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DANCEWEAR - Tights <D>

Following is a listing of the most requested tights styles for dance, drill, theatrical, and personal uses. Unless otherwise specified, the following listings are full-footed, waist length tights. Footed style numbers ending u (Sq706cu) have no shaped foot, the leg continuing straight to a closing seam. The TIGHTS SIZES table provides general sizing information. The STYLE TABLES provide a brand/price/size cross reference. The COLOR LIST provides each manufacturers colors (not all colors may be available in all styles). Telephone for detailed and additional information regarding the listed or unlisted styles and brands, including exotic hosiery.
Listed brands: Bg, Bh, Capezio, Danskin, Eu, Pk, Sn, Sq, Sv. Classifications of fabrics will vary by brand depending on fiber(s) manufacturer, diameter, blend, and weave; e.g., SHEER will vary in opacity and SHIMMERY will vary in sheen.


The following sizes are general, patterns vary per manufacturer, and fit varies with style, fabric, and body shape. C styles generally are narrower than similar D styles. Pk styles are dramatic (non-dance) tights with larger waists and square-cut crotch. BgPk, and Sv are heavier leotard-weight tights. Lycra and "leotard-weight" styles generally yield the neatest fit. Unlike streetwear lines, dancewear manufacturers tend to retain consistent patterns. If using a dancewear brand, check the lable: brand, style number, and size; then decide whether the same size or a change is desireable. If selecting a first pair of dancewear tights, the following charts may prove helpful.
NOTE: Most dancewear tights include a shaped heel. To wear: with the heel in back, hand-gather a tights leg to near the toe then draw up the leg under tension; repeat with the other leg; draw the waistband up to the base of the ribcage and allow the tights to "settle" into place. Men should roll down the waistband to the waist so that it is held in place by the pelvis. A dance (not athletic) supporter for teen and adult males will provide much improved appearance and comfort.


CHILDRENS: S=4-6, I=6x-7, M=8-10, L=12-14, additional sizes Tots=2-4 or teeN=longer 12-14, where noted "+".
2-4    CHILD 33" - 38" 29 - 37#      
4-6 39" - 45" 38 - 49#      
6x-7 45" - 51" 50 - 60#      
8-10 51" - 55" 61 - 75#      
12-14 56" - 61" 75 - 96#      
teeN 60 - 63" 95 - 105#      
Small    LADIE'S 4'10" - 5'2" 90 - 110#      
Medium / A 5' - 5'4" 105 - 125#      
Large / B 5'2" - 5'7" 120 - 140#      
X-large / C 5'4" - 5'9" 135 - 160#      
XX / D 5'8" - 6' 145 - 170#      
1X    PLUS-SIZE 4'9" - 5'4" 150 - 190#     HIPS: 40"-44"
2X 5'1" - 5'7" 190 - 225#     44" - 48"
3X 5'5" - 5'11" 225 - 270#     48" - 52"
4X 5'1" - 5'7" 250 - 300#     50" - 56"
Small    MEN'S 4'9" - 5'1"   24" - 30" 27" - 29" Pk waists:
Medium 5'2" - 5'5"   24" - 32" 29" - 31" 30" - 38"
Large 5'6" - 5'9"   26" - 34" 31" - 33" 32" - 40"
X-large 5'9" - 6'   28" - 36" 33" - 35" 34" - 42"
Bg: XX     32" - 34" 35" - 36" 34" - 44"
Bg: XXX     34" - 36" 37" - 38" 34" - 46"
Bg: XXXX     36" - 38" 39" - 40" 36" - 50"
Also, other brands, sizes, and custom styles available.

Colors with the same name will vary with fabric and brand. Available colors vary with style - ask.
NOTE: Equivalent light pinks (very similar shades) - Bg theatrical pink, Bh pink, C ballet pink, D theatrical pink, Eu theatrical pink, Sy pink.
Seasonal non-tights colors vary; however, most styles include black, many white, plus:

Lycra and cotton Bg colors include (shades vary with fabric) ballet pink, berry, burgundy, canary, chocolate, cream, hunter, navy, purple, red, royal, sky, suntan, turquoise;
plus Lycra only charcoal, cobalt, copper, hot pink, jade, lavender, lime, neon pink, orange, peach, silver;
plus cotton only charcoal heather, fuchsia, gray heather, kelly, lemon, lilac, pumpkin, sapphire, seafoam;
plus black 'vinyl' and liquid (micro-reflections) black, gold, hot pink, purple, red, royal, silver, teal;
plus velvet ballet pink, black, burgundy, hunter, lavender, navy, red, royal.
Also other Bg fabrics, multi-color, and custom design patterns available.

Bh tights colors include ballet pink, light tan, pink, salmon, tan, toast.

C tights colors include ballet pink, caramel, classic pink, cocoa, dark suntan, light ballet pink, light suntan, light toast, mocha, natural, nude, pointe pink, suntan, theatrical pink, toffee.

D colors include ballet pink, classic light toast, classic pink, lavender, light toast, navy, petal pink, point pink, suntan, theatrical pink, toast.

Eu tights colors include ballet pink, mocha, caramel, petal pink, suntan, theatrical pink vary with style.

Heavier theatrical Pk leotard nylon
(Not as neatly fitted as dancewear. Dancers may wish to order smaller.)
Pk--- brown, gray, hemlock, kelly, orange, pink, purple, red, royal, suntan, yellow;

Sq tights colors include ballet pink, light suntan, light toast, pink, silky tan, suntan, theatrical pink. Only child nylon Sq595 includes brown, kelly, lavender, petal pink, red, sky, yellow.

Milliskin Lycra and cotton Sv colors include (shades vary with fabric) burgundy, navy, pink, royal, suntan (nude);
plus Lycra only chocolate, copen, copper, gray, lavender, peach, periwinkle, plum, red, rose, spruce, turquoise;
plus cotton only forest, heather gray, purple, sky.

Also fashion tights: colors, prints, holidays, lace, rhinstones, etc.; other brands, and custom design tights: multicolor, sizes, fabrics, etc.; dying and glazing assistance.

Left to right: D69, D1331, stirrup, D4334, D104, D203
MESH TIGHTS: Unless noted, styles are seamless, child Small through Large or adult Small thru X-large. (black, tan).
D710  12.50 (lt toast) CHILD C3407c  13.00;  8-12 (+caramel, no tan) Sq705/6cu  10.00; +6x-7
CHILD LYCRA C3000c  23.75 (no tan)
  CHILD SEAMED C3408c  14.25;  8-12 (+caramel, no tan)  
D715  14.25 (lt toast) ADULT ECONO C3407a  15.25; S-M,L-X (+caramel, no tan) Sq705/6au  11.00; no X
D2031 24.75; +size E ADULT LYCRA C30001  26.25 (+ caramel, toffee) Eu213  21.00 (caramel)
     (+lt toast, cl ltt) SEAMED ECONO C3408a  16.25;  S-M,L-X (+caramel,no tan)  
D1042  21.00 SEAMED LYCRA C34001  26.25 no X (+caramel,toffee; no tan)  
1 with padded soles;  2 limited quantities    Ask about other styles and colors of mesh tights.
Bg308F Bg808CUSTOM Sn32
MEN'S: Made of leotard weight or heavier fabrics (2 to 4 times more opaque than most women's tights) with a back seam. Full-fashioned (F-F) styles are shaped to better contour from thigh, narrower around the knee, expanded for the calf, then tapered to the ankle and foot. Bg styles are tight-leg pants (footless) or with stirrups or feet included. Sv tights are lighter weight, medium sheen Milliskin. Eu feet are unshaped. Pk styles are tapered tubes with a square crotch, designed for general performance applications, not recommended for dance costuming. Sn styles include N/P,XX. Unless noted, all styles are available (black, white) adult Small through X-large. Bg, Pk, and Sv styles are available in many colors and combinations - ask. Several styles are available XX and larger for an additional charge - ask.
Bg, Pk STYLE CapezioEu SnSv
Pk100 36.50; see 3 below NYLON C11  F-F 27.75;  +P,XX  
  MICROFIBER Eu34943u  18.75  
  MICRO FOOTLESS Eu34944  21.00 (no wht)  
  MICRO CAPRI Eu34945  19.00 (no wht)  
D2218  24.75;  +P,XX
Bg808Fu  32.00
 [Also, Bg boys
Sv1099  33.75,  X 36.75
Bg808S  30.00 LYCRA STIRRUP    sizes 4-6 through 12-14  
Bg808  28.00 LYCRA FOOTLESS approximately 80% mens prices.] Sv1098  31.00
Bg308F, Bg308SBg308 COTTON STYLES same prices as Lycra Sv3099, Sv3098
COTTON   Sn31  36.25 (+gray, nude)
COTTON HIGH WAIST   Sn112 36.25(+nud,- white)
COTTON FOOTLESS Sn11  30.50 (+charcoal)
3 Pk100  XX  39.50,    XXX  48.50,    XXXX  54.25.        Bg--- above size X, 6.00 per added X.

CHILDREN'S: Unless noted, styles are seamless, waist length, and footed in sizes Small (4-6), Intermediate (6x-7), Medium (8-10), and Large (12-14). Some styles include (+) Tots (1-3 or 2-4) or teeN (longer child large) sizes. Combined sizes follow a semicolon (;). Bg and Sv styles are leotard weight. Full-fashioned (F-F) styles are back-seamed. {More notes at end of table.}
Danskin STYLE Capezio or Bg VARIOUS BRANDS
  SHEER FULL-FASHION OPEN-SL C19c  21.50; no S I  
  SHEER MOCK SEAM OPEN-SOLE C18c  19.50; one size    
  HEAVIER SHEER MK SM O-S C9c  20.50;  one size   
  ECONO NYLON   Sq595  6.75;  +T
D582  8.00;  +2-4 NYLON C3  10.00;  +1-3, 10-12
  MICROFIBER   Sq509  10.00; +T
    MICROFIBER OPEN-SOLE C1873c  13.50;  one size Eu210cu  9.50;  +N
D703  8.75;  +2-4 ECONO LYCRA C1825c  9.00;  2-6, 8-12
D331 11.50; +2-4 LYCRA SHIMMERY C1808c  10.50 Sq502  9.50
D3412  9.50 SHIMMERY STIRRUP     
D3512  9.25 SHIMMERY FOOTLESS     
D607 11.00;+2-4 MATTE LYCRA C14c  13.00;  +1-3
  MATTE OPEN-SOLE   Bh935c  12.50; no I
    MATTE STIRRUP C145c  14.25    
    MATTE FOOTLESS C140c  12.50    
D387 12.50; +2-4 ULTRASOFT LYCRA C1815c  12.50;  2-6, 8-12 Eu215c  6.75; +T,N
  RHINESTONED ULTRASOFT C1874c  34.25;  one size  
D708  13.00 ULTRASOFT OPEN-SOLE C1816c  12.50;  2-6, 8-12 Eu218c  13.00; +N
D727  14.25 ULTRASOFT "F-F" OPEN-SOLE    
  ULTRASOFT STIRRUP C1861c  14.25;  one size Eu217c   9.50; +N
D712  11.50 ULTRASOFT FOOTLESS C1817c  12.00;  2-6, 8-12 Eu212c  7.75; +N
  ULTRASOFT HIP-HUGGER CAPRI C1870c  12.00;  one size    
    HEAVIER LYCRA : COTTON Bg1808F:1308F  25.00 Sv1097:3097  27.50; +N
    HEAVIER STIRRUP LYC : CTN Bg1808S:1308S  22.50    
    HEAVIER FOOTLESS LYC : CTN Bg1808:1308  21.50    
SKATE C1814c  17.75;  no I  
"OVER-BOOT" (open-sole) C1812c  18.50;  no I  
OPEN-SOLE "BODY-TIGHT"  Bh398c  21.50; 8-12
Skate and "over-boot" tights are heavier weight, intended to better warm and protect ice skaters.
"Body-tight" styles are underwear camisole leotites.                      (2 limited quantities)
 D69 stirrup  D711  D702
LADIE'S: Unless noted, styles are seamless, waist length, and footed in adult sizes Small, Medium, Large, eXtra-large. Similar D sizes are A, B, C, D. Some styles include (+) XX (double-X) sizes. PLUS SIZES include 1X, 2X, 3X; and, if noted (+), 4X. Combined sizes follow a semicolon (;). Bg and Sv styles are leotard weight. Full-fashioned (F-F) styles are back-seamed. {More notes at end of table.}
Danskin STYLE Capezio or Bg VARIOUS BRANDS
  SHEER F-F OPEN-SOLE C19a  23.00; +XX  
  HEAVIER SHEER MK SM O-S C9a  21.50;  S-M,L-X   
  ECONO NYLON   Sq469  8.75
D692  10.00 NYLON
  MICROFIBER   Eu215a  9.00; +XX
  MICROFIBER OPEN-SOLE C1873a  15.75;S-M L-X Eu210a  9.50; +XX
  F-F MICROFIBER OPEN-SOLE   Eu218a  14.00
  MICROFIBER STIRRUP   Eu217a  11.50; +XX
  MICROFIBER FOOTLESS   Eu212a   9.50; +XX
ECONO LYCRA C1825a 11.50; S-M,L-X
D1331  13.50 LYCRA SHIMMERY C1808a  12.50 Sq702  11.50
D23312  12.00 SHIMMERY STIRRUP       
D33312 13.00;A-B,C-D SHIMMERY FOOTLESS       
D212  13.50 MATTE LYCRA C14a  15.25;  +XX
  MATTE OPEN-SOLE C15  14.75;  +XX Bh935a  14.75; A - - E
    MATTE STIRRUP C145a  16.25;  +XX     
    MATTE FOOTLESS C140a  14.75
D72  13.50 ULTRASOFT LYCRA C1815a  14.25;  +XX  
D702  13.75;  A-B,C-D ULTRASOFT OPEN-SOLE C1816a  14.50;  +XX  
D725  17.25 ULTRASOFT "F-F" OPEN-SOLE    
  U-SOFT V-WAIST OPEN-SOLE C1872a  15.75;S-M,L-X  
U-SOFT HIP-HUGGER O-S C1821  14.75;  S-M,L-X    
  ULTRASOFT STIRRUP C1861a  16.25;S-M,L-X    
D711  14.25;  A-B,C-D ULTRASOFT FOOTLESS C1817a  14.25;S-M,L-X    
D9754  12.50;A-B,C-D ULTRASOFT HIP-HUGGER CAPRI C1870a  13.00;S-M,L-X    
      HEAVIER LYCRA : COTTON Bg808F:308F  31.00 Sv1099 32.00,X 35.00
   : Sv3099  31.00
    HEAVIER STIRRUP LYC : CTN Bg808S:308S  30.00    
    HEAVIER FOOTLESS LYC : CTN Bg808:308  27.00 Sv1098:3098  30.50  
SKATE C1814a  18.50  
"OVER-BOOT" (open-sole) C1812a  19.50  
Sq465 22.75;S-M,L-X
  OPEN-SOLE "BODY-TIGHT" C1818  19.50; S-M,L-X  Bh398a  21.50
O-S CLR STRAP "BODY-TIGHT" C1811  21.50; S-M,L-X Eu95704 17.25;+P,XX
  HEAVIER O-S CLR STRAP "B-T"   Eu95705 25.75;+P,XX
D4013  15.75  +4X PLUS-SIZE SHIMMERY    
  PLUS-SIZE MATTE C1862  17.25  
D4021  17.25  +4X PLUS-SIZE ULTRASOFT    
Skate and "over-boot" tights are heavier weight, intended to better warm and protect ice skaters. "Body-tight" styles are underwear camisole leotites, usually including color coordinated and clear straps.

C1874 C1812 C1811

Also, heavier and warmup styles, fashion weaves, additional manufacturers, fabrics, and custom made. Request assistance.

            Why are Tights?

Dance tights are defined by essential characteristics.
        1.    Mobility. Tights should have greater elasticity than the wearer's use requires, permitting complete freedom of movement.
        2.    Smooth finish. Unless a visual effect is required, the appearance of the leg (leg line) should be unbroken by the garment.
        3.    Consistent weave. Unlike socks, multiple weave thicknesses, patterns, and bulky serged seams should not exist. This and foot reshapeability are the primary reasons full-footed tights should be worn during dance shoe fittings.
        4.    Minimal closing seam. The serged seam at the end of the toes should be of small diameter, minimal length, and linear.
        5.    Light weight. Use the least thickness possible for any application. The shape should be that of the leg, no bulk added.

Dance tights should minimally provide four essential functions. Although many dancewear and non-dancewear styles exist, when making a selection these fundamentals should always be considered.
        1.    Provide an accurate silhouette. Primarilly, as with any dance class-wear and most performance-wear, the body outline should be easily observed. Generally, more Lycra/Spandex yields a cleaner fit, eliminating gaps behind the knee and less chance of sag. Tights, lighter colored than leotard, permit student and instructor to more easily note torso/pelvis/thigh allignment. Tights with shaped feet provide continuity into the shoe, and pre-shaped full-fashioned men's styles provide a better silhouette along legs with significantly varying diameters from thigh through knee to calf then ankle/foot.
        2.    Breathable warmth. Perspiration should pass through the tights, rather than evaporate directly from the skin surface. Heavier fabric weights better retain body heat and are adviseable for ice skating or cooler outdoor applications.
        3.    Foot reshaping. Dancing feet continuously change shape. Inside tightly fitted dance shoes, full-footed tights move smoothly against the inside of the shoes, facilitating ongoing shoe reshaping with the feet. This will not happen with bare, moist skin.
        4.    Consistent color. Even women's and children's translucent styles provide much improved corps leg color consistency than pantyhose.
        5.    Opacity. This is especially important for men, whose tights are twice to four times heavier than most women's styles. The objective is to eliminate leg hair shadow under thousands of watts of stage lighting.
        6.    Visual effects. Mesh, stockings, rhinestoned, bicolored, fluorescent, "metallic", custom designed - ask.
        7.    Durability. Properly woven dance tights always endure more use (not abuse) than pantyhose. It is common for men's tights to survive years of dancing.

Telephone for further information and assistance - 712/255-0972.

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