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                    INTERNAL CODES

The following information is provided largely to satisfy the curious and is not essential to facilitate ordering.

Periodically someone asks about the codes following most primary and some secondary product list headings; e.g., <AB>, <FTM>, or <R>. These are category codes, the preceding being training Aids - Barres, Fabric - Theatrical, Muslin, and pRosthetics. Other common codes are listed below. For many years, the limited catelog space required use of many abbreviations including product colors. Web space no longer requires such use, but invoice space commonly does. The following color abbreviations and industry-specific category color codes may occasionally prove helpful. If you have further questions - telephone.


GTS has long used a universal coding system which permits rapid location and unique product identification of nearly anything available. The method utilizes a category code letter which may be followed by one or more sub-category code letters. These are followed by a supplier code, then the item code; e.g., appearing SC550 dance Shoes - Capezio, style 550 (junior footlight).
Now the system becomes more complex. All levels of category codes are upper case, the first letter of a supplier code is upper case and may include one or two following lower case letters. Product item codes may include letters, which are always italic and of reduced size. All product codes are bold and underlined.
In other words,the last non-italic upper case letter is the beginning of the supplier code; for example, ETKk500 specifies pEp - Twirling Kraskin, hoop baton (#500); or SCP103 dance Shoes - Capezio, Pavlova pointe slippers (#P103).
Further product clarification by  age, gender, or size group is discussed below.

A    teaching Aid
AB    A Barre
AF    A Flooring
AP    A Publishing
AU    A aUdio
AUA    AU cAssette
AUM    AU Manual
AV    A Visual
AVF    AV Film
AVM    AV Manual
AVV    AV Video tape
B    unused
C    movement-arts Costume
CA    C Accessory
CH    C Headpiece
CM    C Mask
CP    C Piece
D    Dancewear
DA    D Accessory
E    pEp & cheer
EA    E Accessory
EH    E Headpiece
EN    E uNiform
EP    E Poms
ES    E Shoes
ET    E Twirling & flags
F    Fabric
FC    F Costume
FT    F Theatrical
FTM    FT Muslin
G    Gymnastics
GA    G Accessory
GJ    G Juvenile
GM    G Mats
GML    GM Landing
GN    G uNiforms
GR    G Rhythmic
GS    G Shoes
GT    G
H    Headgear
HA    H Accessory
HC    H Comb
HG    H Gilt
HL     ceLlo
HM    H Metal
HP    H Paper
HQ    H misc.
HS    H Straw
HT    H Tiara
HV    H Vinyl
HW    H croWn
I    gIft
IB    I Bag
IC    I Clothing
IF    I Figurine
IJ    I J
IM    I Music
IQ    I misc.
IW    I Writing mat's
J    unused
K    maKeup
KA    K Applicator
KB    K Box
KC    K Cleaner
KE    K Eye
KF    K Foundation
KK    K Kit
KL    K Liner, rouge
KQ    K misc.
KR    K pRosthetic
KS    K Set
KX    K effects
L    Lighting
LA    L Accessory
LD   L power Distribution
LDB    LD caBle
LI    L Instrument
LL    L Lamps
LM    L Media
LO    L cOntrol
LZ    L test equipment
M    Masquerade
    (dramatic) costumes
MA    M Accessory
MF    M Formal
MK    M Kit
MN    M uNiform
MM    M Mascot
N    uNiform
NP    N Piece
NS    N Shoes
O    Orchestra
P    Props
PB    P Balloon
PC    P Cane
PD    P Dance & drill
PF    P Fan
PG    P Gag
PH    P Horror
PJ    P Juggling
PM    P Magic
PP    P Parasol
PQ    P misc.
PS    P Sound
PV    P noVelties
PW    P Weapon
PX    P effects
PY    P facilitY
PZ    P Z
R    pRosthetic
RA    R Assault
RB    R Beard
RC    R mustaChe
RE    R Eye
RF    R Face
RH    R Hands, feet
RM    R Mask
RP    R scalP
RQ    R
RT    R Torso
RU    R sidebUrn
RW    R Wig
RWP    RW Piece
RWZ    RW making
S    dance Shoes
SA    S Accessory
T    Trim
TB    T Beads
TE    T fEather
TEB    TE Boa
TEP    TE Plume
TF    T Fringe
TG    T Glitz
TI    T rIbbon
TJ    T Jewel
TJA    TJ Acrylic
TJG    TJ Glass
TM    T Motif
TN    T Notion
TQ    T misc.
TR    T Rhinestone
TRA    TR Acrylic
TRG    TR Glass
TS    T Sequin
TU    T bUtton
TW    T Wreath
U    aUdio
UB    U caBle
V    Video
W    display
WF    W Flag
WL    W Lighting
X    effects
XO    X contOl
Y    facilitY
YC    Y C
abinetry, racks
YD    Y Drapery
YF    Y Furniture, seating
YM    Y Maintenance
YN    Y staNd
YO    Y cOntrol
YP    Y Paint
YQ    Y misc.
YR    Y Rigging
YS    Y Scaffolding
YT    Y Tape
Z    parts
ZL    Z Lighting
ZZ    service


GTS recognizes three types of color codes: common abbreviations, hair color numbers, and those specific per manufacturer (explained where the specific products are listed).


Following are the color abbreviations commonly used by GTS.
-ls    (g,s) laser
       (gold, silver)
-st    (f,g,k,r,s,y)
    (fuchsia, gold, kelly
      red, silver, royal)
abs    aurora borealis
aby    American beauty
agd    antique gold
alm    aluminum
amb    amber
ams    amethyst
apl    apple
aqa    aqua
arb    arabian
b/r    blk/red
b/w    blk/wht
ban    banana
bby    blueberry
bcp    buttercup
bgd    bright gold
bge    beige
bki    black iris
blb    blacklight blue
blc    blacklight clear
bld    blond
blk    black
bnt    brunette
bon    bone
bpk    ballet pink
bpt    black patina
brg    burgundy
brm    bermuda
brn    brown
brs    brass
brt    bright
brz    bronze
bzn    blue zircon

cac    caucasion
cbt    cobalt
cbu    capri blue
cby    cranberry
cdy    candy
cfe    coffee
chc    chocolate
chl    charcoal
chm    chrome
cht    chartreuse
ci-    crystal iris
      (thread color)
clr    clear
cml    camel
cny    canary
col    columbia
cpn    copen
cpr    copper
cri    crystal iris
crm    cream
crs    cerise
cry    crystal
cwt    cool white
dbn    dark brown
dgn    dark green
dny    dark navy
dor    dior
dpk    dark pink
emd    emerald
epk    European pink
fcs    fluoro cerise
fct    fluoro chartreuse
fgn    fluoro green
flm    fluoro lime
flo    fluorescent
fog    fluoro orange
frd    fluoro red
frs    forest
ftd    frosted
fus    fuchsia
fyw    fluoro yellow
gld    gold
gml    gunmetal
grn    green
gry    gray
hpk    hot pink
htr    hunter
hya    hyacinth
irs    iridescent
ivr    ivory
jbk    jet black
jl-    jewel (c,g,k,p,r,s,t,y)
  (chartreuse, gold, kelly, plum,
    red, silver, teal, royal)
khk    khaki
kly    kelly
lam    light amethyst
lav    lavender
lbn    light brown
lbu    light blue
lct    light Colorado topaz
lep    light European pink
lgd    light gold
lgy    light gray
lim    lime
llc    lilac
lpi    light pink iris
lpk    light pink
lrs    light rose
lsm    light siam
lsn    light suntan
ltt    light toast
mbn    medium brown
mlt    multi
mnt    mint
mpk    magic pink
mrn    maroon
mtl    metal
nat    natural
neg    negro
nkl    nickel
ntl    neutral
nvy    navy
ogd    old gold
orc    orchid
org    orange
pbw    pastel rainbow
pck    peacock
phs    phosphorescent
pld    plaid
plm    plum
pnk    pink
pnt    painted
prl    pearl
prp    purple
ptl    petal
ptr    pewter
r/w    red/white
rbw    rainbow
red    red
ros    rose
roy    royal
rsp    raspberry
rus    rust
rwb    red/white/blue
sam    siam
sby    strawberry
sct    scarlet
sfm    seafoam
sgy    silver gray
sky    sky
slv    silver
smk    smoke
sph    sapphire
spm    sugar plum
stn    suntan
tan    tan
tel    teal
tnp    transparent
tpz    topaz
trq    turquoise
tst    toast
tti    transparent
       turquoise iris
vlt    violet
wht    white
win    wine
wnt    walnut
wpt    white patina
wti    white iris
ylw    yellow


Partial hair color tables are at the beginning of each wig file.

        OTHER CODES 

            AGE, GENDER, & SIZE CODES

Most clothing is available in child, lady's, and/or men's sizes, generally including child and adult Small, Medium, Large. Where noted child Tot, Intermediate, teeN or adult Petite, eXtra-large are available. Multi-X standard contour styles are XX, XXX, XXXX, etc. Style numbers ending c or a are listed only in child or adult sizes, w or m in ladies or mens sizes, ooutsized {larger hip and waist sizes}1X, 2X; where noted 3X, 4X. Request assistance for other sizes or custom sizing with many styles.

            QUALITY CODES

Quality codes indicate the general worthiness of a product for a given level of use from lowest to professional or for special applications. These codes  are reduced size upper case, follow the product code, but are not underlined.

Masquerade/Dramatic Costume & Prop items are classified (####CODE) into 4 quality categories which are generally price reflected:
1. E    Masquerade: Inexpensive Economy items suitable for limited use and maintainability. Listings are economy quality unless otherwise noted.
2. R    Costume Rental/Replica: Replica appearance, reasonably maintainable items designed for appearance, moderate price & functionality, durability varies. Extended use is possible with reasonable care and maintenance.
3. F    Professional: Moderate & higher prices, greater replica detail and, usually, durability. Request functional details of specific items.
4. T    Combat: Weapons and armor capable of dueling, usually with replaceable parts.


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