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Following is a highlight list of commonly requested feather trims. Depending upon item, up to 55 colors including 7 fluorescents plus various naturals, multi-colored, tip dyed, lurex added, and custom dyed. Telephone for detailed and additional information.


"Bent" plumes have a rolled shaft, usually into a spiral. "Curled" plumes have curled feathering along both sides. A plume may be straight, bent, curled, or bent & curled. Full and extra full indicate plume width.
REQUEST bulk prices per pound. Following prices are per piece.
Ek7    PHEASANT 17"  1.25
Ek8    PEACOCK 36"  1.25
Amp10 OSTRICH TIP 8"-10" 1.25
Amp1215 STRAIGHT OSTRICH 12"-15" 2.00
Ek97    16"-24" STRAIGHT OSTRICH    3.50
Amp 821 FULL OSTRICH 16"-21" 3.75
Ek99    19"-23" FULL OSTRICH    8.00
Ek100    23"-28" EXTRA FULL OSTRICH  excellent for plume fans.    13.50
Sa30, Sa31
"Bent" refers to the spiral-like bending of the quill. "Curled" refers to the curling of the tips of the plume edges.
Sa30    BENT OSTRICH 16-22"  (bent to approximately 9" long x 5" diameter).    5.00
Sa31    BENT & CURLED OSTRICH 16-22"  (to ~9"x5").    6.00
Also, "bent head" (bent tip only) and custom finished bent lengths are available.

Premium Bent & Curled

Extra full single or 2 or 3 plumes assembled as a set.
Pre-bent length SaCBS single SaCBD double SaCBT triple
~19" 10.00 22.00 32.00
~22" 11.00 25.00 36.00
~25" 12.00 28.00 48.00
Ask about other lengths and types of plumes.

            BOA <TEB>

Many in 2-tone colors. Boa is priced per 2-yard lengths, custom lengths and larger diameters TO ORDER.
Ek5    ECONOMY MARABOU  1"-2" diameter.    3.50
Ek10    MARABOU  2"-3" diameter.    6.50
Ek11    MARABOU with LUREX ( gold or silver with black, red, or white)    10.50
Ek12    MARABOU with IRIS  (clear or black iris)    11.00
Ek49    ECONO CHANDELLE  4"-5" diam.    7.50
Ek50    CHANDELLE  5"-6" diam.    12.50
Ek51    2-TONE CHANDELLE  (12 combinations)    15.25   
Ek52    CHANDELLE with LUREX (13 combinations)    25.75
Ek62    OSTRICH  ~3" long feathers.    53.25
Ek73    OSTRICH with LUREX  (gold or silver lurex)    100.00
Ek76    OSTRICH with IRIS  (transparent iris)    135.00
Ek72/2    HEAVY OSTRICH  2-ply.    91.25
Ek72\5    EXTRA HEAVY OSTRICH  6, 8, 10, 12, 15 ply.    from 150.00
Ek78    CURLED HEAVY OSTRICH    120.00
Ek82    SWAN  7"-8" diameter, fur-like appearance.    90.00
Ek89    TURKEY  7" diam.   47.50
Ek90    LARGE TURKEY  9"-10" diam.    61.00
Ek91    2-TONE LARGE TURKEY  9"-10" diam.    91.00
Ek90X    EXTRA-LARGE TURKEY  11"-12" diam.    84.00
Ek91X    2-TONE X-LARGE TURKEY 11"-12"diam.    105.00
Ek90XX    "OVERSIZED" TURKEY  request available size.    100.00
Ek91XX    2-TONE "OVERSIZED" TURKEY  request available size.    130.00
Ek120    COQUE  ~3" feathers.    76.00
Ek201    COQUE  4"-6" feathers.    100.00
Ek201X    X-LARGE COQUE  6"-8" feathers.    160.00
Ek201XX    XX-LARGE COQUE  8"-10" feathers.    250.00
Ek603    COQUE SADDLES  (dyed, natural)    68.50
Ek703    SCHLAPPENS  (dyed, natural)    68.50
Also burnt, guinea, pheasant, peacock, and other boa - ask.


Minimum 5 yards per item. On fabric header banding and priced per yard unless noted.
Ek83    ~4" MARABOU  fur-like "swan fringe". (black, brown, camel, gray, white)    19.00
Ek60    6" OSTRICH  1 layer. (many colors)    84.00 / 2 yard piece
Sa206 7" COQUE, layered (black) 20.00
Sa207 9" COQUE, layered (black) 26.25
Sa208 5" COQUE, layered (colors) 32.00
Sa209 7" COQUE, layered (colors) 36.75
Mg911 7" HACKLE, multi-layered, (dark) 25.00
Mg919 7" HACKLE, multi-layered, (light) 46.00
Also strung, corded, guinea and pheasant fringe.


Priced per dozen.
Ek8353    HACKLE PADS    21.00
Ek8460    COQUE SWEEPS  4-6 tied, 12-14" long.    34.25
Ek8551    HALF PINWHEELS  10" wide.    34.25
Ek8552    PINWHEELS  10" diameter, beaded.    57.00
Many more varieties available - ask.


Above are a few of the numerous styles of shako and uniform hat plumes. Standard designs include stickup, upright, drooping coque, phantom, fountain, cone, carousel, cavalier, bent & curled, Aussie, sweep, and fan; plus unique custom designs, any using various mountings. Virtually any plume or boa may be used in natural, standard, flourescent, mylar inserted, or solid mylar colors. Request graphics, pricing, and shako information.

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