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        CONCERT COSTUMES - tutus and dresses <C>

CONCERT MASTERY: Following is a brief sample listing of the many untrimmed and trimmed one-piece and coordinated sets styles providing concert quality professional appearance at moderate prices.

GTS supplies several lines of dance performance-wear suitable for musical theater, concerts, recitals, variety shows, swing choirs, dance-drill, and cheer teams. Most are skirted leotards ready-to-use or trimmable (consider motifs), as desired. Request additional listings based on desired style characteristics. Items below and many more styles are available year-round. For separate tops, skirts, pants, jackets, hoods, masks, and other costume separates, see COSTUME PIECES. For less expensive pre-trimmed costumes, see BASIC DANCE COSTUMES. A MEASUREMENT GUIDE and SIZE CHARTS follow the garment listings. Telephone for detailed additional information or to request sizing assistance or custom designs.

Bg styles are available in sizes child Tot through adult X (multi-X at additional charge), also in Supplex, Tactel, velvet, stretch vinyl, "liquid" micro-reflections, and some prints in a wide selection of colors, including fluorescents. Customization available.
    Lycra Colors: (berry, black, burgundy, canary, charcoal, chocolate, cobalt, copper, cream, hot pink, hunter, jade, lime, mocha, navy,
                            neon pink, olive, orange, peach, pink, purple, red, royal, silver, sky, suntan, turquoise, white).
    Cotton-blend Colors: (berry, black, burgundy, canary, charcoal heather, chocolate, cream, fuchsia, gray heather, hunter, kelly, lilac,
                            navy, pink, purple, red, royal, sapphire, seafoam, sky, suntan, teal, turquoise, white).
    Polyester Colors: (black, charcoal, cream, fuschia, gold, hot pink, hunter, lilac, lime, navy, orange, pink, purple, red, royal, sky, white, yellow).

GTSAID: Accurately "dance dresses" generally are dress styles with "built in" trunks; however, there are styles without attached trunks. To differentiate, the following listings use the term "leotard" to indicate a garment with trunks - the vast majority of "dance dress" styles. Styles without trunks will be specifically indicated.

            BALLET STYLES

Unless otherwise indicated, following are various satin-like Lycra leotards with various attached skirt or tutu styles. Many with lined bodice.

SnTF001c  SnT1801
SnTF001c    CHILD CLASSIC  front lined princess camisole with 5-tier tulle classic tutu. child sizes 6 through 18    35.00
                    (orange, pink, purple, red, salmon, sky, white)
SnTF1801c    SABRINA  gold trimmed satin sweetheart with 5-tier classic tutu. child 6-18 (white/gold, white/red)    150.00
SnTF101 SnTF14  SnTF1807
    SHEHERAZADE  untrimmed Lycra camisole with 5-tier tulle tutu. adult Small through Large    75.00
                    (black, light blue, lilac, orange, pink, purple, red, salmon, sky, white)
SnTF14    SYLVIA  lined bodice camisole with 9-tier tulle classic tutu. aS-X (white)    90.00
SnTF1807    ODETTE  poly-satin front lined sweetheart with 9-tier classic tutu. aS-L (white)    250.00
SnTF1805 SnTF1806 SnTF1803 SnTF1809
SnTF1805    JOCELINE  "laced" front lined Lycra leotard with 8-tier classic tutu. aS-L (red/black)    250.00
SnTF1806    ODILE  gold trimmed mock deep-V velvet front lined leotard with trimmed 9-tier tutu. aS-L (black/gold)    270.00
SnTF1803    GARCELLE  front lined satin leotard with gold trimmed ¾-overlaid 9-tier tutu, arm ruffles. aS-L (black/gold)    300.00
SnTF1809    ROSABEL  pearl trimmed front lined leotard with trim overlaid 9-tier tutu, arm ruffles. aS-L (white)    300.00
SnTF1812 SnTF1813
SnTF1812    RUBENSTEIN  trimmed front lined glossy poly/velvet leotard with 9-tier tutu, arm ruffles. aS-L (blue, white)    425.00
SnTF1813    KARSAVINA  trimmed mock V-neck leotard with 9-tier tutu, arm ruffles. aS-L (pink, white)    425.00

GTSAID:  When not in use, any tutu - especially flat-top styles - will remain better "fluffed" if hung inverted.

SnTF1810 SnTF1811
SnTF1810    SHORT ROMANTIC  untrimmed Lycra leotard with 4-tier tutu. aS-L (black, grape, pink)    90.00
SnTF1811    2-TONE CHARACTER  untrimmed Lycra leotard with 4-tier tutu. aS-L (black/red)    90.00
 SnTF1591 SnTF290  SnTF37 Ms79380
SnTF1591    GISELLE  untrimmed front lined princess camisole with 2-tier tulle romantic tutu. aS-X (white)    65.00
SnTF290    TAGLIONI  untrimmed front lined satin tank leotard with 4-tier tutu. aS-L (white)    115.00
SnTF37    SYLPHIDE  untrimmed front lined princess camisole with 5-tier tulle romantic tutu. aS-X (white)    115.00
Ms79380c:a    FLOWERS  lined matte Lycra camisole with 2+2-tier tulle over chiffon long romantic tutu.    64.75 : 70.50
                        child Medium 27" skirt, cL 29", aP 30", aS-X 32" (black, copen, pink, navy, periwinkle {lavender}, red, white, wine)


Traditional modern dance styles.
Eu13860 Ms95389 Eu13805
Eu13860    DRAPED NECK TUNIC  shimmer handkerchief overlay (no leotard). aS-L : 2X    36.00 : 39.00
Ms95389c:a    CASCADE SHEER  (white)    cT-L  46.00 : cN-aX  50.50
                        Rhinestoned neckline Lycra camisole with sheer front and back yoke (hook closure) and tapered skirt.
Eu13805    LONG SLEEVE, HANDKERCHIEF  round-neck poly princess (black, purple, white)    aS-X 62.75,  XX-XXX 66.50
Period and religious dance styles.
Eu13779 Eu13814
Eu13779c:a    RUFFLE DRESS  lined bodice polyester. cML : aS-X : 2X3X (purple, white)    68.00 : 72.00 : 76.00
Eu13814c:a    GLORY  polyester flare-sleeve princess scoop-neck, cS-L, aS-XXX. (purple, white)    56.00 : 64.75, XX XXX 68.50


"Romantic" and "evening gown" styles.
Bg18603 BgR8603 Bg514L 
Bg18603:8603    GLISTENETTE CAMISOLE  skirted front lined empire camisole. (request colors and leotard fabrics)    48.80 : 59.00
BgR8603    REFLECTIONS EVENING GOWN  micro-reflections version of Bg8603. (12 colors)    78.00
Bg514La    TANK GOWN  priced for Lycra or cotton blends.    67.00
                    Also, fishtail or full circle skirt, long sleeved or cross-back camisole, other fabrics - ask.


"Streetwear" and "party" appearing styles suitable for variety dance, dramatic or musical theater.
SnD1701  Bg8923  SnL1901 Bg8926 SnL7802  SnL3801
SnD1701    CAMISOLE  Spandex. (black)    41.50
Bg8923    PINCHED CAMISOLE  pinch front, shirred underarm camisole. aP-X    64.75
SnL1901    LONGER CAMISOLE  Spandex. (black)    48.50
Bg8926    HALTER  zipper back sleeveless mock halter with nude mesh front insert. aP-X    66.50
SnL7802    FRINGED HALTER  velvet plackets, bias skirt with bottom fringe. (black)    49.00
    SLIT-SKIRT  cap sleeve, long right slit. (black)    58.00

            LATIN / FLAMINCO

Latin and flamenco styles.

Ms80023 Bg9120 (man's costuming listed with COSTUME PIECES Ms86024 Ms86085
Ms80023c:a    DEEP SCOOP  Spandex low-front princess with tapered back hem. cM-Teen : aP-X (black)    60.00 : 63.00
    Two costume leotards which coordinate with Ms80023. Other styles with COSTUME PIECES.
    Ms86024    RUFFLED LEOTARD Spandex long sleeve, V-neck with ruffle collar and draped cuffs, contrast stitching. (black with red, red/black)    42.00 : 45.50
    Ms86085    PRINTED LEOTARD  Spandex, cap sleeve with black lace print. (on red, white)    23.00 : 26.75
SnD4910    LOW BACK LONG SLEEVE  Nylon/Polyester with bottom ruffle. (black, red)    80.00
SnL4901    VELVET SLEEVE  no ruffle Nylon/Poly with long velvet sleeves. (black)    80.00
Bg9120    PLAIN LONG SLEEVE  Lycra low back leotard with poly 2-ruffle skirt. (18 colors)    85.50
SnL2901    DOTTED TANK  with bottom ruffle. (black with white dots)    69.00


The "basic" element of most dance dresses is a leotard made of stretch fabric allowing, not only comfortable movement freedom, but also more liberal fitting selection than partial or non-stretch "basics". For those unfamiliar with dancewear fitting, the following guidelines should prove helpful. The following recommendations are for mature female bodies, but for growing children a "finger thickness" included in each tape measurement may be desirable - - as always, it is easier to reduce than add to a finished garment.
All dancewear sizing measurements are a full circle and are the maximum manufacturer recommended wearer dimensions. Measurements should be taken with the wearer in a comfortable upright position while wearing a leotard or similar form-fitting garment. Bust (A) and hip (C) measurements should be tape measured at their maximum, waist (B) at the minimum, and girth (D) with the tape through the crotch and meeting against the side of the neck.
Because body shapes vary considerably, it is usually necessary to select a garment size based on dimensions listed in fewer than all columns. For most leotard based garments the most important measurement is girth, facilitating the length and fullness of the torso. Bust determines the placement of the neckline, hips the leg openings, with waist generally the least important when making a compromise decision. When in doubt, select the larger size with the intent of "taking in" where desired, or telephone for custom sizing information.
While dancewear standards are similar throughout most of the established industry, frequently allowing a wearer to determine new purchase sizing based on "in use" attire size most above listed manufacturer's size charts are included below. The final consideration is the garment fabric. Generally heavier Lycra, stretch "vinyl", and "glitz" fabrics are less flexible. If in doubt, request assistance, swatches, or arrange for fitting garments.


While very similar, the following charts are the specific manufacturer dimensions recommendations.

Bg  SIZE CHART  in inches (request larger size specifications)
  Tot Small Intermediate Medium Large Petite Small Medium Large X
Size c2-4 4-6 6x-7 8-10 12-14 a2-4 4-6 8-10 10-12 14-16
Bust   23-25 25-27 27-29 29-31 31-33 33-35 35-37 37-39 39-41
Waist   19-21 21-23 23-24 24-26 22-24 24-26 26-28 28-30 30-32
Hips   24-26 26-28 28-30 30-32 33-35 35-37 37-39 39-41 41-43
Girth   41-43 43-45 45-49 49-51 55-57 57-59 59-61 61-63 63-65
Eu  SIZE CHART  in inches (request larger size specifications)
  Tot Small Intermediate Medium Large Teen Petite Small Medium Large X
Size c2-4 4-6 6x-7 8-10 12-14 12-14 a2-4 4-6 8-10 10-12 14-16
Bust  18-21 20-22 21-24 24-26 26-29 28-30 30-32 31-34 34-36 36-39 38-42
Waist  18-21 20-22 21-24 23-25 24-26 22-25 22-24 23-26 25-28 28-30 31-33
Hips  20-22 21-23 23-25 25-27 26-29 29-32 31-34 33-36 35-38 38-42 42-44
Girth  37-40 40-42 43-45 44-47 49-52 51-53 52-54 54-58 57-61 61-64 64-66

Ms  SIZE CHART  in inches (request larger size specifications)
  Tot Small Intermediate Medium Large Teen Petite Small Medium Large X
Size c2-4 4-6 6x-7 8-10 12-14 a2-4 4-6 8-10 10-12 14-16
Bust 20-22  23-26 27-28 29-30 31-33 34-36 30-31 32-33 34-36 37-40 41-43
Waist  19-20 21-22 23 24 25-26 27-30 23 24 25-27 28-31 32-34
Hips  19-22 23-26 27-29 30-31 32-35 36-38 30-32 33-34 35-38 39-42 43-45
Girth  38½ 42½ 46¼ 50 55 57½ 54 59 61 63½ 66

Also, many shorter skirt styles suitable for skating, drill teams, and dance squads; as well as, ethnic and other character styles.
                REQUEST YOUR NEEDS.

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