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                HEADGEAR - Uniforms <H>

This file includes military and civilian uniform hats, helmets, and other headpieces. Band and drill team headpieces are listed elsewhere - request assistance.

HATS GALORE: GTS supplies over 1500 varieties from short-use "E" economy ‘throw-aways’ to "F" professional quality, plus vinyl, straw, felt, & wire frames, as well as, specialty hats and headpieces not listed with this brief selection of popular styles. If in doubt, REQUEST YOUR NEEDS by CHARACTER name, period, or style. We shall render photos or sketches with quote, or more immediate (generally within 1 day of request) information on this WEB-site in the REQUESTED GRAPHICS file.
Additional headpieces listed with DANCE ACCESSORIES, costuming, and uniforms. Customizing available.
The following highlight listings are grouped by locale, historic, or use of styles. All are adult sizes unless noted. Additional child and adult styles and colors available. Also, custom coverings to match costumes and custom styles (we have matched 19th Century photographs) may be possible. If you can't find what you need, telephone.
A bulk Bulk Pack fee, from $5.00, may apply. Telephone for detailed and additional information and graphics.
E Economy hats, usually of some non-durable synthetic, little size variation within style, not intended to be cleaned or reblocked, with most priced under $15.00.
---F proFessonal quality,maintainable, durable, usually felt, most priced over $30 and sized from 6-3/4 to 7-5/8 (request custom sizes). Order by hat size or brim location head size in inches (SIZING CHART follows).
Most manufacturers maintain a limited selection of colors per style; however, Ht hats are a professional line with most styles available in (black, (dark) brown, (charcoal) gray, navy, tan (medium brown); plus "brights" {add $6.00} hunter, kelly, maroon, orange, pink (fuchsia), purple, red, royal, yellow; plus {add $10.00} white). Ask about heavy-weight black, other colors, and custom covering with other fabrics.
Most listings are made of some natural or synthetic felt or other cloth. Exceptions are coded as follows:
HG----  various Gilt finishes, usually lamé or some size of glitter.
HL---  ceLlophane.
HM---  Metal
HP---  Paper-like.
HQ---  miscellaneous headpiece materials: latex, feather, etc.
HS---  natural or natural appearing synthetic Straw. Some decorated for ‘as is’ use.
            To custom color use spray dye, or cover.
HV----  rigid plastic or generally more flexible Vinyl, including synthetic "straw" frames. Usually, one size.
H-C---  Combs, with upright decoration.
H-T--- Tiaras, partial circlets.
H-W--- CroWn, turbans, and other full-circle-base royalty headpieces.

NOTE:  Infant (generally under age 4) hats To Order. Children sizes generally are suitable for ages 4-10. Most children have completed head growth by about age 10. If in doubt, measure head at brim-line and compare to the following table.
Most H----F character and streetwear styles are individually sized, but some are grouped as follows:
Group Size Hat Sizes Brim-line Measurements
XS 6-5/8 20-3/4"
S 6-3/4 to 6-7/8 21-1/8 through 21-5/8"
M 7 to 7-1/8 21-7/8 through 22-1/4"
L 7-1/4 to 7-3/8 22-5/8 through 23"
X 7-1/2 to 7-5/8 23-1/2 through 24"
XX 7-3/4 24-1/4"
some styles 7-7/8 24-5/8"
some styles 8 25"
NOTE: Economy hats may be labled S, M, L but usually are NOT industry standard sized and vary with style. Generally, these non-standard sizes are suitable as follows: "S"  older pre-teens, "M"  teenage girls,  "L"  fuller hairdos and some adult males. Request specific measurements per style.
DfHJ2    HAT STRETCHER  M (71/8 - 71/2) L(71/2 - ?)    30.00    {Use with care.}


Ask about a wide selection of historic and contemporary US & foreign uniform headgear, military and band shakos, and quasi-military styles. Bf hats are sometimes unavailable due to military service contract commitments.

                Modern Helmets

For armor, shields, and weapons see PROPS-WEAPONS, either ECONOMY WEAPONS or COSTUME WEAPONS. Costumes and uniforms are listed elsewhere - request assistance.


Most are made of various weights of vinyl, with price generally reflecting weight.

 heavy vinyl without straps. (black)    11.00
VJ7371 U.S. ARMY HELMET vinyl. adult small (olive) 4.00
VMc7165R SPACE HELMET vinyl (white) 40.00

                        COSTUME QUALITY

Fine quality pieces, most made of steel, sized adult Large (Medium listed where available) and may be used with an arming cap. Request other styles, sizes, and sizing information. For armor, mail, period clothing, boot/shoes, etc. highlights, view CHARACTER COSTUMES and CHARACTER COSTUME PIECES then telephone regarding items you do not see.

HruSPK  Bdk1855 like Bdk1414
VHruSPK    SPIKED HELM  poly-carbonate with spike and chin strap. X XX (chrome)    150.00
MBdk1855F    PICKELHAUBE / KAISER  18 guage with spike, insignia, chin strap, liner. (chrome/gold)    125.00
MBdk1414F    NAZI  with chin strap and liner, 18 guage steel. (gray)    90.00
                    Other Nazi helms available.
ABdk1417\3    HELMET DECAL SET  2-piece water transfer - army : SS : Luftwaffe.    11.00
MBdk5700    WWII RUSSIAN  steel with liner and strap. (olive drab)    25.00
Ask about fantasy character helms and armor.
a few Ht painted felt helmets
Painted felt helmets are lightweight, moderately durable, and can accept a wide variety of finishes. Specify your needs, including other styles.
MMrp1234F NAZI M-42 steel (olive) 45.00
MMrp1233F WWII U.S. ARMY HELMET steel olive 35.00
VSnt270F PITH HELMET heavy vinyl (khaki, white) 20.00



JF12051  Mc5213451
JF12051E    PIRATE LATERAL TRICORN  with white skull & bones. ~MLX (black with gold edge)    7.00
Mc5213451    VELVET CROSS CHAPEAU  gold edge trim, pirate emblem. (black)    20.00
Hp454 Ht54
Hp454F    ROLLED FRONT PIRATE  with skull & crossbones, sizes SMLX. (black)    50.00
Ht54F    SEA ROVER  turned slightly left, with skull & bones, sizes 65/8 - 77/8. (Ht colors)    95.00
Ht154 Ht254
Ht154F    PIRATE UTILITY  rolled up front with skull & bones, adult size. (Ht colors)    86.00
Ht254F    JOLLY ROGER  captain's bicorn, sizes 67/8 - 77/8. (black)    130.00


With edge trim and rosette.
HtM242 HtM243 HtM33
HtM242F    CHARLES LEE  sizes 63/4 - 77/8. (Ht colors)    95.00
M243F    1775 MARINES  sizes 67/8 - 75/8. (Ht colors)    100.00
HtM33F    1798-1804 MARINES  sizes 63/4 - 75/8. (Ht colors)    105.00

                        CROSS CHAPEAU

Bicorn and shallow tricorn styles worn extending sidewise.
HtM256  HtM55 HtM155D
HtM256    NAVY 1776  with buttoned rosette, sizes 67/8 - 75/8. (black)    140.00
HtM55F    FRENCH NAVY 1797  with rosette, sizes 63/4 - 77/8. (black)    150.00
HtM155DF    1802 NAVY  velvet with edge trim, rosette, and strap, sizes 67/8 - 77/8. (black)    375.00

                        FORE & AFT

Styles worn extending front to back.
 Ht52  HtM52D  Ht52KC
Ht52F    FORE & AFT CHAPEAU  with braided edges, 63/4 - 8. (Ht colors)    92.00
HtM52DF    1898 ADMIRAL  velvet covered with ribbon, braid, and fringe, sizes 67/8 - 75/8. (black/gold)    250.00
Ht52KCF    KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS 4º  velvet covered with boa, crest, ribbon, and fringe, 63/4 - 8. (black/gold/white)    350.00
                    Ask about customization.
Ht252 Ht53 HtM252D HtM352D
F    FORE & AFT  heavy felt, sizes 67/8 - 77/8. (black)    130.00
Ht53    INCROYABLE  sizes 63/4 - 77/8. (black)    120.00
HtM252DF    1852 NAVY  velvet with fringe, rosette, and band, sizes 67/8 - 77/8. (black)    300.00
F    1830-1841 OFFICER  velvet with fringe and edge trim, sizes 67/8 - 73/4. (black)    300.00
R9270 VELVET BICORN with decoration (black) 38.50
Ask pricing and availability of other untrimmed styles.


Styles worn front to back angled over one eye
HtM353DF    1815 CHAPEAU BRAS  (similar to ARMY HtM53D) worn over right eye, velvet, heavily decorated, sizes 67/8 - 77/8. (black)    275.00
 with navy band and red pom. adult L (white)    20.00
Ht--P\3F    SEAMAN TAR  (see painted helmets above) 3 styles, sizes 67/8 - 75/8. (painted black)    160.00
J0053c:aF GOB HAT cotton, child size 6½ (hot pink, multi, white : adult white) 2.25
Bf60KUF NAVY GARRISON CAP chino (khaki) 15.00
E    INTERNATIONAL OFFICER  economy version of Hp833.  (white with black & gold)    8.00
Bf200PCF CHIEF PETTY OFFICER (khaki, white with black & gold) 60.00
Bf20PCWNOF U.S. NAVAL OFFICER with braid & device (white with black & gold) 85.00
Hp833F    COMMODORE  with braid, hash, and anchor, sizes 67/8 - 8. (white with black and gold)    130.00


Some Ht muskateer/cavalier styles.
Some Ht colonial styles.

JF6376 CUPPED BRIM CAVALIER with plume (black) 14.75
Hp476PF    CAVALIER MULTISHAPE  with plume, iron or sew brim to desired shape. (black, gray)    90.00
R9168 VELVET CAVALIER with gold trim & plume, 7-3/8.  (black, red) 43.00
JF1165E MUSKATEER with plume (black, red) 12.00
Mc5213475    SUEDE MUSKETEER  synthetic, stylable wired brim, retainer for feather, size adjustable headband. (black)    20.00
Ht267F    BUCCANEER  worn over left eye, with upturned brim, sizes 67/8 - 77/8. (black)    180.00
F    GENERAL WASHINGTON  with rosette, sizes 7 - 77/8. (black)    155.00
Ht55 Ht56 Ht255 

Ht55F    NAPOLEON  sizes 67/8 - 77/8. (black)    120.00
Ht56F    CROSS BICORN  sizes 67/8 - 77/8. (Ht colors)    85.00
Ht255F    DIRECTOIRE  sizes 67/8 - 77/8. (black)    130.00
Ht250F    HIGH COCKED  5½" crown, 7" front / 6" back brim, sizes 67/8 - 77/8. (black)    130.00
Ht256 HtM53D Ht259
Ht256F    CROSS CHAPEAU  with white edge trim, sizes 67/8 - 77/8. (black)    140.00
HtM53DF    1812 CHAPEAU BRAS  cocked over right eye style, velvet covered with multiple decorations, sizes 67/8 - 77/8. (black)    300.00
Ht259F    HALF MOON  with rosette, sizes 67/8 - 73/4. (black)    300.00
Some Ht military shakos.
Some Ht Civil War styles.
JF6614:6615E CONFEDERATE : UNION CAP (gray : navy) 5.00
R254A:254BF CONFEDERATE : UNION KEPI (gray : navy) 29.00
JF9864:9863E CONFEDERATE : UNION OFFICER (gray : navy) 8.00
R256A:BF CONFEDERATE : UNION OFFICER HAT (gray : navy) 40.00
KcR6 {pictured with device} Mc7144
KcR6F PERSHING (specify color) 70.00 {device additional}
VCtFFLF FRENCH FOREIGN LEGION fabric over heavy vinyl (specify) 60.00
Hp819F    NAZI OFFICER  high front, sizes 67/8 - 8. (black with white trim)    85.00
Mc7144    NAZI S.S. OFFICER  medium height front with eagle patch. MLX (black with white edge trim)    90.00
R122F RIDGEWAY CAP (khaki) 25.00
Hp446F    CAMPAIGN  SMLX. (olive)    70.00
Bf844-F OVERSEAS CAP foldable fabric, many services from 25.00
Bf666F MILITARY BERET (12 colors) 25.00
Bf8643F RANGER (6 colors & patterns) 18.00
Bf4071F JUNGLE BOONIE (6 colors & patterns) 25.00
Bf7443F OFFICER CAP with eagle device (dark navy with black & gold) 155.00
Bf7443F FIELD OFFICER CAP with eagle & bullion (dark navy with black & gold) 190.00
F    CADET CAP  SMLX (black)    90.00

                    Air Corps

E    WWI AVIATOR CAP with goggles, vinyl. (very dark brown)    9.50
Bf23F BASEBALL CAP camouflage 25.00
Bf9200\2F AIRMAN : OFFICER CAP with device (navy/black/silver) 98.00
Bf9205F GENERAL CAP with device, aluminum strap, "lightening" 140.00


Non-military uniform headgear.

Ht213DF    YOEMAN  any fabric with cord, 67/8 - 77/8. (per chosen fabric)    170.00
Ht213CF    BEEFEATER  velvet with bright "floral" band, 67/8 - 77/8. (black)    190.00
HtV163  Hp813 J10064
Hp874F    FISHERMAN/FIDDLER  sizes 67/8 - 8. (brown, gray, navy)    55.00
HtV163F    WHALER sizes 67/8 - 73/8. (Ht colors)    85.00
Hp813F    MARITIME  basic. (white w/ black)    75.00
J10064E    YACHT CAP  (white with black & gold trim)    13.00
KcR13F AIRLINE OFFICER CAP (select color) 70.00 {device additional}
Bf92AF AIRLINE CAPTAIN CAP (various) 95.00
HtV180P Ht
16P Ht311P Ht129L
The following Ht--P helmets are "solid" effect painted felt, usually red - request other colors.
F    PORTER  6¾ - 7¾ (several colors)    from 152.00
Ht16PF    FIRE BRIGADE  7 - 75/8 (several).    from 152.00
Ht311PF    PUMPER  sizes 67/8 - 77/8 (several).    from 152.00
Ht129lF    FIREMAN  leather, adult size. (natural)    350.00
Snt107F TROOPER vinyl & fur fabric (black) 35.00
JF12860 Mc7128 Mc7114 JF502
E ECONO SHERLOCK (black/white houndstooth) 12.00
Hn8080F    QUALITY SHERLOCK S - X (gray/white houndstooth)    30.00
JF12860E    ECONO BOBBY  with molded shield. (black with silver)    12.75
Mc7128R    BOBBY  with silver starburst shield. ML (black)    40.00
Mc7114R    ENGLISH BOBBY  good quality. adult size (black with silver)    55.00
Ht147F    PROFESSIONAL BOBBY with silver shield, sizes 67/8 - 7¾ (black, navy)    150.00
JF502E    ECONO KEYSTONE COP  with white star. (black, royal)    8.25
Ht124F    KEYSTONE COP  with shield. 67/8 - 77/8 (Ht colors)    104.00
KcL1 (shown with optional device)
E    POLICE  vinyl with badge. (black)    14.00
KcR6:KcL1F    POLICE  round : 8 point (black, navy) serge.    70.00 : 50.00
Hp806 HtV180  RhRR
Hp831 Hp803
Hp806F    GENDARME  SMLX XX. (black)    65.00
HtV180F    TRIMMED GENDARME sizes 7 - 7-3/4 (black, navy) 95.00
R9274R CONDUCTOR/GENDARME 7½ (black with gold) 16.00
J0371E RAILROAD ENGINEER assorted stripes 8.00
RhRR    CHILD ENGINEER  Child railroad engineer cap (hot pink/white, navy/white).    5.00
Hp831F    TRAINMAN  67/8 through 8. (black)    80.00
Hp803F    CONDUCTOR/FIREMAN  67/8 through 8 (navy) serge.    80.00
J11756E     CHAUFFEUR / POLICE CAP   fabric, size adjustable.  (black, navy)    10.75
19th Century (white) 5.75
Cf21127    NURSE CAP  with red cross. (white)    6.50
Pta6211 CHEF HAT ~10" high (white) cotton 7.75
QR49171    BELL BOY PILLBOX  with chin strap, size 7½. (red/gold) 12.75
Om6245 MORTARBOARD paper. (black, white) 4.25
Bs66135 R49180
E    TOY SOLDIER  height 8" front, 5" back, plastic, size 7. (gold trim on red, royal, or white)    4.00
R49180E    TOY SOLDIER HAT  9" high satin covered, one size adult. (white with gold)    20.00

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