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Following is a brief sampling of the thousands of costume pieces and accessories suitable for cabaret, dramatic, period, and character performance and masquerade applications. Telephone to request graphics and for detailed and additional information about listed or unlisted items - much more available.

            LE CABARET <MP>

Tuxedo coat sizes 34-64 regular & long. Also cutaways, men's and women’s uniform tuxedo sets.
Fn3017C TAILCOAT peak lapel poly collar, 2-pleat tail (black poly-blend) $152.00
Fn3002C BLACK TUX COAT notch lapel satin collar, flap pockets, poly 115.00
Fn367C WHITE TUX COAT self lapel shawl collar, center vent 115.00
Fn3033P:3034P TUX PANT poly with satin side stripe, plain : pleated (black) 41.00
Fn5072P TUX PANT above pleated style (ivory, white) 52.00
Fn2023:2024 PLAIN : COLLARED VEST full back, poly (black, burgundy, gray, red : black) 27.00:35.00
Ss7746 SEQUIN TUBE TOP 9½" long (several sequin colors) 35.00
Ss7748 SEQUIN SKIRT 16" long (several sequin colors) 40.00
Frk8309 LADIES TUX TAILS doubleknit coat with inset vest-front, collar, trunks, tie 200.00
sizes 6-18 coat/vest (black/white, black/red, black/silver, red/black, white)
The following marabou on satin items are available in black or white. Jacket sizes adult S M L; other items one-size adult.
Ek1002 MARABOU SHAWL 55" x 8", round ends 65.00
Ek1003 MARABOU TAILS-SHAWL 1002 with three 12" end tails 60.00
Ek2010 MARABOU CAPE 50" x 15" wide shoulder wrap 65.00
Ek4002 CAP-SLEEVE JACKET waist length (& black/white combo) 80.00
Ek6002 LONG-SLEEVE JACKET (& with silver or gold lurex) 150.00
Ek7003 MARABOU MUFF 12" diameter, 12" long 35.00
HEk7004 MARABOU HAT full covering (great with muff) 35.00
Ek7001 MARABOU COAT 250.00
Mc2204 GARTER BELT black, black/red, red 15.00
Ask about other formal wear, uniforms, and male & female exotic costuming information.

            TOPS, BOTTOMS, & UNDER <MP>

Period and character shirts, pants, blouses, skirts, and undergarments.

                Collars, Shirts, & Vests

AR305:308 PERRY:WINGTIP COLLAR (white paper) 2.50
AR844 CLERIC COLLAR & DICKEY (white/black) 6.50
Ax8032 JABOT & 17" COLLAR lace trimmed (white) 9.00
Ss8035    MASONIC BIB & COLLAR  8-10" long, Velcro closure, specify length, neck size, and fabric (cotton, Lycra, velour, flocked). (white)    from    11.00
Ib3045 Ib3037 Ib3028
Ib3045F    LACED-SLEEVE SHIRT  collarless laced V-neck cotton shirt. MLX XX (black, white)    30.50
Ib3037F    COLLARLESS SHIRT  laced V-neck, cotton. MLX XX (black, natural)    30.50
Ib3028F    2-BUTTON SHIRT  collared V-neck, cotton. MLX XX (black, natural, white)    30.50
 R960 Ss5784/1
R960    COTTON MANTLED SHIRT  Bloused, ruffle-sleeve, laced mantled collar linen shirt. (natural white) M, X    23.00
R902    SATIN MANTLED SHIRT  Satin variation of R960. (white) M X    20.00
Ss5784\2    CHARACTER SHIRT  open-collar loose sleeved, elasticized : open cuffs. S-X (natural muslin, white & colored poly-cotton)    30.00
Ax241\4 BLOUSE-SLEEVED SHIRT four styles M L (various colors) 50.00
R964 COLONIAL SHIRT with jabot S M L X (off-white, white) 45.00
Fn shirts 65/35% poly-cotton, ¼" pleat, convertible buttoning, collar/sleeve: 13/30-21½/39"
Fn877 MANDARIN collar SHIRT (ivory, white) 28.00
Fcg501\4    FORMAL SHIRT  65/35% cotton/poly, "convertible" cuffs. SMLX (white)    21.00
Ask about ladies', children's, other styles, and colors of shirts.
R316 STRIPED VEST M L X (red/white) 14.00
Fcg5033    FORMAL POLY VEST  with satin lapels. adult size (black, white)    35.00

                Pants & Breeches

Ax14173 Ax16032 Ax18093 Ax13128
 striped. (red/black) ML    20.50
Ax16032    BLOUSED PANT  striped. (black/white) ML    18.00
Ax24030    FULL-BLOUSED PANT  renaissance style. (various colors) ML    27.00
Ax18093    BREECHES  button cuff. (black, tan) ML    25.00
Ax13128    KNICKERS  ML (black, brown, green, tan, brown or red/gray plaid)    23.00

                Blouses & Corsets

Ax24022    OFF-SHOULDER BLOUSE  gathered short sleeve. (natural)    25.00;  X  33.00
Ax14016    PEASANT BLOUSE  lace trimmed gathered neck and short sleeves. (white) ML    28.00
Ax18171F    GIBSON GIRL BLOUSE  high collar, puff shoulder. SML (black, white)    27.50;  X 33.00
Ax23016    CUMMERBUND "CORSET"  4-hole wide lace-up waist-band. ML (black, brown)    12.00
Ax23018R    ADJUSTABLE CUMMERBUND  Ax23016 with added back lacing. X (black)    24.00
Ax23320R    OUTER CORSET  lace-up vinyl. (black)    18.00
Ax24080R    CORSET VEST  sleeveless renaissance style. SMLX (various colors)    28.00


  Ax24062 & Ax24080 Ax24025 & Ax24022 Bg9150 Ax14015 Ax18175
Ax24062R    PANNIERED SKIRT AND HAT  full apron/pannier renaissance style, blouse & vest sold separately. (various colors)    52.00
R    RUFFLE BOTTOM SKIRT  full length, blouse and corset available separately. (various colors)    28.00
Bg9150   POLY/COTTON  polyester skirt with 3 rows hidden cotton-blend ruffles. (select colors desired)    43.75    (Custom lengths available.)
Ax14015R    STRAIGHT SKIRT  bottom striped full length.  (red/black)    30.00
Ax18175R    TEMPERANCE SET  stripe trimmed skirt and cape. (gray, tan)    58.00
Ax8174R GIBSON GIRL SKIRT 40" long (black) 40.00
 Ss8732 & Ss8739
Ss8732c:a    POODLE  elasti-waist popular felt 1950's style, 22" long child : 27" adult. (several colors)    32.00 : 36.00
Ss8739c:a    RECORD  phonograph record motif version of Ss8732.    32.00 : 36.00
Yes, we do have various saddle shoes and shoe dye to recolor other styles.



Rth6453F    UNION SUIT  men's long underwear. S-XX (red)    40.00


Swt105 Swt130 Swt135 Swt165
Unless otherwise noted, Swt styles are white nylon taffeta with drawstring Medium or X-large waist, hooped styles are diameter adjustable. *Also available in poly-cotton. Request other sizes, styles, colors, and customizing.
Swt205F    CHILD'S 1-HOOP  sizes 4 6 8 10 12    28.00
Swt105\2F    2-HOOP SLIP  nylon taffeta, 95" circumference : 119"c.    38.00
Swt130*F    3-HOOP SLIP  119"c.    40.00
Swt140\3*F    4-HOOP SLIP  119"c. : 149"c. : 180"c. (black, red, white)    46.00:50.00:64.00
*F    5-HOOP SLIP  149"c. (black, red, white)    54.00
Swt160\3*F    6-HOOP SLIP  119"c. : 149"c. : 180"c. (black, red, white)    57.00:60.00:74.00
Swt135*F    3-HOOP RUFFLED SLIP  3 ruffles to obscure hoop-lines, 119" c.    64.00
Swt145*F    4-HOOP RUFFLED SLIP  3 ruffles, 119" c,.    70.00
Swt165*F    6-HOOP RUFFLED SLIP  5 ruffles, 119"c.    86.00
Swt113 Swt108 Swt107
Swt107F    BRIDAL SLIP  4 tier tulle. (black, red, white)    50.00
Swt113F    DOUBLE SLIP  separated with 3 tiers of 11" tulle ruffles.     (black, red, white)    67.50
Swt113XFF    EXTRA FULL DOUBLE SLIP  separated by 6 tiers of tulle ruffles.    94.00
Ss8733c:aR    ECONO POODLE CRINOLINE 22" : 27" long, elasti-waist, cotton/net. (black, white)    30.00
Swt108F    POODLE/SQUARE DANCE SLIP  3 tier 24", 29", 31" long. (black, pink, red, white)    39.50


Ax19035 Ax14030 Ax19043
R    PANTALETS  with laced legs. ML (white)    37.00
Ax14030R    BLOOMERS  ML (white)    18.00
Ax19043R    RUFFLED CUFF BLOOMERS  SML (white)    18.00
Ax23099R    RUFFLED PANTIES  fully lace ruffled. (black, red, white)    22.00
Ss8510    LADIES UNDERSHORTS  replicates lace trimmed 1920's-'30's style, Lycra with mock buttoning, about 12" long. (various colors)    20.00

                    BRASSIERES & BUSTIERS

Swt1103 Swt1110 Swt1124 Swt4423
F    CONVERTIBLE BANDEAU BRA  32-36 A, 32-42 BC, 34-44 D DD DDD (black, nude white)    18.50
                  Lightly padded seamless, 5-way removable stretch straps, grip elastic wings.
Swt1110F    BUSTIER  32 & 34 A-C, 36 A-DD, 38  & 40 B-DD, 42 D-DD, 44-48 DD (white)    33.50
                  Nylon/poly/spandex/tricot "backless", hook/eye closure.
Swt1114F    LACE BUSTIER  lace version of Swt1110. (black, white)    33.50
Swt1120F    LONGLINE BUSTIER  32 A-C, 34 & 36 A-D, 38 & 40 B-D, 42 D (white)    40.00
                  Strapless low back with removable garters similar to Swt1110.
Swt1124F    LACE LONGLINE  lace version of Swt1120. black, white)    40.00
Swt4423F    LACE BODYSUIT  "strapless" with adjustable crotch & clear straps, front & side support boning. 34-42 B-C (black, nude, white)    50.00
Also, cups, plunge and other bras, various "control", and exotic undergarments.
IBSwt600    GARMENT BAG  24" x 72" x 10" gusset, 3.2 mil vinyl or breathable fabric. (clear and colors)    10.00


Gloves, footwear, eyewear, jewelry, miscellaneous character pieces, etc.


arm band upper arm band mitt* fingerless glove
armlet lower arm "sleeve" glove* fingers and hand covered
wristlet 1" - 6" wrist band (*= may cover part of arm)
The following listings are adult gloves unless otherwise specified. Many more children's, ladies', and men's styles available.
Approximate "wrist-length" glove lengths: child SMLT=5¼",61/8",7¼",7¾"; adult PSMLX=71/8",8¼",9",93/8",10"
Several styles X and custom styles, sizes, colors, including fluorescent. (also see Pep & Cheer & Sequin Dance Costumes)
Mv320 LACE MITTS with wrist ruffle, bow, rhinestone (black, ivory, pink, royal, white) 12.00
As1670:1680 SATIN LYCRA MITTS 9" : 16" long (black, ivory, white) 23.75:26.00
Mv620c    CHILD RIBLESS NYLON without decorative ribbing. cM,cL,cTeen (black, ivory, white : white)    4.25
Mv142    ADULT RIBLESS NYLON  SML (black, red, white)    5.25
Zb210:211    RIBBED NYLON  with decorative ribbing on back. MX (black, gray, white)    5.25 : with snaps 5.50
Zb110:111    RIBBED COTTON  SMLX (black, white)    4.00 : with snaps 4.50
Mv218c CHILD nylon EVENING 19" cM-L (black, ivory, red, white) 10.00
Mv318:415 NYLON EVENING (black, ivory, red, white) 14" 7.25 : 23" 10.00
Mv9188:9186 XL NYLON EVENING (black, white) 14" 15.00 : 23" 17.00
Mv3648:3670:3680    SATIN-LYCRA  9":14":22" lengths. (16 colors, gold, silver)    12.25:16.50:18.75
Mv3649X    XL SATI- LYCRA  10". (several colors)    15.00
Mv1626 SHIRRED LYCRA 14" (10 colors) 15.75
As9832:4081:1825    VELVET EVENING  (black, burgundy, hunter, navy)    9"  22.00 :    14" (+white)  30.50 :    22" (+purple)  35.25
Mv2201:2208:2216 SPARKLE MYLAR (gold, silver) 9" 12.00 : 15" 14.50 : 23" 17.00
Mv2301:2308:2316 LAME (gold, silver) 10" 12.00 : 16" 14.50 : 24" 17.00
Mv7010c CHILD LACE cM,cL (ivory, white) 5.00
Mv7900:7908:7916 NYLON LACE (black, ivory, white) 8" 5.00 : 14" 7.25 : 23" 9.25


Pta7100 & Pta7098 FnOG
Um800    LADIES GARTER  many styles, colors.    from 1.50
Pta7098    SLEEVE-HOLDERS  per pair. (plain, stripe, fancy)    3.00
FnOGS:OGD    MEN‘S CLIP-ON STOCKING GARTERS  single : double clip. (black, request colors)    6.75
A312 ASCOT (various solids & patterns) 15.00
R408 NARROW GANGSTER TIE (black, white) 7.50
Ss7550 SEQUIN NECKTIE 2"x14" with elastic, square end (request color) 16.00
Mc2244 WESTERN/SOUTHERN STRING BOW TIE (black, blue, kelly, red, white) 4.50
As12445    NARROW DRESS TIE  1½" wide. (black, red, white)    7.75
As4C    FOUR-IN-HAND TIE  to 3" wide. (black, red, white)    7.75
Also, other tie styles, colors, and patterns
Fn252 & Fn1128 Pta 7099
Following are 4½"x2" bow ties and 4 pleat 18-28" : 28-48" adjustable cummerbunds. Ask about ladie's and boy's sizes, other colors, materials, and finishes.
Fcg105C:105CJ    POLY-SATIN CUMMERBUND : XL  (48 colors)    10.00:12.00
Fcg105T:252C    POLY-SATIN BANDED : CLIP-ON BOW TIE  (up to 18 colors)    4.00
Fcg105TX:105CX    LAME banded TIE : CUMMERBUND (9 colors)    7.00:13.25
Pta7099    SEQUIN BOW TIE  (up to 8 colors)    4.00
Following are clip-on suspenders, request button-on.
Sf210    1" wide SUSPENDERS  with standard clip, adjustable to 48". (22 solid and 4 heather colors, 4 stripes)    7.00
Sf220    2" wide SUSPENDERS  with large clips, adjustable to 48". (17 colors & 12 stripes)    8.75
As6187 LAME 1" SUSPENDERS (black, gold, red, royal, silver) 15.25
Also, other suspernder widths, lengths, fabrics, colors, patterns, and themes.


Fa72:73:74 COIN BELT : NECKLACE : EARRINGS (gold) 17.00:11.00:4.00
RhPRL4:6 ‘PEARL’ NECKLACE 48" : 60" (pastels) 2.00:2.50
Kp4376 "DIAMOND" RING ~1" diameter, various shapes 2.00
Kp433 RHINESTONE RING assorted styles (crystal) 5.50
Kp9201:9202 PRECIOUS STONE with "diamonds" RING (ruby : sapphire) 6.50
Ra70\12 RHINESTONE RINGS fine quality, from 5.00
A wide range of quality costume jewelry is available: earrings, necklaces, bracelets, brooches, rings, etc. in silver or gold with various stones - ASK.

                Specs, Shades, & Eye-masks

Glasses, sunglasses, visors, and similar items. Glasses lenses may be glass or plastic, clear unless sunglasses. Frames include no lenses. Eye-masks include elastic unless a wrap style.
Fu1901 MONOCLE with string 1½" diameter (black plastic) 2.00
Fu0317 PINS NEZ FRAME metal with chain, 4" wide (gold) 5.00
R396 LORGNETTE FRAME 5"x12" (gold metal) 14.00
Fa2916:2917:2918 WIRERIM GLASSES rectangle : oval : round 3.00
Fa9040 WIDEFRAME GLASSES for nerd or Clark Kent (black) 5.25
Cf0010 THICK LENS "pop bottle" GLASSES , round (black) 3.00
Fa9036 "CAT EYES" GLASSES (black) with rhinestones 7.00
Ne5255    GROUCHO FRAMES  vinyl, with mustache and brows (no lenses). (black)    2.25
RhGLLE    COLORED ROUND SUNGLASSES  wire frame. (various lens & frame colors)    2.50
RhLBLU BLUES BROTHERS SUNGLASSES (black with dark lenses) 2.00
RhGLWG "CAT EYES" SUNGLASSES (black, gold, silver, assorted metallic) 3.00
RhGLRH "RHINESTONE CAT EYES" SUNGLASSES (black with silver "rhinestones") 2.25
Cf11118    BANDO SUNGLASSES  visor style with amber lenses. (gold, silver)    1.25
11" (assorted colors) 2.00
R1564 WRAP Zorro MASK (black) 3.00
Um9:5 SATIN LULU : HARLEQUIN Mask (many solid & multi-color) 1.50
Ot5503 SEQUIN EYE MASKS (various styles & colors) 4.00
A9100\99 FEATHER EYE MASK (many characters & colors) 6.00
RhYEFE FEATHER LORGNETTE (assorted colors) 3.50
Kp6571 GAMBLER'S VISOR (assorted colors) 1.50
Kp8481 FLASHING VISOR {requires 9v battery} 4.50

                In Character

Costume accessories associated with specific popular characters.
Amp400:200:100 FEATHER WINGS (many colors) ~30"x11" : 40"x12" : 50"x13" 60.00:80.00:130.00
R687 ASP HEAD/ARM BAND (gold, silver) 4.25
R527 SEA SHELL BRA (white) 16.25
R390:387 COCONUT : LEAF BRA vinyl (brown : green) 14.00
R367 LEAF BRIEF (green) 23.00
Bs450 RAFIA HULA SKIRT 32" waist x 30" long (natural) 8.50
Bs451 CHILD RAFIA SKIRT 24" waist x 20" long (natural) 7.25
Pt191:192 CRUSHED VINYL LEIS 36" long x 1½" diam : x 2¼" diam (assorted) 4.50/doz
Cf173:172    "SILK" FLOWER LEIS  44" long. : WRISTLET (assorted colors)    2.00 each : 1.50/pair
Pta7079 TOOTHED NECKLACE 26" circumference (ivory/black) 3.00
Mrp8229 KILT 28",30",34",40" waist (tan/navy, red/green) 55.00
R8547 FRINGED EPAULETTES (gold, silver) 15.00/pr
Mc2153 NAZI ARMBAND (black & white on red) 10.25
R789 CHAIN OF OFFICE jeweled (gold) 16.25
Mq5210 BOXING GLOVES vinyl (black) 14.00
Mq9837 CHAMPS WRESTLING BELT vinyl (black/silver, red/gold) 11.50


Cs044 PRO EYEPATCH (black)    5.50
Mq5001 PIRATE HOOK & EYERPATCH (black)    2.50
R8547 FRINGED EPAULETTES (gold, silver) 15.00/pr

:2290    NAZI OFFICER EAGLE, HAT : JACKET  emblem, 3¼" x 1½" : 4¼" x 1.7". (black/white)    5.00
Mc22162    EPAULETTE KNOTS  (white)    27.00 per pair
Mc22155    NAZI SS COLLAR TABS  bordered blank and SS pair, 2" x 1½". (black/silver)    7.00 / pair
Mc22154    GESTAPO SKULL PATCH  2" x 1¾". (black/white)    6.00
Mc22153    NAZI ARMBAND  slip-on or sew, 10½" x 4". (black & white on red)    10.00
Mc22206    SS OFFICER CUFF BAND  16¾" x 1". (black/white)    8.00 each

                Leg & Footwear  <MP/MA>

While some of the following are suitable for outdoor use, most are designed for performance applications and are neither sufficiently durable nor protective for street-wear. Many other items are available - telephone for assistance.
child, adult S M L X (black, gray, tan) 12.00
Pd20GTS SEAMED STOCKING "stay up" top S M L (beige, black, white) 15.00
Pd20BS SEAMED PANTYHOSE S M T (black) 10.00
Pd9027 MESH STOCKINGS "stay up" lace top (black, red, white) 7.50
Pd9001:9001S MESH PANTYHOSE seamless : seamed (black, red, white) 6.00
Pd8801 SPARKLE FLECK PANTYHOSE (gold or silver in black) 7.50
Pd8287 RHINESTONED PANTYHOSE (black/crystal) 8.75
C3002 RHINESTONED TIGHTS S/M M/L (black/crystal) 51.50
As6005    STRIPED STOCKINGS  18" long knee-high, nylon. (5 color combinations)    6.00
As7100 STRIPED TIGHTS nylon (5 color combinations) 7.50
Ss7320 SHOE BUCKLES on tongue (gold or silver on black) 9.50
NOTE:  Spat widths are the shaft width with the spat laid flat (collapsed).
:Ss7309 FELT ECONO SPATS : DRESS SPATS (black, gray, white) 6.00:17.00
Ss7330 GO-GO BOOT SPATS 19.50
Ss7302c:a    CAVALRY BOOT SPATS  vinyl, child size 7" wide x 12" high : adult tapered 6½-8" x 15" (black, white)    13.50:14.50
Ss7303c:a ROLL-TOP pirate BOOT SPATS child 12" high : adult 15" (black) vinyl 20.00:21.00
Ask about Ss styles custom sizes, colors, materials, and other design variations.
R712    DELUXE ROLL-TOP BOOT SPATS vinyl, 11" wide x 20" high (black, dark brown)    20.00
R746 LADIES HI-TOP SPATS (black, white) 15.00
Pr125 SPURS with stars 6" nickel plated metal 10.50

                Shoes & Boots  <MS>

R1561 ELF SLIPPERS turned up toe with bell, 9½" long felt (brown, green) 11.00
Fa25014 ELF SHOES turned up toe with pom, 14" long latex (6 colors) 9.25
Ck27:36 MOCCASIN ladies' sizes 4-10 : men's 6-13 (various leather colors) 25.00:30.00
Ck79:18 MOCCASIN LOW BOOT above sizes (and colors) 28.00:31.00
Ck92:22 MOCCASIN BOOT above sizes (and colors) 72.00:79.00
The following leather Mrp footwear is available in full sizes only (no ½ sizes), Ib styles in ½ sizes only (no full sizes). Men's sizes unless otherwise noted.
Mrp8253F ROMAN LACED SHOE leather. sizes 5-10 (black, brown) 85.00
Ib1779F    VIKING SHOES  pointed toe, higher back, higher laced tongue. 8½-11½ (dark brown)    85.00
Ib1057F    SIDE LACE SHOE  pointed toe, folded tongue 13th century soldier's style. 5½-11½ (dark brown)    105.00
Mrp9528F SCOTTISH SHOES leather, 6-13 (brown) 85.00
Ib1139 Ib1009 Ib1217
Ib1139F    SIDE-BUTTON BOOT  11th C. Norman cavalry. 8½-11½ ("natural" dyed)    125.00
Ib0797F    FRONT-LACE BOOT  laced version of Ib1009. 5½-11½ (dark brown)    105.00
Ib1009F    2-BUCKLE BOOT  13th C. soldier style. 8½-11½ (dark brown)    125.00
Ib1217F    3-BUCKLE BOOT  15th C. style. 8½-11½ (dark brown)    175.00
Ib0645 Ib1165
Ib0645F    CALF-HIGH BOOT  higher 3-buckle style. 8½-11½ (dark brown)    175.00
Ib1165F    LACED ROLL-TOP BOOT  full outside laces. 8½-11½ (dark brown)    175.00
Mc8158 Mc8152 Mc81127
Unless otherwise noted, Mc81--- styles are vinyl in sizes S (8-9), M (10-11), L (12-13). Ask about other styles.
    TIE-STRAP BOOT  (black)    46.00
Mc8152    ROLL-TOP  1" heel. (black)    46.00
Mc81127    WELLINGTON  "quick change" side zipper, 1" heel. full sizes 6 - 10 (black)    32.00
Mrp100122 Mrp100410 Mrp200558 Mrp100182
Professional quality leather period styles boots suitable stage or outdoor use. Generally no half sizes and D width only. Other period shoe, boot, and costuming styles available.
Pd8826F LADIE’S ROLL-TOP BOOT pigskin leather, 6-11 (black) 125.00
Mrp9288\2F MEN’S LOW ROLL-TOP BOOT ~14" : 18" high, leather 8-13 (black, brown) 170.00
Mrp9636\2F MEN’S HIGH ROOL-TOP BOOT pointed : round toe,~31" high, leather 8-13 (black) 250.00
Mrp100122F CAVALRY BOOTS suitable for most 18th, 19th, and contemporary parade dress applications (black) sizes 7-13 200.00
Mrp100410F THIGH HIGH BOOTS with calf strap and buckle for tight fit, tops may be turned down (black) sizes 5-13 275.00
F ZIPPERED BOOT 19½" high, 17½" calf circumference with full length side zipper and 1" heel and four adjustable decorative straps (black) sizes 5-13 200.00
Mrp100182F MUSKETEER BOOT rolled top with 1" heel and adjustable arch strap (black, brown) sizes 8-13 200.00
Mc81571    WITCH  vinyl, 2½" heel. 5-6, 7-8, 9-10 (black)    32.00
Mc81108 J22804 J22803 J22808
Unless otherwise noted, The J228-- and Mc811-- series styles are economical vinyl in sizes adult S (5-6), M (7-8), L (9-10). Many other styles available.
Mc81108    HIGH LACED BOOT  "quick-change" zipper back. sizes 7 8 9 10 (black)    33.00
J22804    VICTORIAN ANKLE BOOT  laced. (black)    37.50
J22803    VICTORIAN CALF-LENGTH BOOT  laced. (black)    40.00
J22808    GOGO BOOT  side zipper. (black, red, or white patina)    37.50
Also see ETHNIC & CHARACTER SHOES for additional period sandal, shoe, and boot styles. Ask about other styles and custom leg and foot-wear.


RhAPR3 VENDOR’S APRON 3 pocket 16.25
RhAPR5 VENDOR’S APRON 5 pocket 18.50

THOUSANDS OF ADDITIONAL STYLES, COSTUME PIECES, & ACCESSORIES. Also children's sizes, special effects pieces, and customized items with qualities ranging from masquerade to performance quality. Request specific pictorials of listed styles or by desired character.

Ib designs are copyright CAS Hanwei.
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