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Carry It In, Roll It Out, Tape It Down, DANCE

All Vario floorings are vinyl and neutral surfaced (neither tractive, nor slippery). Basic colors are matte finishes. Descriptions, prices, and availability may vary. Before planning an installation, see FLOORING INSTALLATION and MAINTENANCE at the end of this file. Telephone for further assistance.

VARIO (most 5'3" wide)

Durable, flameproof, non-skid vinyl floorings are superior portable or temporary surfaces. The .05" (approximately1/16") thick, lighter weight roll flooring is ideal for larger areas especially theater dance performances or dramatic productions requiring "painted" floor-cloths. For short duration laying, surface taping is least time consuming; semi-permanent (generally one week to a year) under-taping avoids surface tape maintenance; and floor adhesive mounting is usually best for long term laying (recommended adhesives vary with floor type - request assistance).
Available in a variety of reversible pattern-free matte finishes, non-reflective black opposite soft lighting reflective gray has proven most popular for stage; white, or gray for photographic; video blue/green for graphic overlay applications.
Colors: Basic-1 (B1) black/gray, black/white.
            Basic-2 (B2) beige/brick red, blue-gray/green, brown/gray, video blue/video green.
            Special colors black patina, fluted low-sheen silver.

Gt17315/3 5'3" cut per linear yard (minimum 2yd) B1 : B2 51.00 : 56.00/yd {7# / yd}
Gt17315/98 5'3" 98' 3/4 STANDARD roll B1 : B2 1,025.00 : 1,270.00 {190#}
Gt17315/131 5'3" 131' STANDARD roll B1 : B2 1,300.00 : 1,690.00 {240#}
Gt17316/65 6'6" 65' 2/3 roll black/white 840.00
Gt17316/98 6'6" 98' FULL roll black/white 1,260.00
Gt17335/65 5'3" 65' 2/3 PATINA roll black patina 1,465.00
Gt17335/98 5'3" 98' FULL PATINA roll black patina 2,195.00
Gt17325/98 5'3" 98' 2/3 METALLIC roll fluted silver 2,000.00 {190#}
Gt17325/131 5'3" 131' FULL METALLIC roll fluted silver 2,800.00 {240#}
SHIPPING: Short yardage is usually shipped UPS. Packages over 150# shipped freight, usually on pallete(s). If no unloading dock is available, a lift-gate truck charge (from 75.00) is usually applied. Also, mileage and routing charges apply - request freight charge information.


Gt1771    BACKED VARIO  21 yard roll.    1,640.00
.14" thick laminated shock absorbent dance flooring. A unitized portable or mounted absorbent flooring. (beige, black, brown, charcoal gray, light gray, orange, red, very light blue, white, yellow, custom colors - ask.)
    1.  Protective surface.
    2.  Transparent "wear-layer".
    3.  Color layer.
    4.  Compression layer.
    5.  Foundation layer.
    6.  Foam backing.


2" wide, black, gray, white (other colors and widths To Order). Adhesion = required separation force per square inch.
ITEM DESCRIPTION (adhesion, length) PRICE
Ei015 FABRIC surface tape
more flexible and durable
(28 ounce, 55 yards) 21.00
Ei016 GAFFER surface tape
higher adhesion
(50 oz., 55 yd) 25.00
Atp636 VINYL surface tape
co-ordinating finish, less durable & flexible
(22 oz., 36 yd) 7.50
Atp1503 UNDERLAYMENT film tape
transparent double-side adhesive
(90 oz., 60 yd) 15.00
Also, 12 matte colors (including chromakey and transparent) Gt 2" x 36y rolls, 2" x 27½y silver, 2" x 54½y patina black or white. Ask about other tapes.
CAUTION: USE CARE when removing tape from older tile or splintered wood floors.


Gt2016    6-ROLL TRANSPORTER  folding, adjustable racks. (black/yellow)    2,515.00 {150#}
Gt2018    8-ROLL TRANSPORTER  folding, adjustable racks. (black/yellow)    3,030.00 {150#}
GTSAID: Whether or not using storage racks, roll the flooring around 3" or 4" PVC cores. This will eliminate possible stretching or flattening during storage which would result in edge misallignment and/or "corrugation" when next unrolled.

Gt4732    ELASTIK  3/16" cushioning under-layer (tan)
Elastik is a mildly absorbant cushioning layer to be used over a floor and under the Vario flooring, allowing the option of Gt1731 alone or with some shock absorbancy. 10% polyester, 90% PVC
            5'3" x 98'    825.00
            6'3" x 65'
GTSAID: Elastik has a relatively smooth, slightly adhesive bottom which should retain its position on most clean, non-polished surfaces with no edge taping required. For extended periods of use, the Vario flooring may be under-taped to the Elastik. The Elastik should not be cemented with mastic or other liquid adhesive to the floor or flooring, as this is likely to generate deterioration of the absorbant Elastik foam, leading to loss of cushioning, hardening, and decomposition. Temporary installation may be facilitated by top-taping theVario flooring (the Elastik pebbled top surface should then retain its position under the Vario). As with most cushioning foams, any moisture may be deteriorative and/or encourage mold and bacterial growth; therefore, installation locations susceptible to excessive moisture should be avoided. For further assistance, contact GTS - 712/255-0972.

PRINTED VARIO (6'6" wide)

stock patterns
For an extended production run requiring a patterned floor, consider printed flooring. More durable and generally safer than floor cloths, 12 stock patterns are available in minimum 22 yard rolls (245.00 per yard) and most custom graphics can be produced - request details.

Ask about cleaners, adhesives, wood floor sealers, anti-skid finishes, and reflective floorings. Also, other floorings, widths, colors, and portable sprung floors.



Vinyl flooring expands and contracts with radical temperature changes, can be surface damaged by any "grit", and is deteriorated by ultraviolet radiation; thus, while outdoor applications are functional, flooring life expectancy is shortened. Also, since on-the-floor use rarely extends to the walls, most indoor installations need not be wall-to-wall, allowing some perimeter expansion space and flooring size/location planning flexibilty. Lengthwise cuts should be avoided. Contact GTS for pre-purchase planning assistance. Although shoe dye and set paint stains may be more evident, lighter colored flooring is more light reflective and tends to brighten class/rehearsal rooms and stages. It also permits effective floor reflection of lighting projection patterns on stage. For greater backdrop, set, and costume colors contrast, darker flooring is generally more desireable. For these reasons the reversible black/gray combination has long been the most requested for dance and stage applications. White is commonly requested as "permanent"/long-life photographic backgrounds, green and blue-screen "walls" for television, earthtones for operas, and other finishes for musicals and special events.
Flooring rolls usually need to be cut to installation length pieces which are smaller and easier to handle than factory rolls. Because rolls may be slightly longer than specified, consider delivery to a location where they may be unrolled and pre-measured for cuts planning. A pencil, 5-6' dry-wall square, utility knife, and underlayment sheeting (at least cardboard), permits clean, square end cuts, important for possible future reconfiguration of pieces. Having on hand carpet cores or 3-4" PVC to serve as rolled piece cores, greatly improves handling and storage.


Most users prefer non-permanent installations, permitting portable flooring use, color reversibility, and both floor and flooring cleaning. Unroll flooring pieces, place as desired, and, if necessary, stretch from opposite ends to assure pieces are laying "flat" to the floor contour.
For extended installations, underlayment (both sides adhesive) tape is protected from in-use scuffing. This is one approach: Clean the floor then begin with an "upstage" or "downstage" flooring edge. Fold back that edge onto the flooring piece, tape the length of the underside of the edge, then, beginning at an end, carefully unfold the taped edge to the original placement on the floor. Fold back the adjoining flooring piece edge onto that piece, then following the adjacent edge of the first piece, pencil a line on the floor, fold back that flooring edge, apply underlayment tape to the floor, keeping it centered on the pencil line. Carefully unfold the second edge of the first piece onto the allocated tape half-width. Seeking a "seamless" fit, similarly, fold down the adjacent edge of the second piece, then progress from piece to piece until all long edges are taped.
Carefully fold back the ends of all pieces, apply end tape, then replace. It is wise to top tape the flooring edges along higher traffic areas to avoid scuffing loose the flooring and tangling the underlayment tape.

For installations of a week or less, top taping is much faster and usually serves satisfactorily. Always inspect the floor (especially older stages), repair exposed nails, repair or tape over significant slivers or holes, otherwise eliminate any other floor defects which might damage the flooring, then try the following: Unroll and locate all flooring pieces with adjoining edges tight, then stretch each piece to full length and "tab" each end with two short tape strips extending onto the floor; thus, mounting the flooring "flat" against the floor. Bisecting the tape between flooring and floor, begin with an "upstage" or "downstage" edge and, taping beyond the flooring length, tape the edge to the floor, then progress to top taping each seam (still extending the taping onto the floor) then the opposite outside flooring edge. Similarly tape the ends. Any tape segments crumpled or torn during use should be cut away and replaced.


Unless permanently adhered, Vario flooring should be cleaned at least annually. If there is periodic underside moisture, clean both sides.
Cleaning should be done using warm water containing a mild solution of non-abrassive cleaner which will not deteriorate vinyl. A light weight "household" power scrubber with soft bristle brush or soft pad may be used for general coverage and appropriate "eraser" pads for manual spot cleaning. Rinse thoroughly to eliminate residue which may prove both slippery and deteriorative. Clean floor before retaping Vario flooring for an extended use period.
Installations on concrete, especially in basements, are frequently moisture prone and may be worth sealing to avoid bacterial or mildew growth under the flooring. For further assistance contact GTS - 712/255-0972.


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