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Following is a brief sampling of the thousands of items suitable for end of the year holidays productions and displays. To view frequently requested Nutcracker Ballet items, select NUTCRACKER. Telephone for detailed and additional information.


    Santa Sets

L001 L002  L004 L004L  L007
Wavy Wig/chin-pouch Beard/wired rolled Mustache unless noted. Request structural details. Most are #60 (natural white).
L111    ECONOMY    20.00
L303    BARGAIN  unsupported mustache.    28.00
L367    CHINKAN DELUXE    42.00
L001    DELUXE  11" long beard. sizes adult, XL (head size)    67.00
L002    SUPER  "skin-scalp", 15" beard. sizes adult, XL (head size)    75.00
L004    WIRED SUPREME  Kanekalon set with scalp and fabric backed wide beard. sizes adult, XL (head size)    95.00
L004L    LONG SUPREME   longer & wider version of L004.    125.00
L007    SUPREME  L004 with separate lace mounted curled-tips mustache.   100.00
L012    STRAIGHT YAK  unwaved natural yak hair set with long wig/beard/separate mustache. Excellent St. Nicholas.    285.00
L015    YAK  internal scalp,16" beard, separate rolled mustache.    415.00
L018    PROFESSIONAL YAK  separate lace-set wig/beard/mustache.    500.00
L006\2    FATHER CHRISTMAS  long, soft-wave beard, ample rolled mustache, select /1 straighter or /2 wavy Santa wig style.    90.00
L35    NEGRO SANTA (gray)    68.00
Also, other Santa styles, Biblical characters, and other holiday characters listed throughout WIGS listing. Also, separate wigs, beards, and mustaches.



R23310  R23320 R23330  R23340
All sets minimally include coat (most zip), pants, cap with pom, grommetted belt with silver buckle, boot-spats. Suit Colors vary with fabric, but generally are: red (brightest), crimson (slightly darker), burgundy/wine (much darker).
Request specific style & sizing details and graphics. Generally, coats are sized M~38-40, L~42-6, X~50-4, XX~56-60 with raglan sleeves; some sets with adjustable cuffs and/or boot-tops. 
R10125c    PLUSH CHILD SANTA  with plush trim, beard/mustache. cSML (carmine/white)    47.50
R23310    FLANNEL SANTA  plush trim, pull-over coat, pant pockets, gloves, unbacked vinyl accessories. L X (red/white)    40.00
R23320     POLY-VELOUR  plush trim, pull-over coat, pant pockets,
gloves, unbacked vinyl accessories. L X XX (red/white)    62.75
R23330    PLUSH VELOUR   L X XX  (crimson/white, red/white)    71.25
                 Plush trim, lined zippered coat, pant pockets, gloves, 3" x 5" buckle on temperature resilient vinyl accessories.
R23340    HEAVIER VELOUR   heavier velour version of R23330.    L 81.00, X 95.00, XX 109.50
R2392  R2354
R2392    HEAVY PLUSH TRIMMED  (red/white, crimson/white)    L 152.00, X 190.00
                Plush velour with heavier plush trim, lined zippered coat, no pant pockets, 3" x 5" buckle on temperature resilient vinyl accessories.
R2353    VELVETEEN  (crimson/white)    L 237.50, X 275.50
                "Rabbit fur" trim, elastic back lined zippered coat, 3" x 5" buckle on temperature resilient vinyl accessories.
R2354    VELVET SANTA  (red/white)    L 285.00, X 335.00, XX 380.00
                Synthetic rabbit fur trim, elastic back lined zipper coat, 3" x 5" buckle on temperature resilient vinyl belt convertible boot spats for use over shoes or inside open top boots.
R2370    PLUSH NORDIC SANTA  plush trimmed velour hooded great coat, belt, boot spats. M/L (red/white)    162.00
R2356    VELVET NORDIC  synthetic rabbit fur and gold braid on lined hooded great coat, belt, belled spats (crimson/white) M/L    325.00
R26509    BODY-PACK  tapered chest and belly pack for the underweight Santa. (red)    20.00
 R25522 R995 R2357
Most ‘Mrs.’ Santa styles include longer long sleeved dress and mob cap. ‘Ms.’ Santa's include short dress, Santa hat, black belt.
R25522    MRS. POLY-VELOUR  dress with mantle collar and bottom ruffle, apron, mop cap. ML (red/calico)    55.00
R995    MRS. VELVET  with plush cuffs, collar, and poms & sequin skirt trim, waist cord, mop cap (no apron). SML (red/white)    170.00
R25520    MS. SLEEVLESS  plush trimmed velour halter dress, hat with pom, elbow length mitts, belt. SM (red/white)     50.00
R2357    MS. CAPED VELVET  plush trimmed sleeveless dress, shoulder cape, pommed hat, mitts, belt, bootspats. SM (red/white)    145.00
R996    VICTORIAN CAROLER  red/gold plaid ribbon trimmed velvet dress, "fur" trimmed hooded cape, white "fur" muff. SML (hunter/white/plaid)    230.00
For Toy Soldier costumes, see NUTCRACKER BALLET.
Also, other adult and children's styles, costume pieces, and accessories. Request assistance with other holidays and events costuming.
MAxElves MRElves MMRXmas
Moderate priced Christmas elf and professional quality holiday mascot costumes. Inquire regarding prices, sizes, and other end of year holiday characters.


Various styles of traditional Christmas lighting; as well as, chase, rotational, spot, and down lighting available year-round. Request your needs.


Simple decorations, display/set size items, synthetic foliage from fruit and branches through trees, specialty items available year-round - ask.


Complete range of child and adult Biblical character costumes,props, accessories, and effects.
R25530, R25531, R25526 R25527, R25528, R25529
R25530    JOSEPH  gown, robe,banded headpiece, waist cord. M (gold/purple)    60.00
R25531    MARY  gown, robe, headpiece. M (sky/white)    60.00
R25526    SHEPHERD  gown, robe, headpiece, cord. M (multi/white)    70.00
R25527    BALTHAZAR  gown, lame robe, hat, cord. M (multi/burgundy)    80.00
R25528    MELCHIOR  gown, metallic brocade robe, headpiece, cord. M (gold/black)    80.00
R25529    GASPAR  gown, metallic brocade robe, crown, cord. M (multi/burgundy)    80.00

R5061Wc:a ANGEL gown, wings, halo (different styles) (white/silver) 20.00 : 25.00

                OTHER SEASONAL

Dickensian/caroller, new years, cartoon/comedy costumes and accessories.

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