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Also chest hair and merkin listed at the end of HUMAN HAIR PIECES. For eyelashes, crepe hair, or monofilament for custom constructions, see MAKEUP, Prosthetic Materials. For facial hair sets that include a wig, see CHARACTER WIGS, SETS; for Christmas/New Year characters with wigs, select CHRISTMAS. NOTE: Most sets are available piecemeal - select wig, beard, mustache, and/or eyebrows. Most human hair items are available in many colors. See end of this file for a color chart.
Subcategories codes: RB = beard/goatee; RC = mustache; RU = sideburns; RE = eyelashes/brows; RT = torso hair.

            HUMAN HAIR PIECES  <RC>

Available in a wide variety of styles and colors, human hair goods are hand tied on soft, transparent lace backing. The following style graphics are representative; however, each item is somewhat unique and varies in exact structure and color shading. Some color #60 items include some synthetic fiber to compensate for human hair natural ultraviolet yellowing over time. \## indicates the number of item style varieties available; /## specifies the selected style.

GTSAID: Generally, light weight prostheses are attached with spirit gum, which is tree sap (or similar synthetic compound) in alchohol. If left long enough to cure in air, this adhesive becomes amber, which is a "rock". After each use, always clean spirit gummed prostheses with alchohol or spirit gum remover, or risk their becoming imbedded in a solid which may be impossible to remove.
Although it is a structural material (which may be used as the foundation when building facial prostheses), not an adhesive, we still are contacted by people who have attached sideburns or eyebrows with liquid latex. Liquid latex becomes a sheet of rubber, imbedding anything which the liquid surrounded. Use liquid latex only on surfaces from which it may be safely removed by peeling, never over personal hair or near eyes.


Most mustache styles may be variously positioned, bisected, and/or trimmed when attaching. Several mustache styles are available extra bushy - Ask. The following style "C--40/## name {approximate width}" list is for graphics from left to right. (most styles are available in 20 - 50 colors)

Above Row: CGn40/1 latin I {4"}, /2 latin II {4"}, /3 ambassador I {4½"}

Above Row: /4 ambassador II {5"}, /5 french I {3½"}, /6 french II {3½"}

Above Row: /7 executive I {3½"}, /8 executive II {4"}, /9 classic. {4½"}
Above Row: /10 large walrus {7" x 4" drop}, CGn41/11 keystone (2 graphics) {10"}

Above Row: CGn40/12 chaplin {2¼"}, /13 ambassador III {4"}, /14 ambassador IV {3½"}

Above Row: /15 muskateer {6"}, /16 executive III {3"}, /17 marshall {4"}

Above Row: /18 manchu 3¼" x 5½" drop}, /19 wavy walrus {5" x 2¾" drop}, /20 crescent (6" x 2¼" drop}
Above Row: /21 villian {4"}, /22 turk {8½"}, /23 santa {4½"}

Above Row:  CL40/30 poirot (3"}, /31 handlebar 4"}, /32 chevron {4"}, /33 square {3½"}

Above Row: /34 english {4"}, /35 edwardian {4¼"}, /36 errol {4¼"}

Above Row: /37 triangle {4"}, /38 small walrus {4"}, /39 short manchu {4" x 4" drop}
extra-full mustaches: CL41/77 extra-full santa {5½" x 2" drop}, /79 viking {5" x 6" drop}

Above Row: (BCGn### beard/mustache sets) 101 musician, 102 biblical, 103 fu man chu, 104 contemporary.

CA40\33    MUSTACHE  33 styles, plus variations.    11.00
CGn41/11:CL41/77:/79    10" HANDLEBAR : EXTRA-FULL SANTA : VIKING MUSTACHE    15.00
BCGn101    GOATEE / MUSTACHE  set,  1¾" "wrap" goatee, 2-piece mustache.    29.50
BCGn102:104    BEARD / MUSTACHE  set, 2½" beard.    39.00
BCGn103    FU MAN CHOU GOATEE / MUSTACHE  set.    20.00

Goatees and Beards  <RB>

Human hair and most blended beard styles include a chin pouch for better fit.
Top Row: BGn60/# (goatees) /1 one-point, /2 three-point, BGn61/# (beard) /5 long five-point
Second Row: BGn61/# (beards) /4 medium full-wrap, BGn68/5 rabbi, (goatees) BGn67/6 wizard, BGn60/7 manchu, BGn61/8 longer five-point

Third Row: BGn61/11 (beard) persian, EGn20/1 (eyebrows) male, UGn70/# (sideburns) /3 long, /1 muttonchops
Fourth Row: TGn90/# (torso hair) /2 chest, /1 merkin, EGn20/2 (eyebrows) female, UGn70/2 (sideburns) short, EL20/4 (eyebrows) curled santa

L60/3 L60/9 L61/14 L61/10
 Gn65/10 Gn65/12
The above six styles are untrimmed for use shaggy or custom shaped.
NOTE: All lengths are approximate and vary per piece. Most styles include preshaped chin pouch.
A60/1    ONE POINT GOATEE  2-3" long.    21.00
A60/2    THREE POINT GOATEE  3-4" long.    22.00
L60/3    SQUARED 3-POINT GOATEE  straight cut sides, ~4".    19.00
L60/9    9" 3-POINT GOATEE    21.00
Gn60/7    MANCHU GOATEE  ~8½"    10.00
A61/3    SHORTER FIVE POINT BEARD  3½".    24.25
Gn61/5    LONG FIVE POINT BEARD  4½".    24.25
Gn61/8    LONGER FIVE POINT BEARD  5-6".    26.00
Gn61/9    CONTEMPORARY FULL-WRAP BEARD  ~2".    28.50
Gn61/4    FULL-WRAP BEARD  ~3".    29.00
L61/55    THICKER FULL-WRAP BEARD  ~4".    33.50
L61/6    POINTED FULL-WRAP BEARD  ~4".    37.00
L61/14    8" SHAGGY WRAP BEARD  straight.    33.50
L61/10    10" SHAGGY WRAP BEARD  straight.    33.00
L61/16    16" SHAGGY WRAP BEARD  straight.    50.00
Gn61/11    PERSIAN/VIKING BEARD  unique turned up "horns" shape.    29.25
Gn65/10    10" SHAGGY FULLER BEARD  straight    72.00
Gn65/12    12" SHAGGY FULLER BEARD  straight    100.00
       Common Beard Attachment Contours
1-point, 3-point, 5-point, wrap, full-wrap
Beard "growth"/attachment contour location will vary with face size/shape and prosthetic placement.
Ask about lashes, stiffener, canvas head-blocks, grooming tools, and boxes.

Sideburns, Eyebrows, Torso Hair  <R>

UGn70/1    MUTTONCHOPS  2" x 3".    22.00
UL70/2    SIDEBURNS  2" x 2".    25.00
UL70/5    MEDIUM SIDEBURNS  2" x 4".    26.00
UGn70/3    LONG SIDEBURNS  ~6".    23.25
EL20/1:2    MALE : FEMALE EYEBROW    11.00
EGn20/3    HEAVIER MALE EYEBROW    17.00
TGn90/1    MERKIN/SMALL CHEST HAIR  5½" wide x 9" long, pubic, chest, or shoulder patch.   20.00
TGn90/2    LARGER CHEST HAIR  chest or back patch.   23.25
GTSAID: Need extra bushy or stylized eyebrows - consider reshaping a mustache(s). For unique sideburns or body hair, consider reshaping a beard(s).
Ask about "high density" human hair styles.


CL47\9    BLENDED MUSTACHE  9 styles.   6.00
BL67/1    ONE-POINT BLENDED GOATEE  square-cut.   7.00
BL67/2    THREE-POINT BLENDED GOATEE  square-cut.   10.00
BGn67/6    WIZARD GOATEE  7-9".    19.50
BL68/8    BLENDED 5-POINT BEARD  3".    12.00
BL68/4    BLENDED WRAP BEARD  ~3" long.   14.00
BGn68/5    RABBI BEARD  ~16".    30.50
ULl77\2    SIDEBURNS    16.00


Synthetic material may vary.
                Mustaches <RC>
Mq5302 SMALL 2"-3" wide (naturals) 1.75
L20\8    STANDARD STYLES  economy versions of human hair styles. (#1,7,51,60)    2.00
A9160\11 LARGE (auburn, black, gray) 2.00
Mq5380\12 COMEDY 4"-10" (black) 3.50
Um27    DROOPING HANDLEBAR  13". (black, brown, gray, white)    2.00
Ut3007    WIRED HANDLEBAR  shapeable 6". (black)    3.00
Mq5316\3 COMIC with BROWS (black, white) 5.00

                Beards  <RB>  & Brows  <RE>

BL3462    UNCLE SAM GOATEE  ~7". (#60)    10.00
EL20/4    CURLED EYEBROWS    9.50

                Beards with Mustache <RBC>
Unless otherwise noted, mustaches are attached to beards, single back-of-head elastic, no chin pouch.
 Mc2730  Mc2207 & 2208
A2730\2    GOATEE  with separate mustache, spirit gum. (black, brown, gray)    9.00
A2207    8" STRAIGHT RAYON  (black, brown, gray, white)    4.50
A2208    14" STRAIGHT RAYON  ( above 22-- colors)    5.00
Fa2206    18" STRAIGHT RAYON  (above 22-- colors)    5.50
Fa2210    24" STRAIGHT RAYON  (above 22-- colors)    6.50
L1616    21" HILLBILLY  fabric backed, single narrow elastic, separate mustache. (black, blond, brown, gray, white)    7.00
Most following L--- styles include wired mustahce, double elastic strapped for better placement.
 4" fully roll-curled with attached mustache. (#1,51,60)    11.00
L671    DISCOUNT BIBLICAL  ~5" straight. (8 natural colors)    13.00
L672    BIBLICAL  ~4" straight, wired mustache, dual elastic. (8 natural colors)    25.00
L810/1  L811/1, 810/2   L810/3
L811    FULL  ~12". (6 natural colors)    13.00
L064    AYATOLLAH  ~13". (#51)    21.50
L810/1 /2    STRAIGHT : WAVY FULL  18-20", with wired mustache. (/1 black; /2 9 colors)    27.00
L810/3    SHAGGY FULL  18-20", with wired mustache. (12 colors)    20.00
The following Santa beards are #60 (natural white) with wired mustaches, suitable for various characters.
 bottom rolled straight.    10.00
L902    DISCOUNT SANTA  wavy.    20.00
L903    BETTER SANTA  long, full, wavy.   27.00

GTSAID:     Straps, Wires, and Separates

    Facial hair pieces vary not only in fiber quality/appearance, but also structural design. Professional quality items are light weight, hand-tied on functionally invisible lace, should be attached with spirit gum, and cleaned with alcohol after each use. Better beards are designed with a chin pouch which more naturally "sockets" the chin. Larger, heavier synthetic beards are sewn onto a fabric backing which adhesive does not support well, therefore requiring straps. Two straps are better than one. A single strap should be tensioned along the back-top "edge" of the head, yet frequently falls back or slides across the pate. With two straps joined by short linking elastics, one tensions across the top and the other behind the back-top of the head for stability. Wired mustaches may be shaped across the upper lip, around the nose, and/or onto the cheekbones. When attached to a beard, the wire ends are supported by the straps, permitting larger mustaches than adhesive can support. Toupee tape can add stability to wired mustaches or beards lacking chin pouch and/or double straps. Beards sewn to fabric backing provide greater opacity from underlying clothing colors and greater appearance stability. Mustaches and beards with wire bows (like eye glasses) or ear loops are novelty gag items.
    Individual lace based human hair facial prosthetic pieces allow realistic custom placement and shaping, but require greater attachment and cleanup time. Using toupee tape, quick-change effects can be acheived with these pieces, but tape removal may stretch or tear the lace. Easy on/off strap systems are ideal for short duration character effects, while the cheapest pieces are gag items, not intended for serious representation. For further details or assistance - 712/255-0972.

GTSAID:     Cleaning Prosthetic Pieces

    Lace backed facial prostheses should be attached using spirit gum, which hardens after several hours. Repeated prosthesis use requires adhesive removal after each use, before hardening. Apply alcohol or adhesive remover to the attached piece, using a soft cloth or brush, allow 15 - 30 seconds to redissolve the adhesive, then gently peel off the piece, taking care not to over-stretch or tear the prosthesis. Lay the prosthesis face-down on an absorbant cloth, hold the piece with one hand and, using a light color soft cloth, gently wipe the attachment area until the cloth is lifting nearly no adhesive color. For especially delicate pieces, brush on remover to saturate the adhesive, then gently blot with a soft cloth. Allow piece to dry before storage.
    Use adhesive remover to clean the skin, then, as always, wash with soap and water. Skin irritation usually results from dryness. Use a moisterizer or remove the piece using a spirit gum remover which includes a skin conditioner.

(The listing is generally from dark to light. Other shades, blends, and brights available.)
1 black 34 5% grays with medium browns D
1B-2 browned-black 36-37 10-15% grays with ash browns A
3-4 dark browns 38-39 20-25% grays with auburn R
6, 7 chestnut, medium brown 280 10% grays with 1B K
8-11 light browns 44 50% w/medium browns (salt & ppr) M
12-14 reddish-browns 51 75% grays with dark browns E
15-20 ashen (dirty) blonds 53-54
(silver gray)
22-25 golden blonds 56 90% grays with dark browns L
613-614 bright blonds 59 95% grays with light browns60 I
101, 613A platinum blonds 60 natural white T
26-27 light auburns (strawberry blonds) 101-107 platinum blends E
28-33 burgundy, auburns Also, frosted and tipped.
130 henna red
188,org/27C carrot red

Return to PRODUCT CATEGORIES directory. For facial hair sets that include a wig, see CHARACTER WIGS, SETS; for Christmas/New Year characters with wigs, select CHRISTMAS.
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