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Although many types of footwear are used by theater dance students, the traditional styles continue to best permit the requisite training development of the foundation dance forms: ballet, tap, and jazz (modern and acrobatic slippers listed elsewhere). Following is a brief sampling of the dozens of variations of such styles with an explanation of their suitability. While these styles continue to serve well for performance, many additional styles are available for period, character, or fad applications with samplings listed elsewhere. Telephone for detailed, additional, fitting, and group outfitting information.
GTS has selected the following styles with the student and outfitting instructor in mind. Overall quality, price, sizing consistency, fitting ease, quicker shaping comfort, and proven popularity have separated these from other styles we supply. For your convenience, most leather-soled tap shoe styles may be ordered with full toe, Duo-tone, or Tele-tone taps attached, ready-to-wear. If other sizes, widths, colors, or styles are required, contact GTS for assistance. We handle nearly every dancewear style including manufacturers which provide custom construction for unique situations including musicals and other theater applications.
Shoe sizes are listed from smallest to largest available. Stock sizes may include child 5 - 13½ and adult 1 - 17.
Widths: Narrow, Medium, Wide, eXtra wide or: A, B, C, D, E, EE
NOTE: Dance shoes need to be fitted {see, FITTING YOUNG STUDENT DANCE SHOES at the end of this file}. Ask about outfitting assistance.


All listed ballets are fully lined all leather with traditional full sole, most with drawlastics (elastic "drawstring"{see TYING DRAWLASTICS near the end of this file}), and attached arch elastics. Note differences in pinks and toe shapes.
C205    DAISY   (ballet pink, black, white)
Economical, round-toed ample cut for young beginners. For sizes above 2½ we recommend better shaping C200 or  Sq633.
Narrow, Medium, Wide widths. Sizes child 6 - 2½    18.00,    3 - 10    19.00
Bh205    DANSOFT  (black, pink, white)    17.75
Semi-tapered toe, crossing heel and arch elestics, drawstring, includes widths A and E.
child 7 - adult 8½  A B C D E  (child 6-6½ no E;  black, white C only)
C200    TEKNIK  (new pink)
Traditional tapered toe more shapeable upper (arch elastic not shown), suitable for any student.
child B 10 - 2½, CDE, 8 - 2½    21.00
adult BCD 3 - 10    22.50
Sq333    DELUXE BALLET  (black, pink, white)
Very fast shaping soft leather upper with semi-tapered toe permits very clean fit for any student.
C child 7 - 3, D child 8½ - 3 (pink also: C child 6 - 6½, B 8½ - 3)   18.50
C D 3½ - 10 (pink also: C ladies 10½ - 12; white C only)    20.50
SnPRO1    PRO BALLET (black, pink)
Split-sole with 2 heel elastics (1 ends attached) in larger lengths and widths for men.
A B C D E  ladies Sn sizes 8 - 20 {order about 2½-3 numbers smaller for actual foot size}    26.75


NOTE: Whether young or older, the first experience with metal taps may prove unexpectedly slippery. The control will soon improve as shoes shape to the wearer and experience improves coordination. The taps DO NOT need to be "broken in" and such practices as scuffing them on concrete only misshape and deteriorate the shoes and taps - you're still dancing on metal.
, G602, C625, C400    BEGINNER TAP-TIE   (black patina, tan, a few white)
Soft all synthetic upper, round toe, grosgrain ribbon tie youngster's style. G601 and C625 (older version) include non-graduated heel and full toe and heel economy taps attached READY TO WEAR. G602 and C400 require separate taps. An economical young beginner's tap shoe.
Narrow, Medium, Wide  child 7½ - adult 10
WHILE THEY LAST:  without taps 10.00,    with taps 15.00

C625    JR TYETTE   (black patina, caramel, white)
Synthetic upper tap-tie with riveted toe and screw-on heel Tele-Tone taps.
child NMWX 5½ - 3    24.75
adult MW 3½-10    25.25
C3800 MARY JANE  (black, black patina, caramel)
Buckle-strap styling with factory attached Tele-tone taps and sole traction-pad. Childrens (through 2½) are Velcro closure under mock buckle and include vamp throat bow. NOTE: Factory-set taps do not use longer adjustment screws or screw cement.
Medium, Wide
child 6 - 2½    41.00
3 - 12 (blk patina 3-8)    45.75
Bh302 TAP-ON   (black, tan)
Strap on folk dance pump with tractive sole pads and screw-on taps (toe taps with sounding board) attached.
Narrow, Medium widths. Sizes: child 9 - 1½    42.50,  adult 4 - 12    44.25
Sq3317 TEEN TAP  (black, tan, white; ask about other colors and sizes)    35.25
Strap to elastic fastened buckle with medium (graduated 1½") French Louis heel, leather soles, and tapered vamp makes this style a must for young teens needing to develop higher relevé in preparation for professional 2" to 3" performance styles. Also an excellent 'first' tap, character, chorus or economy ballroom shoe for adults. Select taps for sizes listed below.
black, tan    Medium 2 - 11 & 12 (also, child 12 - 1½ black),  Wide 6 - 10 (also, 10½, 11, 12 black)
white    Medium 4 - 10
Sq3317/M    (for all sizes) with attached full toe & Duo-tone Taps add    28.00
Sq3317/D    (for most widths sizes 2 - 11) with attached Tele-tone Toe & Duo-tone Heel Taps add    29.50
Sq3317/T    (for most widths sizes 5½M - 11) with attached Tele-tone Toe & Heel Taps add    31.00
C550    JUNIOR FOOTLIGHT   (black, caramel)
Capezio 1½" graduated heel "strap tap shoe", synthetic upper, leather sole, includes additional color and sizes.
child Medium 12½ - 3½ ,  adult N (black only) 4-10, M 4 - 12, W 5 - 12    39.00
Bh379    BROADWAY LO  (black, tan)
Equivalent style for those needing tan.
adult MW 4 - 12    39.00
---/M    (for all sizes) with attached full toe & Duo-tone Taps add    28.00
---/D    (for sizes 2 - 11) with attached Tele-tone Toe & Duo-tone Heel Taps add    29.50
---/T    (for sizes 5½ M - 11) with attached Tele-tone Toe & Heel Taps add    31.00
C550 with faster shaping leather upper.
M 4 - 11, W 5 - 11    61.75
C551/M    (for all sizes) with attached full toe & Duo-tone Taps add    28.00
C551/D    (for most widths sizes 2 - 11) with attached Tele-tone Toe & Duo-tone Heel Taps add    29.50
C551/T    (for most widths sizes 5½ M - 11) with attached Tele-tone Toe & Heel Taps add    31.00
C561    FACTORY-SET TAPS JR. FOOTLIGHT   (black, caramel)
C551 with factory attached Tele-tone toe and Duo-tone heel taps. NOTE: Factory-set taps do not use longer adjustment screws or screw cement.
4 - 11 Medium, Wide    73.25
G606- GLOBE TILLER   (black, silver, tan; ask about other colors)
Strap to elastic fastened buckle with full (graduated 2") Louis heel, leather soles, and more tapered vamp makes this visually flattering style, literally, "the next step up" tap, character, chorus, economy ballroom, or theater shoe. Select taps for sizes listed below.
606V    VINYL TILLER with synthetic uppers.
silver    Medium 5½ - 10    57.00
606L    LEATHER TILLER with leather uppers.    56.25
black    Medium 5½ - 11, Wide 7 - 9
tan        Medium 5½ - 12
G606/M    (for all sizes) with attached full toe & Duo-tone Taps add    28.00
G606/D    (for  all sizes) with attached Tele-tone Toe & Duo-tone Heel Taps add    29.50
G606/T    (for most widths sizes 9½ - 12) with attached Tele-tone Toe & Heel Taps add    31.00
C650    STUDENT FOOTLIGHT   (black, caramel)
Strap tap shoe with graduated 2" heel, soft leather upper, leather sole.
M 4 - 11, W 5 - 11    65.50
C650/M    (for all sizes) with attached full toe & Duo-tone Taps add    28.00
C650/D    (for all sizes) with attached Tele-tone Toe & Duo-tone Heel Taps add    29.50
C650/T    (for most widths sizes 9½ - 12) with attached Tele-tone Toe & Heel Taps add    31.00
T-STRAP    (black, caramel)
Synthetic Napa upper, leather sole, 2" heel.
M 4 - 12½    44.75
Leather T-strap style variation of the C650.
MW 4 - 10    77.00
For taps, see C650 above.
C443    TIC TAP  (black, caramel)
Very economical synthetic young boys beginner oxford with economy taps attached (riveted toe, screwed heel) READY TO WEAR.
widths Medium & Wide, sizes boys 8½ - 6    32.50;  men 6½ - 12    35.25
Sq4512    DELUXE TAP OXFORD  (black; ask about black patina and white)
Traditional leather men's tap oxford, graduated heel. Also suitable for theater, chorus, or organ use.
D width  black    8 - 11 , 12;  E  9 - 12    74.25
Sq4512/M    (for all sizes) with attached full toe & Duo-tone Taps add    28.00
Sq4512/D    (for all sizes) with attached Tele-tone Toe & Duo-tone Heel Taps add    29.50
Sq4512/T    (for all sizes) with attached Tele-tone Toe & Heel Taps add    31.00

Also other brands and styles with factory attached taps.


Similar to a ballet slipper, all following jazz oxfords are fast shaping, very flexible, and light weight. The adjustable lace tension of the oxford style permits moderate outsizing on growing students by maintaining the foot firmly into the shoe heel pocket. Also excellent for musicals and indoor drill team applications.
These "split-sole" styles are true ghillie patterned with separately contoured inside and outside shoe patterns attached by a lateral seam along the center of the sole and undersized ball and heel pads, allowing shaping to begin from the center of the arch of the foot. Fit like a ballet slipper, not a tap oxford.
Sq9312    SPLIT SOLE OXFORD    (black)    34.25
Very soft leather upper with tractive sole pad and 3/8" rubber heel.
Medium width,  child 12 - 10, 11, 12, 13
CEJ1    JAZZ GOLD    (black, caramel)
Leather upper, tractive split-sole, very soft oxford, 3/8" rubber heel.
Medium, Wide
child 10 - 1½    29.50
ladies 3 - 14    32.50
TIVOLI OXFORD   SnJS3 SnJS1 (black, tan)
Leather reinforced pleated toe split-sole with suede sole pad and leather covered 3/8" rubber heel and elastic waist (wrap around sides and arch elastic gore). Very economical shoe, but limited sizing.
Medium width, Sansha female sizes 3 - 20, whole (no half) sizes only. Sansha "International" sizing is numerically approximately 3 sizes larger than dance shoe size. Order about 2½ to 3 numbers larger than established ballet/jazz size; i.e., try a Tivoli size 10 for established 7 to 7½ dance foot size.
SnJS3    TIVOLI CANVAS upper (also glittered black, dyeable white)    26.75
SnJS1    TIVOLI LEATHER upper    47.50


Taps  C22, C23, C20, C21

Sizes larger to smaller: C-- Toes #1-5, C21 #5-8 C23 #1-6
When Ordering Tap Shoes specify style of taps desired and whether attachment is desired.
When ordering taps without shoes, either specify tap sizes or shoe style for which they are intended or send tracing of sole toe and heel. Taps are priced per pair for toes or heels. Attached taps per pair of shoes.
C20:C21    MASTER TOE : DUOTONE HEEL    11.50
The industry standard cleated nail attached taps with solid, easy-to-hear sound, placement, and durability features. Generally, no maintenance is required. Ideal for all beginner and young intermediate students.
NOTE:  Master toe taps have been discontinued. As our stock of any size is depleted (currently #1 & 2), we shall be attaching a compatible "no maintenance" style.
C22:C23    TELE-TONE TAPS (toe : heel)    12.00
The Capezio tap specially designed to provide clear TV transmission and better sound definition on any stage or floor. Screw attached light weight hollow taps over nailed-on fiber "sounding-boards". Each tap may be independently tuned to provide a different frequency of sound and are considered by most professionals the finest taps available. The screws should be attached with shoe cement (listed below), allowing repeated tension adjustment without loss of grip to the sole leather.
G27:G28    BELL CLOGGING TAPS (toe : heel)    12.50
Stevens Stompers and several other styles and brands of taps available - ask.


The GTS unique tap attachment methods involve a variety of materials and techniques rarely combined. Inner soles are not removed, thus avoiding the common misallignment and rippling problems associated with their reattachment. All heel taps have two allignment holes pre-drilled inwardly angled to assure accurate tap placement and minimize the chance of side-of-heel expansion blemishes. Nail-on taps and fiber-boards are pin-punched, burying the nail tips into the inner soles. Fiber-boards are positioned with two standard length tacks, then finish mounted with shorter less obtrusive tacks. All screws are mounted with rubber shoe cement, allowing repeated adjustment while minimizing the chance of screw loss. Because the board long edge screw pair should always be tight, they are shorter. The point screw (phillips #4 x ½")  for each tap is longer, allowing loosening to acheive the "clapping" effect premiered by the original Tele-tone 3-screw design. By varying (#0 phillips bit) the point screw lengths it is even possible to control the audible frequency of each tap, permitting four tone cramp rolls, etc. (Yes, tapping can be musical, as well as, rhythmic.) Unless otherwise requested, GTS taps are centered to the sole or heel and alligned with the toe tap at the end of the sole and the heel tap set about a 1/16" in from the back edge of the heel. When requested, various custom placement configurations are possible; i.e., forward and/or inward toe tap and fully-back heel tap placement to facilitate easier clips, or more outside or inside placement of toe taps to facilitate easier wings or side riffs. Telephone (712/255-0972) regarding your needs. NOTE: The GTS attachment systems are not used for factory attachment.

The attached taps product code letter follows the shoe style code. Price includes taps or braces and attachment service per pair of shoes.
---/M full toe & Duotone heel    28.00
---/D Tele-tone toe & Duotone heel    29.50
---/T Tele-tone toe & heel    31.00
---/H heel braces, inside or outside    12.00
ZZSG3    REMOVAL SERVICE taps or wafers    1.00/per pair\per layer

Miscellaneous Accessories

G29    HIGH-HEEL BRACES    5.00/per pair
G30    REPLACEMENT STRAPS  with attached buckle. (black, black patina, tan, white)    6.50/per pair
G35    SHOE CEMENT  2 oz.    7.00,    25.00/per quart
TIWr223143    GROSGRAIN RIBBON  5/8" wide (other widths available). (25 colors)    14.00/ per 20 yards
Ask about shoe dyes and dying service.


Because all dancewear should conform to the wearer's shape, a properly designed theater dance shoe drawstring or draw-elastic sleeve should be self-closing, hiding the string knot. The advantage of drawlastics over drawstrings is the ellimination of the bulky bow knot while allowing neat contouring to the foot of the slipper upper edge with easy slipper removal and replacement onto the foot. With the slipper on the feet, the following sequence is recommended.
    1. Pull the string ends outward across the arch (never upward, which risks tearing sleeve stitches from the slipper) to the desired contour and tension.
    2. Overhand the string ends then rotate the overhand knot 90º. The knot should disappear as the sleeve notch closes over it. If not, rotate in the opposite direction. Tie a bow knot then stand and releve, tendu, etc. to confirm comfort and shaping. Adjust and test until satisfied.
    (3.) (This is an optional step using a temporary knot, unnecessary for users familiar with the tension they desire.) With the bow knot tied, remove the slipper, fold the knot string  inside the slipper vamp (like a drawstring), and use the slipper until tension satisfaction is certain. If there is irritation (usually on the Achilles tendon) or undesireable gapping; untie, retension, and use until satisfied.
    4. Untie the bow and note the direction of  the overhand knot, then reverse overlap direction with a second overhand knot, completing a square knot.
NOTE: Be certain that tension and knot design are correct. Properly done this will be a permanent knot, very difficult to adjust. Incorrectly tied, the knot may come undone and the elastic will disappear into the sleeve. Tighten square knot and rotate into sleeve notch.
    5. Overhand each elastic end about 1½" above the square knot, tighten the overhand knots, then cut off the excess elastic above these overhands. The resulting elastic "pigtails" are easily and comfortably obscured under the slipper vamp while the end knots prevent any fraying elastic coating from reaching and loosening the square knot.


Although all dancewear, including properly designed shoes, should fit snuggly, generally students under age 10 have neither the foot strength nor the technical skill requiring a clean, rapid shape-out fit. Also, youngsters will undoubtedly outgrow dance shoes long before wearing them out. To facilitate a reasonable use period (usually one dance season - fall through spring) slight out-lengthing is wise. Always wear light-weight hosiery (full-footed tights are ideal) when fitting dance shoes. Consider the following:
    1. The foot heel must remain in the shoe heel or the shoe will not be controllable or may slip, irritating the Achilles.
    2. Excessive length or width can severely mislocate the foot in the shoe, diminishing movement control (which is the primary objective of theater dance training).
    3. No two feet are identical - the right and left are NOT the same size or shape. Always fit both feet per shoe size in order to facilitate the final compromise decision.
    4. Length and width are measurements of the SOLES of the feet, not considering the length of the toes or fullness of the transverse or lateral arches.
    5. Shoe length must accomodate the full length of all toes. Curled toes must be gently pressed flat to determine actual foot length.
    6. Most foot growth will be length, but some additional fullness growth should be accomodated.
    7. Consider any foot structure which may be affected by a fitted shoe. Because most street shoes are not shapeable, children's street shoe fittings must be much outsized; more like a shoe box compared to a dance shoe. Foot structure anomalies which would not be noted in street shoes may appear in dance shoes; for example, an upward curled primary toe with excessive nail length may drive into the shoe vamp, irritating the cuticle.
    8. Because of use differences, dance shoes vary in design structure and materials, requiring separate and different considerations for each style. For example:
        - Ballet and acrobatic/gymnastic slippers will shape faster and to a greater degree than other styles.
        - Jazz and tap oxfords have moderate shapeability and the advantage of a laced vamp, locking the foot firmly into the shoe heel pocket.
        - Girl's tap-tie (with grosgrain ribbon) styles require the student learning how to properly tightly tie the shoes to avoid heel slippage
            (the elastics on some styles will NOT hold the foot heel in the shoe heel pocket, but will likely irritate the metatarsals under a tightly secured bow, and thus are best removed). After drawing through the top buckle opening, the strap of slip-buckle Mary Jane styles should be tensioned across the arch, then the bottom of the buckle lifted to pinch the strap, avoiding tension loss while the strap is "threaded" fully through the lower buckle opening.
        - Higher heeled strap-tap styles must be fitted snuggly to avoid heel slippage irritation of the Achilles tendon and the strap buckle
            cutting through the buckle elastic (the "weak link" in the strap system). In other words, the shoe is kept on by the heel mounted firmly in the shoe             heel pocket.
In all cases, a competent fitting is vigorously encouraged. The above list is far from comprehensive; not discussing toe-length taper, arch height, taper to heel, heel shape, and much more. In general, the objective of fitting dance shoes is not fitting feet sizes; but, rather feet shapes to shoe shapeability.
For further assistance, contact GTS - 712 / 255-0972.

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This file was partially updated 9/21/16.