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1.  Connector Gender
        /M = Male pin(s).
        /F = Female socket(s).
2.  Connector Type
        A Phone Plug is ¼" diameter x 1¼" long with various tip configurations for monaural, stereo, or firm-locking (flat). {Based on
            telephone manual switchboard interconnect plugs.}
        A Phono Plug (also called RCA) is 1/8" diameter x 1" long with surrounding ground collar. {A small, lightweight connector originally
             designed for personal audio components.}
        An XLR Plug contains 3 recessed triangular-mounted pins. {A protected encased connector originally designed to permit use with either
            balanced or unbalanced mic connections.}
3.  Impedance ("Z" = Resistance: the microphone output must "match" the mixer or amplifier input connection to permit transmission of a
            strong, clear signal.)
        Low-Z = usually 600 ohms.
        High-Z = usually 50,000 (50K) ohms.
4.  Directionality (The size and shape of the "cone" of sound to which the face or head of the mic is most responsive.)
        Omnidirectional = broad area coverage. For shorter distance and/or wider spread sound "pickup"; for example, single mic interviews or
            vocal trio.
        Unidirectional (Cardioid) = 1 primary pickup direction; e.g., to separate a solo voice from a backup chorus or instruments.
        Hypercardioid = a narrower pickup cardioid.
        Polar Cardioid (Shotgun) = a narrow cone for more diistant, limited arc pickup; e.g., overhead mic'ing of a choral section (right, center,
5.  Also,
        Phantom Powered = a mic requiring a voltage source (usually 48 volts from a mixer, separate power supply, or batteries) for increased
            signal output.
        Wireless = a battery powered cable-less transmitting microphone allowing complete movement freedom. Requires a frequency mated

Audio equipment models tend to be replaced every few months, usually replaced by "upgraded", yet unproven units. Telephone to discuss your current equipment and needs and we will offer suggestions with specifications and pricing.


Ask about economy, podium, dance/fitness instructor headset, television clip-on, and "invisible" miniature mics.


                    MONO CABLES & ADAPTER JACKS

T601916:20    PHONE MALE » MALE  metal connectors, 6' : 20'.    4.25 : 9.00
T60JB1230:50    PHONE MALE » MALE  metal, 12 guage cable, 30' : 50'.    41.00 : 60.00
T13672 PHONE MALE  PHONO MALE  gold 6' 6.00
T13169 PHONE FEMALE PHONO MALE metal 2.00
T13575 PHONO FEMALE FEMALE gold metal 2.00
T13535 PHONO FEMALE PHONE MALE gold metal 3.00


Double cable with gold plugs.
T13592:60 PHONO MALE  MALE  6':10' 2.00:3.00
T13599:97 PHONO MALE  MALE  15':25' 4.00:5.00
T60292    MINI MALE » MALE   molded, 3'.   8.00

T13533 PHONO FEM  2 PHONO MALES gold molded 6" 3.00
T13527 PHONO MALE  2 PHONO FEM’S gold molded 6" 3.00
T13123 PHONE MALE  2 PHONO FEMALES molded 6" 2.00


Rc with black cable and nickle connectors.
(Belden #8412  20 guage shielded in rubber jacket)
economy cable & other combinations available
Low-Z balanced wired pin #2 hot, #3 neutral, #1 shield (for At mics)
RcAJ10/F/M LOW-Z  XLRF XLRM shielded 10' 11.00
RcAJ25/F/M LOW-Z  XLRF XLRM shielded 25' 15.00
RcAJ50/F/M LOW-Z  XLRF XLRM shielded 50' 26.00
RcAJ100/F/M LOW-Z  XLRF XLRM shielded 100' 36.00
RcAJ150/F/M LOW-Z  XLRF XLRM shielded 150' 75.00
High-Z wired pin #2 hot, pins #1 & #3 to ground (for Ev & At mics)
RcV10/F/P HIGH-Z  XLRF Phone Plug 10' 14.00
RcV20/F/P HIGH-Z  XLRF Phone Plug 20' 17.00
RcV30/F/P HIGH-Z  XLRF Phone Plug 30' 20.00
Balanced Low-Z (any combo M/F,XLR/phone) wired #2 hot, #3 ring, #1 shield.
RcBP025  LOW-Z BALANCED  25' 22.00
RcBP050  LOW-Z BALANCED  50' 30.00
RcBP100  LOW-Z BALANCED  100' 45.00
Also bulk cable, transformer cables, Y's, adaptors, & speaker cable.

                MICROPHONE STANDS  <YN>

Height adjustable round base floor stands unless noted. Threaded mounts are 5/8" diameter unless otherwise noted.
T60103    MICROPHONE HOLDER  tilt adjustable, top cable slot. (black)    3.00
LpGN13:LpGN19    GOOSENECK  13" : 19" flexible stand attachment. (black, chrome)    6.50 : 8.00
LpTMM    DUAL MIC MOUNT  allows mounting 2 microphones on 1 stand.    11.00
LpTS95C    DESKTOP STAND adjustable 9½ - 14½" height, 6" diameter base. (black/chrome)    11.00
LpTS10    ECONOMY FLOOR STAND  lighter base. (black, chrome)    25.00
LpPSC400    ECONOMY BOOM & STAND  tiltable sleeved boom on stand. (chrome/black)    35.00
LpMS10    MEDIUM WEIGHT STAND  for greater stability. (black, chrome)    45.00
LpMS20    HEAVY WEIGHT STAND  high stability. (black, chrome)    90.00
LpPB15    34" BOOM  for LpMS stands, (black, chrome)    65.00
Also, other accessories and designs, including tripod bases.

                MUSIC STANDS & LIGHTS  <YN>

Tripod base, height and tilt adjustable, non-collapsible solid desk unless otherwise noted.
LpKB12    MUSIC STAND BAG  22" long, for Lp10NA. (black)    7.50
Lp10NA    ECONOMY FOLDING STAND  2 piece. (black, chrome)    12.00
LpKB95E    MEDIUM DUTY  26 - 48¼" height, 19¾ x 13¾" desk. (black/chrome)    50.00
LpKB1F    GRIP-LOCK MEDIUM DUTY  sqeeze "trigger" 29 - 50" height adjustment, 19¾ x 13¾" desk. (black/chrome)    70.00
LpM49    DIRECTOR  easy height and tilt adjustment, 20" x 12½" double desk for storage. (black/chrome)    75.00
LpM54    ORCHESTRA  32" x 15½" expanded desk version of LpM49, double leg 4 footed base. (black/chrome)    125.00
Ask about LpM accessories.
Lp12725    UNIVERSAL LIGHT  clip-on or self-standing, direction adjustable, wireless {4:AA}lamp. (black, blue, silver)    15.00
Ask about piano and other styles lights.


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