload dry ice cages or accelerate fogging beyond equipment specifications. Too rapid heating of increased dry ice quantities may have an explosive result - long sleeves and protective glasses are recommended. CO2 repels oxygen, avoid breathing it.
    4. Bronchial Agravation: Glycol, alcohol, and other common fog fluid chemicals are generally not hazardous as a small proportion of the effects area air, but a few people may become uncomfortable breathing such vapors. If concerned, a Courtesy Notice at a venue entrance or in a performance program should be considered.
CAUTION:  Chemical fog/smoke will be used {location: on stage, near the dance floor, etc.}.
Persons with asthma or bronchial or nasal allergies, to avoid possible temporary discomfort,  may wish to avoid these areas or request further information from our staff.

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