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For a  highlight selection of facial hair, select MUSTACHES & BEARDS. Wig styles categories include:
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        PROSTHETICS - Wigmaking, Headforms, Maintenance

Following are listed a few wig making items and some head-form styles suitable for display and storage. See the end of this file for general wig maintenance information
(The listing is generally from dark to light. Other shades, blends, and brights available.)
1 black 34 5% grays with medium browns D
1B-2 browned-black 36-37 10-15% grays with ash browns A
3-4 dark browns 38-39 20-25% grays with auburn R
6, 7 chestnut, medium brown 280 10% grays with 1B K
8-11 light browns 44 50% w/medium browns (salt & ppr) M
12-14 reddish-browns 51 75% grays with dark browns D
15-20 ashen (dirty) blonds 56 90% grays with dark browns L
22-25 golden blonds 59 95% grays with light browns I
613-614 bright blonds 60 natural white T
101, 613A platinum blonds 101-107 platinum blends E
26-27 light auburns (strawberry blonds) Also, frosted and tipped.
28-33 burgundy, auburns
130 henna red
188,org/27C carrot red


L3287    KANEKALON COLOR RING  (46 colors)    30.00
Rp9500:9510:9511    ELURA COLOR RING  (Mens : Ladies : Air brush)    40.00 each
L3290    FULL COLOR RING  (standard, frosted, tipped)    70.00

      WIG MAKING  <RW>


PA01    Crepe Hair (up to 25 shades)
                1 yard  11.00;    12 yards (assorted colors)  110.00
PL317/3    26" Monofilament straight : wavy : microwave. 4 oz.    10.00
PA04 50" Monofilament (blond, black) 14.00
PL317 Bound 22" Wavy Mono 2 oz 9.00
PKy9150    Yak Hair  bundled in lengths from 6½" to 18". (black, white)    from 75.00 / bundle
Ask about Elura and human hair; lace, needles, pins, and other wig making tools.


cork form GnAH08, AH09 Gn5CLAL
Ky2429 VENTING LACE 5 weights {60 cm} 60.00/yd
Ky2415 VENTING NEEDLES  angled, sizes #1-10    8.00/each
Ky2421    NEEDLE HANDLE  for Ky2415.    7.00
GnAH08    WIG BLOCK  canvas covered cork, sizes 19" - 24".    36.75
GnAH09    TALL WIG BLOCK  canvas covered cork, sizes 21" - 24".    39.00
Gn5CLPL:CLAL    BLOCK CLAMP  plastic : aluminum.    6.00 : 19.50
GnAWTP    T-PINS  ½ pound box.    18.00
Various pin styles / sizes, clamps, forms, needles, laces, etc. available - ask.


   PAPERBOARD WIG BOX  13" high x12"diameter.    13.00
Ply600    HAIR CAP  to secure hair under wig, nylon. (8 colors)    2.00
Also, other wig cases, wig brushes, sprays, etc - ask.

        HEAD FORMS <W>


White styrofoam, slightly undersized adult forms. Styles may slightly vary. {bulk shipping fee may apply}
Ply695 Ply625 Ply630
Ply695w    10" PLAIN  wide base.    3.75
Ply800w 12" with FEMALE face, with wide base    3.75
Ply625    12" MALE    6.00
Ply626    16" MALE  (wide base optional).    13.00
Ply635    15" SWAN-NECK FEMALE    11.00
Ply630    20" SWAN-NECK FEMALE    11.00
Also, mounting base hole, painted face-plates, and other style options - ask.


Matte caucasian, brown, black, gold, gray, green, lilac, pink, red, sky, white, yellow (request other colors).
For semi-gloss add 3.00, for high gloss silver add 6.00.
Ply695:800WCC 10":12" PLAIN with wide base 7.00
Ply625CC 12" MALE 10.00
Ply635:630CC 15" : 20" SWAN-NECK FEMALE 15.00
Ply626CC 16" MALE (wide base optional) 17.00


Head forms with painted female facial features.
Ply800CMw 12" wide base (white : tan) 15.00:17.00
Also other styles, coatings (velour, metallic, or durastone), forms, & wig cases.

For hygienic and aesthetic effectiveness, prosthetic hair-goods should be cleaned and the styling renewed periodically during ongoing use and before storage. Various "throw-away" hair-goods, possibly including mohair, nylon, and other economy fibers, which do not retain styling or do not satisfactorily shampoo or brush out, are usually not worthy of maintenance effort. Human hair, yak, and many monofilaments will sustain appearance if maintained. Most renewable wigs include specific manufacturer's maintenance instructions; however, if instructions have been lost, the following is suitable for most wigs and beards. These instructions generally do not apply to mustaches, sideburns, and other small pieces. After removal from spirit gum attachment, clean off the spirit gum using alcohol or spirit gum remover.

To minimize the amount of restyling, primarily consider areas of body and makeup contact and clean using minimum agitation. Also, consider that excess heat and stretching are detrimental to the fabric caps and elastics.
1. Wash in cool to lukewarm water, using a small amount of mild shampoo, either directly applied or by agitating in a bowl.
2. For easier access reverse wig cap or chin pouch to outside and gently swish in a bowl of diluted shampoo to remove perspiration and as much makeup as possible.
3. Gently massage stained areas with diluted shampoo. If necessary, directly apply small amounts of shampoo.
4. Rinse thoroughly in cold water.
5. Wrap in a towel and gently pat to absorb much of the water.
6. Hang to drip-dry.
7. When dry, gently free tangles and knots using a pick or large tine comb. Carefully brush in layers to recover flow of the style shape. Do not penetrate deeply and rip fibers from the base (cap or pouch).
8. Trim ends and edges where necessary.
NOTE: Do not use heated styling tools, even when instructions permit, without first testing (usually on a back under-layer) filament response to tool temperature (which varies with tool model and age).


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