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For a  highlight selection of facial hair, select MUSTACHES & BEARDS. Other wig styles categories include:
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        PROSTHETICS - Wigs - children's, clowns, animals, headpieces  <RW>

Over 2,000 styles of wigs from under $10.00 throw-aways through current high fashion and "wild" show looks for men, women, or children to Elura, yak, and human hair. Also flourescent colors, phosphorescent, and custom styles. Request unlisted styles by style or character. Requested graphics can be provided in the REQUESTED GRAPHICS file. 300 item RWL wig catalog available.
Most are washable synthetic hair, vented adjustable elastic fabric caps. Economy items are less renewable. All lengths are approximate. Although most synthetics are not intended for "restyling", any may be trimmed. P prefix for pieces (falls, toupees, etc). #color codes (see below). NAME = typical character, \# = number of style varieties.
Generally, this listing is divided by character group, then gender, then period (oldest to most recent).
(The listing is generally from dark to light. Other shades, blends, and brights available.)
1 black 34 5% grays with medium browns D
1B-2 browned-black 36-37 10-15% grays with ash browns A
3-4 dark browns 38-39 20-25% grays with auburn R
6, 7 chestnut, medium brown 280 10% grays with 1B K
8-11 light browns 44 50% w/medium browns (salt & ppr) M
12-14 reddish-browns 51 75% grays with dark browns D
15-20 ashen (dirty) blonds 56 90% grays with dark browns L
22-25 golden blonds 59 95% grays with light browns I
613-614 bright blonds 60 natural white T
101, 613A platinum blonds 101-107 platinum blends E
26-27 light auburns (strawberry blonds) Also, frosted and tipped.
28-33 burgundy, auburns
130 henna red
188,org/27C carrot red
NOTE: Brights may include vivid and pastel colors, rainbow (row colored), and multi (mixed colors).
Metallics may include gold, silver, and other metallic brights.


L3287    KANEKALON COLOR RING  (46 colors)    30.00
Rp9500:9510:9511    ELURA COLOR RING  (mens : ladies : air brush)  40.00 each
L3290    FULL COLOR RING  (standard, frosted, tipped)    70.00

            CHILD SIZE

Generally for age 10 and younger. Ask about other economy styles, small adult, and street-wear quality child sizes. Other listings are adult size.
R50855 R50858
R50855E    SNOW WHITE  with bow. (black)    11.00
R50856E    CINDERELLA  (blond)    11.00
R50858E    SLEEPING BEAUTY  (blond)    11.00
R50857E    RAPUNZEL  36" braid. (blond)    11.75
R50866E    LONG STRAIGHT  with center part. (black, blond)    7.50
R51740E    LONG STRAIGHT w/BANGS  (black, blond)    10.00
R51412 R51236
R51412E    WAVE  with end curls, 2 bows. (black, blond)    12.25
R51409E    LONG WAVY  with front single braid. (black, blond, brown)    12.25
R51236E    BANANA CURLS  with bow. (black, blond)    11.75

            CLOWNS & CARTOONS

Styles commonly associated with comedy cartoon characters and/or suitable for male and female clowns. For baldies see, CHARACTER WIGS, BALDIES.A wider selection of female bright wig styles is listed with CONTEMPORY, Women.
L1000E    ECONO AFRO  (10 naturals, 11 brights, 2 stripes, rainbow)    7.50
L101 L102
L101    DISCOUNT AFRO  approximately 10" wide. (5 naturals, 7 brights, 6 bi-colored, rainbow)    19.50
A102    FULL AFRO  ~14" wide (14 naturals, 10 brights, 2 bi-colored, 3 stripes)    29.00
L370E    ECONO CURLY  (white, 10 brights, rainbow)    15.00
L320    CURLY  large curl. (5 naturals, 11 brights, rainbow)    29.00
L103    JUMBO AFRO (6 naturals, 12 brights. rainbow)    45.00
L104 L106/2 L1005 L108
A104    BARGAIN BALD-AFRO  with caucasian latex scalp. (orange, pink, red, yellow)    14.75
L106\2    BALD-AFRO  select caucasian : white fabric scalp. (naturals, brights, rainbow)    32.50
L1005    STRAIGHT BALDY  (#1, 7 brights, rainbow)    34.00
L108    JIGGS  (orange, red, yellow)    27.75
L918\4 STRAIGHT UP (brights, rainbow, gray, white) 18.50
L111 L115
L111 HICK "FRIGHT" flip top, with attched cord (#1, orange, pink, red, yellow) 26.25
L115    TRI-POINT  (purple, red, yellow)    33.25
L120 FLARED "FRIGHT"/BEETLEJUICE (various) 17.00
L1060/1 L1060/2 L1060/3 L244
L1060\3    COLUMBINE  select from 3 styles. (black/white)    19.00
L244    SHLUMPA  (green)    12.50
L122 L123 L125
   ECONO PIPPI  wired pigtails. (red)    14.25
L110    PIPPI  wired pigtails, vinyl scalp under part. (black, blond, red, yellow)    31.50
L321:320E    ECONO ANN : ANDY  yarn. (red)    15.00
L122:123    RAGGEDY ANN : ANDY  more yarn. (red, yellow : red)    30.00
L125    FEATHERS  full, to back. (black, white, 8 brights, black/orange, red/white/blue, rainbow)    25.00
L2721 L2722 L424
The next few styles are aluminized ("metallic") vinyl. "Tinsel" is finer, hair-like; "strands" are 1/8-1/4" wide.
   STRAND PAGEBOY  12". (multi-colored)    4.00
L2721    TINSEL PUNK  10". (gold, kelly, pink, purple, rainbow, royal)    6.00
L2722    LONG TINSEL PUNK  15". (gold, silver, rainbow)    19.00
L424    TINSEL CLEO  17". (gold, kelly, pink. purple, rainbow, red, royal, silver; iridescent gld, rbw, roy, slv)    16.25
Gn340 26" TINSEL PAGEBOY (6 colors) 20.50
L1009 L746
L1009    PIGTAILS  curly top. (red, orange)    21.00
L746    13" PUNK  (brights, multi-tones, naturals)    16.00
L107    CLOWN DISCO  18" wet (small) curl. (10 naturals, 14 brights, multi)    43.75
L649    MARGE  15" high curly flat-top. (naturals, brights)    16.25
L150    BARTT  curly star spikes. (yellow)    16.25
L153    JOKER  (black/green)    35.25
L154    RIDDLER  crew-cut. (red-orange)    25.75
L155    TWO FACE
 ½ & ½ colored. (black/purple)    25.75
L160E    ECONO JESSICA RABBIT  long wavy. (red)    18.25
L161    JESSICA RABBIT  (#130, red)    28.50
L164    PEBBLES  with bone. (#188)    27.75
L165    WILMA  (#188)    30.50
L180E    PHOSPHORESCENT STRAIGHT LONG  (phosphorescent white)    12.00


L4105 SL4825
L4105    DOG  universal pointed ears wig. (blond)    20.00
L442\3 BEAST (animal) (auburn, black, blond, brown, white) 41.00
L4823\2 LION Wig w/Beard & Mustache : Ruff (auburn, orange) 48.50
SL4825    CURLY LION  wig with ears, mane. (brown)    39.00


R66001 R66005 R66006 R66007
Vinyl-latex blend character headpieces. For latex scalps, see the next file, CHARACTER STYLES, BALDIES.
R66001    MEDUSA  (green)    21.00
R66005:66006    DRACULA : SATAN    16.00
Mc120 FRANKENSTEIN latex w/bolts (black hair) 45.00
R66007    CONEHEAD with ears. (caucasian latex)    18.00
Mc113 ALIEN (brown) 16.50
L40\3    RABBIT : CUPID : DEVIL  with latex scalps. (white/pink : blond : red)    12.50


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