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                        $5.00 handling charge on pom orders less than 6 pieces per style and color.
                        Shakers and some small pom styles may require 12 pieces or larger minimum orders.
GTS distributes several manufacturers selections of durable vinyl and coated vinyl poms generally structurally classified as DECORATIVE (small balls with elastic for hands, wrists, shoes, hair), TOSS (center-banded strands "puff-ball" with no grip), SHOW (medium to short strand balls with various "hidden" grips,  or TRADITIONAL (longer strands with various grips), plus pep SHAKERS and SPECIALTIES (hoops, sticks, and batons). Grips and strand pattern descriptions follow. Select strand width and length, colors and finishes (matte, "wet-look", "neon", metallic, iridescent, holographic, fluorescent), strand cluster patterns and inserts ("glitter", iris), and shapes (rings, shakers, custom). Most styles are manufactured within a week, request earlier if samples are desired. Contact GTS for assistance with larger poms or other custom features.
V grips K, KF, B, BE, CE, X
Pwc grips CE, E, X
Grips are designed for strand capacity, strand appearance, and user convenience; therefore, some grips are suitable for only smaller quantities of strands (fullness), while others only extra fullness. NOTE: The aluminum coating on metallic poms yields a thicker strand, permitting fewer strands (fullness) to fit in a selected grip.
      no grip (toss poms)
E     elastic only (some decorative poms)
     hidden cap
CE   cap with elastic
K     block
  flared block
B      bicycle    
BE    bicycle with elastic
X      hidden baton
Additional and similar grip designs from other manufacturers may vary.
V patterns O, B2, B3, S, S3, M2
Final appearance may vary depending on pom size, strand width, fluffing, and use.
O       solid (1 color)
M2    2-color mixed (2 colors)
M3    3-color mixed (3 colors)
E       color ends (1 color each)
S2     half-&-half (2 colors)
S3     {not pictured} 3-bundles side-by-side (2 to 3 colors)
B2     2-color bullseye (2 colors)
B3     3-color bullseye (3 colors)
H       Highlights mixed in (1 color) added to strands
H2     2-Highlights (2 color) added to strands
Depending upon manufacturer, finishes may include matte poly-vinyl (plastic), wet-look (semi-gloss), metallic, and special (iridescent, holographic, neon, fluorescent) finishes/colors; as well as, (very narrow) metallic "glitter" and iris scattered Highlight strands.
Most metallic poms are color coated and may "bleed" when wet. All vinyl deteriorates from extended ultraviolet exposure. Special finishes vary - request specifics.
A poly-vinyl finish has a slight sheen, wet-look a higher sheen, metallic (aluminized vinyl) is extremely reflective, neon colors are brighter, fluorescent shades respond to utraviolet light (for black-out effects), iridescent finishes refract a variety of pastel shades, holographic patterns are extremely reflective metallic 3-D effects. Also, combinations. Request swatches.
Poly-vinyl : black, cardinal, gold, gray, hunter, kelly, light blue (copen), maroon, navy, old gold, orange, purple, royal, scarlet, teal, white, yellow;
Poly-vinyl Neon: lime, pink, yellow ;
Wet-look: aqua, black, bright blue, bright purple, brown, cardinal, columbia blue, crimson, purple, gold, gray, hunter, kelly, light blue (copen), maroon, navy, old gold, orange, purple, royal, scarlet, teal, tennessee orange, pink, vegas gold, white;    Wet-look Neon: lime, pink, yellow
Metallic: black, candy, electric (dark royal), gold, ice blue (light royal), kelly, magenta, maroon, midnight (dark navy), orange, purple, red, silver, teal, white;    Holographic: gold, silver
Poly: black, columbia, forest, gold, gray, kelly, maroon, navy, orange, red, royal, violet, white, yellow.
Metallic: black, cerise, gold, kelly, purple, red, royal, silver, teal.
Special: white iris, silver holographic (metallic pricing - applications vary  -  ask).
Also, various styles shakers, design your own hoop poms, other pep items, for streamers and other props see PROPS, DANCE & DRILL.
Request information regarding custom imprinting, pennants, flags, mascots, or other pep needs.
Ask about unique custom design assistance.

ITEM/GRIP/PATTERN/LENGTH/strand WIDTH (per sixteenth inch)/CENTER/MIDDLE/OUTER STRAND COLOR\Highlights:color(s)
(Example: EPV63224300/-/M2/14/3/org/blk = poly Toss Pom V631----- with no grip, 14" x 3/16" strand, with orange and black mixed), no Highlights.
NOTE: Complete Item codes describe specific characteristics of a style and may vary from the following Table Item identifier.

        POM TABLE

Unless otherwise specified, priced per pom, not pair.
Materials: poly-vinyl, metallic, p/m (poly & met'c combination), p/mh or p/hh (poly with silver highlights or poly with silver holographic highlights)
NOTE:  Pre-fluff Codes - includedP0, add  4.00P1.   Restrictions - no 6" and 1K only; 23 bundle fullness and prices.
Shoe Pom p \ m \ p/mh V630----- 5" diameter 3/16" 1536\1536\1152 O, M2 twist ties $24 \$36 \$28
  per dozen
Hair Pom p \ m \ pm Pwc321-- 3", or 6" diam. 3/16" O, M2, M3 elastic cord 7.75, or 8.00
Finger Pom poly-vinyl Pwc126-- 4", or 6" diam. 3/4" O, S3 3/4" elastic 8.25P0
  m \ pm Pwc112-- 4" diameter 3/4" O, M2 3/4" elastic 10.25P0 \ 9.25P0
Wrist Pom p \ m \ p/mh V637----- 10" diameter 3/16" 2500\1250\1875 O, M2 elastic 3.75\ 6.75\ 4.75
(minimum 12)
      Pwc321             V631 3/16", 3/4
Toss Pom poly-vinyl V631----- 10", 14" diam. 3/16" \ 3/4" 3000 \ 750 O, M2 none 3.50, 4.25; P1
(minimum 12) metallic V635----- 10", 14" diam. 3/16" \ 3/4" 1500 \ 384 O, M2 none 6.75, 7.75; P1
       Pwc102 3/4" & 3/16", 500\1900 & 900\3800 strands  V641
Toy Pom poly-vinyl Pwc102-- 13" long 3/16" \ 3/4" 1.9\.5 ; 3.8\.9M O, M2 CEP0 7.00 ; 10.00
Toy Pom poly-vinyl V641----- 15" long 3/16" 2500 O, M2 B 5.00
metallic V648----- 15" long 3/16" 1250 O B 7.00
Show (small) metallic Pwc103-- 4", 5", 6" long 3/4" O, E, M2&3 XP0 20.00, 21.25, 22.50
holographic Pwc103--H 4", 5", 6" 3/4" O XP0 39.75, 41.75, 43.75
to (medium) poly-vinyl Pwc105-- 4", 6", 8" 3/4" O, M2&3, B2&3, S2&3 X 11.00, 11.25, 11.50
(H+5.25  H2+10.50)
     V300  Pwc102 3/4" & 3/16", 2400\9500 strands
Standard poly-vinyl V-----125 6", 8", 12" 3/4" 1250 O, M2, 1B2S2 C, X 10.50, 11.00, 12.00
metallic V-----300 6", 8", 12" 3/16" \ 3/4" 3000 \ 750 O, M2, 1B2S2 C, X 17.00, 18.25, 20.75
Longer poly-vinyl V691----- 12", 15" 3/16" 5000
O, M2B2, S2
B,BE,K,KF 12.00, 12.75
215.75, 217.50
metalic V698----- 12", 15" 3/16" 3000
O, M2, 1B2 KF 18.00, 20.50
25.50, 28.50
poly-vinyl Pwc102-- 13" 3/16" \ 3/4" 5700 \ 1400 O, M2 CE 13.00P0
poly-vinyl Pwc102-- 13" 3/16" \ 3/4" 9500 \ 2400 O, M2 CE 19.00P0


Pwc27563:27773    FRINGED HOOP  3/16" : 3/4" x 13" long strands, on 15" diameter hoop. (any metallic)    16.00

    Pwc275-- Pwc287--

Pwc28784:28753    FRINGED STICK  3/16" : 3/4" x 13" long strands, on 36" long stick. (any 1 or 2 colors)    16.00

Also, wood and vinyl hoops, custom multi-tier fringe, fringed twirling batons, and other similar application items.


Larger, more detailed graphics.

V64125250 poly 2-color mix, V64815125 1-color metallic
 V69825500 solid metallic V86122500 half & half poly-vinyl


Thin Strands: Starting from the outside of the bundle and working toward center, crush bunches of strands. Increased crushing and pom shaking yields greater fluffiness and fullness.
Wide Strands: From between thumbs and fingers, separate strands; then further separate, in opposite directions, individual adjacent strands and periodically shake to fluff.

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