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GTS provides a wide range of equipment, supplies, and information suitable for nearly every performing arts need. Current resource capabilities include over 2,000 manufacturers and importers. The following categories highlight (not a comprehensive listing) some ways in which we may be of service. Many files include various GTSAID tutorials, intended to help in understanding the options and application possibilities of the file product category. Listed prices are retail. Inquire for volume, resale, and non-profit organization discounts.
These files are designed to be printable for easy reference. If you have difficulty printing any, see PRINTOUT ASSISTANCE at the end of this file.

DISCLAIMER: Many performance items may be dangerous if used improperly. Whether gymnastic apparatus, blank firing or combat weapons, electrical equipment, or even audio volume or toy weapons; incorrect use may be harmful. If in doubt regarding application suitability, construction, or operation - ask. If local construction/application codes may apply, consult your local expert. In all cases, the buyer accepts all responsibility for the installation, use, and maintenance of purchased items.


            ORDERING information.
            TAX INFORMATION information.
             INTERNAL CODES explained for the curious.

            MOVEMENT ARTS

DANCE (Concert, Variety, Ballroom, Folk, Ethnic)
                Select for a partial reference of:
            Dance Shoes - complete selection
                Select for a partial reference of:
                INTRO TO SHOES all types
                BALLET, TAP, JAZZ TRAINING SHOES traditional styles.
                PERFORMANCE SHOES professional and style variations of ballet, tap, and jazz shoes.
                POINTE SLIPPERS, rosin, and accessories.
                BALLROOM SHOES social dance styles.
                PERIOD SHOES made-to-order 19th - 20th century shoe styles suitable for movement arts.
                CUSTOM SHOES introduction to customized special character theater shoes.

            Dancewear - complete selection
                Select for a partial reference of:
                INTRO TO DANCEWEAR discussion of history and nomenclature.
                BASIC DANCEWEAR leotards, unitards, trunks, pants, tops.
                MEN'S DANCEWEAR leotards, unitards, shirts, pants, supporters.
                TIGHTS children's, women's, men's, and mesh.
                ACCESSORIES women's undergarments, warm-ups, skirts, dance bags.
                CUSTOM DANCEWEAR discussion of basic customizing capabilities.

            Training Aids
                Select for a partial reference of:
                PORTABLE AUDIO variable-speed audio equipment and portable audio systems.
                BARRES mounted and portable dance barres.
FLOORINGS for portable, stage, or studio dance, television, or photographic applications.
                For rosin, see POINTE SLIPPERS above. For makeup see MAKEUP below. 
                Request information regarding publications and recording.

            Dance Costuming (available year-round)
                Select for a partial reference of:
                BASIC COSTUMES moderate delivery schedule and price, common costume styles.
                CONCERT COSTUMES classic attached tutus through contemporary dress styles.
                DANCE COSTUME PIECES tutus, skirts, shirts, hoods, ballet masks.
                DANCE COSTUME ACCESSORIES headpieces, tails, wings, costume bags.

                For dance, gymnastics, and theater.

            Dancewear, Skirts, Skirted leotards
            Shoes (not skates), Warm-ups, Accessories

                Select for a partial reference of:
            TWIRLING batons, flags, specialties, cases, supplies .
                POM-PONS pom-pons, shakers, and specialty poms.
             PARADE & FIELD oxfords & boots, shakos & helmets, military plumes, drill rifles & swords, field flags, and megaphones.
            Mascot costumes: see CHARACTER COSTUMES , ANIMALS/MASCOTS at end of file.


                Select for a partial reference of:
            INTRO TO MAKEUP introductory What, Why, and How.
                MAKEUP per unit, kits, boxes, training aids.
             Prosthetics: facials, extremities, masks, wigs.
                PROSTHETICS & MASKS
                MUSTACHES & BEARDS for facial and torso hair.
                WIGS including head forms and wig making.
                        CHARACTER STYLES
                        CONTEMPORARY STYLES
                        WIG MAKING & MAINTENANCE.

DRAMATIC COSTUMING (Costuming designed for dramatic and masquerade applications.)
                Select for a partial reference of:
             CHARACTER COSTUMES including period, international, military and non-military uniform, and animal/mascot characters.
                ARMOR & ROYALTY including armored character costumes, armor pieces & helms, tiaras & crowns, scepters.
                COSTUME PIECES & ACCESSORIES individual pieces including outer and under-garments, cabaret, formalwear, and accessory items.
                HATS and HEADPIECES including frames.
                        NON-UNIFORM HEADGEAR including period, contemporary, and international styles.
                        UNIFORM HEADGEAR including contemporary helmets, military, and associated civilian uniform styles.
             Custom-made: Performance, Mascots, Promotionals.

FABRICS, TRIMS (Fabrics, Trims, Notions, associated Accessories for costuming and stage.)
                Select for a partial reference of:
                COSTUME & STAGE FABRICS a general reference.
            Trims and Notions
                SEQUIN or FRINGE yard goods.
                RHINESTONES rhinestones, setters, banding, fabric, jewels.
                PLUMAGE feathers, boa, fringe, etc.
                MOTIFS sequin, bead, rhinestone, nailhead, embroidery, etc. motifs.
                MISCELLANEOUS ribbon, glitter, notions, etc. not included in the above trims files.

PROPS, DISPLAY (Personal and Stage Props, Decor Pieces, Display Items.)
                Select for a partial reference of:
            Personal Props, associated Costume Accessories.
                HAND PROPS including musical instruments, magic, inflatables, break-aways, horror, and other effects items.
                ECONOMY WEAPONS including armor pieces & helms.
                COSTUME QUALITY WEAPONS better to professional quality, including armor pieces & helms.
            Display and Stage Props
                DISPLAY flags, bunting, turn-tables, food, columns, display effects.

FACILITY (Equipment for Stage, Auditorium, Club)
                Select for a partial reference of:

            Venue Equipment & Supplies
                FACILITY a general reference.
                CROWD CONTROL posts, ropes, barriers.
            Stage Equipment & Supplies
                SLIT-DRAPE and similar items.
GARMENT RACKS & prop racks.
             Reflectives: Mirrored, Sheet, Drapes

                Select for a partial reference of:
            Mixers, Amplifiers, Speakers
                INTRODUCTION TO AUDIO a discussion of technology, components, and systems.
                AUDIO EQUIPMENT including accessories.
             Microphones, Wireless intercoms
                WIRELESS INTERCOMS
            Players, Recorders (turntables, cassettes, CD's, DVD's)
            Audio labs
            Video components, Systems, Accessories

STAGE LIGHTING (Lighting Instruments, Controllers, Systems, Lamps, Accessories and Parts.)
                Select for a partial reference of:
            LIGHTING INSTRUMENTS including Follow spots.
            LIGHTING ACCESSORIES support, electrical, and media items.
            STAGE LAMPS

(Animated lighting, Fog/smoke, "Fire", "Snow", Ultraviolet, Projectors)
                Select for a partial reference of:
            SPECIAL EFFECTS traditional styles.
                (Sorry, no pyrotechnics.)

             Clown/mime & Magic supplies
             Puppets, Juggling
             Musical instruments
             CLEARANCE items

Customized items available in most categories.

                NUTCRACKER BALLET



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