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Following is a brief highlight list of more often requested prosthetics and character masks. For additional graphics or assistance with comic and other effects or problems, telephone per above. \# = the number of available variations of an item.
R-Cs are very flexible light weight professional quality latex or foam latex products including detailed instructions. Natural color latex is off-white and accepts prosthetic and most oil-based  makeup. RS- are sets of pieces.
Prosthetic quality is largely dependent on construction material, subordinately on design. While formulas and blends vary, the following is generally true.
plastic:  Rigid to semi-rigid low quality pieces not readily contoured to the wearer and with little detail.
vinyl or vinyl blend:  Moderately flexible mid-quality heavier items with limited shapeability.
latex:  Natural rubber, thin, lightweight, very flexible and detailed. Professional designs include irregular (feathered or scalloped) edges which easily shape and "invisibly" blend to the body.
foam:  Latex blend foam pieces are generally thick enough to retain larger shapes and firmness while allowing good fit flexibility.

                ASSAULT & MALADY  <RA Cs010

SCs131    STAGE WARTS  3 pieces. (Caucasian)    4.50
SCs003    BULLET HOLES  3 pieces. (natural latex)    4.50
Cs023 BULLET EXIT WOUND  (natural)    6.25
Cs010    TORN CHEEK  with exposed teeth. (natural/red)    7.75
Cs007    PUNCTURE/VAMPIRE BITE  (natural/red)    7.25
Cs019:150    SLIT THROAT  short : wide. (natural)    10.00
Cs165\8 OPEN WOUNDS various styles (natural) 9.00
Cs148    SUTURED GASH  (natural)    7.75
Cs028    STABBED  with knife handle. (brown/red)    10.00
Also extra-gory, haunting, & comedy effects. Dozens of other styles.


For bald scalps see CHARACTER WIGS, BALDIES.

                Clown Noses Cs048  Cs118

Gf2010\4 SPONGE 1" : 1½" : 2" : 2½" diameter (red, black) 1.50
1.5" diameter vinyl. (red) 1.75
G005 CLOWN w/ELASTIC  vinyl or plastic. (assorted) 2.50
Mc6198 SQUEAKY vinyl with elastic (red) 3.50
Cf9162 LIGHTED flashing vinyl. (red) 4.25
Cs050:049    PRO CLOWN  M : L (red)    5.50
Cs048    AUGUST  (blushed)    5.50
Cs118    BULBOUS  (Caucasian)    5.50
GfNOSE\19 FOAM (Caucasian, pink, purple, red patina, red glitter) 15.25

Character  Cs124 Cs108 Cs121

Cs124    SHIEK/FAGIN NOSE (Caucasian) 5.25
Cs106    BROKEN NOSE  (Caucasian)    5.25
Cs123    FLARED NORMAL NOSE  (Caucasian)    5.25
Cs108 CYRANO NOSE 2¾" long (Caucasian) 5.50
Mq5171:5174 PINOCCHIO : FAT NOSE  vinyl with elastic. 6.25" : 4" 2.25
Cs121 PINOCCHIO NOSE 3½" long (Caucasian) 5.50
Cs060 WORLDS LONGEST NOSE 6½" (natural) 10.00
061    PIXIE NOSE  turned up (natural)    5.00
SCs186 OLD PERSON'S FACE 2 pieces (Caucasian) 20.00
SCs127  Cs44
A500    CRONE NOSE  vinyl bent and pointed with wart. (Caucasian/red)    2.50
SCs127    WITCH NOSE & CHIN with warts (natural latex)    12.25
Cs44    WITCH FACE  4 pieces (natural latex foam)    44.00
SMc7374 TIN MAN NOSE & CHIN  latex.(silver) 11.00
 SCs136 with SCs137  SCs182
SCs136    SATAN HORNS, NOSE, & CHIN  (red/black)    11.00
{SCs137    SATAN EARS  (red)    10.00/pair}
SCs182 SATAN FACE 3 pieces (red) 20.00
Ne5255 GROUCHO NOSE with SPECS  plastic. (black) 2.25
G999 FOLDED FANGS (phosphorescent, white) .50
Cf5455\2 UPPER TEETH Fangs : Buck latex 2.00
SCsT03:04 SET of TEETH Fangs : Rotted latex 11.00
Fa2700\19 "DENTURES" latex 27.75
Vi002 FANGTASTICS 2 fangs w/tooth adhesive 4.50
Ca8664 BLEEDING FANGS with blood (phosphorescent, white) 4.75

Animal and Horror

Cf2519 WHISKERS 7" monofilament (black, white) 1.00
Mq200\54 ANIMAL NOSE w/Elastic specify 2.25
Cs087 SCs083 SPa86823
Cs087 MOUSE NOSE with upper lip (natural) 7.75
Cs083 CAT NOSE with upper lip (natural) 7.75
SPa86823    WOLF FACE  3-piece face plus 2 ears latex set. (browns)    20.00
Cs103 WEREWOLF NOSE (brown) 5.25
SCs101 BEAST (brown) 18.75
SCs089 Cs139   Cs11
SCs089    PIG SNOUT, LOWER JAW set (natural)    11.00
Cs139    APE FACE about 6" x 5½" (brown)    16.50
                {SCs138    APE EARS  (tan/brown)    7.75}
Cs11    GREAT APE  3 pieces (tan/brown)    44.00
Cs02    SKULL FACE  foam. (natural)    44.00

EARS and HORNS  <RPS> per pair

ANIMAL EARS plastic with elastic (matches Mq200) 6.50
Cs138    APE EARS  (tan/brown)    7.75
Mq5202:6:1 GIANT EARS  vinyl. 4:6:8" (Caucasian vinyl) 3.50:4.50:6.50
Fu51692    POINTED EARS  2"x5". (Caucasian, green, red)    2.50
Cs064 POINTED EARTIPS (Caucasian, red) 11.00
Cs063 POINTED FANTASY EARS 5" long (natural) 12.00
Cs137    SATAN EARS  (red)    10.00
 (red)    11.00
Cs095    ANIMAL/DEMON HORNS  ~3"    11.00
Cs222 GOBLIN HORNS ~6" 12.25
Mq5320 LARGE HORNS with elastic 8" vinyl 6.00
Mq5331 20" HORNS with wig (brown, red vinyl) 17.00


Generally per pair.
SMc8109 FINGER EXTENSIONS ~6" (Caucasian) 13.25
Mq5216 CARTOON HANDS  4 finger vinyl. (white) 13.00
Du960\6    LATEX HANDS  (brown, gray, green, red, "bones", corpse)    28.50
Du990\4    ½ FOREARMS/HANDS  (brown, gray, tan, "bones")    38.00
Fa5002\3 ALIEN HANDS 4 fingers (various colors) 23.00
Du971\4    LATEX FEET  (brown, gray, red, white)    31.00
Fu1439 APE PAWS furred latex (black, brown) 9.75
Fu1441 APE FEET furred latex (black, brown) 9.75
SCs102 CLAWS 10 finger extensions (brown) 20.00
Fu2103 CLAWED PAWS furred latex (black, brown) 10.25
Mq5209 DUCK/CHICKEN FEET ~10x12" (yellow vinyl) 23.00


Fa6601:6599 SOFT BUST : CHEST (Caucasian, Negro : Caucasian) 6.00 : 42.00
Fa6541:6012 FALSIES : LARGE foam : latex 7.00 : 14.00
Fa1009 SOFT DERIERRE latex (Caucasian, Negro) 6.00
Fa5065 STRAPLESS BREASTS (Caucasian latex) 40.25


Fu4582 WEREWOLF HEAD/NOSE (auburn fur) 19.25
Fu0015 SHEEP HOOD fur fabric 23.00
Mq3518 SPOTTED CAT WIG w/ears 28.50
RQR2673 & RQR2673T RQR2674
Long fur fabric hoods with ears and neck ruff.
R2673 ANIMAL HOOD, muffs (black, pink, white, yellow) 20.00
R2673T ANIMAL TAIL 24" (black, pink, white, yellow) 8.00
R2674 UNICORN HOOD with horn, muffs (white) 22.00


Cs016 NINJA STAR (silver) 9.00
Cs021 SPIKE (black latex) 11.00
SCs022 STAKE (blond)    11.00
SCs032 DIET OF WORMS 3 worms (brown) 11.00

Masks  <RM>

3/4 masks generally do not cover jaw.


Di10475:10476    MALE : FEMALE BLANK (white plastic)    3.50
Fa3669:3668 MALE : FEMALE FABRIC BLANKS (white) 7.00
Mq1074\2 FULL BLANK (gold, silver) 4.25
Mq1071\3 FULL BLANK with EARS (white) 5.00
Di10467\4    TRANSPARENTS  male and female. (tinted)    3.25
Di10473:10474    TRAGEDY : COMEDY  (gold)    6.00
Mc6801 PHANTOM diagonal 1/2-mask (white vinyl) 4.00
Mq166\15 ANIMALS vinyl 9.00
R1280\9 ¾ FUR ANIMALS various characters 6.00



Pa180 SKULL (gray, red latex) 25.00


Di10514 Di10515 Di1051
/3    CROCODILE : EAGLE : T-REX  vinyl.    30.00
Pa3220 DRAGON (white latex) 87.00
Du280 T. REX (green latex) 23.75
Fa1002 ROOSTER (yellow ‘fur’ & latex) 20.00
Fa4055 HOUND (brown) 12.00
Du635 R2639  Di10529 Di10314
Di10520    HORSE  with mane, 20" long x 13" high. (brown)    33.00
Du635    TRAGIC COW   Ask about revising the appearance of the mask, latex.    65.00
PIG (pink latex) 15.00
Di10518    LITTLE PIG  vinyl.    20.00
Di10529    CARTOON WOLF  vinyl.    30.50
Di10314    GRANNY WOLF  vinyl.    47.25
Fa3018 GRAY WOLF (gray latex) 48.50
R2639    WHITE WOLF  furred latex.    20.00
Mc4508    BROWN WOLF  with moveable mandible.    64.00
Mc3006    WOLFMAN  (brown)    46.00


Mq1011/8 WICKED WITCH vinyl 23.00
CsMA159 WIZARD bald with pate fringe & beard    30.00
Mq500/2 CLOWN vinyl 28.75


Di10---\9    POLITICOS  USA personalities, vinyl.    25.00
Di104--\7    OLD AGE  men and women,vinyl.    27.50
CsMA163 GRAY ALIEN latex    22.00

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