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Following is a highlight partial listing of  theater dance underwear, warmups, skirts, bags, and books. For expanded information and dancewear listings, select: DANCEWEAR BASICS, MEN'S DANCEWEARTIGHTS, or CUSTOM DANCEWEAR/COSTUMES/UNIFORMS.


Most undergarments are lighter weight fabric blends. For greater opacity, request assistance. The following bra and camisole straps are length adjustable, panties include lined crotch. "Meryl" nylon and "Tactel" are very lightweight micro-fiber blended with Lycra.
Bg9840, 9865, 9875 C3683 C3680
Bg9840    TACTEL/LYCRA BRA  PSMLX (black, suntan)    24.00
C3683    SEAMLESS BACKLESS BRA  clear back strap, clear and nude adjustable shoulder straps. PSMLX (nude)    23.75
Eu95621    BACKLESS TACTEL BRA  bra front with removeable clear double low-set back straps and clear and matching fabric shoulder straps. PSMLX (black, nude)    17.25
C3678    SEAMLESS THONG  low-cut, Tactel blend. SML (nude)    10.50
Eu95152    PANTY  SML (nude)    13.50
Eu95153    "BOY SHORT" BRIEF  leg line across thigh. adult size (black, nude)    11.00
    CAMISOLE  adjustable straps, princess, Tactel blend. PSMLX (black, suntan)    32.00
Eu95706c:a    CAMISOLE  6 hook positions, low back, adjustable nude and clear straps. c SML : a P-X    19.00
C3532c:a    3-WAY CAMISOLE  6 hook positions, deep back, adjustable clear straps. child IML : adult PSMLX (nude : plus black, suntan)    25.25
    SEAMLESS CAMISOLE  4 hook positions, deep back, adjustable clear and nude straps. SML (nude)    27.25
Bg9875    CAMISOLE UNITARD  PSMLX (black, suntan)    40.00
Camisole leotites ("body-tights") provide a smooth, contiguous bustline to toes undergarment. The following listings are open-sole ("convertible") and clear straps are replaceable.
C1818    LEOTITE  S/M L/X    20.00
            (ballet pink, black, chocolate, light suntan, natural, nude, suntan, white)
C1811     CLEAR STRAP LEOTITE  S/M L/X    21.00
            (ballet pink, black, caramel, light suntan, nude, suntan)
Eu95704    DUAL-STRAP LEOTITE  with color coordinated and clear straps. P S/M L/X XX    17.25
            (black, caramel, suntan, theatrical pink)
CSTRP1    CLEAR REPLACEMENT STRAPS  adjustable.    14.25 / per 6 pair
Other dance under-garments available.


C3538 C3564, 3678 Eu95622 C3518
Undergarments with added support. For men's supporters, see MEN'S DANCEWEAR.
C3538    4-WAY BRA  mesh lining, molded, clear sdjustable straps, 6 hook loops. P-X (nude)    20.00
C3564    MOLDED "BACKLESS" BRA  adjustable clear straps. P-X (nude)    29.00  (C3678 thong listed above)
Eu95622    MESH "SPORTS" BRA  front and T-back mesh panels. SML (black, white)    24.75
C3518    "EMPIRE" PANTY-GIRDLE  with adjustable straps. SML (nude)    36.00
Request information and graphics regarding other support styles.


There are many additional styles of dance warmup garments: shorts, pants, upper-body warmers, unitards, jumpsuits, etc. - ask.

                    Leg Warmers

CCS102, CSL7765, CCS104
All styles available (black, pink). Rd cotton (plus burgundy, heather gray, hot pink, hunter, natural, navy, purple, red, sky, white)
Rd12    12" ADULT CALF or CHILD LEG  cotton.    7.00
Rd18    17" LEG  cotton.    8.50
Rd27    24" LEG  cotton.    10.50
Rd21    20" ACRYLIC  (black, pink, white)    9.50
    24"  acrylic/Spandex shag-knit. ( plus gray)    11.25
:a    27" CHILD : 32" ADULT STIRRUP acrylic. (plus white)    11.00 : 12.00
CCS--- styles are acrylic ribbed-knit with elastic reinforced ends. (black, pink)
   12" CHILD / CALF    11.00
CCS104    18" STIRRUP  (plus gray, plum)    12.00
CCS102    27"  (+gray, plum)    18.25
CCS103    36"  (+gray, plum)    19.00

                    Wrap Sweaters

CCS301c:a    CHILD : ADULT  acrylic. cSML : aSML (black, pink : + gray, plum)    22.00  23.50
Many other leg and torso warmup styles available.


A small sampling of various styles and materials of theatrical classwear skirts. All styles are straight (even level) bottom unless otherwise noted.


right skirt Sv2531


C309    13" GEORGETTE  (black, burgundy, pink, white)    18.00
C272c:a    TAPERED GEORGETTE  child 10" front to 15" back : aP/S 13-18", M/L 15-20" (black, burgundy, pink, white)   18.00 : 21.00
C276    LONGER TAPERED GEORGETTE  P/S 15-23", M/L 17-24" (black, burgundy, pink, white)    22.50
Sv2531    16" GEORGETTE  (16 colors)    24.75  (X  8" more waist 29.50)


Ms85194    13" POLY WRAP  cM,cL-aM,aL-X (black, pink, orchid, plum, red, royal, white, wine)    10.50

                Elasticized Waist

Bh5110 Bh5161 with Bh3732 left skirt Sv4968


Bh5110c    6-10" TAPERED GEORGETTE  mock wrap. cSIML (black, burgundy, candy, lavender, navy, pink, royal, sky)    14.75
c    8-9" 'GLITTER' GOERGETTE  sSIML (black. candy, lilac, pink, sky, white)    17.25
            With scattered spotlight silver micro-reflections, cSIML    (pictured with Bh3732 leotard)
Sv4903:4968    10" : 13" NYLON/LYCRA  (21 colors)    12.00 : 16.00
Sv4968    16" MESH  with Lycra waist. (21 colors)    16.00    (Pictured with Sv4961 Mesh Jacket  20.50)
C9635 Bh4041 
C1417c    POLY CIRCLE  with waist bow. cTSML (black, lavender, pink, sky)    15.25
    TAPERED GEORGETTE  with rhinestoned waist bow. cTSIML (black, pink, white)    19.50
Bh4041c    6-7" TULLE  3 layer. cTSIM (black, pink, white)    18.25


   CHILD 11" POLY MOCK-WRAP  (black, pink, orchid, plum, red, royal, white, wine)    7.00
Sv1611    GORED CIRCLE  Lycra. SML (21 colors)    56.00
Dozens of additional skirt styles available - ask.

                Skirted Trunks

Ms83636 Ms80016
c:a   11" CIRCLE SKIRT  attached to short ("boy") shorts. cML aP-X (black)    17.25 : 19.50
Ms80016    16" PANEL SKIRT  straight bottom 6-panel "handkerchief" on trunks. cIL aP-X (black, white)    23.00 : 27.50 (X 29.25)

            DANCE BAGS  <IB>


Hz6423 Hz1100 Hz7123  Hz1415  Hz1021
 10½" x 9". (pink)    11.00
Hz1100    "THE CLASS" DUFFLE  10" x 6½". (pink)    14.50
Hz7123    "FLORAL" TOTE  10" x 10½". (black/etc.)    17.00
Hz1415    "DRESS-UP"  with shoe compartment, 9" x 10" x 5½". (pink/etc.)    18.00
Hz1021    "BALLET POODLES"  with shoe compartment, 9" x 10" x 5½". (pink)    19.00
LoLA3002    ZIPPED DUFFLE 14" x 9" diameter. (lilac, pink)    16.00
Hz1000, Hz1040, Hz4562 , Hz6721
Hz1000    "EN POINTE" DUFFLE  with zippered end pocket, 14" x 9" d. (pink)    17.00
Hz1040, 4562, 6721    "BUTTERFLY" 18" x 12" d. : "SLIPPERS" : "DANCE"  14" x 9" d. (black/etc.)    24.00


Hz1062, Hz1082, Hz4366, Hz4512, Hz6012
Hz1062, 1082, 6012    "BALLERINAS" : "DANCE-DANCE" : "FANCY DANCE"  15" x 10" x 9". (black/etc.)    23.00
Hz4366    "3-FIGURES"
 7 pockets/compartments, 19½" x 12½" x 11". (black)    36.50
 8 pockets/compartments, 19" x 11" x 11". (black)    32.00
C54  C122
C103    CANVAS DUFFLE  with interior mesh pockets, 25" x 10" x 11½". (black/hot pink)    35.25
    MULTI-COMPARTMENT DUFFLE  21" x 11½" x 11½". (black)    24.25
C54    TOILETRY BAG  multiple pockets and restraints, swivel hanger, 13" x 9½" x 3½" deep. (black)    26.25
C122    MULTI-COMPARTMENT BAG 17" x 14½" x 7". (black/gray/pink)    37.50

                Garment Bags

 C61 Hz1023, Hz1063, Hz6017, Hz1857
C61    GARMENT BAG  with shoe pocket, 22" x 41½" x 3". (black)    28.50
Hz1023    "BALLET POODLES"  20" x 39" x ½". (pinks)    26.00
Hz1063, 6017, 1857    "BALLERINAS" : "FANCY DANCE" : PLAIN  21" x 44" x 2½". (black/etc,)    32.00
Other brands and many more bag styles - request graphics. Garment bags listed with dance/uniform costumes.

            MISCELLANEOUS <D>

Rd700    KNEEPADS  elastic-sleeved pad. {M size 5" x 6"} PSML (black)    11.00

            DANCE BOOKS <AP>

Training aids for students and instructors. (Telephone for other titles, children's recreational books, and other theatrical categories.)
Dv28619    COURTLY DANCE OF THE RENAISSANCE, Caroso, 432 pp.    19.00
                    Translation of proper etiquette and period dance technique
Dv21843    TECH. MANUAL & DICTIONARY OF BALLET, Grant  Basic terminology reference, 144 pages.    6.00
Dv22036    BASIC PRINCIPLES OF BALLET, Vagonova  Technique reference, 171 pp.    8.00
Dv43177    CECCHETTI METHOD, Beaumont & Idzikowski  Technique reference, 272pp.    17.00

Ask about snoods, bun covers, scrunchies, bands, belts, socks, skirted trunks, shirts, swimwear, seasonal fashionwear, specialty garments, much more.


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