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MASQUERADE - Character Costumes <M>

Following are a few of the more popular character costume sets, including a few KITS at the end of this file. Commonly associated CHARACTER NAMES are italic. child:adult styles may not be identical - ask. Number of style variations is indicated by \# following the style number. Adult sizes may include P,S,M,L,X. Request sizing/pattern information. Thousands of additional adult and child costumes are available, as well as, custom styles. Telephone for assistance or additional graphics.
Select these additional files to view a highlight list of additional masquerade and dramatic ROYALTY & ARMOR, COSTUME PIECES & ACCESSORIESCOSTUME QUALITY WEAPONS, HEADGEAR, or CHRISTMAS and NUTCRACKER highlights.

Masquerade/Dramatic Costume & Prop items are classified (####CODE) into 4 quality categories which are generally price reflected:
1. E Masquerade: Inexpensive economy items suitable for limited use and maintainability. Items are economy quality unless otherwise noted.
2. R Costume Rental: More impressive appearance, reasonably maintainable items designed for ongoing use, moderate price & functionality, durability varies. Extended use is possible with reasonable care and maintenance.
3. F Professional/Replica: Moderate & higher prices, greater replica detail and, usually, durability. Request functional details of specific items.
4. T Combat: Weapons and armor capable of dueling, usually with replaceable parts.

            ASIA, NEAR EAST, & AFRICA

R5626 ECONO GEISHA kimono, sash (red/black) 35.00
R90964R GEISHA brocade satin kimono, sash with obi (various) 220.00
Aw2029R NINJA 6 pieces XXS - XL (black) 45.00
R2050:5614 ARAB/BIBLICAL gown/robe, mantle (black striped) : (white/purple) 30.00
Ss3823S Ss pieces Eu466/869J
Ss3823S    HARIM DANCER Lycra panty, sequin & tassel trimmed padded bra (specify size A through D), and sequin waist banded chiffon skirt. Specify bust and hip measurements. (colors below)    60.00
Ss3823P    HARIM GIRL Same as above with pantaloon instead of skirt.    60.00
(choose any Ss color combination: Lycra - black, gold, hot pink, kelly, peacock, purple, red, royal, silver, white;
chiffon - black, candy pink, fuchsia, kelly, orchid, peacock, pink, purple, red, royal, sky, white; many sequin colors)
Many other styles of costume pieces and accessories are available.
   BELLY DANCER Cotton/Lycra mock wrap crop top, chiffon petal skirt, coin necklace, and ankle bracelet (no coin girdle, a different brand similar color trunks available separately).
(black, purple, red, white; select gold or silver jewelry) sizes SMLX    90.00
For ethnic footwear, see ETHNIC AND CHARACTER SHOES.
Mrp8328\2F    PRO HARIM Bra, skirt : or pantaloon, girdle. SMLX (bronze/fuchsia : red/gold)   110.00
R5520\2E    GENIE  variations of top, pantaloons, headpiece with veil. (various color combinations)    24.25
Ax15037 R90717, R90716, R90715
R888422E    SALOME  trimmed top, hipband skirt, panties, headpiece with veil. (rose/gold)    40.00
Ax15037R    NILE QUEEN  blouse, skirt, collar, girdle, wristlets, headpiece. (black/gold)    135.00
R90716F    NEFERTARI  pleated skirt gown, caped collar, draped belt, armbands, headpiece. SML (gold/royal)    305.00
Ax5035R PHARAOH skirt, girdle, collar, headdrape, wristbands 98.00
R90717F    KING TUT gown, collar, draped belt, armbands, headpiece. MX (white/gold/royal)    240.00
R90715F    LORD OF EGYPT  gown, collar, draped belt, armbands, headpiece. MX (white/gold/multicolor highlights)    240.00


R888319 R888417 R90712
TOGA gown, waist tie (white/gold) 28.00
Mrp8238\2F ROMAN TUNIC mid-thigh length SMLX (navy, red, white) 70.00
Mrp8272F STOLA bloused waist SMLX (black, red, white) 50.00
R888319E    PATRICIAN gown, shoulder drape, laurel headpiece. (white, purple, gold)    28.50
R888417E    ROMAN LADY  caped dress, headpiece. (white/gold)    29.50
Ax5002R SENATOR gown, arm drape, waist tie 53.00
R90712F    EMPORER  trimmed gown, jeweled wide belt, trimmed toga. MX (white/purple/gold)    275.00
Mrp8059F LASS UNDERDRESS bloused sleeve muslin SMLX (white) 70.00
Mrp8038F LASS DRESS sleeveless cotton w/lace bodice SMLX (black, green, red) 100.00
Ax4017R ROBIN HOOD tunic, pants, belt, hat (brown/hunter) 60.00
Mrp9331\2F HUNT TUNIC about knee length SMLX (brown, hunter, olive, royal) 85.00
Mrp9316 HUNT HOOD 23" long (brown, olive) 37.00
Mrp8149\3F BELT 73" long x 1-2" wide, ‘jeweled’ (gold) 28.00
R5374 PRINCESS/BRIDE gown, veil, headband (white/gold) 60.00
Ax4050R MAIDEN blouse, skirt, belt M L 88.00
Ax4064R WENCH chemise, vest, double skirt, mop cap 140.00
Mrp8069F DRAPE SLEEVE DRESS cotton sateen SMLX (gold on hunter or burgundy) 105.00
Mrp8243F BELL SLEEVE DRESS laced back, satin (gold on hunter or plum) 125.00
R346:246F WINDSOR MAN : LADY gabardine/velvet (red, blue) 200.00
R901:903F HENRY : BOLIN purple velvet, gold brocade, ‘mink’ 525.00:485.00
Mrp8321 STRETCH VELVET DRESS with finger looped train (burgundy, navy) 110.00
R339:239R RENAISSANCE MAN:LADY poplin MX : P-X (blue, green) 175.00
 R90904:90905  R90747:90748
R90904:90905R    RENAISSANCE KING:QUEEN  black fur and white beadette trimmed purple or green sparkle and velvet garments; tunic, hat MLX : gown, headpiece. SM    350.00 : 375.00
R90747:90748R    ROMEO:JULIET  silver beadette braid and laminette ruffles on black or royal velvet tunic, hat M/LX : silver/white braid and lace on black or sky brocade satin gown, headpiece. SML    240.00:260.00
R90735R    VELVET ROMEO CAPE  coordinates with R747. (black, royal)    90.00
R920    MEN'S TIGHTS  (black, brown, gold, gray, kelly, purple, red, royal white)    22.00
R990\3F ISABELLA GOWNS headpiece SML (various colors) from 300.00
R90725:90976F    ‘EMPIRE’ GOWNS    375.00    {R90725 pictured with Napolean uniforms.}
            Royal empire-waist gowns with trains. SM : SMLX (black velvet/gold lame : royal satin with white lace and gold trim)
R5060:5069 CINDERELLA:SNOW WHITE dress, hoop skirt, headpiece 55.00
R5226 MAID short dress w/petticoat, apron, headpiece (black/white, red/white) 30.00
Pta6597 Ax19097 Ax27250 R90839 & R90837
Pta6597    SCOTSMAN  shirt, kilt, sash, sporran (purse), leggings. MX (red plaid, white)    145.00
Ax27230    LEDERHOSEN  velvet with paneled suspenders. SML (hunter/red)    30.00
Ax19097    BAVARIAN SHORTS  shirt, shorts, paneled suspenders, socks. ML (brown/red/white)    75.00
Ax27250    BAVARIAN GENTLEMAN  shirt, jacket, knickers. SML (navy/brown/white)    55.00
R90837F    BAVARIAN MAN  ribbon trimmed synthetic suede suspendered lederhosen, vest, hat. SMLX (tan/white)    180.00
R90839F    BAVARIAN LADY  ribbon trimmed blouse, synthetic suede hat, cummerbund, and skirt with attached apron. SML (tan/white)    235.00


R5043:5249 INDIAN MAN:LADY waist tie & shirt, pants : dress (tans) 21.00
R57:557 PILGRIM BOY:GIRL shirt, pants, belt : dress, apron, bonnet 30.00
Ax8075R PILGRIM MAN shirt, collar, pants, belt, socks ML 60.00
Ax8070R PILGRIM LADY dress, collar, apron, bonnet ML 80.00
Ax8048 "BUCKSKINS" pants, shirt, belt,‘coonskin’ cap, powder horn ML 90.00
R207R SOUTHERN BELLE lace trimmed hooped gown PSML 170.00
R90820R    AUSTRIAN BALL GOWN  puffed sleeve satin hooped gown with tulle and beading trim, drawstring purse. (orchid, peach, pink, sky) SML    315.00
R90719 & R90718 R90801, R90758, R90258
R90719F    SASHCORD DRESS  velvet and satin gown with layered skirt, sashcord belt, purse, plumed hat. SML (hunter/kelly)    475.00
R90718F    TRAIN DRESS  gold trimmed satin and brocade Victorian dress with layered skirt, train, and arm loop, jacket with layered sleeves. SML (cream)    525.00
R90801F    ASCOT CUTAWAY  coat with black piping, buttons, and velvet collar, trousers, vest. SMLX (gray)    315.00
R90758F    CUMMERBUND DRESS  crepe satin dress with overskirt and striped cummerbund, hat. SML (white/black)    315.00
R90258F    BOW DRESS  sequin and bow trimmed satin and lace dress, hat. SML (white/black)    190.00

Order Tw---F costumes by measurements. Additional styles and a wide range of quality accessories available.
PIECE KEY [C]= coat, [P]= pants, [V]= vest, [S]= shirt, [T]= tie
Tw511F MARSHALL [CPV] 400.00
Tw020F CUTAWAY Coat, one-button style (brown, gray wool) 110.00

Ax8081R PIONEER WOMAN skirt, blouse, shawl, bonnet, sash ML 100.00
Frk8401F BUSTLE Skirt, Coat/blouse, poly-cotton sizes 6-18 275.00
R802\2F PRINCE ALBERT Suit single : double breasted [CPV] (various) 310.00
R764\7F 1900’S DRESSES various styles and colors 320.00
R801F CUTAWAY SUIT jacket, pants, vest (various colors) 320.00
Ax8004 LADIES OLD FASHIONED SWIMSUIT dress, bloomers, cap, stockings 46.00
Ax8006 MANS OLD FASHIONED SWIMSUIT 2-piece suit, stockings 37.00
 Ss8903 Ax26356 
R1597 GANGSTER double breasted jacket, pants SMLX (striped) 50.00
R16852E    FRINGED FLAPPER  over-all fringe dress, plume headpiece. SML (black, red, white)    34.75
Ss8903R BEADETTE FLAPPER beadette top with chainette fringe skirt, jersey half slip, sequin & feather sweatband, bead necklace. various sizes & colors 80.00
Ax26356    REFLECTIONS FLAPPER  with 3 rows of bottom fringe. SML (various colors)    35.00
Ax8110R 20’s DANDY striped blazer, white pants, red bow tie ML 75.00
Ss8897    40's DRESS  fuller mid-calf skirt, short sleeve, V-neck with collar, mock front buttoned. (many colors and fabrics)    from 60.00
R5074 BEAUTY:FORMAL dress with hooped skirt, belt, hair bow 45.00
R90318 & R90218
R1510 50's POODLE SET blouse, skirt, scarf SML (pink/gray) 30.00
R5802\3 50’s SOXER skirt/blouse effect dress (various motifs/colors) 35.00
R5915 50’s ROCKER jumpsuit, belt, scarf (black or white w/red) 40.00
R90318    GREASER  vinyl jacket, Lycra pants. SMLX (black)    140.00
R90218    POODLE IN PINK  striped blouse, blue or gray skirt, chiffon scarf. PSML    120.00
Ss8896    MARILYN DRESS (various colors & fabrics)    from 45.00


   MONK cowled and mantled gown with purse. (black, brown)    60.00
R15881E    PRIEST  gown with collar. (black)    20.00
Ax13072 Ax26220 Ax13112 Ax13205 Ax26270
Ax13072    POPE
 gown, capelet, cap. (white)    55.00
Ax13118    CARDINAL  gown, capelet, sash, cap. (red with gold trim)    65.00
Ax26220    PAPAL BISHOP  gown, capelet, sash, cap. (black/red)    45.00
Ax13112    CARDINAL  gown. tunic. sash, miter. (white/red with gold)    85.00
F    CEREMONIAL BISHOP  gown, chasuble, stole, miter. white/royal with gold)    200.00
F    CEREMONIAL CARDINAL  gown, robe, over-robe, stole, miter. (white/red with gold)    230.00
R16345E    ECONO NUN  poly-cotton gown with collar, headpiece, waist cord. L X (black/white)    25.00
Mc13736    FLYING NUN Gown with collar and shoulder drape, Balaclava hood with headpiece. (black/white) adult size    35.00
R730F    NUN Dress/overdrape, collar, hood, headpiece. P S M L (black/white)    125.00
Navy poly-gabardine hat, jacket, skirt : trouser uniforms with red piping and metal buttons.
F    MISSION WOMAN Plus red satin lined navy poly-gabardine cape. S M L    295.00
R90983F    MISSION MAN Jacket is red satin lined and trousers have red outside piping. S M L X    275.00
Also, ministerial and choir gowns, crosses, and accessories.

            ROBES and GOWNS

Ax10021 Ax26287
   HOODED ROBE & waist tie. (black, brown)    20.00
Ax10021    DRAPE-SLEEVE COWLED GOWN/GRIM REAPER  60" long M, 66" long L. (black)    56.00
Ax26287    HIDDEN REAPER  "shredded" version of Ax10021 with faceplate. (black)    76.00
F    ENGLISH/AMERICAN JUDGE GOWN with removable bib, 54" long. (black)    35.00
R5028:29    WITCH : SHORT WITCH Gown, belt, hat. (black)    30.00
Ax2012    SATANIC PRIEST Drape-sleeved robe, belt. (black/red)    60.00

            CAPES  <MP>

Ax012:18 Taffeta CAPE 45" : 58" wrap (black, red) 17.00:35.00
Ax010 RUFFLE COLLAR Satin CAPE 58" (purple, red, royal) 25.00
Ax003:04 HOODED SATIN CAPE 45" : 58" (black, red) 40.00: 45.00
Ax2069 HOODED VELVET CAPE 58" (various colors) 80.00
Ax8072 MANTLED CAPE 38" (charcoal) 40.00
R4995 ROYAL WRAP CAPE (burgundy or purple w/white & gold) 35.00
R870R KING’S CAPE satin lined w/white ‘fur’ & jewels (purple, red, royal) 230.00
R875R REGENCY CAPE ~R870 with train (red/white/gold) 320.00

            UNIFORMS  <MN>

Military and civilian uniformed characters costumes. Request information regarding unlisted headpieces, gloves, footwear, emblems, and weapons.


Military and associated character costumes. Ask about hats, helmets, accessories, wigs, and props. Many other characters available.
Ib02--\3F    CRUSADE SURCOAT  full length Crusader : Hospitaller : Templar. blk/wht:blk/wht:wht/red) L X XX    90.00
R90929    MUSKATEER    M L  blk,brn, or roy/gld/wht    295.00
R903151    BUCCANEER    blk/red/gld/wht      180.00
Ax4103R    PIRATE CAPTAIN jkt,vst,pnt,jabot,socks,shoe buckles ML $300
Ax13154 Ax13152
Ax13154R    REVOLUTIONARY SOLDIER  jacket, breeches, vest, socks, shoe buckles. M L (multi-color)    180.00
R908211    COLONIAL SOLDIER    roy/tan/wht      285.00
R908221    COLONIAL OFFICER    roy/red/gld/wht      285.00
Ax13152R    RED COAT  jacket, breeches, vest, boot covers. M L (multi)    170.00
R9082511    BRITISH RED COAT    red/roy/gld/wht      285.00
R908601    COMMODORE    black/gold      420.00
R90908, R90725, R90909 Pta6598
R90908F    GENERAL NAPOLEON  whipcord jacket with embroidered velvet lapels and cuffs, pants, vest. M L X (royal/white/gold/red)    375.00
R90909F    EMPEROR NAPOLEON    430.00
            Gabardine jacket with embroidered collar, front, and cuffs, pants, brocade vest, velvet sash. M L X (black/purple/gold)
R942/2F1    AGE OF EMPIRES UNIFORMS    various    400.00
Pta6598    BUSBY SOLDIER  jacket, striped pants, straps, busby hat. MLX (red/royal/white)    120.00
Pta6673, Pta6674, Pta6676 R90867, R90866, R90820 
Pta6673:Pta6675    NORTHERN : SOUTHERN SOLDIER  jacket, pants with stripe, sash. MLX (navy/burgandy/gold : gray/yellow/gold)    105.00
Pta6674:Pta6676    NORTHERN : SOUTHERN OFFICER  "double breasted" jacket, pants, sash. MLX (same colors as above)    120.00
R90867:R90869F    UNION : CONFEDERATE SOLDIER  gabardine jacket with brass buttons and gold trim, pants with stripe.
        (navy/blue/gold : gray-blue/gold) SMLX    220.00 : 230.00
R90866:R90868F    UNION : CONFEDERATE OFFICER  gabardine coat with brass buttons and gold trim, pants with stripe, sash with gold fringe.
        (navy/blue/gold/burgundy : gray-blue/gold) SMLX    275.00 : 300.00
R90864        UNION INFANTRYMAN  trimmed shirt and trousers        190.00
R90820F    AUSTRIAN BALL GOWN  puffed sleeve satin hooped gown with tulle and beading trim, drawstring purse. (orchid, peach, pink, sky) SML    315.00
R90855, R90853
R90982    NAVAL CAPTAIN  double breasted knee-length coat with gold buttons and trim, trousers with gold side stripe. (navy) SMLX    335.00    (pictured below with CIVILIAN uniforms)
R90855:R90853R    W.W. I SOLDIER : WOMEN'S CORP  gabardine jacket with "eagle" buttons, trousers : skirt (olive) SMLX : SM    285.00
R90855    NAVAL OFFICER four pocket jacket with gold buttons, pants. (white) SMLX    295.00
R90309R    GOB  poly-poplin shirt, pants, scarf. (white/navy) SMLX    75.00
Cf64075 Cf64076 Cf61895 Cf61896
Cf64075    W.W. II SOLDIER  shirt, pants, tie, service cap. (tan)    47.50
Cf64076    W.W. II SOLDIER  shirt, pants, tie, hat. M/L X (tan)    53.25
Cf61895    SAILOR  shirt, pants, cap. (white)    31.50
Cf61896    NAVAL OFFICER  jacket, pants, hat. (white)    38.00
TwTH11A, TwTH12 HMc7144 & accessories  Ax26836
TwTH11AF    NAZI OFFICER  jacket with lapel patches, trousers with satin side stripe. Specify coat, sleeve, waist, inseam sizes. (black)    150.00
TwTH12F    NAZI TRENCH COAT  double breasted effect. M L (black)    160.00
Ask about other WWII costumes, pieces, and accessories.
Ax26836    CAMOFLAGE FATIGUES  jacket, trousers, cap. M L (desert, jungle)    45.00
Ask about military uniform garments, pieces, and accessories.
Cf62838    ASTRONAUT  soft helmet, jumpsuit, belt. (white)    48.50

(black, khaki, navy, olive, various camoflage patterns) Various similar styles of jackets, pants, T-shirts, caps, web and leather belts, more - ASK.


Non-military, non-clerical uniformed characters costumes.
R90982 & R90884
R90982F    SHIP CAPTAIN / DOORMAN  gold braid trimmed double breasted coat, striped pants. SMLX (navy)    335.00
R90884F    LADIE'S TRAVEL SUIT  jacket, skirt, hat. SML (white/purple)    355.00
R15103 Ax13022 R975
Both costumes include coat, pants, belt. Hats and accessories available separately.
R15103    ECONOMY KEYSTONE COP  light weight fabric. L (navy)    50.00;  size X  90.00
Ax13022    BETTER KEYSTONE COP  medium weight fabric. SMLX (navy)    70.00
R90858        MOUNTY        305.00
R992 UNCLE SAM tailcoat, pants, shirt front SMLX (red/white/royal) 50.00
R975E    CONVICT SUIT  pillbox, 2-piece suit. S L X (black/white stripe)    27.50
R16342E    CONVICT JUMPSUIT  L X (orange)    29.50
Mc1196 ECONO STRAIT JACKET Velcroed (white) 26.25
Ax19113  R90878 
Ax19113R BANDSMAN Poly twill red with gold trim jacket, white trousers, bow tie. ML 100.00
R90878F HAROLD HILL Reversible red with gold trim / tan with red band jacket, coordinating tan vest, trousers. SMLX 425.00
Ax---;R--- DOCTOR;NURSE various male & female sets (green, white) from $25

CHRISTMAS  <M> R2392  R2354

For end of year holidays costume highlights, select CHRISTMAS or NUTCRACKER.


Clown costumes and costume pieces.
SATIN CLOWN/JESTER with collar & hat various styles 30.00-50.00
Ss8892c:a    COTTON CLOWN  with collar & hat. cSM : aML (assorted)    50.00 : 60.00
R5346:5345 MR:MS HOOPED CLOWN jumpsuit : dress, bloomers) 40.00
R0333:0233 MR:MS FORMAL CLOWNS jacket, pants, bowtie, hat 175.00
G90:Fa25 HOBO SHOES child : adult (assorted) 10.00:14.00
R743c:a GIANT CLOWN SHOES 12" : 16" vinyl (6 colors) 10.00
Mc8130c:a DOTS SHOES foam/neoprene assorted styles (3-color combinations) 35.00
Fa5422R FLAT TOED "duck billed" SHOES 16" (assorted) 46.00
Mq8122 LOLLIPOP ‘LACE’ SHOES vinyl/neoprene (assorted 2-color comb's) 80.00
A96F PROFESSIONAL CLOWN SHOES various styles/colors, leather from 375.00
Ca3665 LONG CLOWN TIE 8"x24" dots 10.25
G0037:0038 LARGE BOW TIE 9"x6" : 12"x9" assorted 3.50:5.00
Cf5122:1233 FLASHING BOW TIE 5":11" (assorted colors) 5.00: 8.25

            COSTUME KITS <MK>

Very economical sets of costume pieces which may be used with common streetwear, dancewear, or other readily available garments to represent a character.
PIRATE bandana with earring, eyepatch (red/black) 5.00
Ax8025 CHAPS & VEST vinyl ML (brown with black trim) 74.00
Ax8175 TEMPERANCE WOMAN skirt, cape (gray, tan) 50.00
Pta6189 CHEF hat, apron (white) 14.00
R3506 MAID headpiece, choker, apron, cuffs (white) 7.00
R3007 SKIRTED MAID skirt, apron, choker, cuffs, headpiece (black/white) 13.50
R3005 BONNETED BABY bonnet, bib, large pacifier (blue, pink) 11.00
R3015 DOCTOR gown, eye mirror, mask, stethoscope (blue) 14.50
Fu52420E    ECONO NUN  collar, headpiece. (black/white)    5.00
Ax13058    NUN tie collar, Velcro headpiece (black/white)    16.50
Fu25092    ECONO PRIEST  dickey with collar. (black/white)    5.00
R3639 CHIP & D collar with bow tie, cuffs (black on white) 5.25

            ANIMALS/MASCOTS <MM>

All include fur fabric jumpsuit. Other brands and characters available.
PIECE KEY  O/H=over-the-head mask, O/F=open-face hood, P=paws, F=feet, M=mitts, S=spats. All one-person Mi styles include oversized "parade" O/H, M, S, and oversized  "parade" Feet; request custom colors.
Dp5041    APE  shaggy "fur", O/H w/LED eyes, paws, feet    brown    100.00
Dp5040    ECONO GORILLA Dp5041 with inset chestplate    black    165.00
Ao130F    GORILLA removable chest-plate, O/H,P&F    black    550.00
Mi69023R    PANTHER  black plush.    475.00
Mi69102R    FRIENDLY TIGER  striped plush withwhite chest patch and shaggy jowels.    600.00
Mi69005R    FRIENDLY LION  tan plush with dark brown shaggy ruff and chest.    475.00
Ao66F    LION plush with shaggy fur, O/H mask, paws, feet        700.00
Mi69018R    FIERCE BOBCAT  tan plush with white chest patch and shaggy ruff.    475.00
Mi69013R    FREINDLY BEAR   brown plush with white muzzle.    475.00
Mi69015R    SHEEP DOG  shaggy white with black spots and floppy ears.    500.00
Mi69028R    FREINDLY BULLDOG  tan plush, baggy jowels.    475.00
Mi69100R    FIERCE BULLDOG  gray plush with spiked collar.    600.00
Mi69035 Mi69106
Two-person Mi costumes include  the one-person set plus a torso drape, rear legs trousers and pair each of parade Feet & Spats; request custom colors.
Mi69035R    HORSE  brown plush with white blaze,dark brown mane and tail, and black hooves.    425.00
Mi69107R    2-PERSON HORSE  Mi69035 plus additional pieces for "2-man" characterization.    525.00
Mi69032R    COW  spotted black/white plush with black hooves.    475.00
Mi69106R    2-PERSON COW  Mi69032 plus additional pieces for "2-man" implementation.    625.00
Mi69061R    RABBIT  plush white with pink chest patch and inner ears, less outsized head with shaggy white cheeks and neck.    240.00
Mi69001R    EASTER BUNNY  Mi69061 with better oversized Mask.    425.00
Mi69019R    SKUNK  black plush with white shaggy blaze, back stripe, & tail.    400.00
Mi69003R    CHIPMUNK brown plush with white chest patch and mask highlights, dark brown cheeks and neck bib.    475.00
Mi69029R    REINDEER  tan plush with shaggy white chest patch and mask highlights.    475.00
Mi69010:69017R    SMILING EAGLE : AMERICAN EAGLE   dark brown plushwith white mask and shaggy neck bib. (white : brown lower legs)    475.00


Ib designs are copyright CAS Hanwei.
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