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    Nearly every GTS product category includes sources of customized garments or equipment, and dance shoes may be the most interesting. Unlike most dramatic theater footwear, the dance lines permit, not only consistent ease of movement and accurate fit, but also dozens of fabrics and colors, as well as, virtually infinite design variation. For these reasons, period, character, and costume coordinated dance footwear have long appeared in both dramatic and musical theater, as well as, motion pictures and television series; e.g., Batman and The Color Purple.
Also, from an August 1973 Capezio newsletter.
GTS handles several lines providing fabric, vinyl, and/or leather sandals, slippers, shoes, and boots with a selection of soles and heels suitable for performance applications. The following examples, some including a production reference, are a minute sampling. For 19th and 20th century period styles and available CMU services, see PERIOD SHOES. Many lighter weight, less expensive SMU ballroom period styles are listed at the end of that file.

"Customization" is herein specified either as Special Make-up (SMU) items which are non-stock "make-up per request within maker specified limits"; or Custom Make-up (CMU) items which are "made per customer unique specifications". The following pricing is SMU but includes a considerable range of CMU possibilities. Telephone for assistance with your period, character, or other costuming needs. If addidtional cost is required, it will be pre-order quoted. Allow 3 to 8 weeks for custom make-ups.


Theater dance designs are based on long established performance footwear, having similar lasts, shapes, and fit. Although more expensive, designed for durability and easy movement, many performers find the wider then ballroom shoes last more comfortable. This sampling includes a few less expensive ballroom based designs.

                WOMEN'S SHOES

ElgLADYDI    LACE BOOT    from 170.00
ElgGODIVACHIC    OPEN-VAMP LACE BOOT  foot is exposed through laces.    from 245.00
C8485    CAN-CAN BOOT  2½" heel. 4-11 N M W (black, tan)    415.00
CKHB    KNEE-HIGH BOOT  4-11 N M W    505.00    {CMU pictured includes colors, toe cap, appliques.}
CFCB    COWBOY BOOT  very flexible with pointed toe, embroidery, pull-tabs, and 1½" heel. women's 4-11 M W (white)    505.00

Above tap shoe styles include CMU leathers, colors, overlays, soles for use by various characters.
   LIDO  overlay design with 2½" flared heel. 42nd Street. 4-11 M W (tan/silver)    290.00
 red glitter upper including mock bow, with various heels. Wizard of Oz.    140.00

                MEN'S STYLES

button and Wellington boots.
Also women's sizes and various soles.
C484 C3682 CFCB  C368 CELF
   BALLET BOOT  knee-high with side gore. men's 7-14 M W (black)    450.00
C3682    MILITARY / RUSSIAN BOOT  knee-high with 1" heel. men's 4-14 M W (black)    560.00    {pictured CMU color, toe cap, heel}
CFCB    COWBOY BOOT  very flexible with pointed toe, embroidery, pull-tabs, and 1½" heel. women's 4-11 M W (white)    505.00
C368    CABARET WELLINGTON  men's side-gores low boot, 1" heel. 3-14 NMWX (black)    615.00    {pictured CMU color and elastic}
CELF    ELF  uniquely redesigned Wellington with boxed curled toe. Elf. men's 3-14 NMWX (any color)    335.00


Although there is an ever-increasing range of stock styles/sizes/colors for students, we still receive requests for lengths/widths/colors beyond currently stocked items. While more expensive than stock, solving availability problems is frequently possible - ASK.
SCoLINDA Also custom ethnic, ballet, jazz, and tap shoes.
SCoLINDA    LINDA  NMW to size 14, 50 finishes.    from $110.00


Shoe styles designed for social dance are lighter weight and less expensive than theater dance shoes. Unless otherwise indicated, all are chrome (sueded) leather soled and ladie's styles generally have narrower lasts than similar theater dance styles. Ask about Custom Make-up shoes in stock.

Not all heel styles may be available for all shoe styles or identical from all manufacturers - ask.
Co women's styles
Co men's styles

GTS also handles a sizeable selection of non-dance period footwear designed for dramatic theater applications - ask.


While some stock usually exists for SMU and CMU styles, customization allows enormous costuming and character/application flexibility (Dorothy, Cinderella, etc.). Delivery schedules vary - order early. Size, sole, heel, and upper materials/colors options vary with manufacturer. Price may vary with materials. Rhinestone trims, snap fasteners, cushion inserts, and other options may be available - ask. Hundreds of styles, including men's and some children's, are available - telephone to discuss your needs.


Following are adult sizes. Keep in mind that ballroom lasts are narrower than most theater dance and street shoes. Order early or allow time for sizing samples.
C - generally, ladies' M W 4 - 11, men's M W 7 - 14. Other lengths and widths priced per request.
Co - Narrow Medium Wide, 6-12; 12½-14 plus 13.00.
Elg - N M W, 5-12; request pricing for smaller and larger sizes.

various C sole and heel configurations


Chrome: light weight sueded leather, very flexible, commonly standard for ballroom and jazz.
Oak: heavier leather, moderate flexibility, commonly standard for general thatrical applications and tap. Limited streetwear suitability.
Leather: thicker leather, least flexible, generally used for streetwear.
Special double and triple layered for special applications.
C - several soles, layers, and lasts options are available - specify use.
Co - basic three.
Elg - chrome, oak, double thickness.


See HEEL STYLES graphic above. Not all heels may be suitable for every shoe style.
C - leather, suede, rubber, internal or external braces, etc.
Co - all pictured.
Elg - most pictured.


Materials are available in ## colors - request specifics (swatches are usually available). Other materials may be available.
C - over 100 colors / finishes in several materials - ask.
Co - leather: 12 plain, 4 patina, 4 metallic, 5 suede, 2 reptile;  fabric: 6 satin, 2 lame, 14 fine glitter, 5 coarse glitter, 4 reflections, 2 glitz velvet, 6 misc., 3 prints.
Elg - leather: 11 plain, 6 patina, 3 metallic, perforated, 1 kid, 11 suede, 6 suede animal,13 reptile;  fabric: 2 satin, 2 lame, 3 micro-glitter, 9 glitter, 1 glitz velvet, 3 fur prints, 8 misc, transparent vinyl.

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