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                    MEN'S & BOY'S DANCEWEAR  <D>

Although most "women's" and "girl's" torso and pants dance styles are suitable for males, following is a brief sampling of the hundreds of dancewear pieces and accessories specifically designed for men and boys. Request information regarding children's sizes, multi-X sizes, coordinating women's styles, custom designs, and unlisted pictured styles. For men's tights, see TIGHTS, MEN'S.
Unless otherwise noted, available adult sizes are Small, Medium, Large, eXtra-large (XX where noted).
All Bg items priced in 3----cotton:8----Lycra blends (request pricing for other fabrics). Sizes:  boys cSIML; adult Petite through X in about 23 colors per fabric. For each additional X, add $6; e.g., XX +$6, XXX + $12.
Sv Lycra items are made from Milliskin®, a lighter weight, very clean fitting low sheen fabric. Sv Lycra and cotton blends are available in up to 21 colors each.


Bg884 & Bg814 short  C5938 & C5939 pant EuJF021 & Eu46433 Bg8497Bg825 pant 
Bg1341:1841    BOY'S TANK    15.00
Bg394:894    TANK    24.00
Bg384:884    SLEEVELESS  round neck.    30.00
Bg385:885    SHORT SLEEVE    34.00
C5938    SHORT SLEEVE  round-neck, cotton blend. (black, white) PSMLX  16.50
Sv1441:1442    MILLISKIN SHIRT  short sleeve. child SML:adult SMLX (21 colors)    24.00 : 32.00
EuJF021    SUPPORT SHIRT  short sleeve, crew neck, with support panels. (black, white)    53.25
EuJF022    V-NECK SUPPORT SHIRT  short sleeve, slightly V'ed neck, with support panels. (black, white)    53.25
Bg1397:1897        BOY'S SHORT SLEEVE  turtle neck.    28.00
Bg397:897    SHORT SLEEVE  turtle neck.    36.00
Bg3497:8497    SHORT SLEEVE  turtle neck, zip front.    38.00
Bg1398:1898    BOY'S LONG SLEEVE  turtle neck.    30.00
Bg398:898    LONG SLEEVE  turtle neck.    38.00
Bg3498:8498    LONG SLEEVE  turtle neck, zip front.    40.00


Bg880 & Bg825 pant Sv1505 & Sv3410 (note seats)
Scoop neckline and standard-cut seat/leg opening, unless otherwise noted. Request information regarding pictured women's styles.
Bg1380:1880    BOY'S TANK    22.00
Bg380:880    TANK    28.00
Bg380T:880T    TANK  thong.    28.00
Bg382:882    TANK  low front, Y-back, thong.    30.00
Bg3851:8851    TANK  boatneck.    30.00
Sv1505    TANK  Lycra.    26.00
Sv3510    TANK  cotton, thong.    26.00
Bg3852:8852    SLEEVELESS  round neck, back zipper.    36.00
Bg1381:1881    BOY'S SHORT SLEEVE  low front.    24.00
Bg381:881    SHORT SLEEVE  low front.    30.00
Bg381T:881T    SHORT SLEEVE  low front, thong.    30.00
Sv1404    SHORT SLEEVE  Lycra.    26.00
Sv3410    SHORT SLEEVE  cotton, thong.    31.00


SnH2062 Bg888 Bg887 & 889 SnKH2101 Sv1330
Bg386:886    BIKETARD  low front, Y-back.    34.00
SnH2062    BIKETARD  cotton, low front, deep Y-back. (black)    41.00
Bg388:888    BIKETARD  short sleeve, turtle neck, zipper front.    42.00
Bg387:887    UNITARD  low front, Y-back.    40.00
Sv1330    TANK UNITARD  Lycra. no X    48.00
SnKH2101    2-TONE TANK UNITARD  cotton blend. (gray over black, white/navy)    55.00
SnKH3101    2-TONE SHORT SLEEVE UNITARD  cotton. (gray/black, grape/black)    58.00
Bg389:889    SHORT SLEEVE UNITARD    48.00
Sv1332    LONG SLEEVE UNITARD  Lycra. no X    54.00
Bg3496:8496    TANK LEOTITE  footed.    46.00
Pk700    LONG SLEEVE LEOTITE  nylon, unshaped feet, round neck, square-cut crotch, back zipper. (no S) (12 colors)    61.75,  XX 64.75
Sv1608    LONG SLEEVE LEOTITE  Lycra, footed.    55.00  (X 59.00)


Bg308F & Bg393 
Some styles pictured with SHIRTS and LEOTARDS above.
Bg1314:1814    BOY'S SHORTS  14.00
Bg314:814    SHORTS  18.00
C5942    SHORTS  Meryl/Spandex. SMLX (black)    20.00
Bg391:891    CONTOURED SHORTS  with countoured pouch.    20.00
Bg1315:1815    BOY'S BIKE SHORTS  15.00
Bg316:816    5" BIKE SHORTS    20.00
Bg315:815    7" BIKE SHORTS    20.50
Bg306:806    CAPRI  length.    26.00
Bg1308:1808    BOY'S TIGHT LEG PANT    21.50
Bg1308S:1808S    BOY'S STIRRUP TIGHT LEG PANT  (child's stirrup tights).    22.50
Bg1308F:1808F    BOY'S FOOTED TIGHT LEG PANT  (child's tights).    25.00
Bg308:808    TIGHT LEG PANT    27.00
Bg3495:8495    TIGHT LEG PANT  high waist.    33.00
Bg308S:808S    STIRRUP TIGHT LEG (men's stirrup tights).    29.00
Bg308F:808F    FOOTED TIGHT LEG (men's tights).    31.00
C5939    STRAIGHT LEG  cotton blend. (black) PSMLX    27.25
Bg1325:1825    BOY'S STRAIGHT LEG    25.50
Bg325:825    STRAIGHT LEG    35.00
Bg1326:1826    BOY'S WIDE LEG    27.50
Bg326:826    WIDE LEG    37.00
Eu46433    WIDE LEG  cotton blend with elastic/drawstring waist. SMLX (black)    28.25
Bg327:827    FLAMENCO  flared.    44.00
Bg1329:1829    BOY'S BELL  hip hugger.    28.00
Bg329:829    BELL  hip hugger.    38.00


C5935 Sv1007 & Sv1442 shirt & Sv1018 trunk  C5936
Unlike athletic supporters, dance styles are designed for secure front support of genitals providing a stable appearance, improved movement safety, and personal comfort. "Belts" have heavier waist elastic for added abdominal support. All styles are thong-cut back (black, white) unless otherwise noted.
Waist Sizes:  child Medium 25-26", Large 26-28"; adult Small 25-28", Medium 27-31", Large 30-34", X-large 34-36"; where noted XX 36-38", XXX 38-40".
Bg29:89    COTTON:LYCRA T-STRAP  (+ cream)    16.00
Bg27:87    COTTON:LYCRA  (+ cream)    19.00
C5935c:a    NYLON FULL SEAT 2" BELT  contoured lined pouch. (black, nude only)    child ML  23.25 : adult (+XX,XXX)  27.00
Bg188    BOY'S LYCRA FULL SEAT  specify waist measurement. (22 colors)    16.00
Bg28:88    COTTON:LYCRA FULL SEAT 2" BELT  contoured, fully lined. (+cream)    20.00
Sv1007    MILLISKIN 2" BELT  (+chocolate, nude)    20.00
C26    COTTON 2½" BELT  lined pouch. (+natural)    22.75
C5936    POLY-LYCRA 2½" BELT  with padded "smooth-contour" antimicrobial pouch. (nude only)    31.00
C5930    COTTON 3½" BELT  with quilted "smooth-contour" pouch. (+natural, no white)    27.25
Also, other brands, styles, warm-ups, boy's and men's custom dancewear and costuming.

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