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Highlights of the more popular items from the complete GTS selection. Request your other needs.
NOTE: Many lighting items are irregularly shaped, bulky, or excessively heavy, requiring additional shipping charges - ask.

                FRAME AND HANG

                    Media (color, "gel") Frames 

Media frames are sized to fit within the lighting instrument retainer flanges and have lens size openings (for lensed instruments). Several other frame sizes and non-metal "safety frames" are also available.
Le301    MEDIA FRAME  3¾" x 3¾"  for many 3" & PAR 16 units.    4.00
Le324    MEDIA FRAME  43/8" x 4½"  for Le3520.    4.25
Le314    MEDIA FRAME  6" x 6"  for Le6004.    4.50
Le320    MEDIA FRAME  7½" x 61/8"  for Le6350.    24.00
Le303    MEDIA FRAME 7½" x 7½  for 6" units & most PAR 56.    4.25
Le308    MEDIA FRAME  813/16" x 79/16" for Le6595.    14.00
Le323    MEDIA FRAME  813/16" x 8½"  for Le6585.    11.00
Le305    MEDIA FRAME  10" x 10"  for most PAR 64.    6.50
Le319    MEDIA FRAME  10¼" x 11¾"  for Le6550 & Le6571.    24.00
For other frame styles/sizes, provide dimensions and/or instrument brand/model.
GMW6    MOTORIZED COLOR WHEEL  6 media frames, 7 rpm, fits 7½" frame slot.    130.00

                    Snoots (top hats) & Barndoors (4-door) 

Snoots restrict the spread of light as it leaves the instrument, providing a more focused circle of light.
   5" SNOOT  for 6" x 6" frame slot.    26.00
Le352    6" SNOOT  for 7½" x 7½" frame slot.    28.00
Le353    8" SNOOT  for 10" x 10" frame slot.    30.00
Barndoors function like shutters in ellipsoidals and follow spots. By adjusting the angle of each door, projection is limited in that direction, eliminating "spill" onto areas where illumination is undesirable. Other shapes and sizes are available.
Le341    5" BARNDOORS  for 6" x 6" frame slot.    60.00
Le342    6" BARNDOORS  for 7½" x 7½" frame slot.    65.00
Le343    8" BARNDOORS  for 10" x 10" frame slot.    85.00

                    Clamps, Trunnions, Ladders, Safety Cables  Le535

Clamps are intended for pipe mounting, note varying pipe diameter capacities. Trunnions are a pair of triangular supports suitable for  floor standing or, with 2 C-clamps, pipe mounting. Ladders are pipe-hung racks suitable for mounting lighting, effects, or other units. Safety cables should be looped throught the instrument yoke then over the pipe and snapped, serving as a "last resort" instrument support should instrument or clamp be released, especially when moving or focussing.
Iy510:512    RING CLAMP  medium duty, for 1½" : 1" or 2" pipe.    8.00
Iy80    COMPACT C-CLAMP  medium duty, short drop, for up to 2¼" pipe.    6.00
Iy800    IRON C-CLAMP  traditional, for 2" pipe.    11.00
Le527    ALUMINUM C-CLAMP  light weight, heavy duty, for 2" pipe.    14.25
Le528    ALUMINUM C-CLAMP/CABLE  Le527 with integrated safety cable, for 2" pipe.    19.00
Le534    TRUNNIONS (pair)  for groundrow (no hardware).    39.00
Le534K    TRUNNIONS (pair) with MOUNTING HARDWARE  for groundrow use (add C-clamps to hang).   48.00
Le535    CASTERED TRUNNIONS (pair)  for easy floor handling.    85.00
Le5330:5331    SAFETY CABLE  30" braided heavy wire with snap & loop. (steel : black)    7.00 : 9.00
Ask about other clamps, trunnions, stands, and instrument accessories.


                    Glass Lenses Le600 & Le2500

High temperature tolerant glass lenses are sized by diameters. Generally, fresnel lenses satisfactorilly replace older step lenses. Longer focal length ellipsoidal lenses produce more distant focal points - specifications on request. Lens retaining rings, follow spot lenses, and other lens sizes and types available.
    4½" FRESNEL LENS  for even light diffusion.    22.00
Le600    6" FRESNEL LENS    20.00
Le2300:2210   4½"d x 6½"f (focal length) : x 16"f PLANO CONVEX LENS for 4½" ellipsoidals.    46.00
Le2500:2700:2800    6"d x 9"f : x 12"f : or x 16"focal length PC LENS for 6" ellipsoidals.    52.00
For roundels see COLOR MEDIA below. Request other sizes and shapes information.

                    Lamp Sockets  C3, P28s, P40s

The international specification code {--}and maximum electrical capacity follows the common lamp base name. Request assistance with replacement hardware. Following are the most requested sockets. Several others available.
Uh1264    MEDIUM PRE-FOCUS SOCKET {P28s}  250 volts, 10 amps, with fiberboard insulator.    26.50
G2810    MOGUL PRE-FOCUS SOCKET {P40s}  250v, 2,500 watts, with fiberboard insulator.    60.00
Uh3149   MEDIUM BIPOST SOCKET {G22}  1,000v, 20a.    45.00    NOTE: This socket usually serves well to replace {GY16}.
Uh112    MEDIUM 2-PIN SOCKET {C3}  125v, 10a, with lead wires.    20.00
Uh677    RECESSED SINGLE-CONTACT SOCKET {J1}  250v, 10a, with lead wire, for many double-ended lamps.    7.75 per pair

                    Connectors  PBG, GSP, twistlock

Following are the most used stage lighting fixture in-line (unmounted) electrical power plugs and receptacles listed by NEMA 125 volts specification and common name. All are durably encased and include strain reliefs. Many other connector styles (including mountable) and replacement sheathed wire sets are also available - provide NEMA specification or request assistance.
    5-15 MALE 15 amps parallel blade grounded (PBG) plug, grounded household type, suitable for fixtrues up to 1,000 watts. (black)    10.00
Lx5269    5-15 FEMALE  PBG receptacle, suitable for 1,000w applications. (black)    14.50
Lx2311    L5-20 MALE   20 amp twistlock plug, suitable for 1,500w fixtures. (black)    14.50
Lx2313    L5-20 FEMALE  20a twistlock recetacle. (black)    18.50
Lx2611    L5-30 MALE   30 amp twistlock plug, suitable for 2,000w fixtures. (black)    22.00
Lx2613    L5-30 FEMALE  30a twistlock recetacle. (black)    35.00
LxL2P20GM    2P--20G MALE   20 amp grounded stage pin (GSP) plug, suitable for 1,500w fixtures. (black)    11.00
LxL2P20GF    2P-20G FEMALE  20a GSP recetacle. (black)    11.00
GTS in-line connector attachment (various factories service charges vary).
ZLZGTS    ATTACH IN-LINE CONNECTOR  GTS in-house service.    5.00

                CONNECTOR CABLES <LDB>

Stage lighting electrical power cables are generally design classified as adapter, multiplier, or extension cables. Adapters permit interconnection of differing NEMA type connectors. Multipliers permit a single power source to branch to 2 or more receptacles. Extensions are generally available in 25', 50' oe 100' lengths with the same NEMA type plug and receptacle, but may be customized as requested including bundled multiple cables ("snakes"). Following are a few examples: M = male plug, F = female receptacle. Request your needs.
Lx5017    L5-20Male to 5-15Female ADAPTER  12" long.    40.00
Lx5015    5-15M to L5-20F ADAPTER  12".    35.00
Lx5016    2P-20GM to 5-15F ADAPTER  12".    30.00
Lx5012    2P-20GM to L5-20F ADAPTER  12"    35.00
Molded Y = 1 to 2 lead multiplier, W = 1 to 3 leads.
Lx3123Y515    5-15Male to 2 Females Y-MULTIPLIER  36" long.    75.00
Lx3123YL520    L5-20M to 2 F Y-MULTIPLIER  36".    80.00
Lx3123Y2P20G    2P20GM to 2 F Y-MULTIPLIER  36".    65.00
Lx4123W515    5-15M to 3 F W-MULTIPLIER  36".    85.00
Lx4123WL520    L5-20M to 3 F W-MULTIPLIER  36".    90.00

                TEST EQUIPMENT <Q>

A wide selection of electrical, audio, DMX, and other test equipment is available - ask.
    DIGITAL MULTIMETER  for measuring voltage, amperage, cable and lamp continuity      15.00
            No shop or stage should be without a VOM (volt-ohm-milliameter). This economical model will be paid for
            with the first functional "dead" stage lamp not thrown away.

                PROJECTION PATTERNS (gobo)  <LA

Several hundred steel patterns, including interlocking and glass for multi-color background, floor, or display projections. Focussed projections require an ellipsoidal, pattern projector, or similar unit. Generally, patterns and holders are sized by focal point/image diameter. When ordering specify pattern diameter and holder slot width or, if no slot, lighting instrument lens diameter and type of planned  pattern mounting. Pattern image subjects copies on request.
Sizing: Most focusable 6" instruments will use a 3" pattern (some sized 3 3/8) = 86 mm = size "B". Also available: "E" = 37.5 mm, "D" (glass) = 51.8 mm, "D" (metal) = 53.3 mm, "M" = 66 mm, "BG"  = 79 mm, "A" = 100 mm, plus custom sizes.
A----    GLASS PATTERNS  various colors and sizes, most require special holders.    from 60.00
Le362    3" PATTERN HOLDER  for most 6" fixtures.    9.00
Ro15786    3" GLASS PATTERN HOLDER  for many 6" fixtures and 1 or 2 steel and/or most glass patterns.    20.00
Other brands, sizes, and configurations of patterns and holders are available. Request custom patterns (from 85.00) and animations information.


GTSAID: Nearly all light control media are a coated glass or polyester base and are designed to achieve one or more of the following:  Restrict Transmission Color (change the color by reducing or elliminating some frequencies), Restrict Lumen Transmission (reduce illumination), or Expand Transmission Coverage Area (diffusion). These media are commonly classified as Color, Color Correction, Reduction, or Diffusion. All of these processes reduce light concentration; i.e., the darker or more diffuse the media, the less light available at a given point. The process of absorbing radiation frequencies heats the media, tending over time to degrade the coating, thus changing the light transmission characteristics. The media stability and price is generally increased as follows:  Coated Polyester, Sandwiched Polyester (coating between poly layers), Polycarbonate, Acrylic Panels (for large opening color correction), Single-coated Glass (1 transmission frequency specification dye), Dichroic Glass (2 or more different dye films). Order by "color" number and name. For additional details and other assistance - ask.
Ro----    ROSCOLUX, EUROCOLOR  ~450 different (2 to 4 digit "color" numbers), 20" x 24" sheet.    7.75;  Request roll pricing.
Ro----    CINEGEL  for color correction.    20" x 24" sheet.    from 7.75;  Request roll pricing.
Lee---    LEE  ~300 colors & diffusers (3 digit "color" numbers), 21" x 24" sheet.    7.75;  Request roll pricing.
Gm----    GAM  ~100 colors & diffusers (2 to 4 digit "color" numbers), 20" x 24" sheet.    8.25;  Request roll pricing.
Lee---HT    LEE HIGH TEMPERATURE polycarbonate  ~50 colors (3 "color" numbers suffixed HT), 21" x 24" sheet.    9.00;  Request roll pricing.
Ro----    REFLECTION & SCRIM  ~50 different effects, 20" x 24" sheet.    most 8.00;  Request roll pricing.
Ro8601    FLAT MEDIA STORAGE DRAWERS  21½" x 25", for all above.    70.00 for 6 drawers
InF40TG:F96TG    4' : 8' FLUORESCENT SLEEVE  15/8" diameter polycarbonate for T12 lamps, add media of choice. (clear)    6.00 : 8.00
G145    5" UV ROUNDEL  trnsmits nearly no visible light, permitting fluorescent effects in the dark.    35.00
Le114    55/8" ROUNDEL  50% spread, for many border-light strips.  (amber, blue, clear, green, red)    17.50
                Request other sizes and colors information.
GgDGFR458    STRIPPED GLASS  bounded strips, no frame required, 7½" x 7½". (50 colors)    from 35.00
                Long lived media where color variety is not needed. Request other sizes and custom colors information.
                                                GTSAID:  THERMAL MEDIA
If polyester media is melting or prematurely wrinkling, do not install glass media until the problem is elliminated. First confirm that the lighting instruments are receiving a continuous flow of cooling ambient air. If not, improved air circulation or a lower thermal lamp output is needed. Otherwise, thermal media should be considered. Thermal media is placed between the lamp and the color media. Two types exist: heat dissipation or reflection. Infrared (IR) reflective coated media returns the heat toward the lamp, potentially reducing lamp life and, generally, is a last resort. Pirex or similar materials will absorb IR radiation frequencies, reducing the heat reaching the color media. Most (not all) lighting instrument media frame flanges allow space for two frames or other ~1/8" thick filters. If located against the color media, limited heat dissipation will occur. Ideally, the absorption media should be separated from the color media to allow greater heat dissipation into the air. Media extenders are available, but bolting a media frame, with or without spacers, to the front of the flanges is a less expensive solution. Telephone 712/255-0972 for further assiatance.

Ask about dichroic, patterned, custom, UV, or polarizing filters. Also, black foil, specialty frames, and other media-associated products. MUCH MORE.

                LIGHTING STANDS  <YN>

portable systems are retractable aluminum with folding tripod supports, 4' top-bars, 2' arms, lighting instrument bolt mounts.
TECLS101    TOP-BAR STAND  light duty, maximum 12' height, 80 pounds weight.    110.00 per pair
TECLS102    TOP-BAR & 2 ARMS STAND  light duty, maximum 12' height, 100 pounds weight.    130.00 per pair
TLS115    TOP-BAR CRANK-LIFT  medium duty, 5½ - 11' height, 90 pound load.    400.00
   TRUSS STAND light duty, with 10' (2 5' sections) truss, 2 top-bars, maximum 9' height, 100 pounds weight.    150.00
TLS132    CRANK-LIFT TRUSS  moderate duty, 2 section 10' truss, 2 top-bars, maximum 9' height, 190 lb. load.    325.00
Request information regarding heavy duty stands, portable and fixed truss systems.


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