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         FIELD & PARADE

Following are highlight listings of a few of the catagories relating to military style drill and corps costuming/uniforms - much more available, including traditional and contemporary non-military pep, cheer, and dance-drill styles. Graphics and many additional styles available - request your needs.

            SHOES and BOOTS <ES>

The following styles, whether synthetic or leather, are all suitable for outdoor use - several other styles available. Request information regarding indoor pep and drill styles.

                    Dance Styles

women's sizes 5 - 10, 11,12, 13, 14, 15;  men's 7 - 13 (no ½ sizes)  (black, nude)
Mh7550    DANCE OXFORD  all synthetic, traction sole.     30.00
Mh8550    PEP WELLINGTON  all synthetic, traction sole.    30.00
Mh2450    DANCE BOOT  all synthetic, laced boot.  women's sizes 5 - 10, 11,12  (black, white)    56.00


Gm535 Mh2090 Mh2995
All styles Medium width, women's sizes unless otherwise specified.
   SADDLE OXFORD  1950's styles all synthetic with crepe sole, sizes 5 - 11. (black/white)    38.00
Mh2090    PARADE OXFORD  all synthetic, traction soles.  women's MW 5 - 12;  men's MW 6½ - 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 (black, white)    38.00
Mh2995    FORMAL OXFORD  all synthetic, high gloss.  women's sizes 5 - 12, men's 6½ - 11,12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 (black patina)    36.00


 Gm6050  Gm431 
All boots Medium width. Majorette styles include black soles and heels, upper color tassels. Also Western, jazz, and other styles available.
    CHILD MAJORETTE  vinyl, child 8½ through 3. (white)    47.50
Gm6050    VINYL MAJORETTE 1  3½ through 10, 11, 12. (black, white)    49.25
Mh1220    VINYL MAJORETTE 2  with black soles and heels.  1 - 11, 12  (black, white)    56.00
Gm6020    LEATHER MAJORETTE 1  with synthetic soles and heels, 3½ through 10, 11, 12. (white)    66.50
Mh1225    LEATHER MAJORETTE 2  with black synthetic soles and heels.  1 - 11, 12  (white)    70.00
Gm192    RAYON TASSELS  3" with loop.    3.50 per pair
           (black, bronze, copen, dark green, hunter, kelly, maroon, navy, orange, pink, purple, royal, red, white, wine, yellow-gold, request other colors)
Gm193    "METALLIC" TASSELS  3" with loop. (gold, silver)    4.50 per pair
Gm431    HI-STEPPER 1  1" heel, 16" high vinyl, side zipper, sizes 5 - 10, 11, 12. (black, white)    59.00
Mh1275    HI-STEPPER 2  similar to Gm431 with 2" heel, black soles child 1 - 4½ (white); ladies 5 - 10, 11, 12 (black, white)    59.00
        Also, (white) available in sizes 1 - 4½.
Gm495    HI-STEPPER 3  ~Gm431 with leather quarters (shoe) and vinyl shaft (upper), black soles and heels, 5 - 10, 11, 12. (black, white)    71.00

            SHAKOS & HELMETS  <EH>

Professional quality headpieces, used for bands, dress military corps, and theatrical applications. Several vinyl and fur fabric styles up to 16" high (or request assistance) and a multitude of colors and trims combinations, and may be plumed. Each shako includes a 3-size adjustable internal headliner. Request design, trims, and plumes graphics. Other styles available. Less than 5 pieces per specification, add $10.00 setup charge.
Many custom options:
Transparent, matte, patina, glitter, and "metallic" vinyl, cloth, fur fabric, flocked, and sequin finishes.
A selection of designs and finishes ofbody, visor, strap, buttons, chain, cords, emblem, plume, letters, vents, side trims, embroidery, more - ASK.


 Ct290  Ct267
 Ct120  Ct740  Ct730
Ct120 FLAT-TOP FUR PARADE SHAKO 8" or 10" 60.00
Many other styles, including Western and showgirl, available.

                    Headgear Plumes

A complete selection of custom military plumes. Telephone to discuss specifics.


CtSPARTAN    SPARTAN HELMET  with brush or chandelle.    95.00

Above are three examples of  "metallic" finishes.

            GLOVES <MA>

A very wide selection in various fabrics and colors. Also, leather, various gauntlet cuffs, and custom made.

            CORDS  <EN>

Request information regarding a wide selection of stock and custom citation cords, braids, frogs, eppaulettes, and similar uniform accessories in a selection of colors.
MhCC120    CITATION 120  (11 colors)    11.50 : (gold, silver)    13.00

            RIFLES & SWORDS  <PW>

PrM30    PARADE RIFLE  42",   (white with black, or walnut)    45.00
Black shoulder pad and adjustable sling, silver plated operating bolt, clicker trigger, barrel.
PrK21    JUNIOR RIFLE  29½" version of PrM30. (walnut)    26.00
 Vr246087 Vr246196
Following are a few moderately priced historic reproduction styles suitable for military parade. Carbon steel blades, leather wrapped grip with brass hilt and handguard, nickle plated or brass accented coated metal scabbards.
Vr246087    CAPTAIN'S SWORD  32" blade.    70.00
Vr246196    CAVALRY SABER  41", 33½" blade, black metal with brass scabbard.    83.50
Vr246079    CONFEDERATE SABER similar to Vr246196 40", 34½" blade, blue metal with brass scabbard.    73.00
Vr246082 Vr246080
Vr246082    ARTILLERY OFFICER'S SABER  33" blade.    46.00
Vr246080    LION HEAD SABER  33" blade.    65.00
Many other dress sword styles, including U.S. military models.

            FLAGS, BANNERS, POLES  <ET>

Numerous flag styles, shapes, sizes, patterns, fabrics, color combinations both stock & custom from 10.00. Request graphics, design, or duplication assistance. Also, 1 and 2-handed, double, and 1 to 3-tier field flag and banner poles in various materials and colors, stock and custom lengths. Ask about parade banners.


A very wide selection for twirling, flag, and drill corps. Request graphics , design, or duplication assistance.

UNIFORMS - Plan for:
- The same components (garments, trims, headpieces, props,etc.).
- Additions/replacements being available at least 3 years.
- Availability in sizes/colors required.
- request selection/fitting samples.
-ALL components selected BEFORE any purchased.
- Request GTS uniform reference service.

            SHOUT IT OUT <E>


All models are vinyl. Except for WgMP7, with plated rivots, handle and mouthpiece. Request custom screening information.
WgMP25 & WgMP19 WgMP12  WgMP7   WgPMM
Top of the line, durable, paintable, light weight white plastic, expanded end reinforced. Request colored pricing.
WgMP32    32" long x 13" expanded diameter    33.00
WgMP25    25" long x 10" expanded diameter    27.00
WgMP19    19" long x 8" expanded diameter    23.00
The following two models available in (black, kelly, maroon, orange, red, royal, white). Minimum 6 piece order (colors may be assorted).
WgMP12    PEP  12" long. (also: school gold)    14.00
WgPMM    PERSONAL MOUTHPIECE  removeable for sanitary use on all above models. (hunter, red, royal, white, yellow)    5.00
WgMP7    MINI  7" long. (also: hunter, navy, purple, yellow, gold, silver)    2.25
Also carrying cases.


WgER520 WgER1215 WgER77 WgER604
The following hand-held units include wrist strap and utilize voice rear input, the shoulder strap models include a separate microphone. All models are vinyl cased,  {battery powered} (batteries not included), and have a 5-year warranty. Vocal projection ranges are approximate and dependent upon surroundings and ambient noise.
   HAND-HELD 10 WATTS  ~800' range {8: AA cells}, light weight compact. (ivory/gray)    97.00
WgER520S    WgER520 with SIREN  (red)    105.00
WgER520W    WgER520 with WHISTLE  (ivory/gray)    105.00
WgER1215    HAND-HELD 23 WATTS  ~1,300' range {6: C cells}, power switch, volume control. (ivory/copen)    140.00
WgER1215S    WgER1215 with SIREN  (red)    150.00
WgER2215    SHOULDER-STRAP 23 WATTS  ~1,300' range {6: C cells}, WgER1215 without handle. (ivory)    150.00
WgER2215W    WgER2215 with WHISTLE  (ivory)    160.00
WgER77    SHOULDER-STRAP 35 WATTS  ~2,600' range {8: C cells}, power switch, volume control. (gray)    525.00
~500' range {8: AA cells, or 12 volts DC}, power switch, volume control, battery test indicator, microphone and line inputs (for headset mic and music player). (gray)
Also, other models and PA's.

            PEP PROMOS

We can help you with a wide selection of custom promotional/fund raiser/booster items:  shakers, pennants, seat cushions, foam fists, mini sports balls, mugs, license plates, car flags & "on-board" signs, bumper stickers, decals, pens/pencils, buttons, key rings, magnets, pins, etc - - - ASK.


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