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                HEADGEAR - Civilian <H>

This file includes a partial listing of non-military and civilian non-uniform hat and headpiece styles.

HATS GALORE: over 1500 varieties from short-use "E" economy ‘throw-aways’ to "F" professional quality, plus vinyl, straw, felt, & wire frames, as well as, specialty hats and headpieces not listed with this brief selection of popular styles. If in doubt, REQUEST YOUR NEEDS by CHARACTER name, period, or style. We shall render photos or sketches with quote, or more immediate (generally within 1 day of request) information on this WEB-site in the REQUESTED GRAPHICS file.
Additional headpieces listed with DANCE ACCESSORIES costuming and uniforms. Customizing available.
The following highlight listings are grouped by locale, historic, or use of styles. All are adult sizes unless noted. Additional child and adult styles and colors available. Also, custom coverings to match costumes and custom styles (we have matched 19th Century photographs) may be possible. If you can't find what you need, telephone.
A bulk Hat Pack fee, from $5.00, may apply. Telephone for detailed and additional information and graphics.
E Economy hats, usually of some non-durable synthetic, little size variation within style, not intended to be cleaned or reblocked, with most priced under $15.00.
---F proFessonal quality,maintainable, durable, usually felt, most priced over $30 and sized from 6-3/4 to 7-5/8 (request custom sizes). Order by hat size or brim location head size in inches (SIZING CHART follows).
Most manufacturers maintain a limited selection of colors per style; however, Ht hats are a professional line with most styles available in (black, (dark) brown, (charcoal) gray, navy, tan (medium brown); plus "brights" {add $6.00} hunter, kelly, maroon, orange, pink (fuchsia), purple, red, royal, yellow; plus {add $10.00} white). Ask about heavy-weight black, other colors, and custom covering with other fabrics.
Most listings are made of some natural or synthetic felt or other cloth. Exceptions are coded as follows:
HG----  various Gilt finishes, usually lamé or some size of glitter.
HL---  ceLlophane.
HM---  Metal
HP---  Paper-like.
HQ---  miscellaneous headpiece materials: latex, feather, etc.
HS---  natural or natural appearing synthetic Straw. Some decorated for ‘as is’ use.
            To custom color use spray dye, or cover.
HV----  rigid plastic or generally more flexible Vinyl, including synthetic "straw" frames. Usually, one size.
H-C---  Combs, with upright decoration.
H-T--- Tiaras, partial circlets.
H-W--- CroWn, turbans, and other full-circle-base royalty headpieces.
NOTE:  Infant (generally under age 4) hats To Order. Children sizes generally are suitable for ages 4-10. Most children have completed head growth by about age 10. If in doubt, measure head at brim-line and compare to the following table.
Most H----F character and streetwear styles are individually sized, but some are grouped as follows:
Group Size Hat Sizes Brim-line Measurements
XS 6-5/8 20-3/4"
S 6-3/4 to 6-7/8 21-1/8 through 21-5/8"
M 7 to 7-1/8 21-7/8 through 22-1/4"
L 7-1/4 to 7-3/8 22-5/8 through 23"
X 7-1/2 to 7-5/8 23-1/2 through 24"
XX 7-3/4 24-1/4"
some styles 7-7/8 24-5/8"
some styles 8 25"
NOTE: Economy hats may be labled S, M, L but usually are NOT industry standard sized and vary with style. Generally, these non-standard sizes are suitable as follows: "S"  older pre-teens, "M"  teenage girls,  "L"  fuller hairdos and some adult males. Request specific measurements per style.
DfHJ2    HAT STRETCHER  M (71/8 - 71/2) L(71/2 - ?)    30.00    {Use with care.}


18th Century American and European non-military, non-liturgical character styles.
R9262R    MOP CAP  with lace edge (white)    8.50
Ss9083R    STOCKING NIGHTCAP  ~22" long (white)    12.00
JF10176 DfWF3  Ht51
E    TRICORN  ~S-X (black with gold edge)    7.00
Hp452F    LOW CROWN TRICORN  3" high, SMLX. (black)    40.00
DfWF3F    BANDED TRICORN  3½" high. MLX (black with white edge)    34.00
R9085 VELVET TRICORN (black with white edge) 27.50
Ht51F    COLONIAL TRICORN  4" crown,  sizes 63/4 - 77/8. (Ht colors)    85.00
Ht258F    BEN FRANKLIN TRICORN  sizes 63/4 - 8. (Ht colors)    85.00
Ht50F    LATERAL TRICORN  with edge trim, sizes 7 - 77/8. (black)    130.00

            WILD WEST some Ht "Westerns"

Early American non-military, non-liturgical character styles commonly associated with the 19th Century.
INDIAN HEADDRESS 5 quill feathers 5.50
QCk2211    INDIAN BONNET  (red/white/black)    13.00
QFu57571    FULL BONNET  (red/white/royal/black)    30.00
QCk2004F    WAR BONNET  (various color combinations)    88.00
QCk2025F    CHIEFS WAR BONNET  (various combinations)    150.00
QCk2027F    DELUXE CEREMONIAL HEADDRESS  5' double trailer with dense feather display. (multi)    375.00
SJ9978 SJ9977
R272 SPANISH COMB (gold, silver) 3.00
R417 MANTILLA scarf lace (black) 7.75
SJ0058    CHILD'S  SOMBRERO 6" high, 13" diameter, decorated straw.    2.75
SJ9978    20" SOMBRERO  8" high, decorated straw.    4.25
SJ9977    30" ZAPATA SOMBRERO  12" high, straw.    7.00
SCf7778 DECORATED SOMBRERO 25" diameter straw 10.50
R9295c:aF VELOUR SOMBRERO (black/silver : black/silver, red/gold) 55.00:77.00
4¼" high, 3¼" brim (black) 17.50
J10302    GAUCHO / ZORRO  4½" high, 3" brim. (black)    31.00
R9261 FRINGED SPANISH with red ball fringe (black) 10.50
Ht185F    TOREADOR  with braid and poms, adult size. (black)    85.00
Ck5401c:aR    ‘COONSKIN’  rabbit fur with racoon tail. (natural)    21.50
Mc7163F SUEDE FRONTIERSMAN size L (assorted) 29.00
Hp560 Hp448 Nh5311
Hp560F    4x4 BLANK  4" high, 4" brim, MLX. (black, brown, gray, pecan, red)    70.00
Hp448F    UTILITY BLANK  6" high, 4" brim, SMLX XX. (black, brown, gray)    50.00
Nh5311F    ROUGH RIDER  3½" brim, S--X. (black, brown, gray)    80.00
Ht31F    FLAT-TOP LAWMAN  sizes 6¾ - 7½.(Ht colors)    88.00
Hp443F    LANCASTER  sizes S - XX (black)    50.00
Ht32F    TELESCOPE  wide brimmed Lancaster. 67/8 - 75/8.(Ht colors)    70.00
Ht332F    LOW TELESCOPE  7 - 7½.(Ht colors)    70.00
Hp461 Hp661
F    PLANTER/TIN-HORN  (black, brown, gray, tan, white)    55.00
SHp661F    STRAW PLANTER  SMLX. (ivory)    60.00
R108 DENVER studded band with buckle (beige, black, brown) 40.25
Ht331F BIG DAN sizes 7 - 75/8, 8½" high, 5" brim (black) 136.00
Ht231F TOM MIX sizes 67/8 - 7¾, 7" high, 5" brim (Ht colors) 122.00
Ht235F HOSS sizes 6¾ - 77/8, 7" high (Ht colors) 95.00
Ht39F 10 GALLON HI-CROWN 7" high (Ht colors) 95.00
Ht239F COMEDY COWBOY sizes 67/8 - 7¾, 10½" high, 4½" brim (Ht colors) 135.00
QMc7345 GIANT FOAM COWBOY 14" high (black, kelly, orange, red, royal, yellow) 19.25
Hp436F ROPER 3½" high (black, brown) 35.25
Hp432    HORSESHOE  SMLX (tan)    51.00
JF7388    TEARDROP COWBOY  common 1940's-'50's film/TV style,  size 71/8. (black, red, royal, white)    10.25
JF606    CHILD TEARDROP COWBOY  like JF7388. (black, red, royal, white)    275.00 / 3 dozen    {tot size also available}
SJ723 STRAW RODEO (natural, or assorted) 4.50
VJ9781 WHITE ‘STRAW’ RODEO synthetic (white) 7.25
Hp437F RODEO (white) 37.50
Hp430:439F OKLAHOMA : BULLRIDER (kelly, red, royal : black, tan) 35.25
JF850E    TEXAS DRESS  contemporary triple-dent style popular for dance and drill. (black, pink, red, white)    10.50
SJ9980 FARMER STRAW (natural) 2.50
R9127 18-19th CENTURY NURSE/NURSEMAID BONNET (white) 6.00
Mc506F LADIES 18 th & 19 th CENTURY various styles and colors 20.00-75.00
Ht194 Ht192
R28:R64 BONNET - WAGONTRAIN : TOWN with lace (10 colors) 11.00
Ht194c:aF    SETTLER BONNET  (Ht colors)    70.00
SHt194sF    STRAW SETTLER BONNET  adult (natural)    42.00
R186:Ht192F    TEMPERENCE BONNET  medium felt (black, gray) : (Ht colors) 50.00 : 71.00
Ha1890F 1890’s various women's styles & colors, TO ORDER 200.00
HaDOLLYF DOLLY 17" diameter, TO ORDER 200.00


Various historic periods and locales.
R9263E ECONO PILGRIM with buckle (black) 9.25
Hp464F PILGRIM (black) 48.50
R112F PURITAN with large buckle (black) 54.25
Hp460F    QUAKER  (black)    47.50
Ht260F SHOVEL sizes 7 - 7-7/8, (black) 105.00
J2855E PADRE (black) 7.00
Ht285F MISSION PRIEST sizes 7 - 7-5/8. (Ht colors) 92.00
Ht143 Ht243
Ht43F    PENNSYLVANIA DUTCH  sizes 6-3/4 - 7-5/8, (Ht colors)    85.00
Ht143F    CLERICAL/PREACHER  sizes 6-5/8 - 7-7/8, (Ht colors)    85.00
Ht243F    AMISH  sizes 6-7/8 - 7-3/4, (Ht colors)    85.00
Hp514E    BIRETTA  (black)    11.00
Ax3115 ECONO BISHOP MITRE (red/gold, white/gold)    30.00
Ax13279    FLYING NUN  cotton covered ¼" foam. (white)    20.00
QHaBOTTLEF BOTTLE HAT with recess, 4½" high, 3½" brim, size X (black velour) 130.00
Eh5123F YARMULKE (many) 5.00
R49184F    RABBI YARMULKE  satin with fur trim (black)    23.25


Derby and bowler styles.
JF16361 JF16921
VPt2140E PLASTIC (shiny black, kelly, red, royal, white, yellow) 30.00/3 doz
VPt2154E VELOUR PLASTIC (black, kelly, white) 35.00/2 doz
JF479E    ECONOMY FELT  (black, kelly, red, white)    7.00
JF16361E    PERMALUX MEDIUM CROWN  (black, kelly, white)    8.00
JF16921E    PERMASILK  (black)    12.75
GJ479E GLITTER (gold, silver) 6.50
GJ6923E LAME (gold, silver) 11.50
GJ2517E LARGE GLITTER (black, gold, kelly, red, silver) 10.50
Ht20F    BOWLER  2½" brim, 53/8" crown, 63/4 - 77/8. (Ht colors)    85.00
Hp420F    DERBY  S - XX. (black, gray, kelly, white)    55.00
Df506F    ROLL BRIM  21/8" brim. (black, bone, brown, gray, hunter, navy, purple, red, royal, white)    34.75
Nh5001F    DELUXE DERBY  2¼" brim, 5¼" crown, S - XX. (black)    75.00
Ht28F HIGH sizes 67/8 - 75/8 (Ht colors) 85.00
Hp428F BRIGHT HIGH (black, kelly, pink, purple, red, royal, yellow) 35.25
F LOW DERBY (Ht colors) 79.00
Nh5014    SOFT TOP  2¼" brim, MLX. (black)    93.00
Ht21F    FLAT TOP DERBY  67/8 - 77/8 (Ht colors)    80.00
SHt21SF    STRAW FLAT TOP DERBY  71/8, 73/8,75/8 (natural)    32.00

            TOP HATS

some Ht top hats Most are variations of contemporary top hats. Historic styles are generally identified by period or CHARACTER.
JF16360 JF16920
E PLASTIC (shiny black, kelly, red, royal, white, yellow) 30.00/per 3 doz
VPt2152E VELOUR PLASTIC (black, kelly, white) 35.00/per 2 doz
JF13E    PERMAFELT 6" high (black, kelly, red, white)    6.75
JF16360E    PERMALUX  6" high. (black, white)    9.00
JF16920E    PERMASILK  more durable non-renewable, 5" high, 1¼" brim ("M" ~71/4). (black)    13.50
GJ612 GLITTER (gold, silver) 8.75
GJ6922E LAME (gold, silver) 12.00
GJ2516E LARGE GLITTER (black, gold, kelly, red, silver) 11.25
Ht19DF SATIN DRESSED ASCOT satin covered crown (not brim), sizes 67/8 - 73/4, 5¼" high (black) 135.00
Ht19CF CUSTOM COVERED ASCOT entire coverage, 67/8 - 77/8, 5¼" high (using customer's fabric) 195.00
Th408F PRO SATIN 5" high (black, white) 255.00
Th408CF CUSTOM PRO 5" high (colors & metallics TO ORDER) 345.00 plus fabric
Th308F SATIN COLLAPSIBLE 5" high (black, white) 320.00
Th308CF CUSTOM COLLAPSIBLE 5" high (colors & metallics TO ORDER) 395.00 plus fabric
VMc56223 : VMc57004  VINYL COLLAPSIBLE  fabric covered. (black)    child 26.00 : 45.00 (adult LX)
VMc56223U : VMc57003U  VINYL COLLAPSIBLE UNCLE SAM  fabric covered. (red/white/royal)    child 26.00 : 40.00 (adult X)
J1490 FELT (black) 25.00
Nh5005F    TOP HAT  2½" brim, S -X. (black)    51.00
Hp415F TOP HAT 5" high, 2-1/8" brim (black, brown, gray, white) 33.00
Ht12 Df567 Ht7
Ht12F JOHN BULL (Ht colors) 112.00
Ht15F    LOW TOPPER  sizes 67/8 - 8 (Ht colors)    70.00
SHt15SF    STRAW LOW TOPPER  71/8, 73/8,75/8 (natural)    32.00
Hp605F    PRINCE CHARLES  5½" bell, sizes SMLX XX. (black, white)    90.00
F ASCOT sizes 67/8 - 7¾, 5¼" high (Ht colors) 95.00
Ht17F HIGH TOPPER sizes 67/8 - 81/8, 7" high. (Ht colors) 107.00
Hp704F    SQUIRE / COACHMAN  6¼" high. (black, gray, pecan)    80.00
Df567F    DICKENS TALL HAT  6½" high, 2-1/8" brim. (black, gray)    65.00
Ht7F EMPIRE CONICAL sizes 7 - 7¾, 8" high, 2½" rolled brim, (Ht colors) 92.00
JF11361E    ECONOMY STOVEPIPE (black)    9.50
Ht9 Ht310D
7" (black) 16.50
Ht9F MAD HATTER  7½" high, sizes 67/8 - 77/8. (Ht colors) 122.00
QCf3682 FOAM UNCLE SAM 9" high (stars/stripes) 22.00
Ht210F BANDED UNCLE SAM Ht310D without stripes (Ht colors) 132.00
Ht310DF STRIPED UNCLE SAM 6" high, (red/white stripes with stars band) 170.00
Ht211F W.C. FIELDS sizes 67/8 - 77/8. (Ht colors) 115.00
Ask about custom designs and juggling hats.


Various straw and synthetic 'straw' styles commonly associated with summer costuming.
SJ9983 BIRDSNEST CALYPSO (natural) straw 1.75
SJ150:J971E HILLBILLY (natural) straw : (assorted) felt 6.75
Bo3066F BATTERED HILLBILLY 'damaged' felt (various earth-tones) 14.00
SR9217 STRAW PLANTER (natural) 6.25
VJ2570:2571 STYROFOAM SKIMMER 9½"wide x 3" high (off-white:white) 2.00
VJ5005    TOYO STRAW SKIMMER  3½" high, 2" brim. (natural)    23.00
Sbo5731F STRAW SKIMMER 3½"high, 2" brim (natural) 95.00
SHp629F STRAW BOATER 3½"high, 3" brim (natural) 103.00
VJ2680 BOY'S/LADIE'S SKIMMER 3" high, 2" brim (white) ‘straw’ 5.75
SHp680F STRAW AMISH (natural) 25.50
Ms3309 Ms3314
 3" high, 2¾" brim with red band, synthetic ‘straw’. (white)    5.00
VJ2670    GIBSON GIRL  8½" diam, ¾" brim, ‘straw’. (white)    5.50
VMs3314    CHILD BONNET  with tapered brim and ribbon. (white)    4.25
VJ12962    LADIES PICNIC / BRIDAL  3" brim. ‘straw’. (white)    10.25

20's through 60's 

some Ht fedoras, plus other styles Popular American 20th Century styles.
Nh9030F GATSBY/NEWSBOY (black, brown, gray, tweeds) 18.00
Ss9079 LADIES BOUCLE TURBAN with jewel (gold, silver) 12.00
Nh5431    FLAPPER  one size. (black, brown)    53.00
Hp440F    HOMBERG  (black, brown, gray, white)    49.50
Hp445F ZOOT 31/8" brim (black, brown, gray) 43.00
JF12596 Bo7002  Ht245
JF12596E    GANGSTER 2¾" brim (black, gray, white)    8.25
Bo7002F    GANGSTER FEDORA  pinch front teardrop, 2¾" snap brim. S-X (black, brown, red)    44.00
Ht245F    CUSTOM GANGSTER / PIMP  ask about colors, hat bands, and trims, sizes 67/8 - 8. (Ht colors)    from 85.00
VPt2150 VELOUR PLASTIC FEDORA 4" high, 2" brim (black, white) 20.00/per doz
Nh5319F    FEDORA  47/8" high crown, 2½" brim, S - - XX. (black, brown, gray)    71.50
Hp444F SNAP BRIM 5" crown, 25/8" brim. (black, gray, navy, tan, white) 40.75
Hp457F    LOST ARK  2½" brim. S-XX (black, brown)    47.00
Bo7006F    BRIAR  teardrop crown, 3" turn-down brim, "belt" hatband. S-X (black, brown, gray, honey)    46.00
JF12858 Bo7001 Nh5231
JF8580E    BIARRITZ/Small ‘FEDORA’  4¼" crown, 1½" rolled brim. (black, kelly, red, royal, white)    8.00
Hp447F    PINCH FRONT  2" brim. S-X (black, brown, gray)    56.00
JF12858E    ECONO BLUES BROTHERS/DICK TRACY  4½" crown, 2¼" brim. (black, blue, brown, red, yellow)    9.25
Mc7145R    BLUES BROS.  2½" unfinished snap-brim, 4½" side of pinch-front crown. S-X (black)    42.00
Bo7001F    CENTER DENT  crown, 2" snap brim. S-X (black, brown, gray, navy)    40.00
Nh5231F    1980's SLIM  1¾" brim, S-X. (black)    47.00
Hp442F    PORK PIE  SMLX (black, brown, gray)    47.00
Nh5490F    COACHMAN CRUSHER  soft felt, 2¼" brim, S-X. (black)    58.00
R9309 PIMP PLANTER  velvet with zebra band (black, lime, purple, red) 17.00
Also, a wide selection of top quality, streetwear, fashion, and seasonal men's and women's hats.


Historical and literary characters and locales listed by geographic region.


QSs9034 QSs9032 QSs9036
 red & gold sequin with gold beads, chin strap.    64.00
 sequin & plastic jewels with beads, on headband. (gold, silver)    48.00
QSs9036    THAI TEMPLE  double headclip supporting sequin, "jewels", & beaded tiara with 3-tiered illusion "temple". (gold, silver)    76.00
SKp1468 CONICAL COOLIE ~15" diameter x 8" high (natural) straw 3.50
SR9193 RICKSHAW domed coolie, straw 11.00
SR9189 PADDY COOLIE canopy brim, varnished straw 11.00
SR9188 SAIPAN pointed, straw 11.00
R9300 MANDARIN SKULL CAP (black/red/hunter/gold) 12.00

                    Near East / Africa

QHaQNILE QUEEN OF THE NILE (gold, silver) 300.00
Ss9100 Ss9102 Ss9030
QSs9100:9102    HORUS : on CLOCHE  10" high. (gold, silver)    25.00:64.00
QSs9030    PHARAOH  (red velour with gold asp) on plastic frame.    52.00
Ss9071 Ss9074 R49280
Ss907    SATIN TURBAN  with plume & jewel. (various)    24.00
GSs9070    LAME TURBAN  with plume & jewel. (black, gold, kelly, purple, red, royal, silver)    26.00
GSs9071    OUTSIZED TURBAN  lame with plume & jewel. (Ss9070 colors)    30.00
Ss9074    COURTIER TURBAN  with motif & feather. (black/gold, black/silver, royal/silver stripes; multi/quilted; leopard)    54.00
R32SB WRAP TURBAN satin black, gold, red 52.00
R49280    FEZ  4½" high with gold tassle. (red)    8.00
R267 SHRINE FEZ (maroon) 32.00
R297 ARAB DRAPE with burnoose (white) 10.00
VMc7222 CROWN OF THORNS adjustable vinyl (brown) 8.50
VPta7759    LAUREL HEADBAND  vinyl. (gold)    2.25


Cf1121 EXECUTIONERS HOOD (black) 6.00
QR9166E ECONO CONICAL foam (gold, pink, silver, wizard pattern) 11.00
Ax0248:0249 LADIES CONICAL with Drape : Ribbons (various colors) 44.00
Ax4024 RENAISSANCE STUDENT TAM (various) 10.00
J575E    ECONO ROBIN  (kelly)    18.00
Ht175F    ROBIN HOOD with pheasant quill.  (Ht colors)    76.50
Ht296F HENRY VIII with satin & boa, sizes 67/8 - 7¼ (Ht colors) 150.00
Ht69F DUTCH MASTER sizes 7 - 7¾ (black) 135.00
Ht261F CHARLES with plume, sizes 7 - 73/8 (black) 128.00
Hp470:416F LEPRECHAUN : CONICAL 6½"high (kelly : black) 40.00
Fa8115 TAMOSHANTER with top pom (red plaid) 6.50
R49078F    HIGHLAND  (black with plaid band)    21.00
Hp807F SCOTSMAN (navy) serge 40.00
Nh4000  Ss9010
Nh4000    WOOL BERET  ~11" diameter. (15 colors)    16.00
Ss9010c:a    DUTCH GIRL  poly-cotton.(white, request other colors)   child 8.00 : adult 9.00
JF9970E ALPINE with quill (assorted colors) 4.00
R9082 RUSSIAN SHAKO synthetic fur (black with red) 9.00


JF6292E FELT BEANIE (assorted) 3.25
JF12587 PROPELLER BEANIE (kelly, red, royal, yellow) 4.75
R9935 RASCALS BEANIE (multi-colored) 4.00
Kp8153 BOBBERS 5" high (assorted shapes & colors) 1.00
Fu242 CARMEN HEADPIECE (multi) 10.00
HaMIRANDAF CARMEN MIRANDA piled high with fruit & feathers 280.00


Mc7322:7323E WITCH 16" high x 14"diam, buckram : or satin (black) 5.00
R4----/30 FANTASY WITCH many patterns, fabrics, colors 15.00
Ht265F SORCERESS/WICKED WITCH 17" high, sizes6-7/8 - 7½ (Ht colors) 140.00
R9297 HORNED SORCERESS 2 horns (black with silver) 14.00
AmpH209 COQUE FOLLIES CLOCHE (many colors) 80.00
AmpH510 RAVEN FOLLIES CLOCHE (black) 100.00
AmpH105 OSTRICH FOLLIES CLOCHE (many colors) 185.00
QJ001 SIZING FOAM ½" thick x 1" wide, optionally adhesive, 1.00 per yard


Comedic styles.
R3144 BELLED JESTER with silver bells (multi) 11.25
By770E CLOWN/PIROT assorted 6.00
QMc3110 FOAM CLOWN GATSBY black dots on (chartreuse, orange) 11.00
QR7705 FOAM CLOWN HATTER 7" high (assorted dots) 16.50
Mc4000c:4015a CAT-IN-A-HAT child : adult 13" high felt striped red/white 14.00
Ht123\3F MINI HATS derby:flat top derby:high crown Pirot (Ht colors) 25.00


The following V--- styles are (white) synthetic "woven straw" unless otherwise noted. Weight varies with brand. Request information regarding,buchram, synthetic felt, cellophane, wire, custom, and other frame styles.
JF13093  J10042 J10037 J10036
Ms3321 Ms3320
JF13093    FELT TEARDROP  8" long x 6" wide x 2¼" high, synthet felt. (white)    4.25
GMs3321    LUREX TEARDROP  8" long x 6" wide x 2¼" high. (silver)    5.00
VJ10042    SMALL PILL BOX  5" diameter x 2¼" high.    3.25
GMs3320    LUREX SMALL PILL BOX  5" diameter x 2" high. (silver)    5.00
VJ10037    LARGE PILL BOX  7" diameter x 2¼" high.    4.00
VJ10041    FEZ  6½" to 3¼" diameter, 4¾" high.    4.25
VJ98    DRUM MAJOR    6.75
VJ10036    CLOCHE  flapper, 5" height.    4.50
VJ12962    BRIDAL  (white)    9.50
Mls6058 BUCHRAM BANDEAU 12" long x 1" wide 7.50
Mls6083 BUCHRAM RING Small, Medium 7/8" wide 7.00
Mls325 BUCHRAM TEARDROP BAND 8" long x 1" wide 8.00
Mls6400 BUCHRAM NAVETTE (front & back points) BAND 9" long x 5¾" wide 7.50
\14F FOLLIES HELMET felt lined 3 or 4 ply buchram "cloche", 14 styles.  40.00 to 50.00
Dozens of other period & modern straw, buckram, hairbraid, wire, and satin covered frames. Also bridal veils, bands, crowns, tiaras, hats, hat making & blocking supplies.

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