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            TWIRLING <ET>

Following is a highlight listing of the most requested batons, field twirling, and associated theatrical twirling items and accessories. For other items and custom construction - ask. Pole flags and other field "twirling" items are separately listed.


Most twirling flag shafts are grip end weighted to compensate for flag weight. All listed twirling batons are center balanced with replaceable ball and tip. There are three standard twirling shaft diameters, intended for use by growing hands: 5/16" Skinny for youngsters, 3/8" Mini for young teens, and 7/16" Major for adult hands. Most balls and tips are "air flow" designed. "Field" (high toss) models use larger sculptured ends providing added mass for greater elevation. See GTSAID:  BATON SELECTION, at the end of the file, for fitting and other model selection considerations. Custom lengths available - ASK.
 left to right: Ab166, Ab8300, Ab356, Ab364, Ab499, Ab8318, Ab26, Ab75
Baton shafts in diameters and every-inch lengths as indicated, chrome shafts, white rubber air-flow ball and tip (unless otherwise specified), properly balanced. For assistance in choosing a baton model and size, see Baton Selection at the end of this file.
Ab166     SKINNY MINI    5/16" shaft    11" to 30" lengths    26.75
                Designed for short fingers, small hands - THE baton for YOUNG BEGINNERS.
Ab8300   MINI MAJOR    3/8"  shaft    12" to 30"    24.75
                THE STANDARD - the most comfortable baton for most twirlers.
Ab8318   MAJOR CONVERTIBLE  7/16" shaft    12" to 30"    25.75
                For those who prefer the feel of a wider shaft.
Ab356 Ab499 Ab67
Ab356:Ab364   DIAMOND CONVERTIBLE 3/8" :or 7/16"  16" to 30"    27.75 : 28.50
                Reflective dimpled grip indicators for that bit of FLASH.
Ab499     DOUBLE DIAMOND    7/16" shaft    22" to 30"    28.50
                Four sets of dimples for added reflection.
      INTERNATIONAL    3/8" shaft    14" to 30"    28.50
                A MEDIUM WEIGHT baton with larger corrugated "spaceship" ball and tip.
Ab67:Ab75   AMERICAN BEAUTY CLASSIC  3/8" 16-30"  :7/16" 18-30"    35.00 : 37.00
                TOP OF THE LINE styling with heavier rose ball and tip for field tosses and increased roll momentum.
                Kk412, Kk410, Kk408, Kk404, Kk401, Kk400
Kk400    HIGH FLYER    3/8" shaft    12" to 30"    17.00
                Economical beginner baton with hemisphere ball and tip.
Kk401    CHALLENGER    3/8" shaft    12" to 30"    17.50
                Airflow ball and tip version of the Kk400.
Kk404    JUNIOR    3/8" shaft    12" to 30"        18.50
                Hemisphere ball and tip with 2 reflective spiral shaft patterns
Kk408 :Kk409   SUPER ROCKET    3/8" : 7/16" shaft    12" to 30"    22.75
                Deeper mushroomed airflow ball and tip. (chrome; 1also colored shaft)
Kk410    DIMPLED SUPER ROCKET    3/8" shaft    12" to 30"    26.75
                Kk408 with 2 sets of reflective hammered dimples. (chrome; 1also colored shaft)
Kk412:Kk413    CHAMPION    3/8" : 7/16" shaft    12" to 30"    27.00
                Heavier sculpted hexagonal ball and tip. (chrome; 1also colored shaft)
1Colored shaft options: blue, gold, pink, purple, red - 30.00. Ask about 1 ounce lighter Kk400L and Kk401L - 14.00.

Kk118    SLIP FLAG SHAFT    3/8" shaft    22" to 30", with 20" x 24" flag    (metallic gold or silver)    30.00
                Includes rotating sleeve to elliminate flag wrapping, single flag.
Kk146    DOUBLE TWIRL FLAG    7/16"    30" or 32"    40.00
                With two tapered slip-sleeve flags. Specify color(s) (black, gold, kelly, maroon, orange, purple, red, royal, silver, white, yellow)
Kk147     REPLACEMENT TWIRL FLAG    (Kk146 colors)    7.00 each
Kk500     HOOP BATON    3/8" shaft    18" to 28" (2" increments) diameter.    33.00
                White plastic hoop, metal shaft.
Ab505:Ab506    HOOP BATON    3/8" : 7/16"    22" to 28" (2" increments) diameter    28.50 : 29.50
                For fringes, boa, and decorative tapes, request assistance (remember, trimming increases diameter).
                {HOOP NOTE: 30# oversize  UPS charge may apply.}
Ab299      LIGHTSTICK SHAFT safe twirling light alternative to fire, requires 2 Oo906.    22" to 30" (2" increments)    28.50
Ab6184    "GIANT" BATON  52" long novelty field baton.    32.50
            Kk20, Kk142, Kk38
Kk142:Kk143  FIRE BATON    3/8" : 7/16"    24", 26", 28", 30"    51.00
                Chrome stainless steel shaft., wicking on both ends
Kk20       FIRE BATON BOOKLET essential introduction.    3.00
Request fire juggling batons and wicking replacement service information.
                SAMOAN DANCE / TWIRL KNIFE
                Stainless steel hook blade, steel wrapped wood handle, properly balanced.
Kk148     STANDARD KNIFE    24" 27", 29" lengths.    55.00
Kk149     FIRE KNIFE  Kk148 with wicking-wrapped blade.    64.00
Kk150     DOUBLE FIRE KNIFE  extended handle, wicked blade and end of handle.    36", 38"    80.00
Kk21       TWIRL KNIFE BOOKLET  useful introduction.    3.00


Kk35, Kk31, Kk36 Kk33
Kk31       VINYL CASE  30" long, one zipper,  holds 4 batons. (black, navy, purple, red, sky, white)    21.00
Kk32       BRIGHT VINYL CASE  Kk31 in "neon" colors. (green pink, purple)    29.75
Kk33       GLITTER VINYL CASE  glitter finish version of Kk31. (black, fuchsia, gold, kelly, pink, purple, red, royal, white)    29.75
Kk34       DELUXE GLITTER CASE  32" Naugahyde, two zippers plus side accessory pocket, for 5 to 6 batons.    40.00
                 (black, gold, kelly, pink, purple, red, royal, white)
Kk35        PRO CASE  32" Naugahyde, three zippers plus two accessory pockets, holds 6 or more batons.    63.00
                 (black patina; glitter aqua, black, gold, kelly, pink, purple, red, royal, white)
Kk36        HOOP CASE  vinyl, for 1 hoop baton. (black, purple, red, white)    45.00
Kk37:Kk38   METAL CASE  for fire baton.    29" : 33"    35.00 : 41.00
Other cases and bags available - ask.

                Balls & Tips

:Ab1040    SKINNY BALL : TIP    for 5/16" Ab shaft.    5.50 : 4.25
Ab7898:Ab7880    MINI BALL : TIP    for 3/8" Ab shaft.           5.50 : 4.50
Ab7278:Ab7260    MAJOR BALL : TIP    for 7/16" Ab shaft.    5.50 : 4.50
Ab1016:Ab1008    INTERNATIONAL BALL : TIP    for 3/8" shaft    6.00 : 5.50
Ab1099:Ab1081    3/8" AMERICAN BEAUTY BALL : TIP   16.00 : 15.50
Ab1115:Ab1107   7/16" AMERICAN BEAUTY BALL : TIP  16.00 : 15.50
Kk4131:Kk4132    CHAMPION BALL : TIP  Specify 3/8" or 7/16".   6.00 : 5.00
Kk--:Kk--        VARIOUS  Specify Kk model and shaft diameter.    5.00 : 4.00
Ab10                HALOS  Cut to fit any equipment. (24 colors / finishes)     1.50 / 3 pair
              (Plain gold, silver [other colors while they last]; 10 glitter; 9 "3-D" prismatic; and  3 two-tone colors)
Ab18                PRACTICE CAPS  Protects ball & tip. Specify baton model. (10 colors)    3.00 per pair


Oo906              6" LIGHTSTICKS  (10 colors)    4.50 per pair
              6" wand of chemo-luminescent liquids. Emits safe, cool, colored  light. May be safely held, taped, or used with Ab299.
                   Also 4" lightsticks, chemo-lume necklaces, bracelets, earrings, glasses, other novelty items.


                GTSAID:  BATON SELECTION

    Many twirling organizations specify a uniform model, in which case only length need be determined. Generally, selection should be based on shaft diameter, baton length, and twirling application.
    The industry includes three standard shaft diameters: 5/16", 3/8", 7/16". During a finger twirl the shaft should progress rolling comfortably between the fingers near the middle finger joint (laying against the finger segment nearest the palm). The smaller the hand, the shorter the finger segments, the less space between the fingers, and the weaker the hands. While hand size varies individually, generally youngsters under age 9 are best equipped with a lighter weight "skinny" 5/16" shaft. Immediate pre-teens and older will find the "mini" 3/8" most satisfactory for most applications. Since about the 1960's the mini shafts have been the popular standard. Prior to the 1950's most shafts were 1/2", which were almost universally replaced by the "old standard" 7/16" by the end of the decade. Twirlers trained with 7/16" shafts, those with larger hands, and/or when desiring increased heft for field tosses usually select 7/16".
    Unfortunately, and unnecessarily, too frequently batons are incorrectly fitted to arm length. If it is understood that the basic baton overall length should be that of the arm including full hand length, the proper measuring technique is logical and obvious. Stand upright, shoulders relaxed, arm/hand/fingers extended horizontally to the side, place a yardstick against the ribcage under the arm, and measure to longest fingertip. While any size may be special ordered, stock sizes are in 1" increments, possibly 11" to 30" (varying with style). For a growing youngster, 1/2" to 1" greater than measured arm length is common.
    When arm length growth ends, 1/2" to 11/2" shorter may be selected when use will be for speed twirling, two baton, or largely close body routines. Conversely, a longer baton may be handled more easily for body roll routines, and to build momentum for higher field tosses. Also, heavier batons with larger ball and tip enable higher tosses.
    With these principles in mind, it's not difficult to understand why the experienced twirler's baton bag contains a selection of different models and lengths batons, as well as, fire, juggling, Samoan knives, and other specialty equipment. For additional assistance, telephone GTS, 712/255-0972.


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