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GTS supplies hundreds of costume varieties from short-use "E" economy ‘throw-aways’ to "F" professional quality. If in doubt, REQUEST YOUR NEEDS by CHARACTER name, period, or style. We shall render photos or sketches with quote, or more immediate (generally within 1 day of request) information on this WEB-site in the REQUESTED GRAPHICS file.
The following highlight listings are grouped by locale, historic, or use of styles. All are adult sizes unless noted. Additional child and adult styles are available. If you can't find what you need, telephone.
Following is a partial listing of  more popular character costume sets, including a few KITS at the end of this file. Commonly associated CHARACTER NAMES are italic. child:adult styles may not be identical - ask. Number of style variations is indicated by \# following the style number. Adult sizes may include P,S,M,L,X. Request sizing/pattern information. Thousands of additional adult and child costumes are available, as well as, custom styles. Telephone for assistance or additional graphics.
Select these additional files to view a highlight list of masquerade and dramatic COSTUME PIECES & ACCESSORIESCOSTUME QUALITY WEAPONS, HEADGEAR, or CHRISTMAS and NUTCRACKER highlights.

Masquerade/Dramatic Costume & Prop items are classified (####CODE) into 4 quality categories which are generally price reflected:
1. E Masquerade: Inexpensive economy items suitable for limited use and maintainability. Items are economy quality unless otherwise noted.
2. R Costume Rental: More impressive appearance, reasonably maintainable items designed for ongoing use, moderate price & functionality, durability varies. Extended use is possible with reasonable care and maintenance.
3. F Professional/Replica: Moderate & higher prices, greater replica detail and, usually, durability. Request functional details of specific items.
4. T Combat: Weapons and armor capable of dueling, usually with replaceable parts.

                ARMORED COSTUMES

For armor pieces, shields, and helms, see ECONOMY WEAPONS or COSTUME QUALITY WEAPONS, Helms and Armor Pieces.

                    Soft Armor

Generally economical, light to moderate weight, very flexible, fabric and vinyl fabric "armor" effect or crushable molded vinyl armor costumes. Also, very fancy "opera" Marc Antony costumes with Cleopatra styles near the beginning of this file.
Ax26303 Ax26300 R90711 R90713, R90714 
Ax26300    ROMAN SOLDIER  tunic, cape, plain vinyl fabric cuirass. ML (black/orange-gold/maroon)    180.00
Ax26303    EMPORER'S GUARD  tunic, cape, vinyl fabric cuirass & greves, marabou crested plastic helmet. ML (white/black/silver)    240.00
R90711    CENTURION  tunic, trimmed embossed vinyl fabric cuirass, cape, sashed scabbard. MLX    (red/black/gold)    430.00
R90713F    CLEOPATRA  pleated Empire gown, wrist banded caped collar, armbands, drape belt, headpiece. SML (orange-gold/gold)    430.00
R90714F    MARC ANTONY  trimmed tunic, cape, brocade cuirass. MLX (maroon/black/gold)    430.00

                    Hard Armor

Rental and professional quality heavier, slightly flexible vinyl, leather, Fiberglas, or metal armor based costumes. {Ask about shipping}
Ib2699 Ib0006
F    ROMAN HAMATA  30" long x 42" chest 6 mm ring mild steel chainmail, 22 pounds. (steel)    1,010.00
F    ROMAN LORICA  47" circumference, 18 guage, 25 lb. (steel)    255.00
Ib0024 Ib0063
Ib0024F    GOTHIC SUIT  of armor, 6', 18 guage, includes wood stand. (steel)    1,980.00
Ib0063F    MILANESE SUIT  6', 16 ga., with chainmail skirt, iron stand. (steel)    2,970.00
Also, other styles, chainmail and tools, pieces, cloaks and surcoats, gambesons and jackets, leg padding and caps, shirts and pants, helms, shields, weapons, etc.

            ARMOR  <MP>

Various armor pieces.


Di14730 Pta7875 Di14728
Di14730    ROMAN CUIRASS  2 pieces. (silver/gold)    22.00
Di14728    GREVES  (leg armor) 2 pieces, coordinates with Di14730. (silver/gold)    12.00
Pta7875    BLACK CUIRASS  2 pieces. (black/gray)    55.00
Mc5623 ARM & WRIST BANDS (gold) 10.00
Pta7413 KNIGHT'S CHESTPLATE (gray) 12.00
Mq5231 KNIGHT'S CUIRASS 2 pc (silver/gray) 40.00
Pta2803 THIGH/SHIN GREVES 4 pc (gray) 20.00

                        COSTUME QUALITY

Metal and heavier synthetic costume pieces.

            ARMOR PIECES  <M,PW>

Vr6114F CHAIN MAIL COIF steel 74.00
Vr6115F CHAIN MAIL SHIRT 32 lbs, steel 400.00
Ib2150:1F BREASTPLATE (steel : etched) 170.00:215.00
Ib2100:1F GAUNTLET (steel : etched) 165.00:185.00
Ib2102F BRASS EMBOSSED GAUNTLET 14½" long 202.00
Also suits of armor, more mail, helms, bucklers, bosses,etc.

            SHIELDS  <PW>


Di14731 Pta7877 Pta7774
Di14731    LION SHIELD  18" round. (silver/gold)    12.00
Pta7877    LEGION SHIELD  (black/gray)    22.00
Pta7774    GLADIATOR SHIELD  16½" diameter, heavier vinyl. (gold)    14.00
Pta7411 WOLF SHIELD 23" diam 12.00
Mq5234 OVAL SHIELD 17" x 23" (silver/gold) 21.50
Mq5230 KNIGHTS SHIELD 17" x 23" (silver/gold) 21.50
Pta7412 ROYAL SHIELD 18" x 29" (gray) 12.00

                        COSTUME QUALITY

Realistic, more functional props.
WOOD TARGE 20" diameter shield, from 137.00
Mrp801\2F ROUND SHIELD 16" d :24" d steel 90.00
Ib800\3F LONG SHIELD 18"x30" (bronze/steel) 190.00
Ib803\3F PAINTED LONG SHIELD (painted bronze) 215.00
Ib850\4F MEDIEVIL SHIELD 18"x25" (bonze/steel) 190.00


This section includes helmets, crowns, tiaras, and related headpieces. As always, if the sought style is not listed, telephone for assistance.

E Economy - usually of some non-durable synthetic, little size variation within style, not intended to be cleaned or reblocked, with most priced under $15.00.
---F proFessonal quality - maintainable, durable.
HM---  Metal
HQ---  miscellaneous headpiece materials: latex, etc.
HV----  rigid plastic or generally more flexible Vinyl, including synthetic "straw" frames. Usually, one size.
            To custom color use spray dye, or cover.
H-C---  Combs, with upright decoration.
H-T--- Tiaras, partial circlets.
H-W--- CroWn, turbans, and other full-circle-base royalty headpieces.



Most are made of various weights of vinyl, with price generally reflecting weight.
Cf50870 Pta7876 Cf95401  Mc95505
VCf50870    ECONO VINYL ROMAN  light weight. (silver/gold)    12.00
VPta7876    FEATHERED VINYL ROMAN (black/gray)  27.50
VCf95401    VINYL ROMAN  more durable vinyl. (gold)    14.50
VMc95501    CRESTED ROMAN  Cf95401 with vinyl crest. (gold)    18.00
VMc95505    BRUSH CREST ROMAN heavier weight with black or red brush. (gold helm)    30.50
McGC60 McJA54
VMcGC60    BRUSH CREST SPARTAN  heavier vinyl. (gold/red)    115.00
McJA54    BARBARIAN  9½" high, latex. (black/silver)    18.00
VMc95001    HORNED VIKING 15½" wide x 11" high, heavier vinyl with fur trim. (gold/gray/white)    16.25
QPp402 VIKING `GOAT'  latex. (gold/white) 27.50
QPp401 MOOR HELM latex (silver) 18.75
VA876\2 ECONO VISORED KNIGHT (gray : silver/gray) 12.00:18.00
VMq869 ECONO CONQUISTADOR (silver) 10.50

                        COSTUME QUALITY

Fine quality pieces, most made of steel, sized adult Large (Medium listed where available) and may be used with an arming cap. Request other styles, sizes, and sizing information. For armor, mail, period clothing, boot/shoes, etc. highlights, view CHARACTER COSTUMES and CHARACTER COSTUME PIECES then telephone regarding items you do not see.
MIb208-\5F    JAPANESE DAIMYO  (multi)    from 410.00
MVr6116\4F VARIOUS STYLES 18 gauge steel (steel/brass) 125.00
MVr6118\5F VARIOUS STYLES 18 ga. (steel/brass) 190.00
MMrp9---\7F VARIOUS STYLES 16-18 ga. 215.00
F    TROJAN  steel with black removeable full brush. (black)    95.00
MIb1434F    ROMAN SOLDIER  18 ga, 4½ pounds. (polished steel/brass)    135.00
MBdkBH60F    CENTURIAN with red BRUSH  16-18 ga. steel. (polished steel/brass)    200.00
MVr6125F ROMAN w/red BRUSH 18ga (steel/brass) 210.00
Ib484 Ib524 Ib521 Ib460 Ib388
F    VIKING "SPECTACLE"  variation of Ib484 without spike, lined 16 guage, 4½ pounds.    105.00
MIb484F    NORWEGIAN VIKING  with chin strap, 14 ga., approximately 5 lb. Medium, Large    165.00
MIb524F    VALSGARDE  brass trimmed with chin strap, 8th Century Swedish, leather lined 14 ga., 7½ lb.    315.00
MIb521F    COPPERGATE  with chain aventail and chin strap, 8th Century Anglo-Saxon,14 ga., 6½ lb. ML    445.00
MIb460F    PHRYGIAN NASAL HELM  with leather liner and straps, 12th Century Norman style, 14 ga., 5 lb. ML    145.00
MIb388F    KETTLE HAT  with leather strap, 12th - 15th Centuries, 14 ga., 6 lb. ML    185.00
Ib352 Ib396 Ib372 Ib1340
F    CRUSADER  lined, 14 ga. ~8 lb. ML    210.00
MIb396F    GREAT HELM  padded, 13th - 14th Centuries, 14 ga. ~10 lb. ML    205.00  (may be worn over Ib372 Secret Helm.)
MIb372F    SECRET HELM  with leather liner and chin strap, 14th Century, used under Great or Tilting Helms, 14 ga., ~4 lb. ML    100.00
MIb1340F    SUGAR LOAF  with brass cross, 16 ga., 6 lb.    105.00
Ib452 Ib1400 Ib332 Ib336
F    JAW BONE VISOR HELM  with leather liner and strap, 14 ga., 8 lb. ML    205.00
MIb1400F    PIGFACE HOUND'S SKULL  14th - 15th Centuries, suitable for use with Aventail (ask). (steel/gold)    105.00
MIb332F    BARBUTE / CELETA  with straps, 15th Century, ML    145.00
MIb336F    T-FACE BARBUTE  with leather liner and chin strap, 15th Century, 14 ga., 6½ lb. ML    205.00
MIb472F    SALLET  with visor, browplate, bevor (throat armor), 14 ga., 10 lb. ML    260.00
MIb1364F    MAXIMILLIAN  15th - 16th Centuries, 16 ga., 6 lb.    175.00
MIb2984F    MORION  16th - 17th Centuries, 16 ga., 4½ lb.    90.00
MIb2108T   COMBAT HELM  with hinged faceplate, complys with many re-enactment societies regulations, 14 ga., 8 lb. (blackened steel)    160.00
MPIb313    ARMING CAP  padded canvas with neck ties, for use under helms and coifs. (black, natural)    16.00


CroWns (full circlets) unless otherwise noted. Tiaras are partial circlets with front jewel displays. Combs are a single comb with a vertical display. A coronet is a miniature crown. Rhinestones are crystal unless otherwise noted. For fabric-only turbons, see NON-UNIFORM HEADGEAR. Request customization information.
 Ss9108 Ss9753
QWSs9107    LIBERTY SPIKES  seven 5" points on headclip. (gold, silver)    16.00
QWSs9108    LIBERTY CROWN  sequin trimmed headpiece with chin elastic. (gold, silver)    46.00
COm666\6    RHINESTONE COMB  metal on comb.  (gold, silver)    13.00
Ss9753    SEQUIN CORONET  2¾ " diameter x 3" high, wired sequin braid. (several colors)    8.75
VTA0010\A POINTED or FILIGREE TIARA plastic (gold, silver) 4.75
The following tiaras have metal frames, most with side combs. (For gold add 10%.)
MTA20   RHINESTONE TIARAS assorted styles 10.00
assorted styles 15.00
MTA30 RHINESTONE TIARAS assorted styles 16.50
MTA200 RHINESTONE TIARAS assorted styles 20.00
MTDm310 RHINESTONE TIARAS assorted styles 25.00
MTDm320 RHINESTONE TIARAS assorted styles 35.00
MTDm330 RHINESTONE TIARAS assorted styles 42.00
QWSs9753 CORONET 2¾" diam x 3" high, sequin (black, gold, silver, white iris) 8.50
VWPta7309 ECONO PRINCE CROWN 6½" d x 4" high, ‘jeweled' plastic (gold) 5.00
VWPta7295 ECONO KING CROWN 8" d x 4½" high, ‘jeweled' plastic (gold) 8.00
Ss9732 Ss9733 Ss9734
The following VWSs series are constructed of  medium weight vinyl with synthetic "jewels" and, where applicable, velvet turbans.
VWSs9732    VINYL QUEEN'S CROWN  hammered metal effect. (gold, silver)    34.00
VWSs9733    VINYL KING'S CROWN  hammered effect. (gold, silver)    66.00
VWSs9734    VINYL FLEUR DE LIS CROWN  hammered effect. (gold, silver)    66.00
Ss9709 Ss9702 Ss9740
VWSs9709    VINYL PRINCESS CROWN  "jeweled" hammered effect. (assorted jewels on gold, silver)    34.00
VWSs9702    VINYL PRINCE CROWN  variation of Ss9709.    34.00
VWSs9740    VINYL PEARLED CROWN  variation of Ss9709 with 2 rows of synthetic "pearls".    64.00
Ss9714 Ss9739 Ss9708
VWSs9714    VINYL TURBANED PRINCESS  with wired sequin and mock ermine trim. (gold or silver with red or royal)    48.00
VWSs9739    VINYL TURBANED PRINCE  with "jewels". (gold or silver with red or royal)    52.00
VWSs9708    VINYL CORONATION CROWN  with mock pearls, jewels, and ermine. (gold or silver with red or royal)    120.00
MWHaKGJN KING JOHN CROWN (gold) metal foil 100.00
MWHaIMPL IMPERIAL CROWN metal foil (gold/various) 125.00
 As94201  As67821
The following As styles are made from embossed heavy metal foil.
MWAs94201    MEDIEVAL QUEEN  3¼" high, jeweled. M (7½" diam,), L (8½" d.) (gold, gunmetal, silver)    32.00
MWAs67821    FLEUR DE LIS KING  8½" d., jeweled. (gold)    60.00
MWAs1405 TURBANED KING (gold with black, burgundy, or royal turban) 120.00
Din1 Din12
The following Din--- series are finest quality, crystal rhinestones (colors +10%, AB priced on request) or white synthetic pearls on metal frames. Any style is available in silver (or gold +10%) on request but is priced below as described. Also without stones, other styles, or custom designs for pageant or period reproductions. Dimensions are approximate. Ask about coordinating jewelry.
MWDin1F    FLEUR CIRCLET  with about 2/3 circumference 3½" high display, adjustable 6½-8" d, no stones. (silver:gold)    60.00 : 66.00
MWDin12F    PRINCE CIRCLET  4¼" high, plain : with stones. (silver)    66.00 : 85.00
MWDin14F    FLEUR  3½" high x adjustable 7½" d, plain : with rhinestones. (gold)    125.00 : 250.00
Din200 Din202  
MWDin200F    PRINCESS I  smaller 4" d x 1¼" high, rhinestones. (silver:gold)    75.00 : 82.50
MWDin202F    PRINCESS II  smaller 4" d x 2½" high, rhinestones (silver)    130.00
MWDin202PF    PRINCESS II  with 4 synthetic pearls on each display, rhinestones (gold)    155.00
MWDin232F    REGAL  4¼" high x 4½" d, rhinestones. (silver)    170.00
Din106 with earrings Din215 Din 225
MWDin106F    DUCHESS CIRCLET  3¼" high x 5½" d, rhinestones. (silver)    375.00
MWDin215F    PAGEANT  3¾" high, rhinestones. (silver:gold)    325.00 : 365.00
MWDin220F    ROYALTY  5" high x 6"diameter, rhinestones (silver)    400.00
MWDin225    EMPRESS CIRCLET  8½" high, adjustable diameter, rhinestones. (silver)    575.00
Din10 Din7
MWDin10F    MONARCH  5" high x 7½" diameter, plain : with stones. (silver)    120.00 : 150.00
MWDin7F    EMPORER  7¾" high, rhinestones. (silver:gold)    575.00 : 625.00
                        Ask about coordinating jewelry.

                    Scepters  <PQ>

Designed to coordinate with Din crowns, metal base topped with back-to-back double display. Priced silver with crystal rhinestones.
DinS100 & DinS200
DinS100    FLEUR  17½" long, rhinestones. (silver)    65.00
DinS200    BUTTERFLY  18" long, rhinestones. (silver)    130.00

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