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For years we have received numerous requests for assistance with various production needs associated with The Nutcracker Ballet. While some requests, especially ballet costumes, tend to differ with each request, some are common and recurrent. Most of the following are a partial listing of possible solutions, several unique, to frequent inquiries. Some items are seasonal and/or custom made - allow time. For further assistance - telephone.


L61  L63 L51  L616  L5221
L61    6" FRINGED BALD with fabric scalp. (#1,4,6,60, gray)    31.00
L62    10" BALDING SHAKESPEARE  shorter version of  L63. (gray)    37.00
L63    14" BALDING FRANKLIN  with fabric scalp. (brown, gray)    38.75
L51    QUAKER with Caucasion latex scalp liner. (white)    30.00
L616    BEETHOVEN (brown, gray)    30.00
L5221    LONG on neck, slightly wavy.  (17 naturals)    29.00
Also, goatees, beards, and many additional wig styles.


Family and battle characters costumes.
MAx22243 MAx22172 with accessories
FAMILY & GUESTS: Provide measurements for sizing assistance.
MAx22243 DICKENS GENT rental quality coat, pants, ascot (request current colors) ML 115.00
MAx22172 DICKENS LADY rental quality blouse, skirt, belt, cape (black, blue, burgundy, green) SML 95.00
HAx53070 CAROLER BONNET with ribbon (black with white plush) 15.00
MAx22177 MUFF plush fur fabric (white) 12.00
Other styles and accessories available.


While excellent for children's theater, musicals, etc., this line of masks is specifically designed for dance applications. The light weight, durable plastic mesh faces permit much improved peripheral vision, air flow, and audio recognition. Some features are vinyl and most animals have fur fabric "hoods" and cowls. Most styles include tension adjustable back-of-head closures. The line includes several customizable characters with new molds added annually. In fact, the new bear above is a sketch, photo pending. Request assistance when planning the mask and associated costume.
Mc1477 & Mc1492  Mc1910
CMMc1477    NUTCRACKER MASK  outsized with integrated "shako" and adjustable shako-type mounting liner.    525.00
CMc1478    MILITARY COAT  with gold braid. S (34-36"), M (38-40"), L (42-44"), X (46-48") (purple, red, royal, request)    175.00
CMMc1492    MOUSE KING MASK  with crown (purple, red) and back Velcro closure, tail, gloves.    300.00
CMMc1479    MOUSE MASK  like Mc1492 without crown, tail, gloves.    250.00
CMMc1910    BEAR MASK  with Velcro back closure.    260.00
Other character masks and uniform styles available.

Pta6598 MR10030 MR90278, HR49180 MSs8870c
TOY SOLDIERS & MICE<M>: Various uniform costumes. Request assistance with additional styles.
Pta6598    BUSBY SOLDIER  jacket, striped pants, straps, busby hat. MLX (red/royal/white)    120.00
R10030c CHILD TOY SOLDIER economy jacket, pants, hat (white/red with gold) cSML 35.00
R90278 ADULT TOY SOLDIER professional quality gold trimmed & epauletted white cuffed jacket, gold outside striped white pants (red/white/gold) SMLX 340.00
HR49180    TOY SOLDIER HAT  satin with soft vinyl visor, 9" crown, size 7. (white/gold)    20.00
MSs8870c CHILD MOUSE COSTUME Velour jumpsuit with tail, hood with ears, plastic nose. TSML (black, gray, pink, white) 55.00
Also, various mouse headpieces and tails.

            SHAKOS <EH>

Professional quality headpieces, used for bands, dress military, and theatrical applications. Several vinyl and fur fabric styles up to 16" high (or request assistance) and a multitude of colors and trims combinations, and may be plumed. Each shako includes a 3-size adjustable internal headliner. Request design, trims, and plumes graphics. Other styles available. Less than 5 pieces per specification, add $10.00 setup charge.
 Ct290  Ct267
 Ct120  Ct740  Ct730
Ct120 FLAT-TOP FUR PARADE SHAKO 8" or 10" 60.00

A complete selection of custom military plumes. Telephone to discuss specifics.

            WEAPONS <PW>

Various rifles, stocks, sabers, and swords.
 PrM30  Pr1861
PrM30    PARADE RIFLE  42",   (white with black, or walnut)    45.00
Black shoulder pad and adjustable sling, silver plated operating bolt, clicker trigger, barrel.
PrK21    JUNIOR RIFLE  29½" version of PrM30. (walnut)    26.00
Pr1861    CIVIL/REVOLUTIONARY WAR MUSKET 37" cap firing (request assistance) with operational hammer and trigger (brown)    18.25
Zv600 Vr270009 Vr270010 Aw1992
The following are durable professional training weapons. Wood items can be painted, fiberglas recolored with aerosol shoe dye.
    FIBERGLAS FOIL  38" foil with beaded tip. Select right or left hand and French  (pictured) or fingers grip. (white with dark grip)    45.00
Zv60S    SCABBARD  for Zv600.    25.00
Vr270009    WOOD TAI CHI SWORD  36" long sword.    16.00
Vr270010    WOOD CUTLASS  33".    20.00
Aw1992    RUBBER BOWIE KNIFE  11" heavy rubber.    5.00
Also a wide variety of metal and vinyl swords and sabers of various styles and lengths.

            DANCE COSTUMES

A few styles supplied for Nutcracker productions.
SnT001c SnT014
Moderately priced Lycra camisole one-piece featured role styles for Sugar Plum, Snow Princesses, Flutes, etc.
SnT001c    CHILD CLASSIC  lined bodice princess camisole with 5-tier tulle classic tutu. child sizes 6 through 18    36.25
                    (orange, pink, purple, red, salmon, sky, white)
SnT014    SYLVIA  lined bodice camisole with 9-tier tulle classic tutu. adult Small through eXtra-large (white)    73.25

GTSAID:  When not in use, any tutu - especially flat-top styles - will remain better "fluffed" if hung inverted.

SnT037 SnT1591 SnT290 Ms79380
Lycra leotard based one-piece romantic corp de ballet styles suitable for Snowflakes, Flowers, etc.
    SYLPHIDE  lined bodice princess camisole with 5-tier tulle romantic tutu. adult Small through eXtra-large (white)    66.50
SnT1591    GISELLE  lined bodice princess camisole with 2-tier tulle long romantic tutu. aS-X (white)    66.50
SnT290    TAGLIONI  lined bodice square front neckline princess sleeveless with 4-tier tulle long romantic tutu. aS-X (white)    74.25
Ms79380c:a    FLOWERS  lined matte Lycra camisole with 2+2-tier tulle over chiffon long romantic tutu.    64.75 : 70.50
                        child Medium 27" skirt, cL 29", aP 30", aS-X 32" (black, copen, pink, navy, periwinkle {lavender}, red, white, wine)
Also, skirted trunks (panty tutus), bodices, and boned tutus. Ask about flower wreaths.
Ss3823S Ss pieces Eu466/869J
Ss3823S    HARIM DANCERLycra panty, sequin & tassel trimmed padded bra (specify size A through D), and sequin waist banded chiffon skirt.                     Specify bust and hip measurements. (colors below)    60.00
Ss3823P    HARIM GIRL Same as above with pantaloon instead of skirt.    60.00
                    (choose any Ss color combination: Lycra: black, gold, hot pink, kelly, peacock, purple, red, royal, silver, white;
                    Chiffon: black, candy pink, fuchsia, kelly, orchid, peacock, pink, purple, red, royal, sky, white; many sequin colors)
   BELLY DANCER   (black, purple, red, white; select gold or silver jewelry) sizes SMLX    90.00
Cotton/Lycra mock wrap crop top, chiffon petal skirt, coin necklace, and ankle bracelet (no coin girdle, a different brand similar color trunks available separately).
Many other styles of costumes, pieces, and accessories are available. For ethnic footwear, see ETHNIC AND CHARACTER SHOES.
DBg3999 TOTAL COVERAGE LEOTITE {used for Bon Bons} numerous custom designs, see UNIQUE & NEW for a description of the many design possibilities.

            MAGIC <PM>


Props or "gimmicks" requiring little or no skill or practice.
13" long, hollow plastic (black/white) 2.50
Lf169 DROOPING FLOWER 9" feather 5.00
Fi150 APPEARING FLOWERS 24pc (multi-color) 7.00
Fi270 MYLAR APPEARING FLOWERS 10-5" (multi-color) 15.00
Fi1090 BREAK-AWAY FAN 10.00
LfT0008    COLOR CHANGE DOUBLE-SILK  ~27" x 13".    4.00
Fi550 ROPE to SILK 18" 8.75


Gimmicks requiring moderate skill and practice.
Fi10    APPEARING CANE  vinyl (black/white)     31.50
Fi20    VANISHING CANE vinyl (black/white)    31.50
             Ask about professional steel magic canes.
Mc2812 APPEARING CANDLE (red, white) 31.50
Fi400 8" LINKING RINGS 23.00
Fi0010 ZOMBIE floating ball 23.50
Mc2244 ZOMBIE CLOTH (assorted) 9.50
Mc2133 NEEDLE through BALLOON with WAND 24.00

            SCENERY & EFFECTS

                    Drops & Borders

YDEac drape and drops
Every September through November we receive several inquiries regarding rental availability of Nutcracker and Christmas Carol drops and borders. In 1995 GTS ceased renting but now provides telephone listings for active scenic rental companies with which we have had experience. Unfortunately, by September, such seasonal items are usually committed. A possible, usually three week, alternative is custom printed drops of your own design.
Provide a minimum 300 dpi Illustrator graphic file, specify drop/drapery dimensions and rigging requirements and a quote will be rendered. If the quote is accepted, an enhanced graphic will be forwarded for final approval. Pre-payment is required and production usually requires about 3 weeks.
Full color CYMK (4 color) dye sublimation printing on durable 16' wide muslin trevira, is assembled in vertical panels to nearly any dimension, usually priced $7 - $10 per square foot (approximately $6400 for a 40' x 20' drop). If you require custom graphic design or repeated or extended drapery use (considering the costs of fabric and fabrication, manual painting, repeated rentals, and shipping), you should investigate this option - telephone for planning assistance and printed fabric sample.

                    Production Effects

SNOW: Various methods which create snowfall effects.
A compact (18½" high x 11½" diameter) 110 volt scatter unit which permits easy rigging and quiet, simple implementation of confetti and snowfall stage effects. With a loaded weight of about 10 pounds and a hopper capacity of about 3 pounds of paper confetti, the unit projects up to about a 20' diameter moderate density spread for 1 to 2 minutes without the need for space consuming troughs or the weight and "violence" of blowers. Other synthetic "snow" may be used and other snow effects (including disappearing) are available.
PXBs88403/45    BULK PAPER CONFETTI  45# carton (approximately 4¼ cubic feet) for machine disbursement. (white)    120.00
For a lateral effect drape the upstage and downstage sides of the hopper with "skirts" long enough to deflect the confetti laterally. (NOTE: Do not enclose the scatter canister which would compress the confetti in the canister and jam the dispersion blades.)
For larger stages space multiple units for area coverage and hang as high as possible to achieve a gentle vertical snowfall.
For extended effects modify the hopper by building a "funnel" extension insert to contain additional confetti.
NOTE: When using a stage circuit for power, preset it for "switched" (on/off, nondimming) or dimming without warmup (no continuous 5-15 volts intended to maintain warm lamp filaments) to avoid overheating the motor.

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