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                     VARIABLE SPEED AUDIO  <AU>

    F o r   M o v e m e n t  A r t s  -  V o c a l  T r a i n i n g  -  L e a r n i n g   L a b s
If you work with recorded training aids, variable speed playback and/or recording may prove very useful.  For Dance, Gymnastics, Skating, and many Preschool, PE, and Language Lab applications portable vari-speed is a MUST.  All following units are portable and UL approved.  Additional models, including expandable Learning Labs, vocalist training, and pro-audio systems are available - REQUEST DETAILS.

            PHONOGRAPH  (not variable speed)

Although not vari-speed, this item is listed for those needing a portable phonograph.
Cn1005  MONO 10 watts 219.00 {22#}
6"x9" built-in speaker, for small area use.
Stereo compatible cargtridge, 3-speed, tone and volume controls, manual pause .


We can still access a wide selection of stylii and cartridges, most $10.00 to 20.00 in small quantities. Request your needs by stylu, catridge, or phonograph.
We can help with service/maintenance for most audio equipment including Lenko systems.  Request parts or assistance specifying brand  & model.


All models include speakers.

                Compact  Mz101  Mz222 

Compact models are small, lightweight, and battery powered; suitable for handheld use and briefcase or purse transport. Approximately 8 watts output for small area use.
±20% vari-speed, ½-speed record/play, auto record level control (ALC), tone control, inclusive microphone and external mic input, line input & output (phono jacks), 3: D size batteries, headphone output (phone jack), AC adaptor jack.
Mz101    BASIC MONAURAL 2-HEAD   310.00  {5#}
        ¼" (phone) mic jack, AC adapter available separately.

The following models are similar to Mz101 and include the following additional features: AC adapter, vulume unit (VU - volume level) meter, manual recording level adjustment, ambient noise cancellation (ANC -background audio reduction), switchable mic attenuation, telephone throughput, speaker output (phono jack).
Mz201    MONAURAL 2-HEAD   410.00  {5#}
        Phono mic jack.
Mz221    MONAURAL 3-HEAD   500.00  {5#}
        Phono mic jack, memory rewind.
Mz222    MONAURAL 3-HEAD   540.00  {5#}
        Cn221 with XLR andphono mic jacks.

                Karaoke   Cn2455 

Higher wattage output with inclusive multiple stereo playback units and various recording/vari-speed playback/public address combinations suitable for vocal training, larger area audio, and/or (with DVD player) limited multi-media applications.

Cn2455    CD / DUAL CASSETTES  7 watts per channel    310.00    {15#}
         ±15% vari-speed CD and cassette playback, cassette recording, contained microphone, multiple stereo inputs and outputs, wired mic PA capability, multi-function remote control.

            CD / DVD UNITS


STEREO Models below include:
 - ±10% one cassette playback
 - Microphone
 - Bass & Treble controls
 - 2 Mic jacks with Volume controls
 - Line Input and Output jacks
 - Adjustable digital microphone Echo
Many more features.
Request full specifications per model.

FcCDG19   375.00{$15}
30 w/ch CD & CASSETTE
± 10% variable speed CD, CDG with video output, bi-directional skip & search.
FcCDG10 Above w/transposer. 450.00{$15}

FcCDG12   775.00{$20}
Maximum output PA for large area uses.
A single unamplified 3-way portable 24"x12"x11" “second” speaker for stereo output.

Ask about casters, retractable handles, higher output units, etc.

Complete selection of  parts,  cables, mic's, mixers, complete sound systems.
See AUDIO for additional audio components, including speakers, amplified mixers, and components.
All-digital audio recording is here.  When ready, talk with GTS about a  moderately priced transition toward greater capability and new technologies without losing access to your current recorded library.


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