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                    TRIMS - Motifs  <TM>

GTS handles embroidered, sequin, bead, rhinestone, nailhead, custom, other materials, and combination motifs; many available in several colors/combinations. Seasonally, new designs appear and some older styles are discontinued. At any time, there are thousands of motif patterns available, elliminating the possibility of a comprehensive listing. Following is a graphics sampling of recently requested motif with some approximate sizes and prices. If you see nothing of interest, telephone and specify application, style type or historic period, color, composition, and/or approximate size desired. Telephone to confirm availability, colors, and current pricing.
Other trims files include SEQUIN or FRINGE yard goods, RHINESTONES and "jewels", plumes and yard goods FEATHERS, MISCELLANEOUS TRIMS; as well as, costume and stage FABRICS.


Sequin and combination (commonly beads) styles.

Ai---- page 95-2
Ai1892    2-PIECE  sequin with seed beads, ~9" long.    25.00 / pair
#143, #1493, #8101 discontinued.
Ai---- page 95-5
This design set uses silver seed beads and white "pearls".
    2-PIECE  ~9" long.    16.00 / pair
Ai2230    NECKLINE  ~10" long x 8¾" wide.    25.00
Ai2231    BODICE  ~16½" x 12½".    38.00
Ai2250    NECKLINE  ~9¾" x 11¼".    29.00
Ai---- page 95-6
Ai2244    NECKLINE  ~8" x 10".    27.00
Ai2246    NECKLINE  ~8¼" x 10".    16.00
Ai2249    PAIR  right and left, ~9½" long.    17.00 / pair
Ai2253    PATCH  ~8¼" long & wide.    24.00

F---- Page 4

Sequin combination with synthetic pearls.

Pp3649    BODICE    ~12" x 9½". (crystal iris with white pearls)    29.00
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