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Following is a brief highlight list of more often requested theatrical makeup items. For assistance with special effects, prosthetics, or other problems, telephone. The best buys below are Steins (while they last).
IMPORTANT: All makeup sales are final, no returns or exchanges - this is a requirement of most state health codes. NO computer monitor colors should be considered accurate. Many sets and kits (not all listed below) are available, allowing sampling and experimentation with smaller quantities. The  color listing "naturals" references skin tones, "brights" include pastel and stronger non-flesh shades, "metallics" include metal and metalized shades. Other colors, quantities, and items are available on request.
CAUTION: Some items, especially prosthetic and adhesive makeups, require competent use - request assistance. Although all listed makeup meets federal cosmetic requirements, some adults, teens, and, especially, youngsters may be sensitive to some ingredients. If user chemical allergies are known, request specific ingredient lists. Various colorants are used in makeup. Most are washable, but fabric response may vary with fibers and dye combinations. If in doubt, test with a small amount of makeup prior to full application.

Example: KFN210 is Nye cream foundations
KA applicators K-A most brands K--0 none
-B boxes --Cs Cinema ---1 water
-C cleaners --G generic ---2 oil
-F foundations --Gf Graftobian ---3 grease
-K kits --M Mehron ---4 wax
-E, -L liners, shadows --N Nye ---5 enamel
-Q miscellaneous --S Steins ---6 powder
-R prosthetics

---7 adhesive or remover
-S sets

---8 prosthetic
-X effects (S  while they last.) ---9 miscellaneous




Foundations are the general, broad area coverage makeup generally applied first, and used to establish a base (foundation) skin color.
Ask about other brands, colors, and air brush makeup and equipment.

                   FINISH ADJUSTMENT & SEALERS

Products which better seal and/or smooth the skin before, or makeup after, application. Additional listings with specific categories: Lips, Prosthetics, etc.
N172    Water-base Setter  and mixing liquid.    2 oz. spray  7.00,  4 oz. refill  9.50
M2194    Velvet Finish  to smooth (especially for close-ups) and prepare clean skin for makeup.  (clear)    1 oz.  20.00
M2134    Matte Finish  transluscent, to elliminate "shine" on skin or blend into prosthetics.  (light, medium, dark)    .5 oz. tube  7.00
M9145    Barrier Pump Spray  2 oz.  8.00,    9 oz. refill  20.00,    gallon refill  95.00
N77    Final Seal  pump bottle.    1 oz.  6.50;    Refill:    8 oz.  20.00;    16 oz.  30.50
            Above 2 sprays are alcohol base, to protect skin prior to makeup (especially prosthetics), isolate makeup from perspiration, and seal finished makeup (possible costume protection).            
N273    Castor Sealer  to seal latex befor makeup application. (clear)  2 oz.    6.00;    8 oz.  10.00
Other formulas available - ask.

                    GREASE BASED

Grease based colors may be most thickly and opaquely applied, preventing skin-tone "bleed-back" under stage lighting. Grease foundations are frequently under-coated with a thin layer of cold cream to facilitate smoother application and must be top-powdered to elliminate "sheen".
M3102    Greasepaint  lanolin enriched.  (20 colors plus gold, silver)    1.25 oz.  8.50
M342    Color Cups    (14 colors + gold, silver) .5 oz.  4.50
Also, see LINER, Stick Liner.

                    OIL BASED

M2400 N214
Oil based makeup formulas yield smoothly blendable creams which may be applied lightly for video close-ups or moderately for improved opacity. Some formulas include higher pigment densities which provide richer (especially brights) colors. Under-coating is usually not necessary, but powdering is often desireable, especially as surface reenforcement against perspiration.
N210    Cream  (59 colors) .5 oz.    9.00
N213    Lumiere Cream  (17 brights and metallics) .3 oz.    9.00
   Celebre Cream  (40 shades) .9 oz.    10.00
N211    Matte Cream  (90 natural shades)  .5 oz.    12.00
N214    MediaPro HD  sheer foundation for video and streetwear. (67 natural shades)  .63 oz.    22.00
S23    Velvet Stick  cream in a twist-up container.  1 oz.    7.00    {A wide selection still available.}
M2400    Creamblend Stick  for direct application, then distribute with latex sponge.  .75 oz. (62 shades including brights, gold, silver)    9.50
M2130:S241    Clown Cream  (black, flesh, dark flesh, white)  1.75-2.25 oz.  6.00;    8 oz.  13.00;    16 oz.  22.00
                        NOTE: The S and "lite" formulas are more dense.
M24    ProFACE Clown Cream  higher density colors.   1.2 oz.  7.50;    8 oz.  (*colors)  20.00
                        (auguste*, black, blue, bright red, light auguste*, pink, red, white*)
N240    Clown White  1.75 oz.  5.50;    8 oz.    14.00;    16 oz.    20.00
N241    Clown White Lite  higher density white.  2.5 oz.    14.00
N242    Pro Clown Cream  high density color. (3 auguste, 12 brights)  1 oz.    12.00
S242    Color Cups  .7 oz.    3.00

                    WATER BASED

Water based makeup is fastest and easiest to apply and yields more applications per makeup unit, proving less expensive. Starblend, Paradise, Magicake, and other "oiled" cake includes a small amount of oil, allowing smoother application and greater opacity. Applied with a moistened applicator, the matte, slightly granular finish needs no under-coat, but may be smoothed using powder.
N171    Cake Makeup  1 oz. (54 shades)    12.00
S171    Cake Makeup  1.75 oz. (~50 shades)    6.00    {A good selection still available.}
Gf130402    Cake Makeup  1 oz. (14 earth tones)    9.50,    (kelly, red, royal, yellow)  12.00
   Starblend Soft Cake  2 oz. (55 shades - including brights)    9.50
N170    Magicake Moist Cake  (42 colors)    .21 oz.  7.00;    (16 brights)   .77 oz.  12.00
M1800    Paradise Moist Cake  1.4 oz. (32 colors)    9.50
M1801    Paradise Metallic Moist Cake  higher sheen. 1.4 oz. (8 colors)    11.50
M1210    Celebre Cake  higher color density cake. (20 naturals) .35 oz.    13.00
M141    Water Soluble Cream  1oz. (20 colors, 4 metallics)     2.50
M142    Phosphorescent & Flourescent Water Soluble Cream  1oz. tube (phosphorescent, 4 fluorescents)     3.00
The primary function of liquid makeup is faster, large area coverage.
N10    Magicolor Liquid  for sponge or aribrush application. (22 colors)   1 oz.  6.75;     4 oz.  15.25
S10:20    Liquid  4 oz.(~20 colors still on hand)    7.50
M1111    Liquid  (29 colors)    4.5 oz.  9.50;    pint  45.00;    gallon  130.00
M1112    Phos & Fluoro Liquid  (phosphorescent, 5 fluorescent colors)    4.5 oz.  11.50;    pint  60.00;    gallon  160.00
NOTE: Some metallic liquids may be oil based. Ask about raw color pigments and medium for custom mixing.
Ask about airbrush makeup and application systems from $200.00.

                    POWDER & FIXERS

Foundation powders are used to matte grease and oil or smooth cake foundations. When perspiration is a problem, lightly atomizing (fine spray misting) a powdered finish improves makeup stability.
N610    Powder  3-3.5 oz. shaker  9.00;    8 oz.  15.00
            (neutral, fair, pink, white; 3 oz. only: topaz, coco, sienna, chestnut, ebony)
N611    Bella Powder Shaker  ultra matte, very transluscent. (11 soft colors)    1.5 oz.  15.00;    3 oz.  20.00
M6135    Translucent Powder  1 oz.    7.00
M6136    Ultra Fine Powder  with antiperspirant, shaker. (light beige, neutral, white)    2 oz.  7.00
M6215    Celebre Powder  coordinates with Celebre shades.. (translucent, light, medium, warm, dark-warm) .41 oz.    11.00
M61    ProFace Powder  shaker. (neutral, white)    2 oz.  6.50
N614    Lumiere Powder  ultra-fine bright colors for direct application or over foundation or liner. (16 brights, 5 metallics)  .21 oz.    10.00
N615    Lumiere "Ultra-Bright" Powder  highlighting powder. (silver)  .21 oz.    12.00
N616    Lumiere Glitter Powder  powder with glitter. (8 brights)  .28 oz.    11.00



Finishes specifically designed to define lip shapes. Strong female colors commonly coordinate with nail polish. Male colors include a range of browns and maroons. Ask about metallics and other specialty finishes.
   Lip Pencil
 7". (8 basic shades)     5.00;    (22 other colors)  10.00
M3206    L.I.P. Pencil  5". (7 colors)    7.00
Ctc41:M41    Lipstick  ~.4 oz. (up to 50 shades)    2.50
N41    Lipstick  .12 oz. (44 shades)   10.00
SN4106    Lip Cream Pallette  blendable 6 color sets with brush. (naturals, fashion, California Sunset)    30.50
N44    Lip Cream  stronger specialty shades. .3 oz. small jar (16 colors)    10.00
N42    Lip Gloss  high sheen tints. .25 oz. (8 colors)    9.50
M2103    L.I.P Rouge  high intensity. .3 oz. (16 shades)    6.00
SM2103/8    L.I.P Rouge Pallette  8 shades sets. (light/bright, medium/dark)    38.00
M2126    Lip Gloss  increases reflectivity. .3 oz. (gold, natural, pearl)    5.50
M901    LipStix Sealer  with brush, improves lip makeup stability, .5 oz. (clear)    5.50
Ask about custom pallettes.


Rouges are commonly used to brighten (highlight) facial features. Moist rouge or powder are suitable for any foundation; dry rouge maintains a matte finish over cake or brushed over powdered cream foundation.
M2104    Moist Rouge  .3 oz. (8 shades)    6.00
SM2104/8    Moist Rouge Pallette  8 shade set.    38.00
N251    Moist Rouge / Shadow-Liner  .25 oz. (59 colors)    6.00
M1202    Dry Rouge  (9 shades) .12 oz.    6.00
SM1202/8    Dry Rouge Pallette  8 shade set.    38.00
N18    Dry Rouge  .12 oz. (35 shades)    10.00
For dark and vivid bright colors, see LINER below.


Liners permit accurate pencil or finer brush color placement which may remain as applied or blended into the foundation. For brights and other formulas, see EYE MAKEUP, Shadow/Liners below.
A sharpener is included with each dozen assorted pencils ordered.
   Shading / Lining Pencil  7". (65 shades)    1.75
M3115    Shading / Lining Pencil  7" (10 colors)    2.50
M4206   E.Y.E. Pencil  5". (black, blond, blue, chocolate, dark brown, earth brown, green, taupe)    7.00
N39    Shading / Lining Pencil  7". (8 shades)    6.00
M3114    Pro Pencil  7". (black, blue, green, red, white, yellow)    5.50
Gf388350    Irridescent Pencil  7½". (azure, copper, coral, gold, lilac, mint, pink, silver)    4.00
G01    Sharpener  for .25" diameter pencils, encased.    .75
N395    "Shimmer" Pencil  4" high sheen. (black, gold, opal, silver)    12.00
S32    Stick Liner  grease base, 4.5" .37 oz. (most colors still available)    3.00
    Single color units of grease liner is becoming unavailable. Consider M3102 Greasepaint grease foundation.
S22    Soft Shadow-Liner  .25 -.37 oz.    3.50
M2107    Soft Shadow-Liner  .3 oz. (18 shades)    6.00
N251    Moist Rouge / Shadow-Liner  .25 oz. (59 colors)    6.00
M1207    Dry Shadow-Liner  .12 oz.    (8 shades)    7.00
SM1207/8    Dry Shadow-Liner Pallette  8 shades set.    38.00
M1804    Detailz Liquid Liner  vivid colors with brush. .25 oz. (10 brights, gold, silver)    6.50


Although makeup should never be applied to the eyeball or tear ducts, most eye makeup is specifically formulated to reduce possible eye sensitivity response. The exceptions are a few specialty items (glitter, powders, etc.) which should be used with care. Lumiere colors include bright shades suitable for body painting and fantasy characters.

   Soft Shadow-Liner .25-.37 oz.    3.50
M2107    E.Y.E Soft Shadow/Liner  high density pigment, .3 oz. (14 shades, plus black, white, gold, silver)    5.00
N220    Lumiere Soft Shadow/Liner  vividly bright colors, also suitable for body-painting.  .3 oz. (16 brights, silver)    9.50
N222    Fireworks Soft Shadow/Liner  iridescent colors.  .3 oz. (6 metallics)    9.50
M1207    Dry Shadow/Liner  .12 oz.    (8 shades)    7.00
SM1207/8    Dry Shadow/Liner Pallette  8 shades set.    38.00
S161    Cake Eye Shadow  ~.12 oz.    3.50
M1207    E.Y.E. Cake Shadow  .12 oz. (8 colors)    5.00
M1160    INtense Pro Cake Shadow  (24 colors)    8.00
M1168    INtense Pro Shadow Palette  8 colors set. (earthtones, wind medium shades, fire brighter)    53.00
N1610    Cake Eye Shadow  .12 oz. (45 shades)    10.00
N1611    Pearlescent Cake Shadow  .06 oz. (14 colors)    8.00
N1612    Lumiere Cake Shadow/Liner  brush on dry or paint using water. .09 oz. small jar (22 bright colors)    10.00
N614    Lumiere Powder  ultra-fine bright colors for direct application or over other makeup. (16 brights, 5 metallics)  .21 oz.    10.00
N616    Lumiere Glitter- Powder  .28 oz. (8 shades)    11.00
M6203    Gem Powder  high luster. .17 oz. shaker. (19 colors)    7.50
G911    Liquid Eyeliner with brush  .25 oz.    4.00
N911    Liquid Eyeliner  with brush, .38 oz. (black, dark brown, white)    8.00
N15    Cake Eyeliner  (10 colors) .07 oz.    8.00;    (black, dark brown)  .18 oz.  11.00
G912    Liquid Mascara  with eyelash brush, .25 oz. (8 colors)    4.50
M9209    Liquid Mascara  with eyelash brush. .25 oz. (black, dark brown)    8.00
N912    Liquid Mascara  with eyelash brush. .31 oz. (9 colors, plus clear "gel")    9.00
Ask about other sets.

                CLEANERS & REMOVERS  <KC>


Cold cream may be used to clean skin and fill pores (wipe off excess) prior to makeup application. Most "cleaners" are suitable for pre- and post-makeup skin cleaning. "Removers" are intended to penetrate skin pores and "lift" makeup to the surface for more thorough removal before washing. Most liquids provide moderate makeup brush cleaning.
   Cold Cream  general purpose skin cleaner and moisturizer.  8 oz.  6.00;   14 oz.  9.25
M7100    Cold Cream  4 oz.  7.00
M7101    Remover Cream  4 oz.    7.00
N7210    Hydra Cleanse  liquid cleaner for water-based makeup and applicators.  2 oz.  5.00,    8 oz.  11.00,    pint  14.00
N7110    Quick Cleanse  liquid, for oil-based makeup.    2 oz.  5.00;    8 oz.  11.00;    pint  14.00
   Remover Lotion  liquid remover and skin softener. 4 oz.    7.00
M7300    Brush Treatment  removes most makeup and some adhesives. 4½ oz.    7.00
N7301    Brush Cleaner  alcohol-based liquid for oil-based makeups.    2 oz. spray  7.00;    8 oz. spray  16.00;    pint refill  27.00;    qt. refill  42.00
Specialty and other cleaners available - ask.

                    ADHESIVE REMOVERS

Formulas prepared to ease adhesive removal from skin, prosthetics, and brushes. *These removers are recommended for the specific named adhesives listed under PROSTHETIC MAKEUP, Adhesive.
N73    Spirit Gum Remover  2 oz.  5.00,    4 oz.  7.00,    8 oz.  9.00
M7143    Spirit Gum Remover  1 oz.  4.00;    9 oz.  10.00;    gal.  76.00
Mrc7232 Medical Adhesive Remover  4 oz 5.00
M7355R*    AdMed Adhesive Remover  4.5 oz.    15.00
Gf788521*    Professional Adhesive Remover  2 oz.    4.50;    8 oz.    10.00;    qt.    35.00
N74    Remove-It-All  for spirit gum and most medical and prosthetic adhesives.  2 oz.  7.50;    8 oz.  14.00;    pint  20.00
Ask about balms and conditioners.


Gf088463    Spray Bottle  for water, etc., 2 oz.    3.00
Also, many other sponges and synthetic applicators / cleaners; as well as, dozens of  additional makeup brushes.
   Cellulose Cake Applicator
 more even porocity and shaped for easy makeup access, 2.25" round.    1.00
An022 Natural Sponge 2" 2.25
An023 Natural Sponge 3" 3.00
GTSAID: Hygiene and functionality (smooth, properly colored application) require clean applicators. Although makeup brush cleaners are available and prosthetic adhesives usually require other solvents, most applicators can be cleaned in warm water with mild (dish) soap. Cellulose and natural sponges, being very durable, usually can be bagged and included with a batch of machine washed work clothes. In all cases thorough rinsing and pre-storage drying is essential. Storing soiled or damp applicators may prove a health hazard.
Rubber Sponge
(red) 3" 1.00
A05 Stipple Sponge 2"x1"x1" .75
An0256 Latex Sponge 3", 8 wedges 2.75
An064 Cleansing Sponge 3"x1" 2.00
Bn0334 Cleansing Pads 40 pc, 2"d 2.00
Bn0276 Daubers 10 double ended 2.00
Bn0330 Soft Powder Puff 3" 2.75

Bn0238 Firm Powder Brush nylon 3.25
Bn0305 Soft Powder Brush 1.5" natural bristles 4.00
A099 Eyebrow Brush 2.00
A0992 Water Color Brush 6.5" long .25
G0511 Brush Set 6 pieces asst'd 4.00
Bn0145 Brush Set 11 different pieces 8.50
Quality natural, Taklon, or blended bristles. Flat with squared (right angle) end, unless otherwise specified.
    Extra Fine Eyeliner
 round #0.    5.00
N921    Fine Eyeliner  round #1.    6.00
G9310:M9310    Eyeliner  3/32" round.    3.75
N922    3/32"  #2.    5.50
M9312    1/8"    4.00
N923    5/32"  #3.    6.00
M9314    3/16"  #4.    4.00
Bn094    3/16" angled end.    4.50
M9316    ¼"  #5.    4.00
M9313    ¼" angled.    5.00
M9318    5/16"  #7.    5.00
M9315    5/16" angled.    5.50
M9320    3/8"  #10.    5.50
Bn098    3/8" angled end, part sable    5.00
N9212    7/16"  #12.    9.00
Request other brands or brush needs.

            SPECIAL NEEDS

                PROSTHETIC MAKEUP  <KR>


Smaller containers of liquid adhesive usually include an application brush; larger quantity refills do not. *These adhesives require the specific named removers listed under CLEANSERS & REMOVERS above. Additional brushes are available.

\2    Spirit Gum  alcohol base, with brush, standard : matte.    1 oz.  5.50
            9 oz. refill  18.00;   gallon  150.00
Cs72    Spirit Gum  with brush. 1 oz.  5.00
N72    Spirit Gum  with brush. 1 oz.  8.00;    8 oz. refill  30.00
Gn7421    Eyelash Adhesive  (clear).    .25 oz.  2.75
M7354    AdGem Acrylic Adhesive  non-latex formula suitable for eyes and other sensitive areas. .5 oz.    13.50
M7355*    AdMed Adhesive
 prosthetic adhesive generally uneffected by persperation, .5 oz.    7.00
Mrc7231 Medical/Toupee Adhesive .5 oz    7.00
Gf788510*    Professional Adhesive  1 oz.    8.50;    8 oz.    29.00;    gal.    180.00
N75    Prosthetic Adhesive  blended mastic for latex prosthetics.  1 oz.    8.00;    4 oz.  18.00
Pm7201/2    Toupee Tape :Tack  low adhesion : medium adhesion. (clear)    .5" x 3 yd. roll    4.50
Mrc155    Hi-Tact Tape  high adhesion.   1" x 3 yd. roll  4.00;    36 yd.  35.00
KAG001    "Throw-away" Brush  assorted sizes for general prosthetic use.    2.00 / 6 brushes


Smaller containers of liquid usually include an application brush; larger quantity refills do not. Additional brushes are available.
M9204    Rigid Collodian  with brush, to "pucker" skin. 1 oz.    4.50
M8117    Castor Seal  with brush, to prepare many prosthetic materials for oil or grease makeup. 1 oz.    5.50
M8117:N811     Liquid Latex  with brush. (Caucasian, natural (off-white), Negro)    1 oz.  5.50,    9 oz.  18.00,    M gallon  140.00
N812    Low Ammonia Latex  with brush. (natural)  2 oz.    11.00
                Ask about skin and ammonia sensitivity, transparent latex, and molding (non-makeup) latex blends.
Gf898562    Colored Liquid Latex  (black, blue, brown, green, red, tan, white, yellow)    1 oz.  5.75;    8 oz.  15.25;    gal.  95.00
            Ask about custom coloring natural liquid latex.
M4139    Modeling Wax  1 oz. (clear)    5.00
N444    Derma Wax  (brown, Caucasian, light brown)    2½ oz.  7.00,    8 oz.  16.00,   16 oz.  24.00
Gf488580    Colored Wax  (bone, blood, brown, natural)    1 oz.    3.75;    7 oz.    14.00
M4147    Flexible Wax  better suited for muscular applications. (Caucasian)    1.5 oz.   6.00;    8 oz.  14.00
M4140    Puddy  more pliable wax/putty blend. (tan)    1 oz.  5.00;    8 oz.  13.00
M8141    Extra Flesh  a wax and fiber blend for easy application. .3 oz.    5.00
M8142    Restructure Gel   (Caucasian, clear, red)    2 oz.  7.50;    8 oz.  18.00
                Heat gelatin to liquify, tint with liquid makeup if desired, apply to skin when temperate.
Cs833 Burn & Scar .3 oz 3.50, 8 oz 33.00
Cs835 Zombie Rot .3 oz 4.00
Gf088451    Sculpting Tools  6 piece bi-ended, 6" wood set.    8.00
*These adhesives require the specific named removers listed above under CLEANSERS & REMOVERS.


Corrective coatings for skin and prosthetics.
                                            Barrier Spray
Alcohol base, to protect skin prior to makeup (especially prosthetics), isolate makeup from perspiration, and seal finished makeup (possible costume protection).M9145    Barrier Pump Spray  2 oz.  8.00,    9 oz. refill  20.00,    gallon refill  95.00
N77    Final Seal  pump bottle.    1 oz.  6.50;    Refill:    8 oz.  20.00;    16 oz.  30.50
M9144    Fixative-A Effects Sealer  to seal prosthetics, makeup tattoos, and many other effects, 1 oz. with brush.    7.00
                                            Prosthetic Makeup
High density makeup intended for blending into and covering latex prosthetics. Alternatively, use Castor Sealer then oil-based makeup.M49:S49    Mask Makeup  for use on prosthetics, 1-2 oz.    10.00
Gf386002    Mask Makeup  .5 oz. (44 earthtones, pastels, brights, gold, silver)    10.00   
SGf4960 Rubber Mask Makeup Set  8 colors. 10.00
SM49102/15    Mask Makeup Pallette  15 colors set.    55.00
N273    Castor Sealer  to seal latex befor makeup application. (clear)  2 oz.    6.00;    8 oz.  10.00
                                            Blemish Cover
Masks, concealers, and covers are intended to hide skin blemishes, radical discolorations, bruises, tatoos, beard stubble, etc.
N26    Concealers  a variety of color/density combination, .3 oz. (41 shades/formulas)    9.50
SN264:266    Concealer Set  4 : 6 different color combinations higher density sets. (4 colors sets)  13.00 : (6 colors sets)  26.75
SN2612    Concealer Set  12 shades.    42.75
SN2818    MediaPro  18 N26 and N27 shades.    65.00
M4506    Tattoo Cover  .9 oz. (light, medium-light, med., med.-dark, dark)    8.00
SM4505  Tattoo Cover Set  5 colors ring.    14.00
Other formulas and sets available.
Stipples, waxes, gels, and colorants are intended to shape, intensify, and recolor facial and pate hair.
S47    Mustache Wax  hair stiffener. (black) .75 oz.    4.50
   Beard Cover  concealer (N26 series). (olive, studio tan)    9.50
G10    Liquid Hair Mascara  with mascara brush. 1 oz.    3.25
M119    Liquid Hair Color  with soft brush. (silver, white)  1 oz.  5.50;    4.5 oz.  11.00
    Liquid Hair Color
 with brush. (8 colors)    2 oz,  7.00;    8 oz.  15.00;    16 oz.  24.00
G11    Economy Aerosol Hair Color (naturals, brights, metallics, fluorescents)    3-3.5 oz.  3.00
Jf11    Aerosol Hair Color  3.85 oz.    3.50
            (black, kelly, orange, pink, purple, red, royal, white; gold, silver)
I11    Streaks & Tips  aerosol hair dye. (10 colors)    3.5 oz. 60.00 / dozen of a color, minimum 3 doz. any colors.
Gf1548 UV Hair Gel (6 colors) .5-.7 oz 2.50
M51    Nail Enamel  .5 oz. (black, green, red;  gold glitter, silver glitter;  phosphorescent)    2.50
            Many other enamel colors available, to order.



Natural and synthetic fibers suitable for assembling hair effects. For finished hair prosthetics, see FACIAL HAIR, or wig style listings: CHILD, CLOWN, HEADPIECES; BALD & CHARACTER; CONTEMPORARY; WIG MAKING, HEADFORMS, & MAINTENANCE.
   Crepe Hair  for custom building facial hair pieces. (15 shades)    1 yard  16.00;    12 yards (assorted colors)  160.00
WPL317/3    26" Monofilament straight : wavy : microwave. 4 oz.    10.00
WPA04 50" Monofilament (blond, black) 14.00
WPL317 Bound 22" Wavy Mono 2 oz 9.00
WPL9100    Yak Hair  bundled in lengths from 6½" to 18". (black, white)    from 75.00 / bundle
Ask about Elura and human hair; lace, needles, and other wig making tools.


EA11/3    Natural Eyebrows human hair   11.00  [for graphics, see FACIAL HAIR]
EMc02- Lashettes costume : comic (long)
        -0 Plain (black, brown :+blue, red, green)    3.00
        -2 Gilt (blue, gold, green, silver; multi)    4.00
        -7 with rhinestones    6.00
EGn021\91    Human Hair Lashes  91 varieties of shapes and shades. (naturals, brights, multi-color)    4.00
EGn022\44    Bright Lashes (bright, metallic, metallic rainbow)    5.00
EGn025\13    Fluorescent Human Hair Lashes  feathered and spiked varieties. (most are 2-color)    7.00
EGn026\2    Phosphorescent Human Hair Lashes  full : feathered varieties. (blended shading)    7.00
EGn520\3    Eyelid Jewels  18 per pack, sizes 3mm, 5mm, or 7mm. (6 colors per size)    5.00
EGn523    Jeweled Eyelids  per pair. (9 colors)    7.00
HA9\15    Designer Nails Set 20 piece set ready for enamel. (clear, various colors)    4.00
HMc31    Imagi-nails  2-3" long. (natural, silver)    8.00
For adhesives, see PROSTHETIC MAKEUP, ADHESIVE above.

EFFECTS <KX> fluorescent effects 

Nonstructural visual effects.
NOTE: UV (ultraviolet) pigments require UV lighting in an otherwise near dark environment (request assistance). UV colors may include visible "neon" and invisible (under non-UV lighting).
Phosphorescent pigments must be pre-energized by any light source, then will be luminous in the dark. Phosphorescent pigments also continue brightest under UV.
Ask about UV air brush makeup and equipment.
A90    Economy Tattoo  temporary, assorted (request styles desired).    3.00
Tm90    Professional Tattoo  hundreds of  more durable styles in various sizes, customizing available.    from 5.00
M9112    Tattoo "Ink"  alcohol removeable durable makeup with stirring wand, .5 oz. (black, red-brown)    8.00
M142    Phos & Fluoro Water Soluble Cream  1oz. tube (phosphorescent, 4 M1111 fluorescents)     3.00
M1112    Phos & UV Liquid  (phosphorescent "clear", blue, lime, orange, yellow)    4.5 oz.  11.50;    pint  60.00;    gallon  160.00
M900    UV Pens  use like lining pencil. 2 oz. (blue, green, orange, tnagerine, white, yellow)    7.00
SM900/6    UV Pen Set  M900 colors set.    20.00
SA22 UV Shadow Set (4 colors) 4.00
A4 UV Lipstick 4.00
Glitter is solid chips of  polyester which may damage the eye lens or cause other irritation. Use with youngsters is discouraged, consider metallic makeup.
    Loose Glitter
 .008 mm. diameter, sprinkle or press into moist makeup. (14 colors)  10 gm.    4.50
M9127    GlitterDust  .004 mm. for more subtle brush-on effects. (7 colors)  .25 oz.    4.50
M9228    GlitterSpray
 non-aerosol easy application pump spray with GlitterDust. (7 colors)  1 oz.    4.50
M9227    GlitterMark  draw-on bottle with GlitterDust in water soluble gel for application detailing. (11 colors)  .5 oz.    4.50
N615    Lumiere Glitter Powder  powder with glitter. (8 brights)  .28 oz.    11.00
Jf91    Aerosol Hair Glitter  3.85 oz. (gold, silver, other colors on request)    3.50
Temporary colors. M53
A48    Tooth Wax  apply and remove manually.  (black, red)  .25 oz.    3.00
M53:N53    Tooth Enamel  brush-on temporary color; remove with alcohol.  .125 oz. (black, brown, gold, greenish, red, white)    6.00


As with all makeup, blood may stain fabrics. Many varieties are available - request assistance.
M1152    Liquid Blood  remains liquid, suitable for oral use. (bright red)    1 oz. with brush  3.50;    pint refill  15.00,    gal.  75.00
    "Squirt" Blood
 slow drying liquid, ideal for animated effects. (bright, dark)    2 oz.  4.50;    9 oz.  11.00;    gal.  75.00
Cs94 Fluid Gel Blood 1 oz 4.50, 8 oz 14.50
M1151    Coagulated Blood  non-flowing moist blood.    1 oz. with brush  3.50;    1 gal.  75.00
N1900    Thick Blood  corn syrup base near-gel consistency. (arterial red)    1 oz.  6.50;    6 oz.  20.00;    pint  33.25
Cs93 FX Blood 1oz 2.50, 8 oz 11.75, pt 18.75
G9419    Gel Blood  squeeze tube.  1 oz.    3.00
Gf6688680    Blood Powder  shaker, water activated.    9.50
Cs6003    Effects Tube Blood    3.50
Gf189585    Blood Packs  4cc liquid blood in mini-pouch.    11.00 per 12 packs
Ask about customizing your own blood effects.
                                            Oral Blood
Oral blood is safe for in-mouth use, as well as, elsewhere.
Cs19    Oral Blood  .5 oz.    3.50
N1901    Oral Blood  corn syrup base, peppermint flavor. (arterial, venous red)    2 oz.  6.50;    pint  20.00;    quart  30.50
M9152    Empty Capsules  for use with any "oral" blood, 12 pieces.    3.50
N9153    Empty Capsules    10 pieces  5.00;    32 capsules  12.00
   Liquid Blood  with 8 Capsules.    6.00
SN9155    Liquid Blood  with 12 Capsules.    8.00
                                DRIP & DIRT
NOTE: "Tears" effects makeup should not be placed in eyes. M9154    "Permanent" Drops  non-drying liquid.  1 oz.    5.00
N96    Tears  glycerin.    2 oz.  6.00,    8 oz.  10.00
The following items provide hygenic temporary deep suntan, sunburn, dirt, ash, and coal dust effects.
M1193    Aura Bronzing Gel  1 oz.    20.00
N2110    Bronzing Lotion  for a sun-weathered appearance.    8 oz.  10.00;    16 oz.  17.00
M6105    Texas Dirt  hygienic "dirts".  (ash, bronze, dirt, dust)    4 oz.   9.00
N65    Texas Dirt  (ash, charcoal, dust)    4-5 oz. 12.00;    10 oz.  18.00


N17012 M1810 N21418
Generally, the following listings include sets of smaller quantity units of colors, allowing low cost color and makeup formula sampling or use as body painting palletes. Most items are available in larger, more economical units. Other makeup sets are listed under other categories.
N1706    Magicake Pallette  formulated for body painting, 6 colors, top row of N17012 pictured.  .14 oz. each color    28.00
N17012    Magicake Pallette  12 colors.  .14 oz. each color    45.75
N1701    Magicake Pallette Refills  (select from 13 colors)  .14 oz    5.00
M1810/8    Paradise Palette  8 colors with brush. (basic, pastels, tropical, earthtones)    34.00;    /30  30 colors.    95.00  (also custom sets - ask)
M1811/8    Paradise "Metallic" Palette  8 colors with brush.    45.00
M1811/1    Paradise Refills  7 gram (32 standard colors)    5.50;    (8 Brilliant metallic)    6.50
N21418    MediaPro Pallette  18 natural shades. (for fair, olive, or brown complexion)    1.5 oz. set  76.00
                                HIGHLIGHT & SHADOW
M18202    Celebre Dry Rouge Palette  8 colors.    36.00
G16    Shadow Compact  with mirror, 12 colors.  6.00;    48 colors  15.00
M1168    INtense Pro Shadow Palette  8 colors set. (earthtones, wind medium shades, fire brighter)    53.00
M121    Water-base Stick Liner Set  6 colors.    7.50
S12    Water Color Set  5 colors.    6.50
M1240    Water Color Palette  black, green, red, royal, white, yellow.    10.00
M326    Stick Liner Set  grease based, includes black, green, red, royal, white, yellow.    6.00
Gf2950 Soft Liner Palette 9 colors. 10.00
A-- Masquerade Makeup Sets each: 10.00 - up
Also, many different general use, character, animal, effects, party, fashion, & tattoo kits - ask.


Most personal makeup kits below available for Caucasian female (lightest), male (tan);  Mediterranean (olives);  Negro (browns).
                                SMALL KITS
M2MP N231 
M2MP    Mini-Pro Kit  14 pieces. (fair, medium, dark)    15.00
N231    Student Mini-Kit oil based, 11 pieces.    15.75
Personal makeup kit designed to maintain hygienic safety during performance or basic makeup training. The 11 pieces include oil base foundation, rouge/highlight/shadow/lip 4-color palette, pencil, flat brush, powder & puff, foam & stipple sponges. General color sets include: Caucasian PK-0 fair, PK-1 medium, PK-2 tan; PK-3 olive, PK-4 deep olive; Negro: PK-45 light, PK-5 medium, PK-6 dark.
Gf288801    Student Midi-Kit  about 13 pieces. (light, med./olive, dark, Clown and11 other characters)    17.00
M2DNC    Celebre Dancer Kit  21 pieces.    29.00
Gf288831    Personal Kit  20-21 pieces. (F light, medium; M lt., med., dark)    35.75
Most Character Kits include makeup, special effects, and/or prosthetic(s) for 1 to 2 complete makeups.
M2410\7    Character Kits  7 characters.    17.00
M2411\7    Premium Character Kits  6 characters.    31.00
N2401\10    Character Kits  8 characters  18.00 each;    Deluxe Clown, 3-D Effects   24.00 each
Also custom, character, & other kit options.
                                PERFORMANCE KITS
N232 M111 M240
N132    Cake Makeup Kit  33 pieces. (fair, olive, brown)    69.00
N232    Cream Makeup Kit  29 pieces. (fair, medium;  olive, deep olive;  brown: light, medium, dark)    64.00
M111:M240    Cake : Creamblend Makeup Kit  31 pieces. (+olive, TV/video)    75.00
M220    Celebre Kit  34 pieces. (caucasian, dark,TV/video)    100.00
Gf288811    Makeup Kit  43 pieces. (lt., med./olive, dark)    71.25
N234    Matte Kit  44 pieces.    155.00


KQG806    Hanging Mirror  or may be propped-up, 7" x 6".    8.00
N237    Disaster Training Kit  29 effects makeup and pieces plus case, for injuries makeup.    125.00
N238    Moulage Kit  about 90 effects makeup and prosthetic pieces plus case, for EMT and military training injuries makeup.    575.00
Request assistance with specific effects and/or injuries and "gore" prosthetics and "body parts" props.

    BOXES <KB>

Sturdy lightweight vinyl boxes with storage trays.

8399    Personal  14" wide x 7" deep x 7" high, with 2 hinged trays, mixing pallette.    35.00
Abn8999    Designer  16½" wide x 9" deep x 9½" high, with 6 hinged trays.    55.00


APFa2600    Masquerade Makeup Book  19 child and adult Halloween characters.    9.00
APM1    Face Painting Book  a selection of face painting and Halloween characters.    10.00
AVVN1    Ben Nye DVD  6, ~50 minute, lessons.    40.00
AVVM10    Mehron Videos  5 different themes.    30.00 to 40.00 each
Request makeup & special effects texts, training videos information, makeup color lists.

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