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Battery powered, user variable multi-channel UHF duplex (simultaneous two-way), compact, light weight pocket/belt-pack transceivers with a choice of headsets. The following low to moderate price units permit great system flexibility with high reliability and good durability for indoor/outdoor performance, tour/crowd control, construction/industrial, and many other applications up to a 2 mile range (depending upon model). Listed units include interchangeable headset (hard-wired available on request), rechargeable NiCad battery, and charger. Additional accessories are listed at the end of this file. Telephone for assistance with cabled system interfaces (allowing mixed wireless/wired components), or planning for your specific applications.
NOTE: "Line-of-sight" communication is always most reliable when approaching range limits. Increased intervening concrete, steel, even forest may radically reduce functional communication range. If you foresee possible problems, telephone for assistance.

            LOW COST

These models are excellent for most applications within a ¼ mile range. Priced per more popular headsets. For a different headset, request assistance.
Et900/C Et1000 Et/SM
Et900    THEATER DUPLEX  Basic all-purpose duplex transceiver, allowing a stage director to cue any number of staff in Standby mode or any one-at-a-time staff to duplex with director or any two-at-a-time users to duplex.
50 mV/m output, 40 channel pairs, 12.4 oz., 4.8 volt battery (5 hours Full Duplex/ 12 hr Standby mode).    With no headset: 125.00
Et900/C    TD/with Cyber single ear-phone headset.    150.00
Et900/S    TD/ Slimline    200.00
Et900/P    TD/ Proline    235.00
Et900/DS    TD/ Slimline Double ear-phones headset.    220.00
Et900/DP    TD/ Proline Double    250.00

Et1000    BUSINESS TRANSCEIVER  Longer range worksite capability indoors or out. Noise muffling and hardhat compatible earpads available. Push-to-talk or voice-activated operation permits any number of users on each channel with selectable channels allowing several crews to work in proximity. NOTE: FCC license required.
500 milliwatts output, 15 channels, 7 oz., 6 volts (8 hours).    With no headset:  125.00
Et1000/SM    1000/with lapel clip push-to-talk Speaker/Microphone.    165.00
Et1000/C    1000/ Cyber headset with inline push-to-talk (PTT) button.   150.00
Et1000/S    1000/ Slimline with inline PTT button.    200.00
Et1000/P    1000/ Proline with inline PTT button.    235.00
Et1000/DU    1000/ Ultra Double ear-phones headset with PTT.    270.00
Et1000/DX    1000/ Xtreme Double with PTT.   320.00


Headset price may vary per transceiver.; lowest price listed below. Other models available.
From top left to right: /C, /S, /DM, /DS, /P, /DP, /DU, /DX
    CYBER  Very light weight, economical.    from 25.00
Et/S    SLIMLINE  Moderate weight, durable spring steel headband.    from 75.00
Et/DM    MONARCH DOUBLE  Light weight, two ear speakers.    from 85.00
Et/DS    SLIMLINE DOUBLE  Slimline with dual ear-phones.    from 95.00
Et/P    PROLINE  Heavier duty construction with professional audio cushioned ear-phone.    from 110.00
Et/DP    PROLINE DOUBLE  Dual ear Proline.    from 125.00
Et/DU    ULTRA DOUBLE  Heavy duty set with contoured, more acoustically quiet foam ear pads.    from 145.00;
             also,  /U    ULTRA  single.    from 110.00
Et/DX    XTREME DOUBLE  Hardhat compatible gel filled contour ear pads. (chrome, red)    from 195.00

            DIGITAL DUPLEX

Simultaneous up to four person communication within a ¼ mile range using very high reliability digital transmission. Priced per more popular headsets. For a different headset, request assistance.
EtSTX    DIGICOM without headset:  300 mV/m output, many frequency codes, 14 oz., 6 volt battery (6 to 8 hours).    450.00
EtSTX/C    DIGICOM/with Cyber single ear-phone headset.    535.00
EtSTX/P    DIGICOM/with Proline single ear-phone headset.    540.00
EtSTX/DP    DIGICOM/with Proline Double ear-phone headset.    595.00
EtSTX/DU    DIGICOM/with Ultra Double single ear-phone headset.    615.00
EtSTX/DX    DIGICOM/with Xtreme Double ear-phone headset.    700.00

Tell us about your needs. Other models and many accessories available.


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