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        NEW and UNIQUE

Following are a few highlighted items uniquely designed to solve generally ignored performance problems. These listings represent new or revised technology/engineering or unique customization. The following prices are approximate. For current pricing, see the appropriate Product Categories file.


                Moldable "Shank" Pointe Slippers  <S>

Bh170 Bh190
The following two styles incorporate longer lived moldable (hair dryer heat shapeable) insoles which replace traditional shanks. Rather than shaping on the feet (traditonal shank) the plastic insoles are heated and manually pre-shaped to each arch. An instruction booklet is included. Insoles are graded PL3, PL4, PL5 from softest to greatest durability.
For pricing and other pointe slippers, see POINTE SLIPPERS.
Bh170    B-MORPH
2-8 1X,2X,3X,4X  (approximately ABCD widths)
Wide platform box with moldable "shanks" in three weights.
Bh190    AXIS
2-8 1X,2X,3X  (~ABC widths)
Traditional box with moldable "shanks" in three weights.

GTSAID: GTS does not recommend these styles for most younger students with either growing feet or developing arches. Such ongoing changes in foot structure should be allowed to naturally develop and easily reshape the in-use slippers. The primary value of moldable insoles is the lasting consistency of shape maintenance (not readily changing shape) which is best used for feet with established arches. For further assistance, phone 712/255-0972.

                Cap Firing Flintlocks  <PW>

High quality wood and metal reproduction toys which fire custom single shot plastic encased caps designed to fit into mating weapon anvil pockets. This is a considerable improvement over the the previous flat-cap design, but still does not guarantee 100% firing success. A more reliable method is to manually draw back the hammer, compress the trigger, then release the hammer (yielding greater hammer arc and force). After every few shots, clean the cap pocket (to eliminate carbon build-up). if problems persist, request further information. Other weapon models available.
 Pr1775  Pr1732
Pr1775    FLINTLOCK PISTOL  19¼" long    15.50
Pr1732    KENTUCKY LONG RIFLE  52" long    27.00
Pr917    SINGLE SHOT CAPS  160 shots    2.75

                Prop Chandeliers  <WL>

Dy602 Dy902 Dy904
Non-electric acrylic strung-bead "chandeliers" available in a variety of formal and period styles and sizes. Some include candle holders and any may be searately internally lighted. If desired, the bead-strings are available per spool or as curtains for expanded motif or custom chandelier design. The several bead-string designs are available in clear, with some also in iridescent, silver, gold, and colors. Most units collapse flat for easy handling and storage.

                Economical Stage Velour

one of six tans
Economical stage curtains have long been fabricated using Nassau, Atlas, commando, or other less luxurious fabrics. There now is a similarly priced medium weight velour which should be considered. Available in 23 colors, it has a pleasant nap, is inherently fire retardant (due to fiber content), and is significantly more opaque than the above listed fabrics.
An example of June 2011 pricing:  6' wide x 12'4" leg @ 294.00; 22' x 13½' traveler panel @ 846.00; 45' x 4½' valence @ 552.00.
Request swatches and quote.

                "Custom" Printed Fabrics

sampling of  Sx patterns
Pick a fabric, pick a color, pick a pattern, minimum 5 yards, delivery about 10 business days. Select from dozens of solid, mesh, metallic, stretch, and non-stretch fabrics in a variety of colors. Hundreds of traditional and original sublimation printed patterns capable of gentle washing or dry cleaning (depending upon fabric). January 2011 prices from $8.50 per yard. Request specifics.

                Custom Printed Stage Draperies

YDEac drops and drape
Provide a minimum 300 dpi Illustrator graphic file, specify drop/drapery dimensions and rigging requirements and a quote will be rendered. If the quote is accepted, an enhanced graphic will be forwarded for final approval. Production usually requires about 3 weeks.
Full color CYMK (4 color) dye sublimation printing on durable 16' wide muslin trevira, assembled in vertical panels to nearly any dimension, usually priced $7 - $10 per square foot (approximately $6400 for a 40' x 20' drop). If you require custom graphic design or repeated or extended drapery use (considering the costs of manual painting, repeated rentals, and shipping), you should investigate this option - telephone.

               LED Striplights  <LI>

Allows DMX remote control "infinite" colors. For further details select LIGHTING INSTRUMENTS, LED Lightstrips.
 Le6530/6 ONYX
LED lightstrip available as 3, 6, or 12 light units with trunnions, clamps, lenses, lamps, and power cords with plugs.


                Custom Shoes  <S>

 C8485  CoOpal  CoCstmDorothy
Custom shoes include styles suitable for various periods (19th and 20th centuries, etc.) and characters (Cinderella, Poppins, etc.) with a wide selection of fabric, synthetic and leather uppers, heel styles, and usually selection of sueded or "oak" soles (suitable for taps attachment). For earlier periods and various nationals, a limited selection of materials and sizes is available. Request assistance or view BALLROOM SHOES, PERIOD STYLES or CUSTOM SHOES.

                Full Coverage Dancewear  <D>

The TCL is a one-piece garment incorporating a unitard with feet, fingered gloves, and hood (open or closed face) in 24 each Lycra or cotton colors and some specialty fabrics. Standard sizes include cSIML, aPSMLX with multi-X and special proportions TO ORDER. Nearly any combination of design features (e.g., stirrups rather than feet) or color combinations is possible. Also, separate costume pieces: e.g., gloves (any length), hood (open or closed), leotard with hood, or multi-colored or 1-leg tights.


Ideal for large puppet presentations. Puppeteers in black disappear under ultraviolet (blacklight) in blackout, or can blend into colored backgrounds in subdued lighting.
An excellent costume foundation for animals, aliens or anthropomorphics for drama or dance. Add makeup, mask, headpiece, etc.
Unique styling possibilities. Side by side, top & bottom, diagonal colors, or one sleeve with one leg. Create a costume.
Abstract animations or mime.

                Custom Sequins  <TS>

Over 125 sequin colors/finishes, as well as, up to 63 fabric backing finishes are available. With multi-row trims it is possible to custom design each row to be a different finish and select the fabric backing. This service once was available only at minimum 144 to 288 yard runs, later in 2 bolt minimums, and now usually in 1 bolt minimums. Although there is a setup charge, if different colors of adjacent rows are desired, a single piece of custom trim is, generally, not only more rapidly attached (with fewer broken needles) but also less expensive than several separate colored bolts. Request quotes, allowing time (generally 2 - 3 weeks) for manufacture.

                Hotfix  <TR>

No sets required with adhesive backed rhinestones, pearls (PH), and other shapes quickly attached to many fabrics and other materials using the Hotfix Wand. Anyone regularly gluing sets should seriously consider this tool now that the price has radically dropped.
   HOTFIX APPLICATOR WAND  heats Hotfix stones adhesive for quick, neat, easy attachment, includes 7 stone sized tips.    45.00
Ask about the growing selection of Hotfix stones.

                Inexpensive, Easy Snowfall  <X>

 TFIESTA    235.00
A compact (18½" high x 11½" diameter) 110 volt scatter unit which permits easy rigging and quiet, simple implementation of confetti and snowfall stage effects. With a loaded weight of about 10 pounds and a hopper capacity of about 3 pounds of paper confetti, the unit projects about a 20' diameter moderate density spread for 1 to 2 minutes without the need for space consuming troughs or the weight and "violence" of blowers. Other synthetic "snow" may be used and other snow effects (including disappearing) are available.


For a lateral effect drape the upstage and downstage sides of the hopper with "skirts" long enough to deflect the confetti laterally. (NOTE: Do not enclose the scatter canister which would compress the confetti in the canister and jam the dispersion blades.)
For larger stages space multiple units for area coverage and hang as high as possible to achieve a gentle vertical snowfall.
For extended effects modify the hopper by building a "funnel" extension insert to contain additional confetti.
NOTE: When using a stage circuit for power, preset it for "switched" (on/off, nondimming) or dimming without warmup (no continuous 5-15 volts intended to maintain warm lamp filaments) to avoid overheating the motor.

This file was partially updated 6/23/11.
Sx items reference Skytex Ent., Inc.