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The following lamp TABLES list GTS recommended lamps for the specified lighting instruments. To lamp unlisted fixtures, specialty units (xenon, effects, audio-visual, reprography, medical, etc.), or facility and display lighting (HMI, mercury vapor, fluorescent, etc.) telephone for assistance. For pin-spot small Pars, UV, strobe, and mini-quartz lamps, see SPECIAL EFFECTS. For an explanation of ANSI codes, see ANSI LAMP CODES at the end of this document. Also, COLOR TEMPERATURE  for an introduction to color balancing.
NOTE: If you have been buying the same lamp for over 5 years, ask about possible improved replacements. Always test lamp continuity before discarding.
IMPORTANT: All lamp sales are final - no returns or exchanges.
All GTS lamps are new from factory/distributor warehouse stocks - immediately advise upon receipt of any shipment damage so that shipper may examine the packege.

Compare LUMENS output vs. average LIFE and PRICE. Q prefix = quartz, x suffix = extended life.

TABLE A: Double-contact Bayonet BA15d base (for 3" Fresnel)

Q100CL/DC/2 Uh ESR 1900 / 2850º 750 16.00
Q150/CL/DC Uh ETC 2800 / 2900º 2000 12.25
Q250/CL/DC Uh ESS 5000 / 3000º 2000 13.25

TABLE B1: (A) Medium Pre-focus P28s base (for 6" Fresnel)

                     (B) Metal Halide G12 base

(A) Q500/CL Uh BTL 11000 / 2950º 500 24.50
(A) Q500/CL Uh BTM 13000 / 3200º 100 27.00
(A) Q750/CL Uh BTNx 17000 / 3000º 750 23.75
(A) Q750/CL Uh BTP 20000 / 3200º 200 27.50
(A) Q1M/CL Uh BTR 28500 / 3200º 250 28.00
(B) Ask about G12 lamps

TABLE B2: Medium Pre-focus P28s base (for Incandescent Ellipsoidal) 

Q500/CL Ge EGE 10000 / 3000º 2000 30.75
Q750/CL Uh EGG 15000 / 3000º 2000 26.25
Q1M/CL Os EGJ 25500 / 3200º 400 35.00

TABLE C: Mogul Pre-focus P40s base (for 8" Fresnel)

Q1M/CL Ge BVT 23000 / 3050º 500 51.00
Q2M/CL Tn BVW 58000 / 3200º 300 72.00

TABLE D: Medium 2-pin G9.5 base (for Axial Quartz Ellipsoidal, etc.) 

Q400 Uh HX400 10000 / 3200º 300 30.00
Q400 Uh HX401 8500 / 3050º 1500 30.00
Q500/5CL Os EHCEHB 13000 / 3200º 300 27.00
Q500CL/TP Tn EHD 10000 / 3000º 2000 24.00
Q575 Tn FLKx (HX601) 12800 / 3050º 1500 24.50
Q575 Tn FLK (HX600) 16500 / 3200º 300 24.50
Q750CL/TP Py EHG 15000 / 3000º 2000 20.75
Q1M/4C Ge FELx 27000 / 3200º 300 19.00
TABLE E: Mini-can Screw base E11 (for some 4½" Framing Ellipsoidals)
Q250CL/MC Uh EHT 5000 / 3000º 2000 13.25
Q500CL/MC Uh EVR 10450 / 2950º 2000 23.25

TABLE F: Medium Screw E26 base (for 10" Scoop)

250G30/FL Ge       3650 800 19.00
400G30/FL Py       6800 800 17.75

TABLE G: T3 & T4 Double Ended (for Floods)

Q300T2½/CL Uh EHM 5900 / 3000º 2000 4.00
Q500T3/CL Uh FCL 10000 / 3000º 2000 5.00
Q750T3/4CL Uh EJG 20600 / 3200º 400 16.00
Q1MT3/4CL Uh FCM 27000 / 3200º 300 12.00
Q1.5MT4/4CL Tn FDB 40000 / 3200º 400 30.00
Q2M/CL Uh FFW 57000 / 3200º 125 42.25

TABLE H: Mogul Screw E39 base (for some larger Scoops)

500PS40/CL Ge (9¾" long, 5¼" diam)     10750 1000 14.00
1MPS52/CL Ge (13" long)     23740 1000 24.00
DSE (frosted) 30000 / 3200º 500 53.25
1.5M/PS52/CL Ge (13" long)     34400 1000 55.00
DSF (frosted) 40000 / 3200º 750 62.25
BWF 59000 / 3200º 300 87.50

TABLE I: for Follow Spots

(A) Mogul Pre-focus base (for many older models)
(B) Miniature 2-pin base (for some MR16 models)
(C) Medium 2-pin base (for some short throw models)
(D) G22 base (for some HMI models)
(E) 55 volts metal halide (for some HTI models)
(A) Q1.5M/CL Ge DTAx 39000 / 3200º 300 83.75
(B) Q360/82v Uh FLE NA / 3300º 75 28.00
(B) Q360/82v Uh ENX NA / 3300º 75 18.00
(B) Q410/82v Os FXL NA / 3300º 75 15.00
(C) Q1M/4C Tn FELx 27000 / 3200º 375 22.00
(C) HX754 Tn HX754  / 3200º 300 30.00
(D) HMI575 Tn HMI-575W/SE     49000 750 240.00
(E) HTI400/24 Tn HTI-400W/24 NA 250 380.00

TABLE J: Medium bi-pin heat sink base; *750w has 3 pins (for many ETC fixtures)
HPL575/115v Uh HPL-575WC/115V 16,520 / 3250º 300 26.00
HPL575/115x Uh HPL-575WX/115V 12,360 / 3000º 2000 26.00
*HPL750/115v Uh HPL-750WC/115V 21,900 / 3250º 300 26.00
*HPL750/115x Uh HPL-750WX/115V 16,400 / 3050º 1500 26.00
HPL575/120v Uh HPL-575WC/120V 16,520 / 3205º 300 26.00
*HPL750/120v Uh HPL-750WC/120V 21,900 / 3250º 300 28.00
       *NOTE: 3-pin 750 watts HPL will not fit 2-pin 575w fixtures, check you fixture sockets before ordering.
        Additional HPL wattages and voltages available - inquire.

TABLE L: Stage Pars
75w medium screw flood 75R30F 900 7500 5.00
150 watts med. screw spot 150Par38 1,800 5000 9.50
200w med. side prong, Narrow or Medium Uh 200Par46/N M 2,200 2000 30.00
300w mogul end prong, select N M Wide Ge 300Par56/N M W ~2,100 2000 19.50
300w mogul end prong, select N M W Uh 300Par56/N M W ~2,100 2000 29.00
quartz 500w MgEP, N M W spread Uh Q500Par56/N M W ~4,800 4000 48.00
500w extended MgEP, N M W Ge 500Par64/N M W 6,500 2000 35.25
500w extended MgEP, N M W Uh 500Par64/N M W 6,500 2000 47.00
quartz 1,000w Par64 ExMgEP, Very narrow N M W Uh FFN FFP FFR FFS ~13,000 800 38.00

"~" (approximate) lumens are the medium spread rating. Other Pars available.
For pin-spots and other small Pars, see SPECIAL EFFECTS.

GTSAID: ANSI (American National Standards Institute) LAMP CODES (most stage lamp codes are 3 upper case letters) identify a lamp as fulfilling the minimum specifications for a recommended use. Some manufacturers design their lamps to exceed minimum life expectancy ("x" extended life), are available in multiple voltages (most commonly "/130"=130v for higher voltage circuits), or are coated ("IF"=inside frosted) to increase diffusion. Other variations permit color temperature (usually with life expentancy) flexibility. For assistance, telephone 712/255-0972.

GTSAID: COLOR TEMPERATURE is a spectrum rating in degrees Kelvin. The lower temperatures are more yellow, the highest most blue. If color without color media is important, generally:
            3,000 - 4,000º K are warmer, more yellow hues
            4,000 - 5,000º K are cooler, more white hues
            6,000º - higher are more daylight, bluer hues.
When multi-source (e.g., indoor and outdoor light) must be coordinated (usually for graphics applications; e.g., television studios are commonly lamped about 3,200º K), request information regarding color correction filters.
To simplify overall balanced stage color from differing instruments and lamps, it is desireable to select lamps with similar Kelvin ratings. In the above charts (if listed) this is the "/ ####º " specification  listed after the lumen output. Because the color temperature rates the output of the lamp filament at full power (undimmed), the color will cool with dimming. Ask about unlisted lamps which may provide a more suitable color temperature for your applications.

GTSUGGESTS: Ideally, lamps should be mounted and removed holding the base without handling the bulb (the glass portion of the lamp). Although casual bulb contact generally is not a problem, soiling the bulb with significant fixture carbon, dust, or skin oils may lead to spot overheating and destruction of the bulb. Consider carrying a pair of clean light-weight cotton gloves, wearing one, and using it to wipe off the bulb after lamp handling with the other hand. Periodically launder for ongoing use. To order: MAZb110:Zb111 RIBBED COTTON GLOVES S M L X    (white) 4.00 : with snaps 4.50.

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